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    During the lockdown last year when everyone was indoors, we were facing a pest problem. There was this mouse troubling us for over a week. We decided to trap it using the glue. We laid the trap along its usual path which is right under our refrigerator. Couple of hours later it was trapped in the gum. Now comes the tougher part. We needed to throw it away. For doing so someone had to pick it up. Usually it is dad who gets rid of the mice but this particular day he was at his work site and it all came down to me as my mom is scared of mice. I took this one stick and tried to drag the cardboard out from under the refrigerator. In that process I hit the board hastily and accidentally killed the mouse. I was totally shaken. I couldn't believe what just happened. This might sound silly but killing a living being is not a pleasant feeling and I cried out of the sheer angst. This incident taught me a lesson on compassion not only towards human beings but also to every living being around me.

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    To the negative people,

    I have few questions. Do you think, it's a matter of fun to make joke on someone whom you think is weaker than you? Do you think it seems cool to degrade or demotivate them because according to you, they are not perfect or you don't like them? The way of thinking of different people can never be one. And just because of that, you mess with people to prove yourself right and in the way, you push them.

    This is life and we all run into obstacles but it doesn't mean that we will start making wild assumptions and will use unkind words. They way, people like you constantly have whinge almost about everything and everyone is what makes the surrounding negative with your mindset. And unknowingly, you demotivate many one. You may or may not sense it, but it happens.

    Whenever you begin complaining about the things, one was working on for long, makes them feel vulnerable. And this is the reason, people starts ignoring you and at a moment, they push away from your life, because everyone need peace and positivity in their life.

    It feels like you can never satisfy yourself, even if you receive the best. You tries your best to find out some mistake so that you can push other down. You do not choose the circumstances of your life, but what you do is to view them negatively. But what if you have changed the lens of your camera of perception? You might have found all those moments of criticism could take on a softer hue, and that the beautiful and peaceful thing could stand out more boldly.

    Let me tell you, every human being wants each other to be in a happier and healthier state of mind. You can say that, I'm focusing only on the negative side? Yes, we all are guilty of doing it. But you know what, we are filled with potential for joyous and inspired existence. We have an amazing capacity for two traits, i.e., empathy and compassion that allow us to create one another's happiness. I request you to wipe the negativity off your lens and take another look at your day.

    Someone who wants you to look at a brighter side.

    -Sakshi Agrawal
    Ig id : pen._vibes

    Content By - Sakshi Agrawal (AKA writer)
    Posted By - @shreyasi_rath Shreyasi Rath (Admin - AKA Content Analyst)


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    Mamamia noodles with love

    Chop your veggies (negative emotions), let boil your ego (water), then add compassion and love (noodles) in the hot boiling water. Let emotions (noodles) sink in. Add bit of attitude (salt) as per your convenience.
    Add the end, garnish your noodles with loads and loads of positivity and grace (cheese) and there you go, serve the savory delicious noodles to your loved ones and wait for them to tell you how amazing the dish has turned out to be with your love and truest of pure emotions instilled in it.

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    Maybe if we spoke, and we heard.

    I realised today that sometimes we get so engrossed into how we are doing in life and how everything feels so heavy and confusing..that we take it out on others unintentionally sometimes.

    We forget we are not the only ones here.
    All humans suffer, We are not the only ones.

    I think it'd help if we looked outside sometimes, we would realise how each one of us is struggling with some or the other thing. Each one of us has struggles we don't talk about. We smile through the pain and nobody sees how hurt we are.

    If we really looked within, we'd realise, humans aren't too different afterall..if we looked within ourselves and looked outside sometimes, we would see how we are all just trying to live and feel whole in the end regardless of what we have and where we are in life. It's pretty simple but we keep making it difficult by not talking, by not being kind. Maybe if we spoke, and we heard, it wouldn't be so terrible. Maybe we would we kinder if we could see one another in our most vulnerable spaces. Let's talk and let's listen.

    P.s. Love yourself. Choose yourself. Spread love.
    Take care and stay safe people!


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    Love is my religion
    Peace is my politics
    Compassion is my compass


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    See 'em,Know 'em

    If you are being hated,
    don't hate back,may be that person is being hated too.

    If you are being mocked,
    don't mock back,may be that fellow was hurt too.

    If you are being stabbed,
    don't stab back,may that man's back was bleeding too.

    If you are being ignored,
    don't turn your eyes,may be that ignored one was unnoticed too.

    If people are being harsh to you,
    don't yell 'em back,may be that's how they're treated too.

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    Twilight Pray

    Give me the power of Iron-Man, send me to the war torn lands, let me destroy those who have the biggest weapons in their hands.

    I will avoid children who are innocent of their fathers guilt, I wish Earth would have a cataclysmic event so she can be rebuilt... evil needs to be dealt with before more children are killed.

    I wonder... a man who prays for the death of others is worthy of heaven? I am praying for the death of all war mongers, children traffickers and predators and all evil among us, can you hear me? I’ll wait for your reply, though you may not answer now, I hope you do later, it’s time for their eulogy.


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    A Poem that was Never Written

    I want to write a poem
    that melts the barbed wires
    between our hearts,

    and seeds into the no man's land
    waiting for the truce
    to blossom,

    a poem that echoes in the valley
    that is forever trying to
    separate us,
    will you lend me the words?


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    Sitting tired
    Just relaxing, chilling
    There's rain outside
    And my cat got scared
    From the thunder
    Yeah i can feel her
    What is this
    Sure she wonder
    Caused me some compassion
    And some laughter

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    The Beauty of People

    All people are beautiful,
    Of all shapes and sizes.
    The colors do not matter.
    Only what is inside us.
    Beauty has no one design.
    People have features of all kinds.
    Aren't the differences actually amazing.
    I don't think that it's a thought too crazy.

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    No matter how difficult things get , what that is true find its way out , just like love, true love never fades away , it stays , sometimes forever , sometimes till infinity. Love is not about luxury or big bunglow , it's about little thing that makes us happy. Love brings joy ,love brings hope, love brings peace , love brings happiness , it's ounce of light in darkness , it's ray of sun , it's drop of rain , it's part of moonlight. It's worthless to find love by running after other , you will find love within yourself , you just have to look into your heart , your soul and you will find the light , a guiding light , light of love , light of compassion , light of truth that will lighten your way towards infinity.


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    I Love my
    Terrorism has no religion.
    Om Namah ShivayHare Krishna Hare Rama

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    Lost Compassion...

    She lost compassion
    With a thoughtless action
    It left a hole in her Soul
    Forever & ever lasting
    Never asking about others
    She smothered herself in lovers
    So fast the time had Past
    While she was under the covers
    She justified with Lies
    Why she lied with other Guys
    & All along her eyes
    Sung a song of despise
    In her mind you will find
    The voice who didn't care
    If you seek to go deep
    You'll meet the demons in her Lair
    Her need to concede
    Was dark & everywhere
    She'd feed when they'd Bleed
    Ripped apart from limb to hair
    Emotions bare and Raw
    Like a Bear to Claw
    With no care at All


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    My Sleeping Beauty

    Why is it the shadows
    of your past make you
    afraid to speak to
    me today?
    I see it so clearly in
    your dark eyes.
    The sadness, confusion,
    the reluctance to
    say goodbye.

    To whatever is holding
    you back in this
    catotonic state.
    Living in purgatory.
    Between two worlds.
    Neither one causing
    you peace when
    you awake.

    Turning your brightest
    skies suddenly gray.
    As clouds of doubt and
    confusion come
    whispering in.
    Trying in your mind so
    desperately to forgive
    yourself from past sins.

    For it is shame that
    binds us to the past.
    Making us not present;
    unable to make the
    beauty in front of us last.
    I know.
    I, too, once travelled this
    difficult path.

    We create new causalities
    from of our frozen state.
    The ones that have
    no other choice after
    constantly being
    pushed away.
    When all they wanted
    to do was stay.
    Like the one writing
    these words; the one
    you held close but,
    so often, then
    kept at bay.

    I know my bluntness
    you do not like.
    Cutting through life's
    white noise like a spike.

    But you see.
    You are worth the risk
    as I write these prose.
    For you are the one I
    see only goodness; the
    hand I wish to hold.
    Even as we grow old.

    Nor do I fear you.
    Or your wrath.
    Never have; never will.
    For I see beneath your
    anger and pain.
    Even all of your
    misdirected shame.
    For the diamond
    you are and always
    will be to me.

    Even if you shall
    never wake from this
    numbness and simply
    always be as you are.

    My forever Sleeping Beauty...


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    Seeking solace in the midst of a blazing fire,
    All the prayers to manifest the golden desire,
    Compassion being the knight in the shining armor,
    The solo sentiment that glides down the glamor!

    Peace shall find it's way back to square one,
    Guided by hope to the midnight sun!
    Happiness shall pour out from the heart,
    By living in the world of an abstract art!


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    The word 'LIFE' is a complex word to understand, so sometimes it's necessary to keep things simple and let everything else go.
    ~ Demand by your ��

    Importance of mental health ��������������������

    #mentalhealth #health #real #simple #love #depth #motivation #reality #true #life #lifequotes #quoteoftheday #quotestoliveby #quotesofg #writing #passion #compassion

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    Just keep it simple the way it is.


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    Requesting for Peace....

    For Peace
    Relentlessly to Seek
    For a week
    We are not weak
    & We treat
    The ones we meet
    With compassion
    At least
    Of the Planning
    To be Created
    The less hating
    We see
    The more open minded
    To be
    The hope
    We will find it
    So knowing
    By showing
    No blindness
    Of caring
    & Kindness
    By sharing
    & Aligning our Likeness
    In Peace


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    Taking out time to appreciate who ever is posting legit covid resources and details on any platform, but try to stay positive yourself as well. Some how it breaks you from inside , some people show it and some try to divert their mind by not talking about it , but we all know it is really a tough situation to cope up with.
    Blessing your feed and day.

    Stay safe 🙌