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  • creative_chanchal 4w

    तुम्हारा यह रंगों संग हुनर देख
    हमारे होठों को हंसीं
    आँखो को खुशी और
    इस दिल को सुकून मिला!!

  • creative_chanchal 7w

    जिंदगी के रंग भी कुछ अलग से है
    कभी हमे अपनें साथ रंग देतीं है, तो
    कभी हमसे परे हो जाते है
    और एक हम है जो हमेशा
    उस रंग के इन्तज़ार में रहतें है
    जिस रंग में हम खुद को रंगना चाहते हैं!!

  • _fallen_angel_ 24w

    Chasing rainbows, Chasing dreams.

    I believe in magic.
    Legend wizardry that spell binds
    Enchanting with its illusions
    Performing a sorcery of some kind.

    I believe in love.
    A love so deep, it bewitches life.
    The colours that bleed and splash
    A lifesaving downpour to survive.

    I believe in dreams.
    That colour the subconscious mind.
    The hope that it exudes
    That the future will be more than fine.

    I believe in rainbows.
    The ones with pots of gold.
    Chasing them over mountains and hills.
    Reminiscing the days of old.

    I believe in angels.
    The hallowed immortals, that merrily be.
    I believe they've intentionally placed the rainbow,
    In a fun game that involves us mortal beings.

  • ishusingh 26w

    Black is not my ever present visitor

  • navya_writes 27w

    I am the colour palette of my life,
    and I have to one's name the painting brush.
    Brush which entitles me to paint a picture,
    a picture with all the shades that I possess.
    For my life is a canvas and I am its painter.

  • travellers_nirvana 30w

    There's a rainbow within us

    Ah ! That stroke of brilliance by mother nature
    Filling the azure with soothing vibgyor
    The amiable rain walks away promising to come another day
    With the restive cloud that hurriedly disperse away
    Finally the amber hued sun appears with all its grandeur
    Radiating constant streams of pristine white
    Filling our soul with warmth of the eternal light
    And then it breaks into myriad hues
    Lilac, beige, olive, amber and blues
    For in our heart lies a prism to life
    With varying wavelengths that keep our soul vibrant and alive
    There's an opalescent rainbow within all of us
    Just like the magnificent one painted by the nature high up in the sky


  • unblossomedyet 34w

    It's late my friend!!!

    Life is a real canvas full of colours
    Some shimmer while others look a shade of grey.
    When we have this very life beckoning us,
    Like an arrogant fool ,we prefer to park it at bay.

    Now that when life comes to a halt
    We don't mind barging into a closed door with a bolt
    This is the irony of life that when life stands at our doorstep, we open the door but with a pinch of salt.

    It'late my friend, to ask life to rewind.
    For it has found out a vent to escape the remorse
    Happy to find a place much better and loving,
    Much different from than the regular grind.

  • creative_chanchal 35w

    जीवन की सच्चाई

    बीता वक़्त कभी वापस लौटकर नहीं आता है
    यह हमारे ऊपर ही निर्भर करता है कि
    हम उस पल को कैसे जीते है
    उन पलों में प्यार की सरगम को कितना सज़ा सकते है
    कितना प्यार से रह सकते है और
    कितना प्यार अपनों के संग दूसरों पर लूटा सकते हैं
    क्योंकि यहीं प्यार भरें लम्हे जीवन में रंग भरते हैं
    यहीं वह लम्हें हैं, जो जीवन के सफ़र को मीठा बनाते हैं!!

  • poukii 35w

    Paint me with the colours of life,
    dip me in vanity of love,
    caress me with your healing hands,
    flood me completely in holy water,
    shower me in the foundation of nepenthe,
    whisper words of comfort in my ear,
    fill my heart with unconditional love,
    embrace me with my flaws and faults,
    embed me with acts of benevolence,
    awaken me from the trance of illusion,
    help me grow to my highest potential,
    open new doors of the world to me,
    radiate the inner light within you.

    As, I always keep staring at my life,
    My broken soul always asks....
    "Why me?"
    My tormented memories keep on telling..
    "What if ?"
    My caged thoughts repeats..
    "Not fair".
    For, life is playing a hunter game on me for long,
    it's a puzzle,that I am failing to solve.
    please lend a helping hand to me.
    Things cycles from time to time.
    I keep on sinking from time to time.
    Caged in infinite thoughts.
    Stucked within the four walls of room.
    Wandering in this unknown path.
    Please, come to me,
    before it's too late.

  • charul0117 39w

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    Colors play a vital role in our lives and how we respond to our surroundings. The colors you surround yourself with can influence your perspective and emotions, as well as those around you.

    I can show significances of some colours in different estates:-

    (1) BLUE : eastern: immortality, life, feminine Middle East: protection Mexico: mourning.

    (2) PURPLE: Eastern: wealth, privilege, sorrow, mourning Brazil: death, mourning.

    (3) BROWN: Eastern: earth, mourning.

    (4)BLACK: Eastern: wealth, health, boys, mystery, evil.

    (5) Red: It is associated with power, energy, strength, passion and desires. ...

    (6) Orange: It's the colour of the sun. ...
    Yellow: It is the colour of sunrays. ...

    (7) Green: It's the colour of nature, growth, vitality, fertility, money and harmony. It renews and restores depleted energy.

    ...and so many colors. “Walking through darkness with thoughts full of colors".” “White is associated with purity because the entire spectrum is functioning in unity. “Learn from your past and shut the door behind to live in present. “This is God's universe and he is the master gardener of all.

    "Colors are the smiles of nature"..
    Life is full of colors. It means that in our lives, we may see the bright colors or the happy, bright and positive moments in our life. ... Just like in colors, it will not be complete without the dark ones.

    Color is a powerful communication tool and can be used to signal action, influence mood, and even influence physiological reactions. Certain colors have been associated with increased blood pressure, increased metabolism, and eyestrain.

    Understanding the Colors of Our Life. We all can see millions of colors, yet we can live much, much fewer of them.

    “Life is like a box of crayons. ...
    “The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts.”
    “Without black, no color has any depth. ...
    Life is like a rainbow. ...
    “Color is a power which directly influences the soul.”
    “I prefer living in color.”

    To have a colorful life, means to have a life full of ups and downs, to have experienced struggle and achievement, to have learned from your failures and grown from them. A colorful life means you have lived life to the fullest, which is what we all aspire to achieve.

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    Colours of life!


  • kiran66 46w

    “ The beauty of love”

    The rainbow of colours, and all of the hues,
    Are all parts of love, that entwine and infuse.
    All added together, they make a pure white,
    A love so divine, like the brightest of light.

    Love that is lost, make us feel blue,
    When there is jealousy, the green will show through.
    Love turned to angry, makes us see red,
    When love is golden, it lightens ups the head.

    When love is joyful, we see tickled pink,
    When it turns brown, it really can stink.
    To hide ones love, may be labelled as yellow,
    Others can see it, as love gone mellow.

    When it is violet, love’s turns aggressive,
    By people obsessive, or very possessive.
    Orange means happy, love’s going well,
    Smiles on our face, and our heart swells.

    When love is wash out, all look so grey,
    Like somber skies, on a cold winters day.
    When all love is gone, and never coming back,
    There is no colour, and the soul goes black.
    ....Parnika Bhoye

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  • wordsofoleander 58w

    A Promise

    We met in the corridors of dreams
    That echoed a hundred tales,
    Of friendship, love, and fights.
    Pillars still embarked those journeys.
    We climbed those steps
    Unknowing the inevitable fate
    Lurking behind our shadows.

    Awaited for us those expecting eyes
    With huge warmth of love in their lips.
    Our Gurus.. the precious ones.
    First meetings shined and glowed
    With melodious voices,
    Some playful performance, and
    A bit of some strange silences.

    Music, dance, games, fests, drama,
    And millions of scribbled papers.
    Laughter never left us, thundered
    Still in the hallways. It was us,
    Making a whole loads of memories.
    Played some unusual game the sadness too,
    Yet the magical happiness was in high note.

    Time flew like a river.
    Never able to hold on and live in,
    Those dreamy moments again.
    Strange friendships bloomed
    Without much light and glory.
    Just to get wilted in the raging time.
    It was a life we lived through.

    Shined in our eyes for glorious days.
    Yet came the unexpected doom,
    Creeping through the oozing breaths.
    Closure was it...a closure to our days.
    But hope was never down,
    Until that last day we met again.

    Finally, came the moments of parting.
    Hardest of the goodbyes ever, as
    Brightest were our days of colour.
    Blurry eyes trailed without aim
    On the missed hugs and the lost kisses.
    You will always remain safe
    In a special trove of our hearts.


  • inkedpaper 58w

    When you love

    You fill all the colours of rainbow in my life.
    When you leave
    You make me feel faded all over again.

  • iamfirebird 60w

    Water colours after a long long time
    #art #colours #coloursoflife

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    Water colours by me

  • jyotikaa 69w

    Always be Positive. ��
    Positive soul will lead to peaceful and happy living.
    #peace #coloursoflife #happy #positive #spirituality #pod #mirakeepost #mirakeeworld @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @quotes_mirakee

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    Colours of life are beautiful, if seen with positive soul.

  • pushp_harshwal 70w

    Life is like canvas n you are the painter,
    Now choice is yours how you paint it

  • pseudipta 74w


    I know not what color I relate
    Possible it seems not
    To restrict my form
    To a solitary color norm
    I am the depth in the red
    that runs like a stream
    Dissolving the life force
    Into this worthless bag of bones
    Giving it a human meaning
    I am the calm blue enormity
    That covers all that's made
    The bringer of both hope and peace
    And desolation when it fades
    Turning into a dark grey monstrosity
    I am the pleasant green foliage
    That coats soothing layers around
    Glistening in the morning mist
    And glowing underneath rainy skies
    I am the incessant black hue
    That reveals as the clock dies
    Absorbing all the sounds
    And unveiling the celestials
    that were bullied by daylight
    I still yearn to be the rainbow
    To reflect many shades at once
    And feel how differences can co-exist
    To create something so delightful
    All the while maintaining individualities


  • angeljohn 74w

    Your eyes,
    recite my heart's fantasy..
    Your honey-like tone,
    is my daybreak's invitation..
    You, my sweet essence,
    you, my gracious happiness..
    You, Priyanka,
    my life's glamorous aura..
    You, my life..
    You, my soul..
    You, my whole..
    You, my Priyanka..
    I love you, my world!
    I love you..

    Precious Relationship, Inviting You
    to have ;Angelic; Noble Kisses of Affection...


  • smilesncurves 75w

    Why be stuck in a competitive world,
    Let yourself be free, free from all that twirled.

    Find the space where you can be,
    It's often not outside but within thee.

    Once that smile comes out and shines,
    It's going to help you move smoothly in those pines.

    How beautiful would it be if we all took a moment like this,
    Sit and look at out for those wonderful beings and feel the nature's bliss. .

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    Why be stuck in a competitive world,
    Let yourself be free, free from all that twirled.

    Find the space where you can be,
    It's often not outside but within thee.

    Once that smile comes out and shines,
    It's going to help you move smoothly in those pines.

    How beautiful would it be if we all took a moment like this,
    Sit and look at out for those wonderful beings and feel the nature's bliss.