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  • blackpenn 2d

    "Cut me loose"
    "Set me free"
    "Let me live"
    Such doleful words, hiding behind the shadows, unclaimed
    Trapped behind open doors of that name
    That name that received much applaud and fame
    That name that never craved attention, but came
    That name that grew with praises, without shame
    That name that everyone knows
    That name engraved with the golden glow
    That name that someone owns
    But that name, when heard, frowns
    That name, in ears-unrecognisable
    That name, in heart- a burden, a flaw
    For that name is no more than a title written by ink and pen
    No more than a word engraved on a metal plane
    Eager to be read and seen
    But no more than dust when flipped over, unrevealed
    Always sober and covered
    Frightened to be discovered
    For among the words that scream forlorness
    A name tied up with glorious madness
    Can never be divided by hands that grew restless
    A name donated for the world to squeeze and bend
    Like a bird trapped in an open cage,
    Can never free itself , not without courage
    With enough prowess, one can live
    But with much and less of it,
    Life is no more than a moment, worthy to be grieved
    Even if no one hears
    With a voice that hesitates
    With the sound, in full silence, unclear
    That name will always scream
    'Til morn meets eve
    "Cut me loose"
    "Set me free"
    "Let me live"

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    even if no one hears
    with a voice that hesitates
    with the sound, in full silence, unclear
    that name will always scream
    'til morn meets eve
    "cut me loose"
    "set me free"
    "let me live"

  • jpwriter 2d


    all dreams
    all true
    all you
    life inked


  • siddharth1 3d

    ना जाने कैसा खेल है सियासत का
    कि जिंदगी आज फिर दाव पर है
    कोई मोल रहा नहीं अब यह तख़्त-ओ-ताज का
    डूबे यह भी आज लाल रंग में है

    बचालो कि यमराज के द्वार पर खड़ी है
    जिंदगी आखरी पड़ाव पर खड़ी है
    पछताना ना फिर कि कुछ हो ना सका
    यह फिसलती रेत अब भी थोड़ी मुट्ठी में पड़ी है


  • riyabisht 2w


    I've painted myself with invisible brush,
    and those colors are blooming on soul.

    First started with lines of happines,
    many times I rubbed those lines to redraw but it becomes faded I call this ambiguity SADNESS.

    After completing the drawing, now it's time to paint.
    Started with light colors to get the colorful soul.

    Somewhere i was discovering new with each color, I call them KEY OF HAPPINESS,
    not only discover but also covering my egoism by brushing.


  • blackpenn 2w

    By the door is where i stay
    Like a fingerprint smudge
    A person that was once in touch
    With once presence, only traces remain
    Leaving vestiges of shadow
    Unafraid of the oblivion
    Unafraid of leaving the station
    Always ready to wait for the next option
    But like how i am always the first to leave
    I am the longest to heal and grieve
    Because by the door is where i stay
    But with every step i take away from the exit
    I can't help but drag my feet
    Pleading both pieces of me
    Forcing myself to untighten the grip
    For every time i walk away
    I can't help but hope that you'd stop me midway
    Because i to you would do the same
    But like how Icarus loved the sun
    Like how the sun failed to love him back
    I am willing to take the blame
    I'll be the first to leave , you can call me names
    But I'd rather be called the person who was always by the door
    The person who left a mark on the floor
    The person who left your heart wanting more.

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    "your spot have always been by the door. i feel like you were born to leave me behind."

  • quinasthepoet 2w

    My thoughts on the Beaty of the sky ��️��️��️.
    #colors #painting

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    Heavens canvas

    O, to be amid the skies,
    Vividly brilliant colors tell no lies.
    Its sunlit days chase gloom,
    Rightly ridding hunches of doom.

    Light blue palette,
    Hues pirouette.

    Some days your Bashful brown intensifies,
    Cozy shaded warmth magnifies.
    Other days your rad red glows,
    Evoking ardent emotions that never close.

    Light blue palette,
    Shades pirouette.


  • akshay_vasu 2w

    The moments in which I really lived

    #moments #memories #colors #live

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    Those were the moments in which I really lived. No matter how many colors I would add now to those memories. It will never be as vibrant as those moments themselves were.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • thirteenthofaugust 3w


    You knock on the door that you never adore
    Learned to love its flaws, every shade that it has
    The clock ticks, it all passed. The colors faded and you never cared
    The door that you once loved is forcefully closed
    Now that you opened another, you will be never bothered
    The door will remember because of the scratches and gloom it has, it'll never subside.
    The new colors that you see, will soon be destroyed by the pain you've caused me.
    The memories of the past will never leave, it is painful, horrifying, and sad.
    Keep the door closed, don't let the sorrow break loose.

  • princess_diary 3w

    Art of life

    Living is an art with balance of calmness and anger,
    With contrast of excitement and imagination,
    Emphasis with eye catching Beauty,
    Movement of pattern taking form to achieve your dreams,
    Unity of different emotions and Colors colliding to creat something new,
    With rhythm of sweetness and harmony...

  • ashita_yadav 3w

    You are the color
    who filled my black
    world with colors
    with your presence.
    You have filled every
    page of my life with
    a different colors of
    love and joy.

  • random_nandy 3w

    Was feeling the blues of Monday
    From seeing the violets
    That reminded me of my love
    Who used to give me violets on Monday.
    But the yellow sun
    Proof of constant Change
    Gave me hope for a better tomorrow
    Where I’m not consumed by red
    The Color of passion.

  • creative_words 3w

    Hare Krishna!
    Happy Holi


  • jyothsna_amarendra 3w


    According to my occasion

    The day when you appeared into my life
    was the day of Holi

    Cause you had been a prism to this ray of hope

  • pal_themoment 3w

    गुलशन में फूल खिलने लगे हैं।
    महकने लगा है अब तो आँगन मेरा।
    बेनाम गलियों में तुम फिर आना ,
    मगर इस बार कुछ रंग साथ लेते आना।

    फीके पड़ने लगे हैं अब तो सारे गम।
    चेहरे की मायूसियत भी मिटने लगी है।
    मुस्कान बन कर होंठों पर तुम छा जाना,
    मगर इस बार कुछ रंग साथ लेते आना।

  • authormonica 3w

    Let awareness burn the ignorance.
    Let's wear and splash Life's colourful shades.
    Let's embrace ourself and others in kindness.
    To fructify whatever, we undertake.

    -Monica Gupta
    Insta: authormonicagupta

    #holi #india #indianfestival #colors #colorful #picoftheday #authormonica #lifeisgood #smilemore #holi2021 #holiday #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork

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  • anonymously_onymous 3w


    রঙ মাখাস তুই সবাইকে,
    আমি তোর রঙে মাখতে চাই।

    আমার নিশ্বাসে ভাশিশ তুই,
    আমি তোর গন্ধে মিশতে চাই।

    আছিস তুই মনের অন্তর্মহলে,
    তোকে তাও আরো কাছে রাখতে চাই।

    তোর চোখের চাওনিতে হারালে রোজ
    যেনো নিজেকে নতুন করে খুঁজে পাই।

    তোর রঙে মাখতে চাই...
    তোর গন্ধে মিশতে চাই...


  • poetrymaterial 3w

    Finally, I can now delete this on my gallery😅
    #love #colors
    @mirakee @mirakeeworld
    @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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    Your eyes are irresistable forces
    I was inside a wild forest
    Green and enchanting
    Everything about you is inviting

    Your blood-stained lips
    Accused me of the murder
    I never committed
    When yours marks mine

    Leave prints on my neck
    And blues around my body
    Let us spill the evidence
    Of love all over my bed

    We’ll turn grey into red
    Dark shades into light
    Pale hands entwined to brown
    Messing the night with colors

  • cg_kumaran 4w

    Universe and Us..

    Eventhough Black and White
    Are the base for all colors..
    We need all other colors
    To see the Beauty of Universe..

    Universe contains all colors..
    Black and white isn't Enough..

    Difference in Different ways
    Colors won't Matter..
    They are Just the Reflection
    We have..

    Judging Based on Colors..
    Judging Based on Opinions..
    Judging Based on Influence..
    Judging Based on Looks..
    Won't be Judging at all..

    Universe itself accepts
    All things..
    Every Color..
    Every Person..
    Every Thing..
    All exists on Behalf of

    Universe Contains Several..
    Not Anyone Knows
    Anymore Completely..
    It Requires them all..

    People with opposite
    Morals aren't enough..
    People with Different Morals..
    Different concerns needed
    To show what is Universe..

    Not that one which easy to Define..
    No one knows..
    No one Understands utterly..
    That's the beauty..
    That's the Universe..
    That's the Nature..

    We May say we all are Grown..
    With Technologies we have..
    Well known of The Universe..
    But, We Don't..
    And, We Won't..

    We are Humans..
    We Deserved Love
    From Mother Nature..
    From the Universe..

    We Harms ourselves..
    We Harms Nature..
    We Harms The Universe..
    Perhaps they won't
    Harm us as we Did to them..

    It's time to Realize..
    And Accept to Adapt


  • arahabaki 5w

    This is just a small piece I wrote back then.

    #mirakee #colors #itry #writersnetwork

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    We were sitting on the sand, relaxing ourselves at the sight of sea. It was so amazing, that starry sky lighten up by the light of full moon looked like it had acquired the sea's blue colour. The air was cold but the campfire we made was keeping us warm. But my heart was feeling warm and comfy by my best friend's presence besides me and we were totally lost in enjoying the nature's flawless beauty surrounding us. I was observing the dark blue sky and water. And he was totally engrossed in observing the burning fire of the firecamp.I looked at him and I realized how we were allured by these shades of colours. He by red while I by blue. I think he must have understood what was going in my mind cause that moment he looked at me and said

    "Keith, what do you think ? Why certain people get so attracted towards certain colours ?" Shiro stared at the sea ahead.
    "Ah.. actually I was thinking about the same just now." I said staring back at sky.
    "Well, I think it's because of their souls." He said gazing at the fire infront of us.
    "Because of their souls ? How is that Shiro ?" I asked him.
    "See, you are a person with no fear, hot-tempered and with enormous courage. You don't know what giving up is. You have the spirit of fire, violentness, in your heart and you getting attracted towards Blue colour is just an indication that you need to calm yourself down sometimes to not let the thing destroy which we achieved with hard efforts so far."
    "And what about the people who are allured by Red colour ?" I asked.
    "Keith, I am very much fascinated by Red shade. You know how I am right ? I act calmly, thinking about the possibilities and consequences. I don't dare. I sometimes backoff when I sense danger. Well, I think I have that Spirit of water, calmness in my heart and me getting attracted towards Red just reminds me that however dangerous, sometimes I have to take risks to do the impossible."
    "It's like nature and our souls compensating each other." I said looking at him and he gave a big smile in approval to what I said.

    I just smiled at Shiro as his each and every word was getting imprinted on my heart.
    "Remember this Keith. Always remember this." He said and I nodded in awe while we both continued to gaze silently at the horizon.

  • bellemoon99 6w


    Your smile sparked life into my life, covering my canvass with a myriad of tints.

    Our pain gave us the shades we need to create from this love story a true masterpiece.

    We were art, we were colors, and together we paint life.