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  • akshay_vasu 1w

    They poured colors over the paper flower for years to make it look alive. And one day they threw it into the fire, that was the moment it breathed its first and last breath together.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • divshetty04 3w

    The Colors Of The Rainbow On My Sketch

    I abstract the alluring colors from the rainbow
    & start painting them on my sketch.
    With Violet that signifies spirituality,
    I color the water lilies.
    With Indigo that signifies integrity,
    I color the Indigo Buntings sitting on a tree.
    With Blue that signifies serenity,
    I color the ocean & the sky.
    With Green that signifies tranquility,
    I color the greenery.
    With Yellow that signifies creativity,
    I color the sun.
    With Orange that signifies durability,
    I color the citrus fruits.
    With Red that signifies love,
    I color the roses.
    With all these colors
    I finally complete my sketch,
    Yes, my eyes had captured this scenery
    When rainbow appeared behind those
    mountains for a while
    & that's when I had decided
    To paint them on my sketch.

  • abhishekkamble 3w

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    Image is not mine!

    Us badal ki nirasha

    "Woh dhup thi un dino ki, ki aaj badal bhi puchte hai Kaha gayi tumhari parchaiyi jisme tumhara asmaan bhi chhip jaata tha"
    - ©abhishekkamble

    "She was the sun of those days that even the clouds ask me now where is your shadow where your world could hide in"
    - ©abhishekkamble

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  • daleyzabelle 4w

    Colors II

    At times, serenity of morning breeze, you are, that
    brings with it aroma of LILAC daisies and LAVENDER
    hyacinths; an earthly fragrance that feels like home.
    The mellow tone of your voice; it's as soft as PINK
    pearls of CHERRY blossoms that blooms in early spring.
    Other times I look at you and you are magic; ethereal.
    A gaurdian angel with SNOWY wings spread all around.

    Somedays you are YELLOW and all shades of bliss. Like
    sunshine, with warmth of its GOLDEN threads bubbled
    around me. Your SCARLET rays spread on a dusty-BLUE
    horizon, all hues of Euphoria gleam across the GREY sky, fill
    each corner with joy and now my world is bright ORANGE. 
    The incandescent rays pierce into deep BISTRE eyes
    reflecting a shimmer from ends of lashes and now they're
    AMBER-hued, mingled with twinkling colors of galaxies.

    You smiled or did the stars aligned? Dancing with the
    GREEN-tinted Aurora lights, the constellations ignite.
    SILVER moon and you are alike; whose soft MILKY glow
    illumine PITCH BLACK night. Like WHITE diamond
    dust sprinkled in the sky, you leave me enchanted
    everytime. It reflects infinite patterns into SAPPHIRE-
    toned water bodies. Like TURQUOISE sea slumbering
    in a deep sleep, you're peace when rest of the
    world yells so loud; silence of bustling BROWN city.

  • miss_silentlyweird 5w

    I have a little time to write this shorty poem so—here it is :)
    Hope everyone's good, bless you all. ~Saranghae <3 ~

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    Words : Waves & Shore

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    Little Cottage

    ⁽ᴬᵘᵗᵒᵇⁱᵒᵍʳᵃᵖʰʸ ᵒᶠ ˢᵘᵐᵐᵉʳ⁾

    Hot breeze! Oh hot breeze here I am,
    People name me “Summer" with sun sham,
    Serene waves and sky written over the sand,
    I left people on shore have vacation grande,

    Heat! I give children chance to taste a treat,
    Just like an ice cream on cones to ease their sweat,
    Swim and swim while I make flowers bloom,
    It's time to let the birds go to sing and be free in gloom,

    Go and tell saranghae to people you love,
    For them to feel the warm of your own summer thereof


  • my_tiny_chapter 5w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    - Campari Dreams -

    Autumn like winds
    begin to chill.
    Little frosty--
    bitter breezes blow,
    night lights flicker
    the fallen trees.
    Sleep calls from a distance
    I turn on a bed
    of yesterday's sapphire tears
    and tomorrow's amber dreams.
    I contemplate the mystery
    while my surroundings
    fade to murky clouds.
    When light of love
    has so much to give
    We just stood there
    and watched
    How seared ego
    and pearly secrets
    killed us all
    for we do not know
    how to cherish it.
    Perhaps it would
    have been better
    to let go
    whilst we were still whole -
    to lose something
    beautiful and cherished,
    than to break piece by piece
    and watch what we had
    turn sour in our hands.
    Like the chalk house crumbles,
    words evolve
    into raspy whispers.
    Damage has been done,
    Marks are on the wall,
    as demons claw.
    The night
    cheered in manipulation.
    Providing secrecy
    Not security.
    And so the devil hastened,
    Refusing to open
    the rosy door of understanding
    As the lover's thoughts
    scattered in a volcano
    of hot anger,
    scattered in lavender shades.
    Rusted metal promises
    hold no more than debris.
    And that's all
    that we'll ever be...
    - A thought -
    Not even destined
    to be buried
    beneath the same dirt.
    If only,
    there were scales
    to measure
    the pain of tangerine hearts
    that were broken
    in such leisure....

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    Campari Dreams

    Sweet, is
    when you smile to me.
    Spicy, is the reason
    why I look forward.
    toward tomorrow.
    Sour, it's the taste
    of waiting for you.
    Bitter, you left me
    rotten and lost.

  • thesunshineloves 5w

    Pallet of love

    Burnt burgundy sleeps among turquoise stars,
    ashes of bones drawn back to the shores
    by waves,
    incorporated in corals, ashes shine,
    pigmented notes of bleuming marionettes
    fables of camouflaged flowers,
    arise from dead.

    brilliantly unwavering monotonous palletes,
    in the gizelle's hand,
    she puts on some stardust, covering her scars,
    puts on some songs with her fingercuts onto strings of violin, covering her tears.
    for now the warm colours drape those neutrals.

    enchanted sanguine solecito performs
    elliptical flips, brushing some hues to the night,
    turns winters to summers, autumns to springs,
    entrapment of waves in subtle form of lattitudes,
    like time stopped.

    horizons bow down before the creator,
    boarding the white clouds,
    that are sieved and kneaded by nature,
    purely some raindrops in it shine proudly,
    screaming the rainbow within.


  • i_am_rita 5w

    Hope you like it. I did a bit abstract and free verse combo.

    #colors #sandc

    @writersnetwork thank you so much for stopping by, and hitting the like button ♥��♥

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    Colors that Hope!

    Blinded with lust for the dabs of paint 
    The delicate frame that held the pain
    Or was it unadulterated joy?
    Leering at the painting that lured me in
    That came alive with my dancing fingers 
    Or was it what gave me life? 

    A palate filled with lush colors
    Crystals that lack warmth 
    On a canvas called 'Life'
    Beauteous enough to distract/destroy
    The abstract of my avatar 
    That no frame could contain 

    I stood on the sand that swallowed time
    To break free from the loop of space

    And held the brush amidst my lips 
    To paint over my favorite part
    With colors of rain, fire and love
    A woven spell to put out the sun

    Shush! Finally the God's asleep 

    With her pen that wrote my fate
    Past and future, but, she missed 
    'Present', wrapped in sparkly shades
    Arc of my rainbow bridge to happiness 

    The present is not yet written
    With my painting of charms
    I'll make sure 

    //This (Time) is mine!//


  • archu25 6w

    Colors they just play an umazing role
    Colors either they make you feel beautiful
    Nd sometimes terrified
    Color of honesty
    Color of love
    Color of broken dreams
    Broken heart
    Broken soul
    And broken me
    Colors can either be your best memories
    Or they can act as a scraper to your worsen wounds ..
    Colors is just an identification of your emotion...
    And some times act as a transperancy for certain truths...
    They present your personality and they reveal your inner story ...
    Sometimes you can hide your pain by your smile
    Smile a colour to hide your darkest pain
    But your eyes reveals the true colour...

  • _sneha__19 6w


    I choose red
    To express passion and valor,
    I choose yellow
    To depict power and courage,
    I choose blue
    To highlight depths and heights,
    I choose greens
    To entice prosperity and happiness

    But honestly
    I choose colors
    Not to show
    But to conceal.

    If all this was so colorless
    And transparent.
    You could see within
    All the blisters and Cracks,
    Swollen emotions and scattered pieces,
    Tired soul and terrified hope,
    Broken trust and bruised esteem.

    You would be sympathetic,
    You would be pity.
    But no one is sympathetic twice
    For the same person.

    And for someone like me,
    I will seek attention and attraction
    And once again
    Refuse pity and sympathy!

    If for once,
    At any moment,
    You see across the colors,
    Beyond the lens and the lights
    I hope you won't burst my bubble
    Of "all well"
    And "this is going to be okay"

    And look at me with same bright eyes
    Glaring with pride,
    Glowing with affection,
    Glazing with attraction!

    I promise I shall abide by this too
    Because ,
    You're attractive, adorable and you deserve all the love❤

  • snehajacob 6w

    I'm a canvas and he painted
    A masterpiece on me
    Now it's a celebration.

    It's the way they look at me
    The way I do things
    It's the way it blends
    Make anything pop out.

    It's subtle but catchy
    It's the way flowers
    Capture the attention
    The subtle color is everything.

    It soothes me, make me excited
    I feel everything in that color.

  • nehu_sharma_ 6w


    Rose petals flowing in the breezes and spread true colors
    The drizzling rain touching heart smoothly with the natural colors
    The miraquill quill gloriously expresses the colors of the writer's ink


  • ekansh_original 6w

    Thank You for the challenge @miraquill
    Find out the color I'm talking about.
    #color #colors #wod #challenge

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    You're a paradox of an elegant fashion,
    "The warning infused with passion."
    You shimmers in the dark, can be seen from far,
    You fill in the royal rose, you flow in the common's heart.

    Amidst the chaos, you were formed, now you rule the sky,
    So distant, so divine that ocean preserves you in its eyes,
    Nature and the human race, both cherish you in different ways,
    Centuries come and centuries go but your rule on earth will forever stay.


  • faerie_fox_poetry 6w


    I am a hoarder
    Of memories
    Some of them
    Adorn my walls
    And some of them
    Haunt the very halls
    I seem to roam
    Even when I feel
    Oh, so tired

    So I paint over them
    Everything smeared
    With colors astounding
    Yet, somehow
    They still manage
    To fade to grey


  • nehu_sharma_ 6w

    The beautiful fortune spreading true colours of love
    The miraculous time arriving for the fabulous fate


  • __owln 7w

    What new life have I got myself into
    It seems like all the colors of it are fading...


  • bibliophile3 7w


    Color speaks a million languages.

  • supasesh 8w

    wondering around my room, as if perplexed by what they're seeing, like they havent been in my room countless times before,
    i beacon for my bed; a slight two tap on the sheets, and for a moment that should have been brief, was extended by their wondering gaze meeting mine,
    And so they turn, and walk to the window, head barely breaking the windows ledge, to see all the grey faces

    again, my hand softly taps the sheets twice, prompting them to come sit on the bed, but it goes unaswered,
    so i join them, slowly getting up and walking to the window,
    "one of those days?" i ask, yet met again with only wondering eyes.
    "yeah me to", i continue.
    and so me and my dog sit by the window,
    and today, we both see the world in grey


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    Today, we can be lonely together

  • starkanonymous 8w

    Colors (red repeating)

    black thoughts fill my overwhelming mind

    while a white noise all but fills mine own ears

    ringing is singing while red fills my eyes

    a stinging blue choice to kill off these tears

    purple - the bruises I hide from you all

    like the shit brown stains of my self image

    I'm pink-clouding because: I know not why

    high sun's yellow, but red is this scrimmage

    the battery's brutal, maroon - the ground

    the war in my head flashes grayish lead

    clashes silver swords, all bloody and marred

    meretricious scars on white skin, blood red

    red as the day, anything's possible

    red in the way I internalize pain

    red, if I may, is the color of love

    so why does red drive me insane

    red memories are all that I have

    red centipedes crawl on my brain

    mad tragedies, written red, and passed down

    thru red generations, too much to blame

    red is my hatred, so much like fire

    blackened is my heart, but red is the flame

    black thoughts, white noise,

    red eyes, blue choice

    to end the tears

    and hide my fears

    to shit the stains

    and pink my pains

    to raise my voice

    to make some noise

    in the sun, so yellow

    The colors all let go

    (echoes: ideas, they echo)

    (All Rights Reserved)

  • supasesh 9w

    No structure? pt 3

    Lungs filled with love
    I just gotta figure out how to get it out
    Love spilled not my intention
    But anything to get some attention
    Everybody look at me...fuck up
    Nobody ever looked like me, pressed up
    Never know when it could be your last day, dress up

    Flying to space to find my place pack u up in my bag just in case, if we leave home well leave notes with directions to hope, address not found, do whatever it takes to cope
    Back light dims and were left with a moment,
    Closed curtains but the acting still ensues