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  • kafkasempere 86w

    Blind reflections 6:

    If it doesn't fill you up and you don't enjoy it, don't do it. You forgot it for a long time, so long that it costs you to return to your same conceptions. Do not stray. Focus again. Enjoy it now that it is a precious time although the world is unhappy, sadly it can be a precious misfortune for those who are not so unhappy.

    Reflexiones ciegas 6:

    Si no te llena y no lo disfrutas, no lo hagas. Lo olvidaste por un largo tiempo, tanto tiempo que te cuesta volver a tus mismas concepciones. No te desvíes. Céntrate otra vez. Dísfrútalo ahora que hace un tiempo precioso aunque el mundo esté desgraciado, tristemente puede ser una preciosa desgracia para los que no están tan desgraciados.

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    Blind Reflexions


  • sanchari_karmakar 104w

    Perceptions matter
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    We never know what is right or wrong.

  • rushalixrushali 139w

    You and I,
    We started from no where,
    Meeting through mutual friends,
    Drinking till our hearts wrench,
    Working till the ends met,
    To laughing in parties that mean nothing,
    When I met you,
    It was because my friends asked me to,
    When you met me,
    I'm pretty sure it was for a reason,
    When I got drunk,
    I only saw you,
    When you got drunk,
    You only saw her,
    When I worked for 9 hours,
    I took breaks to take a glance at you,
    To admire the charmer you are,
    When you worked for more than 9 hours,
    You took breaks to subside that empty feeling in your chest,
    To let go of a few things running in your head,
    The smile on your face,
    The fire in your gaze,
    The smile on my face,
    The admiration in my gaze,
    You and I,
    We come in many versions,
    One is the reality,
    One in my head,
    We're just a little more than friends in one,
    And the second one,
    It's where you love me,
    Too sad,
    Because you and I,
    We come in many versions,
    All of them,
    I cherish and admire,
    But don't realise it's sweet poison,
    It's time I made a choice,
    Because you and I,
    We exist in my head,
    We exist in my heart,
    But to you...
    We were never even there.