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    We living beings and non-living beings,
    Are existing in the world of comics screenings,
    This book of our life expectancy is written by our God,
    Our role is a play of joke that looks so odd,
    Few has brainpower to recognise such animatic things,
    While others play accordingly to the storyboard and clings,
    Even tho' we can still change our mortal fate,
    Just by standing on our toes strongly without hate,
    The title of this comic depends on the main lead,
    This manuscript reach great insights only when we are found dead,
    The book can't be available in this 3rd realm,
    'Coz God is still scribbling the astounding moments to whelm,
    None can really loathe reading and connecting to comics,
    Because each lesson in our surroundings are filled with beauty of phonics.


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    What's your current read?

    Mine is "JACKY HA - HA" (MY LIFE IS A JOKE)
    By James Patterson.

    It's a long and interesting 342pages Fiction/humour/comic Book.


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    Friends will always be there for you
    maybe you'll see them less often then usual
    but they'll be the first one who run
    when you shout help
    they'll be the last person to leave when
    you're sad or happy or no matter
    what your feeling be
    they'll understand.

    Follow @wawawiacomics on IG
    Their posts are the cutest
    They make me super happy
    and I'm sure they'll make your day too
    #friends #cute

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    It is very painful for us when someone in our family dies but then how can we make their(animal's) death as a part of our celebration or parties? How can we forgot that they are also living beings, they also have a family to love, they also feel pain. If we can't feed them or help them, atleast we shouldn't kill them!!
    On this Beautiful Earth with a large variety of plants giving us food, why we love to kill someone for our pleasure only. For the people who live on such islands or places where they have lack of food, it becomes their necessity for survival (like animals who hunt other animals for survival). But What about those people who have a large variety of food Available? Why they still love to give pain to an innocent living being?
    Now there are many people who would say "we won't kill them, we just eat them" or "even if i stop eating, no change will happen just by one person, they still get killed". Yes! I agree that not one person can stop all this but remember no big change happen overnight, it takes time and it always start with one person then everyone joins.
    If every single person reading this would promise himself/herself that from now he/she would stop eating or using those products (for which animals get killed) and share this thought with their family and friends then i believe that one day we will be successful in making a big change.

    If you have any opinion in favour or against you can share in the comments ��

    Spread this message to help make a change in the society ❤️

    #socialmessage #ngo #saveanimals #veganfood #boycottanimalproducts #bevegan#kobd_art#fpc_slc#comics #hubmanchubgirl #funnymemes #cutecomics #couplecomics #comicbooks #comicartist #wipart #drawingart #characterart #comiccharacter #drawing #cartoon #digitalart #comicart #muskantrikha

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    Mr. Boffo Comic Final Strip Quote


  • ciara1 61w

    Mr. Boffo Comic Strip Quote 4


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    August Was
    August Is

    October is coming
    Now is the month
    July reminds me
    And here is August.
    August was a fury.
    His blue, wicked eyes
    Undressed my mind
    Whenever we'd meet
    He could read my thoughts.
    My body
    In perpetual anticipation
    Of his
    Near me.
    His low growling voice
    Pricked chills up
    On the soft nape of my neck.
    He bit there
    Never drawing blood
    But as if to carry me away
    Like a lion
    With tender cub in sway
    To safety
    Away from where I might
    Hurt myself.
    And though I have always been
    The cub to his lion-like ways
    It was more passionate
    Than paternal.
    We longed for each other
    Like the characters I scribed
    Or the lifelike sketches
    And paintings he created
    With those strong beautiful hands.
    Our fire spanned decades.
    It's orange-yellow flames
    Burned on in secret parts of us.
    We had only once chance
    Long ago
    To be together
    Age has erased what went wrong or why
    Neither of us cared. The fire, the Magnet the pull of stars and suns
    Still gravitated us to one another.
    I kept remembering the way that July sun lit up your blond beard
    Your lips within
    Buried there
    And how I wanted them on mine
    Like needing air
    I needed you.
    Ours was not a consistent type of knowing
    As years passed
    We stay vanished and silent
    Until we don't
    Then it all comes back to
    how it was
    As if I am sitting too close to you at that table
    Me in my 20's: the huntress
    And you needing fixing
    I watched you sketch
    My character
    So effortlessly
    So full of talent
    To make paper and pencil seem real
    You started with the negative space, and went from there.
    I liked the scratchy sounds your pencil made against
    The paper
    as my stomach reacted to your handsome face with such excitement and energy.
    But beyond the primal, physical wanting
    was a deep connection.
    We saw each other and then we simply became. Like links in chain, one needing the other to be.
    You have always been that to me. Over 20 years and nothing about us dims. I'm still your number one fan and you still cut me with a loving truth only you can deliver. I trust in you. More than others. I cherish you more than others. Our history is testament to our connection.
    And I'm not deluded. We know we are both disasters in different ways, and that is OK. That is called acceptance, or love, or something close enough to desire.
    It's valuable.
    August, you are breathtaking.
    I'm still in awe. As are you. I love that for us. Shouldn't we all have someone so perfectly imperfect to hold onto?
    I'm so grateful.
    Eternally yours, m.

  • ciara1 71w

    Fantasy World

      Does Heroes Shape Our Reality?            

    Why do we live in a fantasy world of television? Well, Americans are so drawn to sci-fi, fantasy, action, and superheroes. Predominantly, there are young adults, ages 8-29, who are enthusiastic about superhero films. Teenagers, preteens, and young adults are fascinated by superhero shows on TV as well. Do not get me wrong, I know a lot of elderly people who are crazy about their superhero movies and superhero shows too.
    Regarding young adults, teens, and preteens are more fascinated and are deeply drawn to the idea of superheroes. That is because a superhero can be a reflection of someone's life experience. A hero can be a sentimental aspect of someone's childhood of wanting to become a hero of what they encountered. For example, bullies, rapists, robberies, and murderers. Those are reflections of someone's life experience of wanting to protect that individual from harm, or someone wanting to stand up from a bully. That individual can be drawn into a fantasy world of creating their villains and heroes into a comic book or reading a comic book novel. Some children grow up wanting to be a police officer, firefighter, nurse, doctor, therapist, and preacher for the greater good. It can be a sentimental aspect of what they had been through in their childhood, or they just want to do the right thing. 
     Myself, I love Sci-fi, fantasy, and superhero films. Sci-fi, fantasy, and superhero films are America's escape from reality. Heroic and Sci-fi movies are my escape from the real world as well. I am so drawn to watching superhero films and TV shows such as The Dark Knight, Supergirl, Batwoman, Black Lightning, Legends of Tomorrow, and The Flash. Those shows and movies are relatable to me. Superhero movies are a reflection of my life experience of dealing with bullies and standing up to them. When I watch a superhero movie I get a glimpse of my past bullies. The villains that would hurt me and me being the victim of wanting someone to stand up for me; or me wanting to stand up for myself. That is why I tend to create comic books and write a lot about bullies and victims. That is another reason why I love to write poetry and informative poems to help others with their problems. I get the good out of writing poetry and through my comic books and artworks as well. As a woman of God, God is always my hero. Everybody is not religious and I understand that.  Everyone has their inspiration for who their hero is that they look up to.
     American culture is so rationalized that we do need movies to remystify life for us. Movies speak to us in the sense. Meaning, we as the audience look at the good in films. Movies bring us hope and escape from what is going on around us. Remorse and empathy is the key in films, and that brings out the heart of the film. We use movies as a projection of ourselves, and we gain comfort knowing that we are not alone in our emotions, struggles, and conflict. Even if a movie is fictitious, a film is for every kind of mood. For happy occasions, we want to watch a comedy or stand up. We all have been through a messy break-up that we would go into watching a drama romance, or a chick flick. The audience chooses what genre of a film to watch, based on their own emotions at that moment. 
    Going back to superheroes. The beauty and the concept of a superhero are aspirational. At the same time, heroes relieve the pressure of becoming a superhero. That is why most children like reading comics or watching it on screen.
      The ideological vagueness in superhero movies, is that it prepares us for the actual world of how to face danger. It can be towards our cowardice of facing the dangers that would come. 
    I think the dark vision of Batman is so much more popular than the brighter vision of Superman since the 1980s. That is because Batman is so much more complex than Superman. To society, Superman is just a more simple man wearing a cape that is flying and saving the day. Batman does so much more with his enemies than just fighting and dealing with them. Batman is dark and psycho. He does not put on the happy image as Superman does. American society responds to darkness because people can relate to it and it always brings out the good. The world is darker than happier, and most people can relate to that in superhero films.


  • ciara1 71w

    Fantasy World

    A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.
    A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.

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    "I can't wait for Congress to get back to work, " Lisa said reading her newspaper sitting at her desk.

    "Why's that?" Foxtrot asked reaching for a potato chip from her beg lying on her desk.

    "Imagine you are a lawmaker, and you got an Ipod or mp3 player as a gift for Christmas, what's the fast thing you'll want to do? Why, transfer your music and video collections onto it, of course, " Lisa said.

    "What are you talking about?" Foxtrot asked getting confused.

    "Answer my question?" Lisa said firmly.

    "I would go with an Ipod because it's more advanced, but who needs an Ipod or mp3 player anymore, it's 2020, we can download as much music as we want on our phones, " Foxtrot stated.

    "There's a problem! While it's legal to copy music from your CD's....

    " Who the hell needs CDs, that's why we have Youtube and Soundcloud for, " Foxtrot answers getting angry.

    "It's not legal to do the same thing with your DVDs, inooooo! And whose fault is that? Yours, because you voted for the stupid Digital Millennium Copyright Act back in 1998," Lisa informed.

    "It's your fault, not mines because you are still stuck in 1998 and it's  2020," Foxtrot said.


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    Mikey & Alisa

                  Mikey's House

      The Mona Lisa painting 

    "Tell me what do you see when you look at this painting?" Mikey asked.

    "That all women are supposed to be beautiful inside and out, it shouldn't matter what a person on the outside look like but the inside that counts, " Alisa said.

    "I've heard some people say hatred and filthy words about Mona Lisa being the first ugly woman that has been painted during the Renaissance. That's why I asked you that question earlier. The Renaissance people created the color techniques of light and shadow and chiaroscuro," Mikey informed. 

    "Wow, interesting, " Alisa said observing the painting.

    "I don't think that way of looking at Mona Lisa's portrait. I think she is amazingly beautiful, " Mikey said.

    "Yeah she is, " Alisa said.

    "Now, I am going to give my critique on this painting. What I see when I look at this Mona Lisa painting I see a white beautiful woman that is standing upright, and her clothes look like a black and white soft robe. Her hair is curly and hanged down to her to her shoulders. The images has texture and the background is light. Alisa can you describe Mona Lisa's facial expression? " Mikey asked.

    "What do you mean facial expression?" Alisa asked.

    "What I mean by facial expression is do she look mad, happy or sad?" Mikey asked.

    "I don't know, well, she is smiling so, she doesn't look upset or angry, " Alisa said.

    "That's it Alisa, you're right about that, she is smiling, that's her expression. Now, what I see in the background is multiple colors of grass. The research I have found out about this painting is that it's made out of oil paint, " Mikey informed.

    "Wow Mikey you talk too much, " Alisa said.

    "I know, I get it from my mother's side of the family, it's a genetic thing. But going back to the question I asked you in school who made the Mona Lisa painting, the artist were Leonardo DaVinci. " Mikey said.

    "Awe wow, I thought you meant to say Leonardo Dicaprio because I was go say how did he create the Mona Lisa painting and he is an Hollywood actor, he is not an artist, " Alisa said.

    "No he isn't, but yeah that's who created the Mona Lisa painting, Leonardo DaVinci. That's my interpretation of it, " Mikey said.

    "Wow, I love hanging out with you Mikey, you are the smartest friend I ever known, " Alisa said.

    "Well what can I say, " Mikey said.


  • ciara1 76w

    Mikey & Alisa

    "Do you know who were the first people who created the color techniques of light and shadow and chiaroscuro?" Mikey asked.

    "I have the slightest idea. Who is it?" Alisa asked?

    "Come on Alisa, you should already know the answer to this. question, you are studying fashion design and taking two art classes this year. So how you don't know this answer?" Mikey questioned.

    "Uhmm, I don't know Mikey, " Alisa said unsure.

    "Can you guess? " Mikey asked.

    "I said I don't know, " Alisa said.

    "Would you like a hint?" Mikey asked.

    "Well, since you are here to badger me with these stupid questions, you might as well give me a hint then, " Alisa said.

    "I'll give you a hint of one particular artist who created the Mona Lisa painting?" Mikey asked.

    "Who is Mona Lisa?" Alisa asked.

    "You never saw the Mona Lisa painting before?" Mikey asked.

    "Can you describe the painting?" Alisa asked.

    "Geez Alisa, you should know
    who created the Mona Alisa painting you are taking art in Mrs. Alexa's class. I have taken Mrs. Alexa's class two years ago and I had to memorize all the famous ancient artists in the 1800s. I remember Alisa, because that was one of the artists who I had written down first on my paper, " Mikey informed.

    "I still don't know, " Alisa said firmly.

    "What on earth are you doing in those art classes then?" Mikey asked and being concerned.

     "Well, I am taking some notes, and drawing dresses in my sketch pad, " Alisa said.

    "You are telling me you just be drawing in your sketch pad? Really Alisa?" Mikey asked and shouting.

    "Well, I also be..." Alisa getting cut off.

    "I always thought I had a friend who are so intrigued in art like I am, " Mikey said getting disappointed.

    "You do have a best friend Mikey, who is as interested in art as you are, " Alisa said.

    "Alisa, I want you to take your art classes more seriously, and try to take as much wisdom and perspective with your art assignments. You should begin studying and learn about different famous artists and their artwork and also learn how to give critiques on their artworks, and also your own, " Mikey informed.

    "What's a critique?" Alisa asked.

    "Oh my gosh Alisa, you don't know what a critique is and you want to become a fashion designer. You've never heard your art teachers mentioned critique when you have to do a presentation about your artwork? " Mikey asked getting aggravated.

    "I don't recall hearing my art teachers saying that word, " Alisa said.

    "Well, since you haven't learned or heard of a critique before. What I mean by giving a critique is to display your artworks. While displaying your work, you have to portray what the content of your work means to you, as a reflection upon your experiences and your creative imagination. Then you start to get curious about the artwork. The first question that comes to me when I look at a painting is who created the painting? Second, what materials did the artist use while making the painting? Third, what is the content of the artist's artwork? Fourth, is the artist trying to send a message?" Mikey informed.

    "Yeah, I know exactly what you are talking about Mikey, " Alisa said.

    "Can you please stop agreeing with me because I know you don't understand the concept of what I am talking about, " Mikey said getting annoyed.

    "I guess you are right, I don't understand what you are talking about, " Alisa said.

    "I know Alisa. That's why I am giving you this notion of what art means. I just want you to listen to what I'm telling you, so this idea can be stored in your mind forever, " Mikey said.

    "I know you want me to do a lot better in art and you are an intelligent friend I have known, " Mikey said.

    "Thanks Alisa, I'm so flatterd. Now, I want to demonstrate what I mean about critiquing. Back to Mona Lisa painting I was telling you about, let's take a trip to my house I... Alisa interrupting Mikey.

    "What do you mean let's take a trip to your house? Hey Mikey, you are my friend and all, but I am a virgin, I am saving myself for marriage, " Alisa said.

    "Alisa, that's not what I meant, you need to start putting your common sense on and start listening more. I said we can go to my house, I have a Mona Lisa picture hung in my room, would you like to come over?" Mikey asked.

    "I would love to come over Mikey, " Alisa said smiling.


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    Let's share our Instagram writers account and become friends. Am a published writer, I write short tales, comics and poetry. I love doing haiku. Also I add voice notes in my Instagram account.
    Let's share our other talents and thoughts too.

    My Instagram handle is laconic_words_
    Link is in the bio.
    What's yours?

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    From Thor to Loki

    Oh dear brother ,
    you left me all alone ,
    Your absence still hurts me deeply in my bones .
    I did avenge your death
    And slayed the purple Titan.
    Though my heart's still heavy
    Burden hasn't lightened .
    I miss u everyday
    And how you used to tease.
    In the halls of Valhalla.
    I hope you found your peace .

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    7 Seconds

    You've been running your whole life
    Irrespective of the light and dark
    The fire destined to burn you
    Is the one that started from your spark

    It takes two third of a second
    To ruin a soul as a crime
    But for someone out there
    Its worth a life time

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    #marvel #comics @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writerstolli

    The Black Cat II

    She shares an affinity
    For purring and jewelry
    Her white blonde hair
    Catches in the light
    While being Spidey's muse
    She takes great delight
    To steal and fight
    And then disappear
    Like a Black Cat
    Into the night


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    The Black Cat

    While being Spidey's muse
    She takes great delight


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    A Snapshot of Happiness

    Earlier there were jokers in circus who would make people laugh, now there are stand-up comics.

    What has changed is the way they make us laugh, but what has not changed is that we are still ready to pay money to someone to help us find some humour in life, because we fail to find that on our own.

    Is it not almost like buying a snapshot of happiness?


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    The day I will die
    Is the day You will realize,
    That this Idiot is not gonna
    Leave me even after Death!


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    After breakup

    9.k drama

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    Who is your favourite?
    #marvel #comics #punisher #deadpool

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    Deadpool Vs Punisher

    Frank Castle: I'll make your life hell.
    Wade Wilson: Sure, but I'll have the last laugh.

    ~ डायना प्रिंस
    (Anushka Verma)