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  • deepikasarma 5w

    All these flowers are I think immortal thoughts.
    Too beautiful but fragile.


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    All these flowers,
    delicate and fragile.
    Some vibrant and full of colour,
    some pale, and some duller,
    aren't mere petals.
    They're those thoughts,
    thoughts that are too
    beautiful to ever cease to exist.
    They refused to die when the body did,
    Hence disguising themselves as flowers.

  • deepikasarma 5w

    The painter wept in colours,
    The writer in ink.
    The dancer wept in beats,
    The musician in melodies.
    Yeah right!
    The world weeps in art.

  • thebhavnasaxena 5w


    Roses blooming in her cheeks,
    Her eyes brimming with passion,
    She reads on, as the warrior queen
    Takes off her armour to drown
    Into the fires of love, only to
    Emerge as a goddess still
    Caressing the marks her lover
    Left on her skin, so many lovers,
    So many love stories in the world,
    The girl wonders, all tints and shades
    And hues swirling in the air, invisible,
    But not to those whose hearts beat
    With love, a sigh escapes her parted
    Lips as she wonders, what colours
    Do lovers dream in?

  • harlynnoelle 5w

    Color wheel

    You told me how you'd love to slather me in your colors
    "We'd make the perfect shade after all"
    Like a lunatic, I jumped into your cold cold arms
    And in an instant I was swallowed with your deceitful lies
    The rainbows that we painted fading to a monotonous ever after...
    Was our hue not enough that we sought to be dappled in others?
    Or had we never meant to blend in the first place?

  • slaughtered_heart 5w

    I hope you will still love me like you love the rainbow #colours #rainbow #chameleon #love #change @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    I would rather be a rainbow and show you all my colours at once than a chameleon which changes its colour based on situations...


  • lettersinink 7w

    He was an artist and she was a poet,
    he wanted to copy her into his canvas &
    she left him without colours.

  • sathii 7w


    Blank canvas of white sheet
    Placed at the corner of a crowded room
    Oo the people are watching
    Waiting for me to draw
    A piece that will soothe their eyes

    With every colour of light
    *Where are the dark ones?*
    Pellets are shiny, *what if I make them dull*
    As I close my eyes
    My soul strokes a different shade of colour
    With each breath,there are different colours

    When I opened my eyes,
    I felt myself in that canvas
    Covered with irregular strokes
    Questioning an existence
    In the corner waiting for someone to notice
    To appreciate,to see what it means

    Then a voice calls me
    Questioning me
    What if they don't like these shades?
    Will the canvas have its existence?
    Will it soothe their eyes ?
    As these voices become louder and louder
    I slowly slip the canvas in a dark, isolated cupboard to rest....

    As Time passes
    There are no new strokes
    Locked with a questionable soul,
    The Canvas.

  • johnettan 7w

    ചായങ്ങൾ ചേർത്ത് ഞാൻ ജാലങ്ങൾ തീർക്കവേ ചായങ്ങൾ തീർക്കാതെ ജീവിതം ബാക്കിയായ്

  • julie__ 7w

    A single rose blooms in the spring shine
    Radiant red radial petal ring
    Entices every child
    Entices every bee
    Until those petals shrivel so dry
    Until those petals wither and die
    Bleeding pigment of crimson tide
    Into dawn of polluted skies
    Decaying green leaves
    Decaying tonight.

    Arid wastelands and bloody seas
    Grit and dust chaotic in the breeze
    Bones crushed to ash with marvelous might
    Veins of leaves are parched rock streams
    Are desolate valleys
    Unslakened flies
    Feast on decomposing peat
    Feast on decomposing life.

    Radiant pink radial petal ring
    Loses luster gleam
    The leaves cry yet the dew droplets dry
    Draining away in the light
    The spring shine so bright
    Bleeding hues of swine skinned sheen
    Into dirt and nutrient drink
    Decaying gold leaves
    Decaying of height
    Falling downside
    And petals wilting
    Lower the brown head and raise white
    Until those petals quiver so shy
    Until those petals curl up beneath the darkening sky.

    - julie.

    #wod #pod #miraquill #writersnetwork #decay #rose #petals #decomposing #spring #hues #colours #ringpetals #leaves #nature #longtime


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    Like crunchy cornflakes
    Rosy leaves rustle underfoot
    Beauty in decay.


  • venus93 8w


    I like colours which are
    either too bright
    or too muted,
    I like nothing ' in between '.

  • notebook_ 8w

    What's spring to you?
    Flowers blooming
    Adored with drops of dew?
    What's evening to you?
    Dusk so soothing
    With a tinge of crimson hue?

    #spring #colours #flowersblooming #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    A drop of paint splash..

    Endless sky, ocean powerful!
    Rainbow turning the blues beautiful!
    To the hearts of gloomy and sunny yellow-
    With the rising sun, everything is mellow!
    Ignition of the flame so hot!
    Orange influences everyone's thought.

    Freshening your pale face with green-
    With nature, joy and growth, life seems serene.
    White belong to peace and broken!
    Sometimes love, sometimes pain, red is heart;
    Purple speaks of great relevance.
    Spring draped and drenched in elegance!

  • __rupali__ 8w

    काश! मैं एक सितारा होती
    आसमां से ढेरों चीजें देखती
    सप्तऋषि के साथ बातें करती
    गैलेक्सी से भी रिश्ता निभाती

    काश! मैं एक चांद होती
    हर रोज चांदनी के नूर को देखती
    ये आसमां हमारा आशियाना होता
    जहां किसी को आने की मंजूरी नहीं होती

    काश! मैं एक इंद्रधनुष होती
    हर दिन सात रंगों जैसी रंगीन होती
    बिछड़े रंगों के संगम के मेल को महसूस करती
    ऊंचाई से, सुंदर प्रकृति के सौंदर्य को देखती

  • srisaptoawaits22 9w


    She stays in the muse,
    Runs along the colours,
    In the rainbows,
    Mend her sketches,
    Yields her soul,
    Like a glowworm,
    Often in a starry night,
    Visions sing,
    Enclosing those enigma!

  • sharikashukla_ 9w


    In hope of spring colours to paint the backyard again…
    I watched the autumn shredding all its leaves
    I listened to the chirping sounds from the dried throats
    I sang the songs of strength & heartfulness
    In hope of spring to cherish the souls again.


  • srisaptoawaits22 11w


    Show me the sunshine,
    Rivers alay,
    In the hues,
    Million of colours play,
    Your enigma,
    Lures the art,
    Of the happiness,
    View my world,
    Enclose me in your arms!

  • n_a_z_m_a 11w

    Shoutout to the autumn leaves
    #autumn #colours #peace

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    Dear autumn leaves

    You are the poetry in the air

    You are the jewel of all seasons

    Your every changing colours are the sight for the sore eyes

    Your shyness to the caress of the breeze is so delight

    How come you are so excite!!

    Adorable your peaceful goodbyes

    And immerses within the earth with a broad smile

    I love the way you portray the beautiful journey of life....

  • simranbawa 11w


    //The true colour of love is red

    Red was the blood when Juliet stabbed a dagger
    After Romeo's death left her staggered.
    It became a colour of sacrifice and yearning thence.

    Red was the ocean when Rose chose life to death
    As a blessing from Jack, at the cost of his last breath.
    It became the colour of a sacred promise thence.

    Red was the sky when Simba redeemed Prideland's kingdom
    As words of Mufasa enlightened his ambiguous wisdom.
    It became the colour of awakening and realisations.

    Red was the suit that Stark left
    As a legacy to Parker who was bereft.
    It became the colour of belief and trust thence.

    Red was the curse that Maleficent cast upon
    Aurora to redifine true love's kiss anon.
    It became the colour of depth and warmth of relations thence.

    Red was the apple Snow White ate,
    It was witch's evil and envious bait.
    It became the colour of insecurity thence.

    Red was the lane Hannah went by
    To end the pain of 13 Reasons Why.
    It became the colour of suffering and devastation.

    Love is is Juliet's sacrifice and yearning for Romeo.

    Love is a sacred promise that Rose made to Jack.

    Love is Simba's awakening and realisations that would never come into force if it wasn't for Mufasa.

    Love is Tony Stark's belief and trust that he invested in Peter Parker.

    Love is Maleficent's motherly warmth for Aurora and the depth of their relationship.

    Love is the insecurity of witch that creeps in with the intoxication of a strained relationship.

    Love is the suffering and devastation of Hannah Baker when her world crippled down to those thirteen reasons of destruction.

    Love is red and red is love. It is the beauty in pain, painful yet beautiful. Love demands sacrifice, efforts, loyalty, faith, affection and courage but expects nothing in return. It is a saga of giving, an ocean where you can exhaust your resources still it'll always be less.

    Red is the colour with longest wavelength in the visible spectrum. Why? To remind us that love can reach the farthest points on Earth, it is the first thing you see during a sunrise and last thing you see during a sunset. It is omnipotent and omnipresent.

    Once the redness of love escapes, everything seems blue. In these times one must always remember that life is a circle of events, we often forget that while travelling on the straight path of normalcy but it is reminded to us in the state of catastrophe. So if you lost the red then don't lose hope you'll find it soon. For the spectrum goes on to show it's different shades and so does life. Remember, Life Goes On, Let's Live On.

  • _bleed_purple_ 12w

    Monochromatic World

    A crimson war
    On a raven night
    Embers of hope
    Going dim in this twilight

    Monochromatic world
    Burning the gold to ashes
    A ruby tainted crystal
    Silenced while it crashes

    A cerulean sky
    Fading away its hues
    A field of lilacs
    Losing its poetry and muse

    Monochromatic world
    Blessing the blank paper once again
    As stains of purple in the blood
    Paints a colourful portrait

  • _g_cabulary 13w

    I'm all coloured baby ✨

    #pod #wod #mirakee #colours

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    The world isn't fit for
    artists like me,
    I paint souls
    with red, green and blue
    and then they ask me
    how come we can see rainbows in you?

  • agitatedmind_peacefulsoul 13w

    Which colour would you choose?
    #colour #colours

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    Paint me black

    Paint me with your favourite colour and I'll paint you with mine!

    I'll paint you BLUE for the warmth you provide
    I'll paint you RED for your lovely little lips
    I'll paint you YELLOW for you, like a sunflower, irradiate the world
    I'll paint you green for the peace you induce in me
    I'll paint you ORANGE for the annoying little thing you are!

    I'll paint you WHITE like the canvass on which all great things exist

    Paint me BLACK for I am empty with you!