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  • _bleed_purple_ 1d

    Monochromatic World

    A crimson war
    On a raven night
    Embers of hope
    Going dim in this twilight

    Monochromatic world
    Burning the gold to ashes
    A ruby tainted crystal
    Silenced while it crashes

    A cerulean sky
    Fading away its hues
    A field of lilacs
    Losing its poetry and muse

    Monochromatic world
    Blessing the blank paper once again
    As stains of purple in the blood
    Paints a colourful portrait

  • bu5hra 5d

    Inspired after watching different hue
    Oh sky! Why do i stare unintentionally at you

    Protecting us and amazing us
    Oh trees! So peaceful, like a nurse

    Cold and gentle like an elder sis
    Oh rain! Your fragrance gives me bliss

    Fluffy and moving slowly
    Oh cloud! Every shape of yours is lovely

    Bright with surfaces so rough
    Oh moon! You are my first love

    Glittering and giggling at me
    Oh star! Gazing at you lifts up ennui

    Over active and easy going too
    Oh water! I wanna embrace your blue

    Grooves and ridges all over
    Oh land! You're a companion for every rover

    Colourful with music so soothing
    Oh nature! Your beauty is amazing.

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    Breathtaking Nature

    Bright with surfaces so rough
    Oh moon! You are my first love

  • _g_cabulary 1w

    I'm all coloured baby ✨

    #pod #wod #mirakee #colours

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    The world isn't fit for
    artists like me,
    I paint souls
    with red, green and blue
    and then they ask me
    how come we can see rainbows in you?

  • jauntlover 1w

    Human and Canvas

    The primary layer:
    Decent but vulnerable
    Silk touch and gliding strokes
    Vivid layer and sparkling shades

    The midway layer:
    Dry yet unwrinkled
    Resilient and cranky
    Splintered and bonny

    The valedictory layer:
    Stiff as twig
    Pucker and satiny
    Glinting and wondrous.

  • jpdiya 1w

    You can skip.
    Just didn't want to lose my marathon writing badge. ��

    I like the color blue because
    It just puts me in peace.
    The patriotic symbol is blue.
    The colour of my room and my mood,
    I have spent lots of time looking at it.
    All colours arouse specific associative ideas, psychologically material or tangible,
    While blue suggests at most the skies and seas.
    I like the colour blue because,
    I saw her first in it.

    Credit- @fatty_07

    #wod #pod #colours #writersnetwork

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  • vintagepneuma 1w


    Do you know how it feels
    to be stuck in your head ?
    To be paralysed
    of any emotions you once were able to feel ?
    Not getting a taste of euphoria,
    nor the moments
    of savouring melancholy.
    All you feel is numbness within you
    and the discord between
    your inner-self and the outer world.
    You start liking colours like
    Black and Grey,
    mirroring the vision through your eyes
    of anything and everything.
    Your face devoid of any emotions
    resembling your animus,
    that once was filled with vivid colours,
    now being discoloured.
    Your words being short and profound,
    You transforming to a quiet and agitated person.
    This is not I what want.
    This is not what I imagined my life to be.
    I don't want to visit the fair
    and not enjoy.
    I want those feeling of ecstasy again
    when rain poured on my features,
    and I let out a sigh.
    I want to sing along the songs
    when I bath,
    I want the contentment of nature
    hugging my profile.
    I'm tired of living like a dead.
    I'm lost, can't find my earlier self.
    Can you imagine existing
    without feeling anything?
    I rather feel misery then nothing at all,
    Cannot be a living corpse a second

    Feel free to point out mistakes in my writing:)

    Image source: Tumblr

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    Can you imagine existing
    without feeling anything?
    I rather feel misery then nothing at all,
    Cannot be a living corpse a second

  • _fallen_angel_ 1w

    Chasing rainbows, Chasing dreams.

    I believe in magic.
    Legend wizardry that spell binds
    Enchanting with its illusions
    Performing a sorcery of some kind.

    I believe in love.
    A love so deep, it bewitches life.
    The colours that bleed and splash
    A lifesaving downpour to survive.

    I believe in dreams.
    That colour the subconscious mind.
    The hope that it exudes
    That the future will be more than fine.

    I believe in rainbows.
    The ones with pots of gold.
    Chasing them over mountains and hills.
    Reminiscing the days of old.

    I believe in angels.
    The hallowed immortals, that merrily be.
    I believe they've intentionally placed the rainbow,
    In a fun game that involves us mortal beings.

  • snehajacob 1w

    Color me

    Paint my soul
    please cover my scars
    maybe you'll run out
    but still ...
    Rainbow a creation
    Rainbow a hope
    Rainbow a plea
    Rainbow a proclamation
    Rainbow a blanket
    to my spirits
    you're my hope in my void thoughts
    you have a dark canvas
    my body
    so color me while you can
    first cleanse me
    then give me hope
    last color me
    like a painter would.

  • pkhere 1w


    Hey my rainbow!
    Today the sky is so misty;
    Though my mind are gloomy!
    Then after rain drops touch the earth,
    There you formed as a colourful arc.
    Hey my rainbow!
    You're here after so long!
    You're a symbol of light,
    Which can't get my sight!
    You're a colorful story,
    Formed by light and rain!
    Which will shine again.
    When I see you,
    My eyes rejoicing as new!

  • monali03 1w


    The moon looked
    The brightest that day.
    The cosmos-
    Pushed life into
    Nurtured balls of courage,
    Which had looked
    So pale, one day.
    The night looked so pretty,
    And the stars
    Really WERE 'balls of fire'.
    When you held my hand
    And promised me, Dad.
    How much you can say,
    Without speaking a word,
    How much you can love,
    With your warm, healing eyes.

    As I breath in,
    I know what keeps me calm
    How I survive,
    What I feel,
    And how I fight.

    My soul catches your
    Precious gestures,
    Your efforts,
    And such a minimal portion
    Of your unfathomable love.

    And as I sit here, father,
    I weave a painting of my dreams,
    The memories that will always be
    The Crayons for me.
    And the canvas is the art.

    You know,
    The crayons have all the colour
    In them.
    And the beautiful coloured beasts
    Rekindle more of their kind.

    I fill my canvas with
    A stroke of brilliant gold.

    - Monali
    ~To my Dad.

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeassistant

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    When you held my hand
    And promised me, Dad.(see caption)


  • lachke_geetanjali 2w


    Painting the skies and the blank pages of time,
    We colour everything with our favourite colours,

    More Bright,
    More Vivid,
    Almost Magical,

    Our flowers,
    Blooming through the cracks.

    Our colours,
    Everywhere the light can reach.

    (I don't want to spell "Colour" without U.)


  • magical_poems 2w

    Colours of life painted on canvas of a child
    Born pure as white, so kind
    Childhood bright as a light
    Painted yellow, a delight

    The orange signifies their happy memories
    And their silly reveries
    Brown came as a scary guest
    Their fears and insecurities are expressed

    Further went with nothing but greenery
    With friends enjoying youth gazing at the scenery
    The pink painted ink
    Significants love with a blink

    The blue ink, end of youth, old days new
    Again childhood, now old after we grew
    Suddenly black all over my canvas
    My art finished and destroyed, messed
    Now painting colours of life all over again, a quest...

    #ink #life #colours #canvas #art #love #old #youth #wod #pod
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Colours of life painted on a canvas
    When done, ready to paint again
    The colours of another child

  • hansikasr 2w


    When tragedy met artistry,
    The most stygian corner of the heart
    Bled it's tears out ingeniously,
    That, all the reds dispensed rainbow hues!

  • uttkarsh_15 2w

    Red is Love ,
    The Chemical Hearts
    Seems like beautiful pair of dove ,
    Maroon is fury,
    An easy spell to destroy,
    The difficult things built in brewery,
    Blue Is full of blues,
    A deep state of mind,
    A journey to the past ,
    A new Travelling clue ,
    Green is Sustenance,
    As long as we serve,
    As long is the sentence,
    Black is the dark,
    intenser than the Deep mark,
    It's not merely coveted,
    But a verse to be harked,
    And together they signify incredible variance,
    Everyone's different but still got significance,
    They make our society meaningful and content,
    Diversities unite(be at peace),
    Is really what I meant...
    Only when together they write,
    They'll build their might ,
    The impression of which will
    Never lose its sight !

    Pic Credit -©Picsart
    #ink #wod #pod #mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakee #readwriteunite #ceesreposts #colours #nature #life #love #story #pride #hope

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  • snehajacob 2w

    Inked feelings

    If color was my body
    I'd be rainbow by now
    I felt each and every color
    But emotions
    Give meaning
    To colors.

    I see Black ever night
    When I'm null, void
    Love and hatred
    Is Red for me
    Pink makes me
    Happy , carefree, like an innocent child
    Blue gives me vision
    My path with clarity
    White was like
    A soothing song in my darkest days
    Colorless, but his aura
    Pulled me closer to him
    Told me " You're cleansed "
    That took me by surprise.

    Till now I wonder
    what color
    would my Cleansed self be.

  • magnoliasky 2w

    Once, When I Learn About Yellow

    I am gray,
    My friends are greens,
    The select ones are lavender, sometimes purple,
    My family is green tinged with a little browns,
    Others, I don't really pays too much attention to them

    After all, there was just a splash of colour
    Seen in a blink and gone
    And only within those I converse with

    Among the colours,
    There's never something bright enough
    Until you

    There I see yellows
    Not a little splash but a spillage and then it blooms

    Like sunflower yellow
    Bright, warm and calm
    And oddly, it carries a feeling too

    It feels really quiet, kind and safe
    There are really no words to describe this
    There's no constant rush
    No butterflies
    No excitements
    Only calm and quietness

    Like the feeling you always get after rains
    Or when you stay in until really late at nights
    and then there will be time you feel like the
    nights are quiet but alive somehow

    That were the kind of calm and quiet you always give off

    And then my gray has other colour splashes too
    I now see a new tint of pinks here and there
    And then I know
    Yellow is what happiness feels like

    Yellow is content
    It is steady
    And most of all
    It is true,
    Original in its own way

    Maybe that is why I feel what I feel now
    Because it is rare
    It becomes precious
    And precious happy things are hard to keep
    when you give it to a klutz
    So I'll best let it go

    Because the other side of yellow I learn to know is,
    It is addictive it becomes scary
    You'll keep on looking for it long after it gone
    Like now
    Which honestly,
    Quite a sad and pitiful thing to confess.


  • srisaptoawaits22 3w


    Stay like the rainbows,
    Rippling down the eyes,
    Infusing in my dreams,
    Melting down my heart,
    Yielding the colours,
    Lurking deep inside,
    Often times fly,
    Visions wait,
    Eludes for happiness!

  • a_gentilischi 3w

    Seven septolets for the seven colours of the rainbow seemed fitting ����️‍��


    Roses. Why not white or yellow?

    Round girdle of thorns
    Ravaging, yet mellow.

    Onslaught on senses

    Ochre, sepia, russet and amber
    Ominous reflection of coloured lenses.

    You, always unforgotten

    Youthful dreams flounder, unfaded
    Yearnings bright and painful, willfully begotten.

    Grass under feet

    Gossamer threads of spring
    Grow lush in the glorious heat.

    Boundless swathes of sky

    Breeze kissed blossoms
    Bloom with promises that rise high.

    Ink runs over white

    Illuminating tendrils of desire
    Iliad of love shines bright.

    Violent bruises howl.

    Vistas of vermilion beg forgiveness
    Vengeful colours wreck my soul.

    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersbay
    #wod #pod #wreck #alliteration
    #septolet #pastelc #seven #rainbow
    #thoughts #colours #dreams #paint

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  • uttkarsh_15 3w

    *Just Yesterday*
    All were preparing to sleep in my house and i too was preparing in my bed which is near the tv.My parents sleep in a seperate room and my bed is in the main hall where there's tv.So when Everyone slept I tried to see whether The download on My Ps3 has completed or not .
    I was damn sure that i had changed the sound settings so that no one could listen a single sound.
    But it was all in my imagination ������(I'd forget to turn it off)
    Then the Ps3 start intro flashed with the loud sound,
    And i was smart enough to turn off the tv and get on my place with my accounts books with pen and a scale .
    As my sister came to have a look ,she didn't even noticed a single thing,
    Then i went to the room where my parents and my sister sleeps as i was being Manoj Bajpai(Great Actor) pretending that I'd heard the same sound .
    Par pata nahi karma ki kya kripa thi ki......
    The train whistled many times as my house is near the railway station .And then my sister and I said together that the strange sound was the train whistling. Pheww ������
    Then I studied accounts for an hour, Aur phir I turned of the tv for Some relaxation and i knew that i was taking risk (Risk hai Toh Ishq Hai ������),
    Then I switched bw Bond movie ,The Big Bang theory and finally I landed on wildlife channel that i find most fascinating,And then Something strange happen ...
    My sister was staring from the room and saw me watching tv������
    Then i thought she would tell on mom, But she just turned off the tv and took remotes with her,
    And andar se maa ki aawaz aayi ....
    "So jaa beta soja Subah phir uthta nahi hai "
    Aur tab maine bahut himmat ka kaam kiya-
    Jaakar so gaya
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  • agitatedmind_peacefulsoul 3d

    Which colour would you choose?
    #colour #colours

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    Paint me black

    Paint me with your favourite colour and I'll paint you with mine!

    I'll paint you BLUE for the warmth you provide
    I'll paint you RED for your lovely little lips
    I'll paint you YELLOW for you, like a sunflower, irradiate the world
    I'll paint you green for the peace you induce in me
    I'll paint you ORANGE for the annoying little thing you are!

    I'll paint you WHITE like the canvass on which all great things exist

    Paint me BLACK for I am empty with you!