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  • _writer_at_heart_ 37w

    A world without books

    A world without books,
    Shall be a world without sharing thoughts and reading that of others.
    The knowledge would remain trapped and caged,
    It is with these books, that knowledge is being ported among all, of different fields.
    Just as genetic heritage passes on and on,
    Knowledge is like biological parents that passes on its genetic heredity through book's medium.
    Well said it is, that without books,
    Learning would be at risk,
    And ignorance shall takeover its skill.
    Erudition would become extinct,
    In the form of books, it shall never exist.

    A world without books would set us back to the days of stone-age.
    Just like those early hominid predecessors,
    We would just live to survive with no literacy through bookish language.

    Though most of our social learnings are known by experiences,
    Wisdom cannot be gained only through bookish environment.
    But the logic behind learning and framing a systematic base of competence in an area,
    Books are the best friends for giving such arena.

    We may never grow being literate,
    Our root to literacy might get cut and we wouldn't fly across the depth of survival.
    Just like plants can't bloom without its root,
    Stars can't twinkle without dark hue,
    Life would be stucked without gravitational force and get screwed,
    Similarly our world without books would fall apart with its adieu.

  • anush18 37w

    Those who say "ɪɴ ʟᴏᴠᴇ, ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴍʏsᴇʟғ", do you think that they don't crave for love? Or being loved by someone? If yes, then you're wrong. They are the broken hearted people who are tired now, tired for they have tried enough to overcome their pain and their urge of being loved.

    Yes, I remember, I have done almost nothing in these two to three months and these days I can't even understand my own moods, somedays I like being alone, somedays I like calling my best friend and talk for hours, somedays I like these four walls where all my pieces are buried alive in between the bricks of my room, somedays no other place is as good as my terrace where I can watch the Orion without anyone to disturb me. All the radiations that my mind transmitted were absorbed by you, lately, but I have realised that it was you, who used to take care of me even when I didn't want to, I've realized that it was you who loved me even when I didn't want to love myself. You are my favourite escape. You're like the pole star, always there but so far. Your glimpses are the ones I crave for. Can't say that love you to the moon & back, that's just a little measurement for us.. We have a whole universe inside us. And now I'm homeless because you were my home, the star under which I used to sleep and then wakeup with your shine on those greeen grasses. Till then, waiting for an another birth to meet you. Oh, I miss you and your fragrance.


    background credits: there is sadness in your eyes.
    #ToxicMarch #ceesreposts #conceptc @writersnetwork @writersbay @_ashna_ @surefire

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    You're my favourite escape.

  • romantic__ 37w

    rain drops~

    My eyes focus on the rain drops tracing down the window.
    My mind focuses on the future and the things I wish I could have..
    and every moment seems to slow the time further and further down.
    The clouds hang low like my thoughts and they continue to get closer to the surface each minute that passes me by.
    I'm guided by these thoughts into a rabbit hole of my own destruction from the past.
    I'm trying to crawl my way out with bruised knees and arms but with each climb towards the surface, my arms are being cut by glass shard walls.
    I can let myself fall into the unknown or continue to painfully drag myself against the thing that hurts me the most.

  • childauthor_345 37w

    Child lives
    Mature spends
    Aged scatters
    Old counts
    The life ,
    Anger dominates
    Greed personate(s)
    Ego hallucinates
    Humanity overtake recessive
    The knife


    #if #conceptc

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    If , stands being quotation over limitations of mine
    If the destruction is close , or my darkness is going to shine
    If laziness of a point get fractured over apologies
    The unity of constellation left shattered by astrologies

    If I'll be plucked and plotted as the burrows of sorrows
    Whether I'll beat as my heartbeat , or will be beaten as regretful prose
    If I'll come forward to shoulder any tear
    Whether I'll found myself in the prison of pains or become a jingle for any fear

    If I'll exclaim for a moment mortgaging my heart
    If it'll be incidence for incidents collecting behind my traces
    If it'll cause the burns over the loan of vanished love
    Or the soul will be seized revealing darkened faces

    If I'll pretend a mirror in process to be
    If the controller scold me for the silvery layer
    If glooms , taking part of mine will be interchanged into glee
    Or the broker reflectors leave through me , regrading the properties of dare

    If I'll ornate myself as the rich framing hands
    If fulfilled by word , or any minute being minute weave the world too
    Whether screaming images dominant over my curvatures
    Or my disguised personifications or the flow will drown with two .


  • antarraal 37w

    Science and I are poles apart yet I used to love Chemistry and these different salts. Penned this one for fun, hope you guys enjoy it too.

    #conceptc @writersbay #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    The sodium in my tears,
    holds the calcium of my pain
    to drill iron in my spine,
    so that I never give up
    without making the sulphuric bane of my life
    realise their hollowness and pungent smell.
    The phosphorous in my eyes blazes
    to burn them into charcoal ruins
    before their chlorinated reach
    suffocates the ether of another.


  • sproutedseeds 37w


    Gossips are words baked
    and garnished with false praise.

    Trust yourself and shine
    Treat yourself with it and then whine.

    Never get carried away with such words
    for sure you are bound to fall.

  • ablaze_writer 37w

    If i was a city,
    I'd be full of streets with people talking about love,
    I'd be full of poems lovers recite till the end,
    I'd be open to let your secrets be a safe word,
    I'd like to show you my history in the museum's full of colors and metaphors not in the classroom and book's boring orders.

    If i was a city,
    I'd let you cry on the sunny day when life is hard,
    And will sing you a lullaby on cold winter night,
    I'd let you burn your worries and flush your nightmares down the drain,
    I'd like to show you what analogies star hold to that heart beat of yours not the astronomy foretold by others.

    If i was a city,
    I'd let you build the walls around your heart if you want to run away from the shackles of reality which is mirage,
    I'd let you lie there in the grass and pluck wildflowers as you decide to go back,
    I'd like to show you what love actually is rather than just chemical reactions in biology charts.

    If i was a city,
    I'd let you roam around all the time,
    Until one day you decide to rest and get hold of your heart,
    I'd let you scribble on my walls all your artsy thoughts,
    For i know when sciences don't work,
    Prose and verses are a way to relax,
    I don't care if your rhyme is good or your brush strokes are wise,

    If i was a city,
    I'd let your reflection in mirror be a somebody you really are.

  • we_elude 37w

    This pyrexia is oozing me to revisit my mistaken assumption of 'temperature' when I conjoined boiling of water at 100 degrees and my immunity's effort to protect me from pathogens at 100 degrees, but something in my observation seemed so wrong..I thought I should too be on the verge of vaporisation as the water �� at same numeric degrees... the heat ....same degrees still the heat intensity is different ...And this mistake didn't stay for long...it was rectified by suffixes of Mr. Celsius and Mr.Fahrenheit ...Wow !! Supercool ...confusion was cured .... Just the defined scale ....and both temperatures were precisely 'correct' under their
    Different temperature scale.

    Are we all looking for different scale everywhere for different temperatures of life too...... As our brain is trying to sustain the homeostasis of the heart in those temperature of life. We are continuously trying ...failing....falling.... succeeding ....and waging to live....to sustain the 'same intensity' on every scale .

    Still I constantly wonder who is the 'observer'
    here... who is observing the correction of every human action......what is the scale here for humans .....
    Who define those scale !!

    Just a scientist or pious scriptures or is it human nature to form different scale and later somehow build the fundamental scale for all to fit it .
    About 8 billion homosapiens ....trying to do the 'right' thing ... interacting to validate to that non-existing fundamental scale ...
    But the intensity always exist of the heat or the heart. ..and it all comes down to brain to maintain homeostasis of heart too...

    How ironic !!

    Scientists later chose Kelvin as fundamental scale for temperature.....to prevent confusion among observer around the globe ....
    Are we going to chose something like this for all lives of this globe too....or it is already preordained by the 'observer'

    If I could know the conversion of different scale of temperatures , I would precisely know the intensity of heat on every scale too
    Does life... too hold such conversions... does it mean every human's subjectivity and their individualistic insights ..... somewhere holds the same intensity .

    Sincerely, the gravity of this intensity of life....of our life ... cannot be escaped.


    Thank you so much for reading !!✨

    #conceptc @writersbay #if #wod #pod @mirakee @writersnetwork #ceesreposts

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    We only have finite time .... dazzling between different temperature scale....but who is the 'observer' here..... scaling the intensity of our existence !!!

  • bellemoon99 37w

    #writersbay #conceptc #pod

    We're tiny specks in the vast universe, less than dirt under our shoes.

    Yet, we feel so deeply, we speak so loud.

    My heart is bleeding, my soul is aching, but I'm nothing more than a tiny organism for the stars.

    Our sun is gigantic, way more that we could imagine, and still our life star is tiny compared to the rest.

    Our emotions feel like supernovas, yet they are nothing at all.

    Tiny, insignificant, alone, and scared.

    I know the world won't stop when I'm gone, but would it feel that way to you?

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    Copernican Principle


  • ethereal_soul 37w


    Some people are like sodium,
    Who donot deserve your water like serene nature.
    Try finding a gold for you, who can withstand you rage too

  • pallavi4 37w


    A supernova is the biggest explosion that humans have ever seen. Each blast is the extremely bright, super-powerful explosion of a star. One type of supernova is caused by the “last hurrah” of a dying massive star.

    Are you surprised that I’m about to die ?
    Are you still going to keep telling me lies ?
    I feel an internal burning sensation
    A torrid, suffocating agitation
    Although my dying breaths are ragged
    I’m on the precipice of a future jagged
    The energy inside me is slowly collecting
    Into a massive ball now interjecting
    I feel my disappointments and dejections
    Become faint in the light of your false affections
    A tremendous load of suffering and affliction
    My once strong convictions are now cold constrictions
    Forcing the air out of my lungs
    I’m about to perish so very young
    And then I burst into a million pieces
    The explosion a massive pain releases
    My insides now coat the cosmos wide
    But I’m finally free of your sneers and snides
    The rage inside me gradually decreases
    Massive waves of energy from me increases
    Pain that like icicles still pierce my heart
    Forcing me fade and depart
    Swallowing great amounts of my pride
    Your unfaithful love had not helped me survive
    I now exist without really existing
    Any form of life now resisting
    And into the depths of despair I disappear
    Never again to resurface here
    And into a black hole I deeply plunge
    Finally free and forever expunged


    18th of March, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- “Supernova Explosion”

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  • haruisuzu 37w

    Story of Us

    If only we could grasp the beauty of equation of Theory of Everything,
    we wouldnt be just entraced by its math of deciphering
    or by the way gravity n quantum world are entwining
    but also by the way it displays how zillions of heart exist
    yet a entity with solitary sui generis presence is its gist
    It isn't just all symbols,words n numbers
    but is also the elucidation of the world that we desry in our slumbers
    It isn't just equation or a thesis
    but a book of unification of love n hatred marked by 'I' in its parenthesis
    its a Story of Us beyond the curtailments of Genesis


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    Story of Us


  • zeee_zephyrs 37w

    Blood Falls is an outflow of an iron oxide-tainted plume of saltwater, flowing from the tongue of Taylor Glacier onto the ice-covered surface of West Lake Bonney in the Taylor Valley of the McMurdo Dry Valleys in Victoria Land, East Antarctica.

    Unlike most Antarctic glaciers, the Taylor glacier is not frozen to the bedrock, probably because of the presence of salts concentrated by the crystallization of the ancient seawater imprisoned below it.
    source- wikipedia

    I personally love this❤ #zeee_fav
    #if #conceptc #zeeCollection #writersbay
    WN thanks for like and editor's choice❤

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    B L O O D F A L L S

    If liquid cascading from a cliff
    giving the colour blue
    it is called 'waterfalls'
    but I am named 'Blood falls'
    'cause I am red?
    water isn't blue.

    They say,
    I am rich in iron oxide
    so it appears red
    but they don't know
    the agonies which were concealed within
    were bleeding.

    A once alive poet
    beneath the ice crystals
    with a heart
    full of cicatrix.

    They say,
    I am not frozen till the bedrock
    true, but not because of salts,
    the ice layers were impotent
    to froze all his sorrows.

    The so called 'Taylor Glacier' got a cut
    and everything is outflowing.
    According to science,
    I bear iron oxides and brine, not emotions
    but was science ever capable to detect it?

    Away from the worldly chaos
    in Antarctica,
    my red liquid
    was burbling in these silent icebergs
    and Science named me 'Blood falls'


  • gaurangig 37w

    @writersbay what a lovely writing prompt... Something that has actually made me think and yet something that came from within! I could write from so many perspectives on this one... But limiting myself. Maybe I will revisit this when I don't have other ideas.

    If viruses could think and speak, wouldn't they assume that they are God? Something to ponder about.

    #conceptc #writersbay #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    V. I. R. U. S.

    I am omnipotent, I am present everywhere. I can't be seen, and yet I can be felt. I am with you in your happiness and I am also around when you are sad. I am around in sickness and in health. When things go wrong, you think of me. When the world faces pandemics, you think of me. I have been around forever, I have seen the earth from it's tumultuous times, when it was just an adolescent. I was among the first ones to make earth their home. I have seen life form and transform. I have seen life turn from single cell to massive complex cell structures. I have seen life thrive in the depths of the oceans, I moved from oceans to land, when life crawled ashore. I have seen life run, walk, fly, swim. I have seen life turn to death. I have seen death turn to decomposition. I have been with the dinosaurs when they ruled the planet, I have seen them perish. I have ridden the magnificent mammoths as they roamed the icy wilderness. I have seen them get wiped off the face of earth! I have seen the humans walk erect, I have seen them change, I have seen them adapt. I have seen them struggling to accept my presence. I have seen them struggling to find something stronger, more resilient than me! And through it all I have triumphed. I may not be exactly alive, but I am not non living either. And even after millions of years, I still keep the control of life in my hands. I can shake your world by just turning forms. No I am not GOD! Just the tiny being on threshold of life. I am your not so friendly neighborhood super being. I am the virus!!

  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 37w

    Turn back Time

    If only I could turn back time
    The butterfly with the wings of change
    Would have never crossed our path
    I wish we never met and never loved 
    I wish we were just sand grains in a shell
    Tall tides pushed so we fall apart
    I wish we were stars on the sky
    That never found each other, ever
    I wish we were Autumn and Winter
    Living in a cycle yet never collided
    Autumn, my dreams fell like dead leaves
    Winter, you turned my heart frozen 


  • myscribbles79 37w

    Magnet of love

    You are that force of inspiration that pushes me hard to reach my destination
    You are that fuel of motivation that drives my engine without exhaustion
    You are that spark of positivity that ignites my filament of thoughts all day
    You are that power of enthusiasm that energises my body and mind
    You are that source of constant support that makes my journey of life frictionless
    You are that phase of calmness that reduces the entropy within me,and help me to remain in equilibrium
    You are that high voltage surge of happiness that runs through the circuit of my veins
    You are those waves of sound that resonates often in my dreams
    You are that magnet of love that continuously attracts me wherever iam,
    You are my life,you are my world.

  • kaafka 37w

    One soul
    into two.

    Like a bee
    from its

    Like clouds
    from the

    Like one
    positive charge
    separated from
    a negative charge.

    With detached bonds
    With a heart full of precious memories
    they drift away from each other


    As far as
    spring and

    As far as
    void and

    Never to reconnect
    ever again.



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  • miss_silentlyweird 37w

    You're also star✨
    If you're in dark remember you're star containing calcium in your bone, nitrogen in your brain, carbon in your body and oxygen in your soul— that will able to shine in the darkest night. You're stardust that persist to exist.

    If our body produces energy equivalent to a 100 watt light bulb. Don't let the electricity run out by wasting your energy, don't let other people dim your light in you instead be their light.

    If astronomy is about everything in the universe beyond Earth's atmosphere then our brain is our universe. It's the boundless source of body. It let us float in space of Intelligence and emotions. It's the planet of different characteristics and perspective. So be an astronaut to your own universe.

    If heart will beat about 115,000 times each day and pumps about 2,000 gallons of blood every day. Cherish it and don't let someone easily taken it for granted.

    If Up to 60% of the human body is water then it's so fascinating to know that we're once a raindrop in a rainy day, a water that continuously flowing in oceans and river. So as water carries your waves and don't be scared to be shapeless and unique.

    If the skin renews itself every 28 days then it's so lovely to know that there's a part of you untouched by a monster, there's a part of you who they don't scar.


    #conceptc #if #wod #pod
    @writersbay @mirakee
    Source:��: Pinterest

    Note: Grammatical and typos ahead.

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    You are

    Humans aren't perfect but for me we're the most greatest discovery can ever found even in science.


  • blue_cascades 37w

    #if #pod #wod #conceptc #death
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

    March 18, 2021 ; 3 p.m

    This is random.��

    @writersbay I think I went off topic.��

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    When I'm gone

    If my heart stopped beating and you couldn't hear the synchronised beats that you call your musings, would you love me the same?
    Would you preserve my voice in cassettes of polyester or vinyl records and play it on a calm night veiled by the moon's glow , just to remember me when I'm gone?

    If you could float in the air draped by a hint of lavender filled with reveries of my memories would I be saved from an inevitable oblivion?
    Would glimpsing me in your imagination shoot up your dopamine levels, even without a gentle caress of my fingertips on your skin?


  • thoughtsprocess 37w

    In the deep dark woods
    of poet's mind,
    when the magical
    metamorphosis of
    thoughts and
    emotions occurs,
    a butterfly
    of poetry is born