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  • librocubicularist 11w

    Be mine

    Dear comrade
    Shine like the sun
    Be precious like one occurs
    Once in a blue moon

    Dear comrade
    Light your inner strength
    To glow up in dark
    Like a twinkling star

    Dear comrade
    Show your heart
    Filled with kindness
    To whole world

    Dear comrade
    Feel the victory, not be high-handed
    Feel the love , not be a smug
    Fill everyone with delight

    Dear comrade
    Go and bring off victories
    Be the foremost in your passion,
    But ���� �������� at denouement

    #love #comrade #soulmate #be mine

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    Be mine



  • dharshi_ni_911 28w

    Dear lover, will you be my friend ?

    French kisses and love stories,
    Late night chats and fake glories,
    All these had been new to me;
    Tasted every bite of it - that's why
    It changed me a lot to fit in it;
    Being driven by the love sick,
    Had done many possible stupid things;
    Suddenly all love songs were about you,
    Which made me to lost my self too;
    Very many times I wooed you,
    Without seeing the real you;
    I always loved to talk to you,
    You were busy with your priorities, though !
    As the days faded off,
    I started faking my emotions too;
    Half burnt with my insecurity,
    I started judging your loyalty;
    May be I forgot to be a friend with you,
    Now I'm sick of being a lover to you.

    Tired of hearing what Romeo and Juliet did,
    And this wasn't the love life I had ever wished;
    No more sweet talk and flower,
    Just need your solace forever;
    Bored of high dose of romanticism,
    Let's together enjoy our sarcasm;
    I just need some space in you,
    Where I feel the real me
    Your female friends were so lucky ,
    'cause they got a friend like you
    Bike ride, fun talks,
    Theatre cinemas,
    Bunking classes, eating lunches,
    Scolding and beating you,
    Teaching you and making
    Silly stupid fights with you,
    Posing funny pics with you
    Will all be a dream for me ?
    And the thought of lover distances me !
    I don't know why I'm feeling this way,
    There lies a double standard between friend and bae;
    At last, I would like to ask you for a favour,
    Will you be my friend forever?


  • kichu_parameswaran 52w

    തല നരക്കുകയല്ല എന്റെ വൃദ്ധത്വം
    തല നരക്കാത്തതല്ല എന്റെ യുവത്വവും
    കൊടിയ ദുഷ്പ്രഭുതത്തിൽ തിരുമുന്നിൽ
    തലകുനിക്കാത്ത താണെന്റെ യവ്വനം..
    തലകുനിക്കാത്ത താണെന്റെ യവ്വനം..

    സഖാവ് VS

  • melwyn_castelino 65w

    Tum saat ho toh kya baat ho..
    Tum agar mere saat ho..
    Har ghaadi mere pass ho..
    Ek naya saaa ehsas ho....
    Tum agar mere pass ho....

  • kichu_parameswaran 65w

    #സഖാവ് #sakhav #comrade #love

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    ഭ്രാന്ത് തളം കെട്ടിയ മനസ്സിലേക്കാണ് സഖാവേ താൻ എടുത്ത് ചാടിയതെന്ന് ഞാനും

    ഈ ഭ്രാന്തന്റെ പാതിയാവാൻ സമ്മതമെന്ന് അവളും.


  • poetryofera 72w


  • hha_creation 72w


    Boy is brother
    He won’t bother
    About them
    Brother is the 2nd father
    Of every sister
    Sister shares their problems
    With brother
    Brothers solves sisters problem
    Few of them will read it
    Few of them will do it
    Sisters are the fighters
    Brothers are hard workers
    In every family it will be true

  • deardiaryiam 83w

    #loveislove #proposal #comrade
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    Holding ring box in a hand, he went down on one knee Infront of her.
    He: Will you permit me to be your comrade?
    Holding his shirt, she pulled him up.
    She: You are...


  • melwyn_castelino 90w

    Be fizul ki yaade
    Be fizul ki baate
    Jab rahna nai saat main
    Toh Kai ko samay beetate

    ( it's a song )

  • doraemonnn 91w


    I collect the bits in me
    to strengthen my resistance for you.
    You somehow always prove,
    you're the best conducter.

  • perdu1992 91w


    Rare are those who can walk alone
    With each darkened nights who have moulded strong
    Who never had a confusion between what is right and what is wrong
    Rare are those to be known

    Mainly are those who need a hand to hold on
    With each darkened nights who have moulded into a broken record
    Who later regrets for them being implored
    Mainly are those to be born

    Rare are those who can stand out for others
    Not afraid to face any lose
    And who had been practicing to remove the abrupted cause
    Rare are those who can change things from being worse

    Mainly are those who can't even stand for themselves
    Who always live in a fear
    So don't even allow everyone to come near
    Who's been still waiting for a comrade to bring them back from their old selves
    © Meghna1992

  • graceson 100w

    Comrade of mine

    Do I have any love?Yes ofcorse I have,Shes bold,she's beautiful,shes powerful,shes positive,she's caring,she's loveable,she's always with me as a magical frame on my dreams,can't find her till now but I'll find one day,I'm searching everywhere where ever I'm going
    I'm yours only Comrade,I'm there for you Comrade

  • keshav_k_24 107w

    She was the pen..
    He was the highlighter...

    She wrote her future..
    He made it brighter... ❤

  • markankamal 109w

    there may be lots of emotions flowing within us

    just give them a way...


  • heartexpressed 109w

    I am ready to offer you anything, only when I feel you deserve ME

  • takytales 110w

    ० story of comrade ०


    He was her dear comrade ...
    Before she know him, he was her comrade ...
    Before she meet him, he was her comrade ...
    Before she known herself, he was her comrade ...
    She lived far from him but he was her comrade ...
    Whenever she lost her confidence, he was her comrade ...
    Whenever she needed a shoulder, he was her comrade ...

    She didn't knew he was dying inside, he was her comrade ...

    He died being her comrade ...
    And trying to be her dear comrade !!


  • saideepbugatha 114w

    Dear Comrade

    I ignored her texts

    I ignored her calls

    I opened the door for her to leave

    I forced her through the door

    I left her prey for the beasts out there.

    Uncertainty of my Life to be blamed ? Or my unstable mind ?

    I made a mistake.

    I suffered, I made her suffer.

    I cried, I made her cry.

    I spent sleepless thinking about the unanswered questions.

    The fight is over, stability of mind uncertainty of life remained.


    She's too far to hear my cries

    She's too rock hearted to understand my pain

    She's too broken to get attached

    She's too matured to love again.

    I'm responsible and will be.

    - with Love Comrade Saideep Bugatha.


  • fucking_truth 117w

    With you I can be myself. I can sit by your side in complete silence. You know what I want. You saw me at my worst days but you still on my side. You are my comrade. Now it's my turn. Let me be your comrade.


  • luckee 117w

    #dear #comrade

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    On your righteous path , I'll be your comrade.

    Comrade (n): the one who fights for you, with you on your behalf.
    without letting you step back.


  • lalu__ 118w

    അവര്‍ മതത്തിലേക്ക് ചുരുങ്ങുമ്പോള്‍ ഞങ്ങള്‍ മനുഷ്യരിലേക്ക് പടര്‍ന്നിരിക്കും..