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  • vasubandhu 8h


    पाई पाई जोड़ रहा हु, कभी दो कभी ढाई जोड़ रहा हु।
    जो मन मार कर करना पडे, तो अपने गिले शिकवे निचोड़ रहा हु।
    जो देखे थे कभी मैंने सपने, वो सारे अपने मरोड़ रहा हु।
    मायूस ना हो गलत ना समझ, ये सब तेरे आने वाले सपनों के लिए जोड़ रहा हु।
    जता नहीं रहा के क्या क्या किये जा रहा हु, तुझे देखकर अपने सपनों से भी ज्यादा खुश हु।
    इसे अब क्या नाम दूं नही पता, कोई शिकन नही क्योंकि तू भी तो मै ही है।
    मैंने तुझे नहीं तूने मुझे जनम दिया है, नये सिरे से अपने सपनों को ही तो जी रहा हु।
    सुनाया करते थे अक्सर, "तु बाप बनेगा तो पता चलेगा", तेरे इस जिंदगी मे आने से ही तो सीख रहा हु।
    अपनी पंक्तियां लिख चुका अब तेरी जोड़ रहा हु, अपनी सबकी खुशीया कभी दो कभी ढाई जोड़ रहा हु।

  • vasubandhu 2d

    Fabric of Thoughts

    Lives are lived amidst, conclusions & confusions.
    Away from facts, oblivious of understandings.

    Labels, and gossips have a role to play.
    Putting relationship at stake and bonds to slay.

    The thread of communication lies at bay.
    Assumptions & delusions win the day.

    Lives are mortal & time is short.
    Whether we do justice to ourselves is worth a thought.

    Serene ways can always be sought.
    Not all the situations are wars to be fought.

    Beyond and deep lie right & wrong.
    We stick to the surface & get it all wrong.

    In the running times we just need a halt.
    Realistically ponder and levitate the fault.

    Everything is always simple and clear.
    We just need to be calm, we just need to be fair.


  • jpwriter 4d

    Because I miss you

    I want you to know I will never dismiss you
    I wrote this to let you know that I miss you
    You can bet since we met,
    I haven't been able to resist you
    No doubt all think about is being able to kiss you
    You've insisted the distance seems to be the issue
    Yet any problem we will solve it & get through
    And when you're down I will be there to lift you
    Since the moment I laid eyes on you, I just knew
    I will be there, to let you know I care, I insist to
    I just wrote this make you aware, that I miss you


  • sarahrachelea 1w

    A true unconditional love means:
    No matter what your religion/ faith is, I love you.
    Even if you have none, my compassion for you.
    Even if we're on a different path, I love you.


  • faerie_fox_poetry 1w


    Love will lift her skirts,
    Dancing across
    The deepest lines in the sand
    Bounding over
    The highest walls we've built
    Holding her hands outstretched
    To those in need of compassion,
    Carrying those too weak
    To learn the moves on their own
    She watches the sands of time fall
    With an understanding
    That she is transcendent,
    And so through it all,
    Love will lift her skirts and dance

  • aadil_sadiq 1w

    Those who remain unacquainted from themselves remain unacquainted from God. Coz not only God but whole of universe lies within you.
    © Sufi Aadil Sadiq Qadri
    #Sufism #love #compassion #God #Universe #Spirituality @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @miraquill #pod

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    جو خود سے ناآشنا رہا وہ خدا سے ناآشنا ہوگیا,

    کیونکہ خدا کیا تمارے اندر سارے جہاں آباد ہیں.

    ~ صوفی عادل صادق قادری

  • nightpen 3w

    Paradigm City

    Too many struggle to live
    Hope in short supply, with little forgiveness
    Step into their shoes, their desire to live
    Or into the shoes of the wisest of the rich
    Wealthy and empty, no value in their money

    No need exists for this insanity to persist
    Why is it change that so many seem to resist?

    How is equality and new normality wrong?

    Why fight against a brighter future?

    Becoming shameless in perceived differences..
    Denying value of a beneficial paradigm shift..

    We forget the value of an important miracle..

    We all exist..

    A fact that no one should be able to devalue
    The fact you were born without a choice
    It should allow you to have a vital voice..

    No matter who you are 
    No matter where you came from
    No matter what your preferences..

    No one should ever suffer..
    Due to differences..

    Humanity can never be humane
    Not without change..

    It is the opposite of impossible..

    Earth is a stage and nothing more
    We're lucky to even exist here at all

    It's our global City

    Our assumptions and expectations are ancient
    They are obsolete..

    We need a new paradigm
    A new way to live

    A way to stop dying..

    We need to think..
    We need to forgive..

    We need to change..

    If it will save lives..

    Why would you want anything else?


  • mmbftd 4w


    I find joy
    In a ball of feathers
    Grass green, corn yellow
    Pumpkin orange, blueberry blue, twilight purple and pearl white.
    A colorful conglomerate of
    Fluff, arranged in miraculous order, laying just right, one feather overlapping the other and so on.
    And this all works...as she takes flight and speeds above my head in a zip and flash.
    She nestles into my cheeks at night, as she has done for all her life. 2 years now, she has showered me with a love and affection I have never known before. She gives me motivation to rise each morning; chopping vegetables and fruits, tending sprouts for her to enjoy.
    She is so delicate and tiny. This creature with a huge soul. Compassionate when I need it, and knowing me when my emotions shift. She nestles closer, kisses my nose, with her curving pearly beak. She knows how to tear flesh with it, but never on purpose. She skims my eyebrow, preening me, moves into the hollow of my eye and with such discernment, gently preens my eyelashes. And there is a trust never spoken. We have no language but feelings. And that way we understand. She knows I would never harm her. I know she won't hurt me. She learned to say "I love you" first. A gravely tone only other Conure bird owners learn to recognize. She learned it first and says it often, knowing context and not just mimicking. She learned it first because I say it more than anything else. A pure expression I cannot contain. I could write more, but she is waking up, and I must not fail her. I sing her a morning song as I open her home up, parting her night curtains to let her get used to the daylight. Bring her to the window, examine our day, pointing out things like a blue sky, yellow sun, real clouds, wind and the tiny birds outside. She fluffs up shaking slumber off. She gets excited for the yellow bell pepper seeds i let her pick out from a halved one. Her tiny head getting lost in the pepper, as little growls of joy escape her.
    She is my joy. My absolute bliss. I love my little JelliBean.
    Let us start each day together, forevermore.

  • aadil_sadiq 5w

    Every living creation has feelings, your little effort of kindness has a great impact! #love #compassion #sympathy #humanity @writersnetwork @miraquill @mirakeeworld #pod

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    Be the symbol of love and compassion to all whosoever comes your way!

    Sufi Aadil Sadiq Qadri

  • frederico 6w

    Be Open

    Be open to anyone,
    who has an aching heart,
    who needs a shoulder
    just to lean on,
    or an open ear
    to share their griefs,
    to have some relief,
    to feel,
    that life still matters,
    that they are still surrounded by good people who care,
    and that there is even Someone higher up,
    Who is awaiting their prayers,
    to give Him permission,
    to interfere
    and turn around their situation
    for the better,
    because He already has the solution,
    for His faithful love and tender mercies
    endure forever ...

    14 Aug 2021

    #James4verse8 #Matthew11verse28to30 #Psalms136verse1 #Romans5verse8 #love #compassion #GodsLove #God

    Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.
    James 4:8 NKJV

    Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”
    Matthew 11:28-30 NKJV

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    Be Open

    Be open to anyone,
    who has an aching heart,
    who needs a shoulder
    just to lean on,
    or an open ear
    to share their griefs,
    to have some relief,
    to feel,
    that life still matters,
    that they are still surrounded by good people who care,
    and that there is even Someone higher up,
    Who is awaiting their prayers,
    to give Him permission,
    to interfere
    and turn around their situation
    for the better,
    because He already has the solution,
    for His faithful love and tender mercies
    endure forever ...


  • spokenthrough 6w

    Speak into me with but a soft whisper of life's purpose.

    Let my spirit lift so that it may fill the emptiness of another...

    We all are garden of mystery, waiting to be cultivated.

    So that that the seeds of greatness within may rise.

    Rise into the light with an open embrace.

    Plume and spread way in the glorious becoming of our own beauty.

    Yet hold ground against darkness.

    Keep still in motion and even stiller in mind.

    And yet know all that has wilted and fades holds page to the writings of tomorrow.


    #revised #purpose #compassion

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    Speak Into Me

  • meline18_hk 6w

    I believe human beings
    have a compassionate portion
    in their heart,
    but I think they either
    use it selectively or not at all.


  • sreyasipatra_ 8w

    “May I be born again and again, and suffer thousands of miseries so that I may worship the only God that exists, the only God I believe in, the sum total of all souls — and above all, my God the wicked, my God the miserable, my God the poor of all races, of all species, is the special object of my worship.”

    Swami Vivekananda

  • unsaid 8w


    Paths lead us to our destination. We must walk with love and compassion, even if it is full of thorns.


  • supriyaraje 8w

    A Wanted Child

    As she walks into the orphanage inside a dark chamber
    She glances at a rocking cradle with hope and wonder.
    A little girl stares at her with eyes so beautiful like a deer,
    Her giggles and blabbering sounds feel like strings of music to her ear
    She bends forward to pick her up, to feel her warmth so unique
    The baby lets out a laugh and clings to her with ease.
    She loses her heart at once and dares to be a mother
    Both walk home feeling content and satisfied together
    They now have each other's hearts where they can reside forever - Supriya Velingkar Raje

  • loftydreams101 9w

    The Burden of a Perfect Stranger

    The burden of a few stray words
    Spat out from an alleyway
    Slows the journey to a crawl
    Through glass-ridden streets
    The cold gaze of a stranger
    Distorts the inner melody
    As the treasured odes of family
    Fall free from your grasp
    Deceitful verses follow you
    As you burrow into the night
    Beyond the last sigh of slumber
    To the cradle of a dream
    It’s an invisible brand
    Passed down through the years
    Sinking vessel after vessel
    In the flow of humankind

    © 2021 William Wright, Jr.

  • perspektive 9w

    My Canvas

    Thoughts travel at the speed of light
    grip on the mic doesn't require a grip on my life
    in actuality the words in which I breathe
    are inspired by the times I was brought to my knees
    blinded by a disease In which open my eyes to see
    this wasn't the way I was to be buried six deep
    by my belief in the sunlight of the spirit
    lit torch of guidance to follow through a stage clearance
    my fears hit me with a pass interference
    I stood my ground in faith and resilience
    when the smoke clears my path becomes the same
    as I travel through the next level of this game
    known as life, where perseverance and determination will get you by
    mixed with love and acknowledgement of what really lies inside
    its potential, put on paper with pen or pencil, revealing a power that's so suspenseful.
    it's beautiful calligraphy expressing passion over a beat
    it's your heart and soul that help the blind to see
    or maybe it's a message to let those who listen know they're not alone.
    no matter the story it tells, it derives within heart and soul where truth is exposed and where one can grow.
    when the tip hits the pad, it becomes exposed
    what lies beneath makes contact with the surface
    revealing a little sense of purpose painting across a canvas of priceless worth, picture perfect

  • jrmolina 10w

    Loving you was like learning to breathe again
    Losing you felt like drowning
    Living life without you is like creating a color that does not exist

    - j.r. molina

  • jrmolina 10w


    My heart feels deeply
    Switching from hot and cold
    When I am cold I have no words
    When I am hot I am overwhelmed with words
    How can I merge these two?
    With Love
    With tenderness
    With compassion
    One day at a time
    One experience at a time

    - j.r. molina

  • abeautiful_mind 11w

    Take the risk, follow the passion.
    Determine your goal and show compassion.
    It just takes one second to achieve what you want
    And to stay where you are.