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  • honeyedmaryam 18w

    True friendship is not easy to acquire. If you have the opportunity to meet a good friend. Hold on tight @writersnetwork #friendship# #companion#

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    A pleasant companion is a slab of gold
    Many don't understand what true friendship entails
    Comrade for a day and a partner for life
    Confidant who loves me for who I am
    reliable Allie in a time of distress
    Suitable helper when needed
    Dependent advocate when in need of support
    True compadre to the core


  • james_taumas 23w

    Canine Waiting

    Evening arrives
    Listening to the silence
    Hoping to hear you
    Wait a little longer
    Familiar machine noise
    Ears perk
    Sit up now
    Tail wagging happy
    Door opens
    Leap up and dance
    You're home.


  • petrichorune 24w

    मरासिम (relations) का खुलद(paradise) बनाने चले थे,
    इस कदर खो गये इस राह पे,
    के हर मुसाफिर को इमदाद(aid,help) बांटते चले गये,
    आशना(companion) बनकर कुछ पल,
    सबको शिददत से पयार करते चले गये।


  • avishiwrites 26w

    My CompanioN

    i remember my slippers,
    being your new home.
    i held you in my palm,
    and you felt so warm,
    for you were too tiny to holD.

    they said,
    dogs are maniacs,
    and they make your house dirty.
    but i learnt from you,
    that i am no less,
    even when things are
    hard to express,
    even when i am at mess,
    because that's how you have always been.
    even though a lot messy,
    you know how to love me madly.
    you are always jumping around and
    you never let the house be lonelY.

    if i were to be grounded
    for months or weeks,
    i wouldn't mind it,
    with you on my side.
    and only if you were to accompany,
    i wouldn't care being trapped
    a thousand miles away.
    because sweetheart without you ,
    I can't know how to survive a daY.

    ©��������ℎ�� ��ℎ����

    @mirakee #avishiwrites #avishichug #companion #doglover #sweetpoem #mustread #deep #poemfordog #dogs #friendship #truelove

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  • tisharma 27w


    The moon was looking at me from the sky,
    The tears were rolling down from my eyes.
    My cheeks were trying to hold them tight,
    But a tear drops off my eye.
    Him beings trustworthy, following me everywhere,
    I am witnessing his magnificence
    Spreading everywhere.
    I am Laughing and smiling with his stars,
    And living this beautiful whole cold night forever.


  • broken_mirror 29w

    how do I define this love that's making
    me sink deep into delirium? or this love
    that's dragging my insanity in the mud?
    did your father name you Darling? or is
    your christened name Dear? this night,
    why do i find myself muttering the names
    you do not bear? is this love? or is this me
    practising my role in "love don't cost a thing?"

    if it is, this night, let me burn in the fire of
    this love, even if I wont rise from its ashes.


  • the8specky 29w

    Solitude is an addiction, with an antidote of affection.
    @mirakee @writersnetwork #pod #companion #lalawrites

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    Uncertain certainties
    can never be neglected.
    Though your darkness is inescapable
    but your walking by my side
    is appreciable ever.
    I am thankful for your worthy
    because it is not the lighting beam
    that I need,
    maybe I need you too.


  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 33w


    You're destination of my heart in the maze of emotions that roams,
    I embellish you with my gloomy tales and blissful poems,
    I engrave my unsaid words in the chest of your divinely virgin pages,
    Paint them holding brush of memories spreading hues of obscure images.

    My impotent cries you silently swallow,
    Absorbing each of my teary pearl,
    Under the cover of my cuddly pillow,
    I preserve you with utmost care, my shrunken world.

    I delicately cloister my dark secrets into your white leaflets' wrap,
    I have been inking you since I've learned and shall adorn you until my fingers bleed,
    I write the tales of truth, about how they decieve, betray, trick and trap
    and how do I sometimes fall prey while other times manage to succeed.

    I set my gushing emotions free into the warmth of your heart's cage,
    I confide in you as you're the only one that could be trusted,
    Whilst I decisively expose to each and every novice page,
    My past holding ugliest truth gets dull and rusted.

    The most precious treasure, like an accordion crooning my melancholy,
    No eye would ever be righteous to read you except mine,
    I would treat you like the book, most pious and holy,
    No particle of dust would ever be able to kiss the cover of thine.

    Unmasked you, exactly the same as your personality appears,
    My closed lashes kiss your forehead without any worries,
    I don’t hesitate to shed my weeping tears or reveal unleashed fears,
    I adore you the way, none of them could have ever admire their diaries.

    My sole companion you are, in my life's pinkie and blue,
    The possessive me, shall protect you from the evils all around,
    Not ever let the moon to steal your peace or sun to shine over you,
    Raindrops would surrender and vaporize but you won't ever be found.

    As you have sheathed my naked soul deep within,
    I would take you along as I bear my lonesome heart,
    You would rest in peace on my chest in my coffin,
    Destiny and death would stand too helpless to tear us apart.

    *Reshma kausar Mohideen.*

    *Insta Handle: sword_of_word_86.*

    #diary #life #inked #love #melancholy #sadness�� #coffin #heartbroken #soulmate #companion

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  • safarnamaan 33w

    #holdme #anxiety #birthday #random #journal #poetry #thought #love #hate #companion #friend #sad #happy # hold

    Right now, I just need someone who can just say things out loud which I already know. I need someone who can assure that the friends I am waiting for are not going to text. I need someone to hold my hands and tell me that it's not worth it. That I am being unfairly harsh on myself. I need someone to sit with me, and tell me that this is going to hurt me in long run. This will hit my self-esteem real hard. I want someone to pass a cigarette, and tell me that it's less toxic then the people around me.

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    Hold me

    Right now, I just need someone who can just say things out loud which I already know. I need someone who can assure that the friends I am waiting for are not going to text. I need someone to hold my hands and tell me that it's not worth it. That I am being unfairly harsh on myself. I need someone to sit with me, and tell me that this is going to hurt me in long run. This will hit my self-esteem real hard. I want someone to pass a cigarette, and tell me that it's less toxic then the people around me.

  • yours_fortune 35w

    You are my companion
    You are my love
    The song my lips can't stop singing
    You are one special, and that special song for me.


  • dead_fealings 40w

    What you're doing right now is running away!
    You just stopped thinking and locked yourself up in darkness because it's easier that way.
    But let me tell you this, how much you try to escape and shut yourself I'll always be there like the fool I am.

  • anuradhasharma 40w

    रूक जाऊं कहीं सफ़र में , पर रहनुमा-ए-ज़िंदगी बेधड़क चलती जाएं ।
    ज़िंदगी वक्त-ए-सौदे की मोहताज़ ही ठहरी , तो क्यूं न साथ निभाया जाएं।


  • tuiethetweety 41w


    when the dusk falls,
    come to me if you feel sad.
    share the things that you
    can't with others,things that
    bother you,open up to me.
    Don't be scared as i will remain
    all your shared things secret.
    During evening,when the sun just set,
    might cause you unease as it's eventually
    going to turn to night,covered with darkness.
    you straight come to me,I'll make you feel ease.
    even if i failed to do so,still i shall try.
    Try everything to give you my warm comfort.
    come to me,when you feel like crying,
    i may not be able to reduce your pain,
    but i definitely shall cry with you.
    when you are alone,know that i am there.
    even in my physical absence,i'm present.
    it's totally fine,if you forget me during your
    good times,enjoyment or like these.
    I,however don't wish to be in your good time.
    all i want is to be with you in your bad phases.
    cheering you up,feeling sad in your pain,along with you,crying with you,encouraging you.
    These are what i wish to do for you.
    as i know,how it feels when we're in pain
    but nobody even our friends aren't there for us.
    I know the immense sorrow,and bearing
    that all alone bottling up emotions deep inside,
    suffer quietly,crying but nobody is there,
    to lend you their shoulder,let alone crying with you in your pain only! i experienced these.
    I know how it feels to be ignored,cheated.
    I know the pain of broken heart.
    Because,once i went through these all alone.
    literally nobody,no friend was there for me.
    So,dear take me as your hard time's companion.
    I will do what nobody ever does.
    most are concerned about their problems.
    so,remember that i m not one of them.
    I want to be with you,always.
    come to me,whenever you need me.
    you'll never go back empty handed
    when you happen to come to my resort.
    I am always there for you,dear,you're welcome.

  • stevenlgoosby 42w

    I stumbled whole heartedly over problematic
    bumps in the road to find you

    A journey that has withered greatness yet
    deadbolted by fate of some sort

    The moon has risen at nights glare I stand
    alone with my heart in my hand

    beat after beat rythmic dripping the spirit
    of love

    why have suffering found me worthy of
    a tormenting rainfall of pain beyond my

    Steps I have taken backwards in my appreciate that lead to this period
    of sustainability

    At a standstill clustered by the default of choice and surroundance

    I've swept the rug clean
    for this is not a story
    of poured out drizzling sorrows

    This is a storyline of the dephts of finding
    True love

  • 11maria 43w


    A companion that I have to live with
    And less of an enemy that I'm trying to resist.

  • __rupali__ 44w


    दोस्ती बंधन नहीं, ये तो दो रिश्तों के बंधन का विश्वास है
    अजनबी से अपने होने का, ये तो खूबसूरत एहसास है

    दोस्ती तो दो दोस्तों की यारी है, इसमें कोई बंधन नहीं
    यहां सिर्फ और सिर्फ नादानी है, कोई पाबंदी नहीं

    दिखावे से परे, यह ज़ज़बातों से भरा है
    पल में समझ जाए हाल दिल का, यह बंधन कितना खरा है

    दोस्ती बंधन नहीं, इसमें कोई शर्त नहीं
    ये तो खुले आसमानों का वो परिंदा है, जिसमें कोई रस्में कसमें नहीं

  • dil_k_ahsaas 44w

    Deep Emotions are locked in the cage of silence
    Silence is crying in need of a companion.
    Companion is waiting for unbreakable trust
    Trust is waiting for a genuine and lovable person.

    Rekha Khanna

  • meherika 44w

    I really have no idea, why the soul seeks companion whereas it has to depart from the world solely.

  • fantom_de_devil 45w

    I love this person a lot, she woke me up from a night mare ...
    #friends #companion #love @_the_dark_wolf_ @mirakee

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    I met some one  on my way
    The way of life its called
    It was a miracle that we felt
    We talked, enjoyed  and lolled

    That some one  is a cute one
    But naughty on the other side
    The cute smile that I shy for
    Makes butterflies to ride

    Hey my lovely bud
    Never be apart
    My life was a nuisance
    But now it seems great fun .


  • orugantianchu 51w

    Ink_rides... Let me

    Let me
    Let me smile with you.. to enjoy the blossms of flowering
    Let me feel anger with you...for the eruption of volcanoes
    Let me feel sad with you.... to decrease your pain
    Let me struggle with your hurdles... to share the burden atleast i can save you like this
    Let me walk with you.... to cross those gordian knots together
    Let me scare with you... to share your fear.
    Let me live with you.... cuz you're my best companion