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  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 7w

    Always absolutely adored a little alliteration. ��

    "Faeries" is an alternative way of spelling "fairies." ��‍♀️

    #miraquill #writersnetwork #conceptprompt #originalpiece

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    by lovenotes_from_carolyn
    Mystical mavens mindfully musing
    Chortling cherubim cheerily cruising
    Daring daredevils do devilish deeds
    Chirpy churchgoers counting creeds
    Ghostly ghouls gregariously grin
    Wizened warlocks wage war and win
    Fantastical faeries fancifully fly
    Several seraphim soulfully sigh
    Numerous nymphs nestle all night
    Lulled by Luna's luminous light.
    ©lovenotes_from_carolyn 8/31/2021

  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 8w

    by lovenotes_from_carolyn
    Bedecked, was I
    By Luna's finest hues
    In a shroud of sparkling starlight
    Enrobed by lustrous blues

    The gladiolus greet me
    Throughout the gardens in the park
    After dozing through the day
    They're always wide awake at dark

    Surrounded by the sweet sounds
    Of nature's serenade
    I can hear the crickets chirping
    O'er yonder, in the glade

    The hooting of the night owl
    Assures me all is well
    Surveyor of the forest
    He's our trusty sentinel

    At last, the Earth falls silent
    And I embrace the quietude
    It's here, within these moments
    That the daytime is reviewed

    The darkness is a tonic
    That often leads us to be healed
    For the obscurity it offers
    Means that our truths can be revealed

    Oh nighttime, dearest nighttime
    I'm desirous of your bliss
    Wrap me in your dark embrace
    And grace me with your loveliness

    Alas, the dawn draws nearer
    Come be the company I keep
    Pray thee regale me with your splendor
    And when the sun's up, I shall sleep.
    ©lovenotes_from_carolyn 8/24/2021

    #nightc #writersnetwork #miraquill #challenge #dailychallenge #writingchallenge #wordprompt #conceptprompt #writersbay

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  • msushil 8w

    I am the Adam's ale:
    I am the Adam's ale
    on which emotions float,
    anger meets me
    And gives me punishment.
    I am the Adam's ale
    on which emotions float,
    happiness meets me
    and I spread
    it through ripples to others.
    I am the Adam's ale
    on which emotions float,
    success meets me
    And it never
    gives me current of pride.
    I am the Adam's ale
    on which emotions float,
    failure meets me
    to become a drop
    to mix in my flow.

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    I am the Adam's ale:
    I am the Adam's ale
    on which emotions float,
    anger meets me
    And gives me punishment.
    I am the Adam's ale
    on which emotions float,
    happiness meets me
    and I spread
    it through ripples to others.
    I am the Adam's ale
    on which emotions float,
    success meets me
    And it never
    gives me current of pride.
    I am the Adam's ale
    on which emotions float,
    failure meets me
    to become a drop
    to mix in my flow.

  • ayushruti 8w

    Thankyou @writersnetwork______

    Thankyou carolyn mam for the kind repost❤

    #unique_chall #pod #wod #ceesreposts #miraquil #mirakeenetwork #writersnetwork @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @luvnotes_challange_host #conceptprompt

    ��//Adult with a kindergarten heart ❤��//��

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    This Is Me ❤

    A soul,sweet baptismal and crimson as dawn's frist dew drop,
    A heart which leaps and hops playing with littile babies and tykes,
    A mind which rejuvenates listening to its parents laughing and teasing each other non-stop ♡

    My precious Mumma says,
    You're my princess, whose family is her empire,
    Looking at her sparkling eyes i know,
    I am a warrior,making my family proud is my keenest desire

    A obstetrician yet a pediatrician at heart,
    I love celebrating my birthdays in their ward,
    Feeding them pastries and reading them "Harry Potter's"(1to7) every part

    When it downpours,I swirl, untroubled by the wet hairs sticking on my face,
    "Footy tipping" my bare feet,Swaying with the cold wind, oscillating my skirt with grace

    Celebrating my people, intending to spread love, joy and bliss with whatever i write and wherever i go,
    Oh, i love watching the full-moon,wishing on shooting-stars and i still open my mouth whenever i see freshly falling snow

    I am my darling papa's pride,
    My beautiful mumma's best friend,
    My impish yet cutest brother's support system,whose mischiefs are never going to end

    I think I'm a poetry, a song with a celestial core,
    Read me, sing me, lurk inside of me, and feel this galore

    I am a proton, with an aura of positivity around me,
    I play with my dolls sometimes, and trust me they still love to crown me

    Come with me and let's laugh at our silliest mistakes,
    Lets play like kids, gaze at the starry skies,lets party as we used to, watching cartoon and eating cakes

    - °•Ayushruti•°

  • paradoxicalpenman 8w

    �� �������� ���� ��������������������������

    A gemini literally coz a narcissist and empath,
    Perhaps both almost none,
    I am a paradox who lives in contradictions,
    Angelic devil manifested, a literal human oxymoron,
    When I say this, I am not talking in hyperboles,
    Just an ode to myself hoping it may also turn into my obituary,

    An eternal optimist living in a dystopia,
    Hopeful for perseverance of our species,
    But also gave up on humanistic ideas,
    Coz humanistic principles are ideal,
    We are intrinsically evil,
    Morality and ignorance mask our grim reality,
    Surrounded by landmines pretending all is hunky dory,
    We have only been able to buy few centuries of serenity,
    While we subject this planet as well as ourselves to some unimaginable catastrophes,

    Let's not get carried away and return to the protagonist of the story,
    Friends and family I have earned plenty,
    Coz the entity that expends is literally me,
    But I content when hiding away from the world,
    In my fortress of solitude, I prefer holed up,
    It has never been tiresome nor I have ever felt lonely,
    Introvert by nature exhibiting confidence while conversing,

    Humility is my sword, pride the hidden armour,
    Lazy to begin, a workhorse in action,
    Only way out, "through", when I demand diligence from myself,
    Elegant in defeat but can barely digest failure,
    Intelligent enough to know my limits,
    But dumb enough to push the boundaries,

    Materialism tempts me often but I tend to lean on spirituality,
    Thoughts good and bad both come to the palace that is my mind,
    Conscience rules over the kingdom and morality is the guiding light,
    I can only sleep sound if I don't end up being the reason of anyone's plight,

    Anxiety my constant companion throughout the journey,
    Tranquility is my soulmate, searching for her desperately,
    Patience I have shown while time gradually unravels my destiny,
    Believer in Karma or else already would have caused a mutiny,

    Introspection is a profound tool for personal progress, they say in philosophy,
    Aspiring poet that I am, may as well blurt it out weaving words through the tapestry of poetry...


    #writersnetwork #miraquill #unique_chall #conceptprompt #ceesreposts

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    Elaborating on what makes me unique,
    Would make for quite a depressing story,
    A hypocrite prepared to work on my shortcomings,
    A mute loudmouth aspiring to shatter the spectrums,
    Scaling untold heights daily in my fantasies,
    I am the textbook definition of a human who is ordinary

  • nocturnal_enigma 8w

    What makes me, ME ~

    I'm NOT for all.
    I am all four.
    I'm NOT alone, after all.
    'I Am Number Four.'

    I have 4...
    different personalities.
    While my Enneagram...
    is No. 4.

    1. My real self: Nuruliffa Emirah
    2. My manly self: Affilurun Harime
    3. My foreign self: No-eul Iva Emily
    4. My pious self: Arfiyah Khairunnisa

    Dissociative Identity Disorder @ DID
    Social anxiety disorder @ SAD
    Deep depression.

    I still stay up at some nights; Being nocturnal.
    Scared of nightmares; Insomniac; Still emotional.
    My sudden mental-breakdown is like a signal...
    that I'm depressed. �� Tears �� form a canal.

    I like alpacas and llamas.
    I like to binge-watch K-dramas.
    Sometimes, I have dilemmas.
    Stop all types of stigmas!

    My first name is Nuruliffa.
    At times, I want to go far...��‍♀️
    away and be the alpha...��
    of my new life. Insofar.

    Nurul means 'the light...
    of'; Of what? Dark night?
    Maybe!; I'll show my slight...
    smile �� to my Dark Knight.

    Dad said, Iffa means 'dew'. ��
    I like the sound of mew. ��
    I'm only known by a few.
    Hope no ��‍♀️ enemy. Phew! ��

    While, Emirah means 'princess.' ��
    I usually ate alone during recess.
    I often feel that, I am too much; �� An excess.
    Want love ❤️, health ��, happiness �� & success ��

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma


    * 582nd post; 96 posts till 678th (Target)

    * 21.8.2021; 3.54 A.M (Malaysia)

    * 40 lines of prose + poem

    #miraquill #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #challenge #conceptprompt #unique_chall


    * I Am Number Four is a 2011 SciFi/Action movie

    * Only Schizophrenia is diagnosed by psychiatrists. While, DID, SAD & depression are known by my half-conscience. But, they did notice changes of my moods & personalities

    * Compare to Split movie and Kill Me, Heal Me Kdrama, I only have 4 different personalities, instead of 24 & 7.

    * I also have suicidal thoughts: (plus failed attempts)
    "Do you ever feel like want to kill yourself? Feel like doesn't want to live anymore? Better to just die?"

    * My psychiatrist asked me whether I still heard those thoughts, but, I lied to her by said "No", because I'm afraid if I tell the truth, I have to be in the psychiatric ward again & what worst is ECT! I don't want to do that ever again.

    #DID #Schizophrenia #SAD #Depression


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    What makes me, ME ~

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  • piu_writes 8w

    A rolly polly lady with a charming smile, a jolly good professor and a person so kind, a doting mother of a handsome son, a single parent and proud to be one ,with a vedio lyric penned down by me, star of a documentary film on single working mothers and a popular writer on miraquill with multiple hobbies like cooking singing painting, I am a creative person who also loves partying ,always canvassing for women's rights and humanity I might be a tiny speck in the universe but I have created a beautiful niche for me , the merits didn't come to me by lark it has been a matter of tremendous hard work, I am proud of my achievement but boastful I am not I am unique as I am a lady full of kindness and grit and determination I have got •

  • sanusan 8w

    My heart dwells by aggrandize
    I was summerised by alacrity.

    My birth was decided
    In the jems of pieses.

    My behaviour is sufficient
    For the beguile.

    My aim of constant
    Tactics is cognizant.

    My dear soulfull hearts
    Around feels convivial.

    My reflection on mirror
    Falls for innocence.

    My soul becomes
    Phlegmatic sometimes.

    My heart is always
    Ready to libertarian.

    My licentious
    Ends till the dead barriers.

    My writing adores
    The sweet grilters of tauri.

    My life is journey of
    Proxima century .

  • luvnotes_challenge_host 8w

    To hear it told, there are people out there who may look like you, sound like you, act like you, or even have nearly the same talents and abilities as you; but despite all of that, thanks to the distinctiveness of DNA and the mystical make-up of the spirit or soul, no one out there could ever be exactly like you, because there is only one YOU in the universe... or shall I say YOUniverse?
    The point is, never before, now, or ever again has there been anyone exactly like you, anywhere in the known universe. So you're kind of a big deal, na? I'd say so! These contemplations have led me to the concept for this challenge.

    ▪In 40 lines or less, write a poetic piece describing what it is about you that makes you different or unique. Explain what sets you apart from all the rest. In other words, tell us what it is that makes you "you."

    ▪This should be a positive piece that focuses on the wonderfully unique aspects of yourself.

    ▪English only please, and be sure that your submission adheres to the terms of use of the forum.

    ▪This challenge will be open for the next 48 hours and is closed when it says "2d" in the upper right hand corner of this post.

    ▪Be sure to use #unique_chall in the caption area of your post so that I know you're participating in the challenge.

    Can't wait to read all about you!

    P.S. Please support your fellow participants by checking out their submissions.

  • i2rhyme 20w



    ©i2rhyme #694 5/28/21
    Laurene Woods Labriola

  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 21w

    This is meant to be my submission to the cg_city_chall; however, last night I unexpectedly fell asleep for hours unaware (due to narcolepsy), and missed my own challenge. Unbelievable, eh?! ��
    Gotta play by the rules though, so I'm not hashtagging it. Thank you for reading!

    by Carolyn Glackin
    Though it's been told
    In timeworn tales
    Of that which soothes
    Thy mortal beast
    Throughout all
    My endless searches
    I've found naught,
    To say the least
    But one fine day
    I did find him
    We two were destined
    So it seemed
    Thus the future
    Now much brighter
    With such hope
    It finally gleamed
    I was his inamorata
    And he, my paramour
    But never could we know
    Just what the future
    Held in store
    It seems that time
    Will have its way
    Quite often sooner
    Then its due course
    And fate
    The grand decider
    Is the one
    We cannot force
    We were star crossed
    He and I
    Like Romeo and Juliet
    The slow demise
    Of what we were
    Is one I never shall forget
    We were those two ships
    Always passing
    Never meeting
    In the night
    One moment
    He was there
    In the next
    Gone, out of sight
    So in a twinkling
    'Fore I knew it
    'Twas all over
    In a blur
    And therein lies
    The culmination
    Of the city
    We never were.
    ©Carolyn Glackin 5/24/2021

    *The line "the city we never were" is credited to @galvanizedthoughts, the creator of the challenge.

    *Art credited to Frank Dicksee.

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #challenge #phraseprompt #conceptprompt

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  • lovesmessenger 21w

    I tried. Hope you all like this! Love the challenge of making this!

    Our Failed City

    The man made jungle still hold my heart
    for you my love is still dwelling in those parts
    a skyline obstructed with buildings
    as the nightlife is possessed with busy thoughts
    the life we knew came to a close
    for our country love had been all but loss
    so tomorrow will bring a busy day for you
    while I ride a train leaving you
    our hearts will never build that city of love
    because of the separation of our hearts now we see
    ~the city we never were~

    Tears drains upon my cheeks
    as the scenery out the window and my thoughts meet
    your presence will be a skyscraper in my mind
    for the loss of us has this feeling of torturing time
    you chose the city over me
    yet I know I'm being selfish to your dreams
    so I left screaming in my heart
    at the visions of our happiness
    and at the thought of
    ~the city we never were~

    I thought we were built out of concrete and love
    that our foundation was built strongly to tower above
    our lives were intertwined on that river bank
    as it was you who I fishing for that day
    yet we're here separated on our journeys
    the noises of the train drown out my whimpering
    the noises of the city drown out your thinking
    our buildings of self are far away from each other
    as we both begin to accept our
    ~city we never were~


    #mirakee #writersnetwork #challenge #cg_city_chall #phraseprompt #conceptprompt #city #love

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    Our Failed City

    We were supposed to be side by side but love's demolition tore us apart

  • _gk_07 21w

    Words in bg:
    //We asundered alike the two poles on earth,
    Leaving our paradise of love behind,
    In the city we never were.
    ©_gk_07 //

    Few words:-

    #cg_city_chall #phraseprompt #conceptprompt #wod #mirakee #writersbay #writersnetwork #ceesreposts @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

    Prompt "in the city we never were" credit to @luvnotes_challenge_host and @galvanizedthoughts .

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  • sonu99 21w

    #cg_city_chall,#ceesreposts, #conceptprompt,@luvnotes_challenge_host, #phraseprompt, #challenge, #mirakee, #writersnetwork, #ecotopia, #city, #utopia,#paradise, #dystopia,#imagination, #fantasy, #virtues, #dream, #fiction, #horizon, #illusion, #moment, #perfection, #birth, #heaven, #pacifism, @mirakee,@mirakeeworld,@writersnetwork,@writerstolli,@galvanizedthoughts
    The city we never were
    Like that of the Garden of Eden,the paradise was rare.
    The city of our imagination,
    The dream place of idealisation.

    The city we never were,
    Is in the present moment or nowhere.
    That's our mind's utopian vision,
    "Ou-topos",only a fictional destination.

    The city we never were,
    Is the illusion of a utopian city that we desire.
    The city with perfection,
    May we find that far away near the horizon.

    The city we never were,
    May be existing blurred somewhere.
    There can be the birth of future city of ecotopia,
    With idea of rehabilitation,pacifism,virtue and legitimisation of existence renew.

    The city we never were,
    At present can be unreal and blur.
    But our heavenly city of utopia,
    Will born as ecotopic city or else our fantasy will catastrophise into dystopia.

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    "ou-topos"is a Greek word meaning nowhere or no place.

  • sulu80 21w

    Staring into fathomless sea
    Creatures dwelling in unknown city
    "The city we never were"
    Into the swirls of blue
    Flight to fantasy world
    Neptune and his kingdom
    None were into that realm
    Sometimes noxious!Is it wrath?
    Wish to explore reason for wrath
    A fairy with beautiful wings
    Fulfilled the wish of mine
    Turned me into a Mermaid
    Aye!A beautiful fishy Maiden
    Mesmerising acquatic world
    A fashion show of brilliant striking fishes
    Roaming around everywhere freely
    None to dominate,nor scary
    Wriggling to unexplored land
    Apart from swirls and twirls of man
    A deep dive into Marine city.

    #cg_city_chall #phraseprompt #mirakee
    #writersnetwork #conceptprompt

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    Realm of Fantasy

    Staring into fathomless sea
    Creatures dwelling in unknown city
    "The city we never were"
    Into the swirls of blue
    Flight to fantasy world
    Neptune and his kingdom
    None were into that realm
    Sometimes noxious!Is it wrath?
    Wish to explore reason for wrath
    A fairy with beautiful wings
    Fulfilled the wish of mine
    Turned me into a Mermaid
    Aye!A beautiful fishy Maiden
    Mesmerising acquatic world
    A fashion show of brilliant striking fishes
    Roaming around everywhere freely
    None to dominate,nor scary
    Wriggling to unexplored land
    Apart from swirls and twirls of man
    A deep dive into Marine city.

    23th May 2021.

  • sproutedseeds 21w


    part of its quietness,
    without the sounds of
    the horn of vehicles,
    without the rush and push
    in crowded local trains,
    without the school kids
    singing prayers and
    standing disciplined for assembly,
    without the kids playing in the play area
    running and hopping
    tossing and fighting,
    without the vendors on the street
    calling us to give away the old newspapers
    or to take away the clusters accumulated
    in the corners of the home.

    The pandemic "Covid 19"
    has stolen away the peace.

    Hopes of recovery, Prayers to be safe
    is the only strength with us now.


  • luvnotes_challenge_host 21w


    A big thank you to @galvanizedthoughts for providing the concept for this challenge, as well as for co-hosting it with me! Very appreciated!! ��♥️

    *In memory of @john_solomon, who never failed to support participants of my challenges; even if he himself, wasn't participating. Really missing you, dear friend. ♥️

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #challenge #phraseprompt #conceptprompt #cg_city_chall

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    Hello out there fellow writers! Good to see everyone! Well, virtually speaking that is...
    Anyway, after a very long time, I finally got my act together and decided to host a new challenge. We have @galvanizedthoughts to thank for that, because the concept for this challenge comes solely from her very bright and innovative mind, and I'm merely hosting it, along with her.
    Keep reading please. Rules to follow...

    Participants will use "the city we never were" as either a phrase prompt or a concept prompt, in a poetic creation they have penned themselves. If used as a phrase prompt, merely incorporate "the city we never were" somewhere in your piece. If using it as a concept prompt, that line will be the subject matter of your piece, but the line itself may or may not be used in the piece. In other words, it's up to you. Free verse poems/prose, liquid prose, and rhyming poems are all acceptable. For our sake, please be reasonable about length.

    -Submit your piece in English.
    -One submission only please.
    -Plagiarized work is unacceptable.
    -No foul/vulgar language or images.
    -No erotica (due to youngsters in my following).
    -No hate speech, harassment, discrimination, etc.

    The challenge will run for 48 hours from the time of posting. Once it says "2d" in the upper right corner of this post, it has ended.

    ▪MANDATORY HASHTAG: Please use #cg_city_chall for this challenge only. If tagging, please tag this account, not my main account.

    *Don't forget to support your fellow participants by checking out their submissions!

    Ok, I'll leave y'all to it. Happy writing! ✍

  • ashamurali 65w


    Proud to be a homemaker
    I convert a building of brick and stones
    To a warm and inviting home
    I have smile on my lips
    Love in my heart
    Courage in my bosom
    And strength in my arms.

    My chin is up,
    My head stands high,
    constantly on my toes,
    I am ever cheerful!

    My children’s first smile or first step
    I am always ready to rejoice.
    I instill in my child
    Arts, sports and values,
    I look at my children with pride
    Every time they cross life’s tide.
    A bruised knee or a battered ego,
    I have a ready remedy – my magic hug!

    My family is my first and last love,
    Piping hot delicious food
    Served with Joy and peace
    In a Spic and span home
    Makes it a haven
    For my family to come running to!

    Proud to be a homemaker,
    I am strong and smart
    I am precious and priceless
    I know I am the spine of the home,

    The only career with no increment,
    Neither rest nor recreation!
    Oh! Forget the retirement!
    Never an acknowledgement,
    Not even appreciation,
    Just the Satisfaction of work well done
    Is my reward and remuneration.
    No thanks will ever satiate,
    Dignity, love and respect is all I ask for.


  • writeriyaaa 65w

    the meraki space

    M: why aren't you writing today?
    Someone just liked something you had to say
    R: i don't know what to write, nothing's special about this day
    M: why don't you read what they are writing, my A.I says "birds" "love" and "stars" trend today. How can it be a dull day?
    R: oh M! the real world isn't so vast, they don't speak and they don't laugh. They certainly don't read or write...that's why i come here everyday!
    M: my memory is unfailing and i know how they are...the first people to write here were as jarred
    they wrote of loneliness but couldn't say it out loud, until i gave them enough prompts to think more and dig deep into what they had wanted to saybut couldn't go far
    R: Isn't it funny Mirakee, how decades have passed but we humans write about the same old songs and same old scars...
    But I couldn't find anything on you, you are full of people's written archives, when were you born?how long is your life?
    M: they are writing about me today,writers are celebrating me, seems i was born this day.
    R: oh Mirakee! Happy Birthday!
    I'm so sorry i didn't know! I'll get you an update today!

  • ashamurali 65w

    My words got their wings

    My words took cover in a corner,
    My voice was unheard,
    My prose was ignored
    And my thoughts were ridiculed,
    And I thought my writing dream was just a delusion

    And then came along mirakee
    Like a prince on a horse
    Swept me away from my darkness and galloped towards hope...

    My words saw light
    My voice finally heard
    My thoughts had some weight
    And I didn't face any slight...

    Wow mirakee, for me you are a sheer miracle..
    You are my dream come true..
    You aren't just a platform,
    You are a whole new stage,

    My dreams finally reached their destination.

    Happy birthday!