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  • the_scribbles 7w

    Last days are so confusing. There's the excitement of a new venture around the corner, of the amazing aura of change.
    But the stinking pain remains where you realise all those favourite people you spend a part of your past with is no more a part of your morrow.

  • geekysapien 21w

    Weigh before you speak

    Don't say much when you are too happy or damn angry. The reason is, in both the cases, there is uncontrolled discharge of emotions.

  • adigkhi 61w


    Every relation on this Earth is tied with a knot of some or more 'Self - Benefit' with some love and trust providing strength to it ..

  • vakilankita 77w

    I'm Missin' It!

    Hey, Its been a while since we all sat together and had fun,
    a rare words of wisdom can now be heard ever since the lockdown begun.

    Let's revisit those memories down the lane coz that will really entertain.

    I miss having all those cute little moments of insanity that we shared, but we can only stay at home and pray for everyone's best health, and care.

  • jagruti_patil30 90w

    Mai Miss Karungi

    Mai miss karungi vo ek sath tapri wala ukala
    Mai miss karungi vo ground pai sabko pareshan karna
    Mai miss karungi har baar coy ki cheez gum hone par CQ ko chillana
    Mai miss karungi report mai kuch changes hone par CSM ko chillana
    Mai miss karungi jabhi 2nd year galti karte hai aur saare 3rd years unpai aag ke golo ki tarah baraste hai and phir unhi nalayak 2nd year ke sath wapas masti karte hai
    Mai miss karungi vo kepsa wale ke pass jake usse humesha fight karna
    Mai miss karungi vo OT marte time khud ke sath sabko OT marne bolne wale humare dono CJUO
    Mai miss karungi vo humare SGT's ka makhra jinki wajah se humesha CSM ko daat padti thi
    Mai miss karungi ki hum chaye 2nd year bane ya 3rd year bane ya current X bane ya phir bane hum X humare 3rd years ko to hum kabhi nahi chodne wale
    Mai miss karungi vo humesha sabko ko sambhal ke leni ki adat tum sabki jab kisiko kuch smj nahi aara hota hai tabhi ke liye kuch bhi bol do baad mai to jo humko karna hai vahi karenge
    Mai miss karungi vo humare 1st Year start hone se leke aaj 3rd Year khatam hone tak ka ye apna safar....
    Tumhare sath to har din ek moment tha and aage bhi rahega...aab Tum yaad rakho na rakho but ye coy hume jarur yaad rahega
    Aaj bhi jab hum maise koi nahi aata tab miss puchte hai aaj tumhari partner kaha gayi.......

  • nervouswreck25 104w

    No matter how crappy a place is...
    When you leave ...You'll miss it..!!

  • shitalpatwari 115w

    Corporate Bonds...

    A bond.. so pure.. built with time.. in that office space.. in those cubicles and between those fight..
    We found folks inseparable to life. . Folks who became family.. office that gradually became home..
    Facing those ups and downs, meeting those highs and lows..
    We all grew up in the corporate, known for shrewd foes..
    Amongst that politics often chastised, was our unbreakable bond, which adamantly survived ..
    When I fell u backed me, on your success we all cheered thee..
    Those memories we made.. those bonds we shared...
    Colleagues who became brothers.. though from different mothers...
    Those empty cubicles now break my heart.. I miss those life lines and the integral part..
    Walking down the memory lane.. I hear us laughing again.. I see us fighting, I see us in pain...
    So much left untold.. so much still unshared..
    Of all one such thing is... You are that shining star I always miss, while working here...

  • _sahanagowda 120w


    Don't work hard to get attention.
    Work hard for your sake then you will get what you deserve and more than you deserve ✌️.
    Always be true to your work and success will be yours


  • nigarrao 126w

    My Comrades!

    Entering my work life, gave me an addition,
    An addition in my relation!
    Now I stand on three stations with regard to relation,
    Relation by birth, by marriage and by association.
    We, standing together as a fraternity under the name - Athenia Prep,
    Gives me immense pleasure of being with my extended family at each step!
    Though the ride is bumpy enough,
    To bounce, to squash and to smash;
    Eventually what you earn out of it, is an exotic splash!
    Yes! Our temperaments and egos do clash,
    But you get some dear souls around, who cry with you and thrill at your birthday bash!
    So rejoice! You've been blessed with kind mentors and teammates,
    Rest- Let all the discords and disputes be a part of the trash!

  • chinkudas 134w

    31st Mar FY 18/19 end let's party start #sunday #office #colleagues @mirakee @mirakeeworld @mirakee_words

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    Jaane kyon ye March ending aate hain
    Sunday ko bhi chutti nahi milte hain
    Jaane kyon jaane kyon..


  • gods1son 160w

    There is a saying... Show me your friends and I know who you are.
    #friends #associates #colleagues

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    My friend

    I always try to make the right friends
    Not those who wanna see my end
    But those who bring out my best
    Those that believe in my quest
    Those that stick with me through my tests
    Those that inspire me to invest
    Those that share my interests
    Those that keep my heart at rest
    Those that live life with zest
    That's what I watch out for in a friend

  • ravitejakatukuri 163w

    I Know...Family, Friends, Relatives, Colleagues, Strangers and No one are with me. When I am in Depression, Sad, Hurted, Heart Broken Just because of Love. Now Again in my Life. Same thing Continues. Now I can See the People who are with me when I am in peak stages.

  • infinite_blossom 172w

    She knows you Inside-Out

    She woke up with a sudden jolt, the stomach upset as though she's got diabetes. Nowadays, she tags along any metabolism occurring inside her body, proffering it to be a disease. She springs out of her bed , delicately pulling her leg underneath her sister's feet & checks in to the next room to see if her mother is still awake. Everyone is in deep slumber. She fetches herself a glass of water, then another and then one more as if her body has been severely dehydrated and blood pressure gone too low. She then makes herself comfortable on a dine chair . The clock in the empty hallway strikes giving her the only company. It is dark, 2:50 A.M. , but the sound of the clock striking each minute doesn't matter to her. Earlier , she was very apperceptive of concatenating time, everything she did or had to to would be at the right time. Now, what is time for her? There is very less time and she couldn't count on each minute to make her live longer, or even if she reckons up the figures, what vestiges would such tiny difference make? Oh! She has been diagnosed with glioblastoma, a malignant brain tumour, which is invasive enough to affect the normal brain tissue. Its been 11.8 months when her reports came. The accumulation of fluid around the tumour is blurring her vision, causing agonizing headaches and blocking her ability to think. The more she thinks, the pain seizes & causes frequent mood swings. She is helpless. The amount she has collected from the past two years out of her job isn't enough to treat her disease. Half of it was already handed in her sister's admission and the rest is rather meagre to whip into shape the family's ends meet. She bears a facade of being fit and in a fine feather in front of her mother as though she's not suffering, but inside the pain is excruciating , leaving her, her dreams and all the smidgen memories of her life collapsed in smithereens. Doctors have stated that a person suffering from glioblastoma hardly lasts for more than 4 years. She felt all blemished, surrounded by a heavy fog that won't fade away. The people she went to begging for help and money, they acted like she's not there stamping down on her requests. Most of her colleagues look down on her as if she's been undergoing a mental illness. She feels bitter how people treat someone with a disease or a disability as some kind of an outcast. Most of them would dodge the guise of a sweet-talk poker face and shower empathy on her state but when pleaded for help, they unmask their in-humaneness and turn a deaf ear to her summons. All these make her have an aversion to the stinking demeanor of mankind. Had anybody else been in her place, she would have given her best to tackle and aid that person. But people, she resented them. Looking on the bright side, she realizes that she has got the picture of the true nature of her acquaintances. Their conduct against her illness has panned out that her rejuvenation least mattered to them and she doesn't want to continue among a hypocrisy, such serpentine. The kind where people keep maligning her for every stride she makes. It would be a desire - death out of illness than to stay stuck among such labyrinthine. She feels a cold tap on her left shoulder. Her mother whispered " Child, I have arranged money for your treatment. Come and sleep, we shall work for your recovery together ". She was awestruck. She wanted to ask how & when her mother did that but refrained from asking. All she could do was feel flattered in her head. The one who serves you her cushion of water as your first home, a mother is indeed worth the frame of being divine.


  • htrap94 184w

    Friends hid behind
    The unopened contacts list.

    Colleagues don't care
    Once you leave the firm.

    Don't get me started on relatives
    Bloodhounds are sometimes better.

    Innocence was left behind
    When the child inside grew up.