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    Image credit - instagram page ©jonihobiholiday
    Words in the image belongs to me!

    To my love,

    "If sky was a sea, we would have swam more dreams than we see the clouds". I had never doubted the sky even after listening to 'the sky is falling' but maybe I ironically existed to only day dream about 'thousand reasons why would it be' and if I had to convince the sky, I would say, "you don't have to drown me in, I am already a cloud floating, but I hope to capsize soon into your blues" so I keep finding shapes in them like a toddler and finding meanings like an adult. But that evening, a little in me changed, that was the first time, I stared the life into a falling raindrop, slipping miserably from my palms and I looked above the black and gray clouds to only find a sky that was so clear, the winds breezing through the jacket, stopped in the slits and pockets where I always covered the cold fingers.
    Every morning sky, where the wrinkled bed sheets, where the half filled jug, where the repeated songs, dominated me, she opened the door to the green grasses that waited for my barefooted walk, where the dew drops waited to heal the cracked feet, where her bangles rung the alarm and where the sun rose in my bedroom upon my eyelid, She changed 'the arm chair sleep' into sound snores and 'afternoon unbearable sky' into her shadows that played in me, every afternoon where my unread book was left opened, where the lunch never filled the stomach, where the TV turned blank, she always found an excuse to search the 'me'. She never hesitated to hold the story book for me to find a child in me, she knew the dusk's purple and reddish sky had him color blinded but she knows how to let him see the colors, she knows the biggest fear in me was when the sky turned black again, he will shiver for all the grays. So she never stopped me talking to the walls, instead she let me count the stars where I was left behind holding someone's finger who taught me how to walk and I would today say, 'you changed the skies I had once seen'.

    'Now I only the see the fluffy clouds,
    Romanticizing the shapes we see together'

    The boy whom you taught the colors


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  • serrated_ink 1w

    I had colors in my palette
    They tinted every emotions of mine
    Different from one another
    Vibrant like the rainbow in the sky..

    Red painted my Love
    From which I raised my pride..
    Blue tinted my Soul
    From which I met the power of divine..
    Black painted my Melancholy
    From which I realized my ardour..
    White tinted my Belief
    From which I learned how to be kind..

    Inking down the colors of my life
    I realize,
    My poetries has all of them
    As I carve them with my passion
    And dye them into other's soul..

    Inking down the colors of my life
    I remember,
    The day you left,
    I lost the Yellow - the color of my Faith
    I lost the Green - the color of my Joy
    I found Grey - the color of Neutrality
    I found Lavender - the color of Elegance and Grace..

    I found the shades of PINK
    Which resembles the colors of SELF_LOVE..��

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    Pic credit ti the rightful owner..♥


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    Inking down the colors of my life
    I realized,
    My poetries has all of them
    As I carve them with my passion
    And dye them into other's soul..


  • thebhavnasaxena 1w

    I dip my fingers in
    Crimson, and cut my
    Hand on the shards of
    My broken heart that
    Held gossamer dreams
    Spun of sunshine and
    The warmest mauves
    And softest pinks of
    Emotions that came
    Close to what I knew as
    Love, once upon a time.
    Today they lie decaying,
    Deepest of mahogany,
    Shapest of blues, yet in this
    Indigo ferment, I see passion
    Simmering red and burgundy,
    Like the wine that stained my
    Lips that moment your deceitful
    Lips had moved over mine.

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    I dip my fingers in this riot
    Of hues, my broken heart a
    Chalice of inks, each one thick
    With stories I never got to tell,
    Of wishes stabbed to death,
    I write of ghosts that were
    The girls who fell in love
    With monsters, hoping against hope,
    That theirs would be a fairytale,
    But some beasts are just that,
    Sometimes love is not strong enough,
    Sometimes, beauty doesn't waltz
    Under grand chandeliers, no,
    There lives a beauty that slays her
    Monsters, and on their carcasses,
    She dances under the pale moonlight,
    A ferocious work of art, come to life.

  • angelssymphony 1w

    Summer Night Delight

    Red like fire,
    Blue like fire,
    Orange like fire,
    Yellow like fire.
    Burning bright.
    Feeling oh so warm.
    Black like midnight.
    Whitish grey clouds.
    Bright white like the stars.
    Redish Pink like Mars.
    Feels so perfect.
    Feels so free.
    Feels so chill.
    Transparent like the wind.
    Green like fireflies.
    Numb like Rum.
    Brown like wood.
    Burning wood feels so good.
    Green like grass.
    Feels good upon my bare foot.
    Grey like smoke.
    Smoke is out the bugs begin to poke.
    Tan like my white skin.
    Hazel like my eyes.
    Black like my eyebrows.
    Light brown like my hair.
    Light blue like my toenails.
    Light but not too light pink like my lips.
    Black like my eyelashes.
    Blue like my blanket.
    On the green grass.
    In the dark blue night.
    With the red embers burning bright.
    Sweet like the wine.
    Clear like the ice.
    Numb like my body.
    Sleeping by the fire.
    Waking up with bug bites.
    Grey like the ashes.
    When the fire went out.
    Light blue and orange like the sky.
    Rising when I wake up after passing out.

  • igautamji 1w

    Spittle flies
    Pearly whites
    Stained red

    Bruised knuckles
    Red turning purple
    Slowly swell

    #septolet #punch #colors

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    Spittle flies
    Pearly whites
    Stained red

    Bruised knuckles
    Red turning purple
    Slowly swell


  • lollipop71 2w

    The Colors Bleed

    The colors on the canvas bleed
    Into each other no specific order,
    Like the thoughts in my mind.
    My thoughts jumbled in my head
    Confuse me so that I know not
    Who I am.
    Will it be like this forever?

  • hruchanilima 2w


    नुसते शब्दांनी स्वप्नांचे
    रंग चितारणार कसे...
    एकाच रंगाची शाई लेखणीत
    शेवटी थकणारच ना...
    ~ऋचा निलिमा

  • mr_black 3w

    Watch your decisions


    Mr. Black's originals
    #mrblack #colors #destiny

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    The colors of your life will remain faded without the comfort of your destiny


  • anubhavjha 3w


    Be transparent, let the light pass by you & spread all vibrant colors.

  • _solstice_ 3w

    Tell me how did you made your memories go away,
    Because here I am still feeling blue and grey.


  • coleccionista 3w

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    Deep colors

    Hidden shades
    in the midst of bright shadows,
    glow in the void
    of my thoughts.

    Moving slowly
    like waves come and go,
    lulling the words
    on white canvases.

    Invisible lines
    are drawn endlessly,
    embrace this landscape
    of dark and bright.

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    Deep colors

    Invisible lines
    are drawn endlessly,
    embrace this landscape
    of dark and bright.

  • vakilankita 4w

    हम होंगे कामयाब

    तू ना तोड़, ना छोड़ उम्मीद कि यह वक्त भी ढल जाने को है,
    हाथ थाम, सब्र कर कि सुबह भी एक दिन आने को है |
    है इम्तिहान ये कुछ दिनों का फिर सब ठीक हो जाने को है,
    आंसुओ की डोर, ये फसलफे भी एक दिन मिट जाने को है |
    नगमे फिर वही पुराने, तराने वही दोहराएं जाएंगे एक बार,
    रख सब्र, ये कुछ बेरंगीन महफ़िल भी एक दिन जाने को है |
    बन जाती है रोज कोई जीस्त एक अखबार की खबर,
    दोस्त, यकीन कर ये दौर भी एक दिन चले जाने को है |
    ज़ंजीरें ये जो जकड़ी है, थाम रक्ति है रफ़्तारूं को,
    मान जा ये ज़ंजीरें भी एक दिन टूट जाने को है |

  • blackpenn 4w

    Draw a line between the water and the sky
    Watch the everlasting horizon today and the day after tomorrow
    Observe how it never changes
    Admire its beauty, perfect and ageless
    Trace the line that horizons hold
    Carve it on a piece of paper
    Craft each stroke to perfection
    Satisfy the eyes that craves everything that's proper
    Follow the dots that created a masterpiece
    Praise the hands of the one who put your mind at ease
    Lines are not always straight and perfect
    Lines drawn without bubble or rule
    Lines carved by a hand without a tool
    Crooked lines are our truth, unmasked, unfooled
    Drawn by a pen permament and blue
    All that is left to do
    Is to cease the hunt for perfection's satisfaction
    Admire lines that destroy illusions
    Look in the mirror and say:
    I am a crooked line, imperfect, flawed
    But like straight lines, i am made up of dots too
    Like how dusts small as dots exist in this world
    Maybe this world was created for me too.

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    Crooked Lines

    I am a crooked line, imperfect, flawed
    But like straight lines, i am made up of dots too
    Like how dusts small as dots exist in this world
    Maybe this world was created for me too.


  • kamrie872 5w

    Sometimes words won't come to me
    It's hard to articulate everything so well
    So look to see me red when you compliment me
    Watch for orange when I become silent
    See me radiate with yellow rays when I'm around you
    Watch me take root with green as I pour into us
    Catch me with a blue smile when I pray
    Look for my reflection when I journal with indigo
    See me caught up in my wildest dreams with you by my side when I wear violet on my sleeve
    I live every color when I'm with you

  • puranidiary 6w

    @writersnetwork Its 7th time you liked my post ❤��
    P. S~ consider reposting my lame work sometimes ��

    Life is a rainbow with splashes of emotions ~joy, contempt, surprise, anger, fear, trust, sorrow 7 most Significant shades of our life!! ��
    @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersbay
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    With magical brushes of joy and contempt
    Holding the colours of surprise in her attempt
    Slightly she feared the vague sights of sensation
    Finally trusted the canvas of her imagination
    Fiercely at last splashed some patches of sorrow
    She painted life resembling the subtle rainbow

  • sprecites 6w


    Let me tell a story
    Story of colors
    Mine colors
    Few are bright shiny
    But more are dull
    We all have colors right?
    And it defines us
    Do you know my color?
    If thinking yes, make it NO
    What you know is red
    That's my love
    If green is known to you
    Then you know my wealth
    If you the like the sky blue
    Buddy you are formal
    That's my softness & sophistication
    My blue is my chilled way
    Brown makes me grounded
    I love turquoise
    Full of confusion
    Neither purely green nor blue
    Have you thought i spend on you
    Then that's royalty in purple
    If you like my white
    I accept it's my peace
    Only few know the anger so let it be orange
    And if it was yellow to you
    Then value the warmth
    My dreams are in indigo
    My asthetics are teal
    I have painted the success with golden
    And my ideas to silver
    If you know the mauve of me
    Then you know the knowledge
    If i care for you
    Praise the pink
    Grey is what i like but as mixed emotions
    BLACK is the best
    It is the right color to me
    Love black to know black
    But black never fades
    Black has no issue of intensity
    Black is Beautiful
    Black doesn't get spotted with colors
    It will make colors black too
    Black, black and just black
    No blame of transparency
    No blame of show off
    It presents it in pure form
    But always darker.....


  • rhaegari 7w

    p r i m a r y

    red, blue, and yellow. give it a try. you'll see what three colors can do.


  • slaughtered_heart 7w

    That kid who used
    all the colours he
    could get his hands
    on, in his books,
    is now full of words
    that are colorless.


  • ankurchoudhury 7w

    I am cheering for you.

    It has been a month since I first saw you
    Four weeks, five days
    Green and purple and yellow and blue
    How are you
    You probably don't know me
    But I am cheering for you


  • tamanna3 5w

    ~ A colored existence ~

    I created colors today, a whole rainbow out of seven burnt yesterdays. It hadn't been easy, but I've reached to its end, sooner than the sun had fallen off the sky.

    I'm telling you this because I want you to know and understand, that colors don't come for free. You've to pay a hefty loan of mindsets and feed abandoned carcasses of optimism, because you've been mis-fed truths your whole life. The world teaches you language codes that fuels your words but the engines at the back of your head are rusted, they only grunt but can't serve your tasks anymore.

    The sticky notes on my desk flaunt their tricolor identities, much like people and I smile like an idiot, willing them to understand the irony, but they can't see. They won't ever comprehend the disparity between the hour hand crossing over the sixth number in the morning and the shadow of the same after the golden globe has dissolved into the sea.

    I stare at the smallest finger on my hand, a little weak at its proximal joint since birth, and confide in it a secret, that the opale gemstones I've stolen from my brother's closet weren't to fix them into some jewellery, but to trade for the colors I've kept on mortgage the very day I was born- with the hope that they're going to stick by me, unlike the tricolor notes that have fallen off the walls everytime my angry tantrums had me thump on its rigidity.

    I wonder why they wouldn't do with a little pressure, when I've been putting up with the million fractures this world has imparted upon me. Why does this world demand hibernation of me, everytime I try to sweep the dirty corners clean. Perhaps hiding seems easier to the sky too, that's why it hides behind clouds whenever the world becomes too much to view from its height.


    ~2 #existences_T #colors #hibernation #wod

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