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  • always_true 1d

    Combination challenge

    As for me I wouldn't give up just as yet
    Yes, I might be feeling empty time and again
    Poetry is my last hope
    I want a life to live
    To be proud of myself for holding on till this far
    This though alone keeps me sane.

  • seasonal_inks 3d

    She,The Ubiquitous!

    You're so close that my heart rhythms good, while you giggle,

    My eyes close, when you fall asleep,

    My thirst ceases, when you drink water.

    If you forget me,

    The blue skies will shed tears.

    Tearing the shirts, the heart will go search for you.


  • roel_gonz 3d

    Empty shelves of hope
    Broken crayons in my bag
    Colorfully wasted
    Psychedelically withered
    Love thoughts undelivered
    Soul shattered and battered

  • seasonal_inks 4d

    Most of the times its pillow n not you!
    It knows how much I miss you!, want you, hug you!!

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    She, The pillow!

    He fell asleep, bear-hugging the pillow firmly...


  • skitext__ 4d

    There are no memories left to weave;

    Just you and I behind our regrets.

  • poetrycity 4d

    If my poem doesn't rhyme,
    then glimpses of hope stolen from twinkling night skies by my empty hands would....

  • seasonal_inks 5d

    I like you, but I don't wanna have commons.
    I want you so close, but with you being yourself.
    We'll get bored n tired of singing same songs n cooking the same stuffs in our kitchen.
    But, I like doing the Cheesy Stuffed frankie for you , to taste it after a tireless day, that I really like to taste only a bit.
    We can fight for the movies to watch in different genres at late night, and end up watching a movie together n sleeping on your lap.
    Even the theory of magnetic poles, supports our kinda relationship.
    Like poles repel, n unlike poles attract. ❤
    So, you'll never know why I love you so much.
    I don't wanna spell out the same answers in a reality show.
    I wanna feel you n know what's your taste n beautiful sight you have in yourself to see this world. ��❤

    #wod #love #pod #combination @mirakeeworld @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    To an imaginary Girl!

    Do you think having commons will take us together?

    But, I like myself being different with you , as Exploration between our souls play over n over.


  • syaahiii 5d

    Broken crayons in my bag
    always inspired me ,
    they coloured every little
    part of my life so intricately
    that bulged out my gratitude
    and hided all the plights and
    disappointments .

    ' .


  • wilmaneels1 5d

    Broken crayons in my bag
    Still has a purpose
    It can add color to a dull day
    Words, you are afraid to say
    Can be shared without shame

    These broken crayons still has its worth
    Just like us as humans
    We might be a little broken and bruise
    But we are still important
    We still have a purpose

    You can brighten someone's day
    You can paint another's sky with a myriad of shades
    Be like those broken crayons in my bag
    Let your actions be your words

  • johnbenson 5d

    Combination crayons/words

    I have broken crayons in my bag.
    Like the broken heart
    And words not said.
    Making everyone sad
    And confused.


  • cutie_hedgehog 5d

    Set A = life
    Set B = poetry is my last hope

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    Poetry is my last hope
    To bring light in my life
    And help me through the darkness

    Poetry is my last hope
    To feel alive again.


  • lostsoul73 5d

    Broken heart

    Behind a broken heart
    Is a girl with confused emotions
    How can he hurt me
    The one he says he loves
    I want to still love him
    But it hurts to be close to him
    I don't trust what he says
    He's lied to my face
    There is a lonely girl
    Behind a broken heart

  • poetryly 5d

    #combination #wod
    Pic image - Bitmoji app

    Poetry is my last hope
    when my fingers have moment
    but my feet are motionless.
    It’s the only open avenue
    my emotional voice can
    safely travel.

    Whenever I suspect
    undesirable notions
    are venturing to
    continually reoccurring,
    continually reoccurring
    relishing my mind perpetuating.

    Continually reciting my weakness,
    continually reciting my weakness
    until my hand anxiously grasp the pen!

    Propelling ink
    gliding letters
    between airy lines
    random thoughts
    in slow momentum
    gaining speed
    to eventually become
    air borne verses relieving my mind
    by finally taking flight across the pages.

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    Poetic Pilot
    piloting poetries
    on pages!

  • anthonyhanible 5d

    The Combination

    The combination to my heart is

  • paradoxicalpenman 5d

    ���������������� ��������������

    Poetry is my last hope, said no one,
    Poetry saved me, I heard from someone,
    Poetry doesn't pay, resounding agreement in unison,
    Poems providing words a soul and feet for my emotions to weather the storm,

    If my poetry doesn't rhyme,
    Worry not, it's not costing you a dime,
    It's just a naive attempt of mine,
    To convey my feelings without mime,

    There's a river flowing inside me,
    Eroding the mountain of my ego,
    Glacier of my humility is melting,
    Introspection, the sun heating me to my core,

    Broken crayons in my bag,
    Painting my life kind of a drag,
    Pen enticing some unique portrayal,
    Poetry, your last hope, uttering in my ears,

    Behind broken hearts, a pattern common,
    Road to recovery music or songs often,
    Alas in life, Hoorah! creativity beckons,
    Cliche of a story yet another poet born,
    Don't be the sour one, embrace the phenomenon,
    Tried and tested, it actually works....


    #writersnetwork #miraquill #combination #wod

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    Dearth of suffering, penultimate ambition,
    Irony in the fact,
    Nothing propels humans more,
    Than the grass on someone else's lawn,
    Misery or fortune, both the subject of envy,
    What an engrossing mirage,
    It always seems greener...

  • kanikachugh 5d

    Broken crayons in my bag-pack melted and smudged their fluorescent colors on my rear
    and said,
    "I've got your back"


  • syaahiii 5d

    Honey of my beehive was
    exuding so steadily
    that couldn't have kept
    pace with my volatility .
    Dolorifuge made me
    overwhelmed and emotions
    used to make me lost in
    the lap of garboil sometimes.
    But " ���������������� " taught me ,
    brought abeyance in my arms
    and kept feeling gigil .
    They saw the metamorphosis
    in my reflective eyes so closely
    that how my trepidation
    made a revolution boldly overcoming
    all the fears I had.

    It isn't true that always
    love is responsible behind
    a broken heart of a poet , what if
    the one is himself a crapehanger ,
    the one who always obtrudes
    the new beginnings and foists
    the weight of plights on the
    delicate shoulders instead of
    living the freedom of happiness ,
    enduring pain beautifully and
    pouringthe words with courtesy.

    Life has always treated
    my orenda so benevolently
    And it's eutony has been
    showering rose petals on my
    delicate flaws and being
    " �������������� ���������� "of this journey,
    I kept on appreciating
    many ups and downs those
    feets of mine endured .

    I appreciated the opia of
    Emptiness which tried to find
    itself in the cornea but I
    told the desolation
    waving my hand that
    dadirri has now interdigitated
    as I myself lifted my little
    finger to Embellish the abundance
    by ���������� of poetries witnessed
    under the shadow of eyelashes .

    ~ �������� ������ ���� ���������� ������
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    ������������������ �������� �� ��������
    ���� ������ ������ ������ ���������������� ~


    How senseless man!

    #combination #wod

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    If my poem doesn't rhyme
    with the aching metaphors
    my breaths sustained

    ~ Never call this lier a " poet " again .


  • aryaa_anand 5d

    @miraquill @writersnetwork @fromwitchpen @unspokenpen1927

    #wod #combination #ceesreposts

    one more just because it's flowing out of me effortlessly, maybe because I feel it!

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    the broken crayons in my bag remind me of the million different colors of your soul that coloured my life with countless hues. yet you are the one behind my broken heart, for your words were full of emotions but your emotions were devoid of life.


  • aryaa_anand 5d

    @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay @fromwitchpen @unspokenpen1927 @heartsease

    #wod #combination #confessionc #ceesreposts

    damn late but I hope this is worth it :)

    there's a river flowing inside me, a river that is empty, that is void, that is dry, for my emotions have dried up since you left me. i have become nothing but a statue with just my feet moving but my heartbeat still. all day i long for you lurking beside the window.
    Poetry is my last hope for words give me power, they are metaphorical to my life, they endure so much yet they stand out when penned perfectly.
    all day i scribble my heart out with the red ink that reminds me of the bruises on my soul that came from you. but don't feel strange if my poetries don't rhyme, for we never sang the song of love in the same rhythm.

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    it was always lopsided for when I sang songs for you, you danced to the tunes of someone else's symphonies!


  • hopecey 5d


    My feet run miles and miles away
    Yet my heart refuses to acknowledge the distance
    Still craving for lost love, it wonders back
    Back to the time when love was alive....
    When pain and sadness were just disguised awaits for future smiles....
    Unable to digest the situation, I have an inward outburst
    And there's a river flowing inside me...
    Carrying away the joy I once knew
    Bringing deceitful smiles to hide my agony
    As I helplessly watch my world fall apart...