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  • serinktherapy 42w

    My biggest enemy, my very best friend.

    My biggest enemy, my very best friend.
    Stuck with bitter sweet time till the end.
    Half seconds to break my heart, decades for it to mend.
    My biggest enemy, my very best friend.
    Days mesh to months, those months to years.
    As I try to hide and carry on through the fear.
    The fear of this worlds creation, finding a place amongst the chaos.
    Trying to stay neutral in all the biased cases of ethos.
    Though it seems even the radicals have been silenced by their sadness.
    The worlds in disarray, there is no more method just pure madness.
    I mean YHWH himself couldnt even have planned this.
    The worlds living a lie, future generations have been forcibly curtailed.
    I refuse to believe that somehow we already failed.
    I feel all the pain and see the dissarrangement.
    But its easier to see clear without years of sheeps wool entertainment.
    But how do you get the masses to take off their blinders?
    When we were born with them and were given extras as reminders?
    Mind stimulated from birth to be tame.
    But we are more than just our ID's, more than our names.
    More than any possession, any 15 seconds of fame.
    Exactly what we are worth; cant possible be measured.
    But with our great value comes responsibility and there lays the pressure.
    For we are just the protectors
    Of something much more precious!
    We have the knowledge and resources to make the right choice.
    To protect all biodiveristy and give the voiceless and voice.
    To be truly the guardians of the galaxy.
    Explorers of the stars, held together by gravity.
    All intricate parts of an ancient modern puzzle.
    Who need to vow to not give up no matter how hard the struggle.
    I can foresee the logistical nightmare, but still know we must try.
    For the nightmare is a dream of heaven compared to what will actually transpire.
    If we dont help mother nature reclaim her spot as queen of earths empire.
    My biggest enemy, my very best friend.
    Itll sure be lonely for you if it all comes to an end.
    For we will be no more, no rythme, rhyme or reason.
    But there would be no better fitting punishment for commiting this type of treason
    Than to be cast in pure darkness for an everlasting time
    Just know ill will fight against it, my biggest enemy and very best friend of mine.
    From a child of the universe
    To the bitter sweet body of time.