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  • silver_flakes 2d

    Collaboration with @miriel_oye do check out her poems������

    °Remember when we gathered
    Ashes of our beloved city
    We stored them in a box
    Wreathed of pure gold
    Where neither moth nor rust consumed °
    °Remember when we held on to fallen banisters
    And spread our tents in sorrow°
    °We called for a chosen one
    To lead us to a promised fate
    A land flowing with love and peace°
    °We longed for a place
    A world of grace
    Where tired eyes could fall asleep°
    °But the world was jaded
    And hearts were stone filled
    Hopes were rock dashed
    And eyes were smoke burnt°
    °Brave hands that held were feeble
    Smooth tongues lisped lies
    And hope dissipated like flies°
    °But we crawled on empty bellies
    Dug with broken bristle nails
    Built with skeleton hands
    Slaved for a new city
    A replica of the one we once had°
    °Now children play on garden steps
    Where dead sands once lay
    Hearts are filled with songs
    And we dare dream again
    If life builds us another wall of briers
    Hope will give us skins of steel°
    ©silver_flakes ©miriel_oye

    Picture credit to Jerry Lofaro
    #collaboration #miraquill@miraquill@writersnetwork#writersnetwork#pod#ceesreposts#flakeyy@miriel_oye

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    Golden Hopes

    °If life builds us another wall of briers
    Hope will give us skins of steel°
    ©silver_flakes ©miriel_oye

  • prasannakkumar 1w


    It's been an immense pleasure to write few words along with esteemed Ms Molly Joseph ma'am
    I thank the honourable for readily agreeing for the #Collaboration
    Thank you
    God bless

    Monsoon rains!
    ..... ....
    I wake up
    to the trumpets
    of Monsoon rains!
    how you fall fierce
    making nature shudder,
    Gusts of winds precede
    trees swirl and whirl
    thy wild fury
    uprooting trees
    building puddles,
    cleaving furrows on earth,
    dumbstruck, I stand
    listening to your thud
    You, the change maker
    removing the old
    cleaning up
    washing off
    the waste and filth
    that lie stagnant,
    The murky waters
    that is flowing down
    as streams layered with
    carbon soot,
    thy knocking
    on the doors of humanity
    is in turn as a forerunner
    of action,
    the filth created by
    the mundane
    men, voracious was
    their nature
    to suck the juice of Nature,
    The trumpets
    of yours
    I take as an alarming
    pitching to cleanse
    the dirt
    encrusted within
    the mind of sentient beings,
    Yes, its yet
    another morning
    with thundering
    Well, otherwise
    The rain - you showers
    are always mellifluous
    to my ears,
    Like morning prayers

    ©Molly Joseph
    © Prasanna Kkumar
    16/06/2021- 10:21 am

    Image credit : © Molly Joseph

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  • prasannakkumar 1w


    The river is flowing
    with a tinkling
    blanket of trilling
    woods are dancing
    springing and popping,
    birds singing
    the songs of jingling
    and jiving under
    the roof of Rainbow,
    I am sitting
    on the banks of the river
    birds picking
    the feed, I offer,
    the joy of feeding,
    Thoughts say
    what a gorgeous moment,
    bird took to singing
    after finishing the meal,
    started a folk song
    flown towards the nest.
    suddenly loneliness
    veiled my heart,
    and the very moment
    a bird came flying
    sat near asking food
    it peeped
    into my face.
    Mesmerizing is the Nature
    just show Love
    be compassionate
    towards all,
    detach from mundane
    you are here to deliver
    Go ahead
    moving further
    Leaving attachments
    of whatsoever.

    ©Prasanna Kkumar
    Imagesource :google

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  • prasannakkumar 5w


    Title: Riding on Canoe of life

    When those I trusted cheated me
    When those I had faith in betrayed me
    I felt hurt and withdrawn
    I see myself lying down on the lawn
    bowing to a divinity, I looked forward to a new dawn

    Attachment and detached all go side by side
    Swaying and sliding I move along the tide
    Riding high stepped further with a thumping stride
    Slashing the surreal surge of emotional pride

    Sometimes few inches above the waterline buzzing like a bee
    Sometimes few inches along with rippling waves of Ocean
    Sometimes diving deep below searching for shells in the sea
    Sometimes diving deep below to catch the eels and jellyfish with devotion.

    Life is neither a bowl of cherries nor a bed of roses,
    Life is not even a passage that leads to lending a message
    It is a ride in a canoe hit by swaying waves, strong current flows - in
    It's a ride in a ship of destiny unperturbed by the vortex of a hurricane - within,

    I endeavour to hear the whispering winds
    I scramble to rumble in the whizzing sounds
    Soon the music turns melodious as a duet of birds - sing
    Soon I started singing life with reassuring zing.

    ©Ritu Kamra Kumar
    ©Prasanna Kkumar

    Image source : google

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  • myasir99 9w

    A Little Collaboration From Twitter

    Follow your heart
    your dreams come true automatically
    Without any doubt
    The light show's you the way that takes you come out of the dark

  • lifeafterocean 9w

    Here we go(gn)

    This is a multisensory experience
    Visual & sound effects
    Acting folk
    We're acting here
    This is not social time
    Lets get to work
    Sets need to be built
    Builders.. Ignite
    The fires are burning
    The forests all down
    One by one
    The trees are losing the fight
    To this carbon based world

    g to o replace by n. (Gn) +1 sound (consonant)(ai2studyspeech patterns

    Everything already exists
    We just have to make it
    Destroyers of worlds
    Beloved Earth
    May the moon and the sun keep you company
    May your waters grow
    And your land restore
    Not too poetical
    Let's keep this abstract-us
    Who are we?
    That's because ok sure we are one
    But one is infinite
    It is never anything but one
    Unless of course
    You add or subtract
    Easy enough
    Lesson for all
    Lessons for one

    Death scene 1
    Numbers behind
    Let's talk about love
    Or some kind of like
    In likeness of course
    But more so in mass
    I need your matter
    It makes me feel whole
    Like one but bigger
    Three circles
    That's the mode
    Perfect? Let's measure

    To keep it empirical, data let's find.
    What we set out to reach
    Lovely surprise


    Thats death to us baby
    Even galaxies have to die
    Whats death to us baby
    We are the givers of life
    What is dead to us
    Let it just die
    The difference between
    The dead and the dying
    Are we pretending to live babe
    Or are we living to die
    Even galaxies lie
    Not to exaggerate the theme
    But really
    Who even lives
    On lies
    De mente
    El niño se volvio loco
    Negative statements to belittle your potential
    Your truth has power
    Beware of liars
    Thieves, drunks, and whores
    Celestial in the flesh
    Beings of light
    Even we too must die
    We shed our wings and come to Earth
    Here to grow wings again
    Spiritual wings
    Spread and rise
    As a phoenix divine
    As the wise once said
    Beware of the mind
    With the heart in the right
    There's no harm in your way
    So you choose your goals
    Defeat your obstacles
    As if battle was the easiest way
    To accomplish love
    It's not so much about power
    Or disrupt
    It's a different mentality
    A conscious not old enough
    To act blemish and blind
    No sin in their eye
    The judge and redeemer
    All in the business of taking your life
    Go as if willing
    Live as the world will have you
    Would it allow you to grow?
    To reap the fruit thus sought
    In the eyes of a dreamer I'm but futile at best
    Just like the rest
    I'm hollow

  • skchauhan 10w

    तस्वीरो के सहारे कब तक जिंदगी बसर होगी,,,


    कभी तो मुकम्मल मुलाकात हो!!!

  • skchauhan 11w

    चेहरे पर सादगी अब कहाँ मिलती है।
    साफ दिल वाली लड़की अब कहाँ मिलती है।।
    दिल लिए फिरते है,हम,,जिस्मो के बाजार में।
    मोहब्बत करने वाली लड़की अब कहाँ मिलती है।।

  • prasannakkumar 11w


    *#PoetrySCS #Collaboration with Amethyst Crystal,*
    *Prasanna KKumar , Maria Elvira and Shwetha A*
    A lesson of life .........
    Who knows
    The action of time
    Which colour ,
    Does it show to whom ?

    hits like a pebble
    Ripples it creates
    till the lasting of breath
    Fades away as it ceases.

    A lesson of life
    Noting hard
    Angle of view
    Definitely the best
    Of all times .

    Tomorrow is a mystery
    The minutes of life,
    Decides everything new.
    Everyone gets merged in due time.
    Color of thinking may differ ...

    Look and observe...
    Think about plight
    Search for solution
    It comes right!

    Time tickles
    To tantalise, till ticking
    Tap a throbbing tease,
    Tearing the thoughts
    To the toughest tears.

    Life teaches lessons.
    It lies within us,
    To obey the path,
    Or to just neglect the fact.
    Life,forever a mystery..

    Although, time is free
    Gifted equally by God, to us
    But it's priceless precious gem
    Boon to life, we shouldn't make it fuss
    Yet, make the best use of it to change our luck .

    Time , boon of life
    Make it your best hive
    To collect your sweet honey
    Paying more importance than money
    Time, Bliss of God , use precisely to set your plot .

    A Copyrighted Collaboration by ....
    © @Amityst Crystal, ©Prasanna KKumar , © @Shwetha A
    © @Maria Maria Elvira Fernandes Correia
    @Satish Srivatsava

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  • skchauhan 12w

    तू है ...

    तू है बारिश ,मैं तेरी बूँद हूँ।
    तू है सूरज, मैं तेरी धूप हूँ।।

    तू है जिस्म, मैं तेरी जान हूँ।
    तू है नाम,मैं तेरी पहचान हूँ।।

    तू है नदी , मैं तेरी लहर हूँ।
    तू है दुनिया, मैं तेरा शहर हूँ।।

    तू हैं दुल्हन, मैं तेरा श्रृंगार हूँ।।
    तू है भगवान, मैं तेरा अवतार हूँ।।

    तू है आग, मैं तेरी लपट हूँ।
    तू है सोना, मैं तेरी चमक हूँ।।

    तू है पायल,मैं तेरी झनक हूँ।
    तू है कँगन, मैं तेरी खनक हूँ।।

    तू है खुशी, मैं तेरी वजह हूँ।
    तू है दुख, तो मैं बेवजह हूँ..........

  • iamfirebird 12w

    सियाह रात में बदलना भी क्या बदलना हुआ
    जो बदलने हो रंग अपने तो दिन में बदलियेगा

  • skchauhan 12w


    तुझे क्या जरूरत"रंगों"की??होली पर,,ऐ बेवफा!
    तू तो रोज रंग बदलती है "गिरगिट"की तरह!!

  • prasannakkumar 13w

    It's been immense pleasure to write few words along with esteemed Ms Bijayalaxmi Rath ma'am.
    I thank the honourable for readily agreeing for the #Collaboration
    Thank you
    God bless

    Title : Epiphany

    Every eye
    that l stare
    is a determination
    without a definition.
    Every face
    that smiles
    is said to be an inspiration.
    hidden strength
    to be revealed more,
    hidden talent
    to be explored further,
    needs to turn a soul digger.
    needs a ploughing
    to dig out a noble soul
    with a caring heart,
    who, is a perfect lender.
    painful philosophy
    should not be a barrier.
    rather it should be carrier
    to leap a step forward.

    ©Bijayalaxmi Rath.
    ©Prasanna Kkumar
    Image source : google

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  • prasannakkumar 13w

    It's a great honour to pen few lines along with esteemed didi Ms Rumpa Ghosh.
    I thank the honourable for readily agreeing for the #collaboration.

    Thank you so much
    God bless

    Title : Withered Image

    The flowers failed to bloom
    Well, what could be
    the reason to be attributed to,
    I see tears gushing forth
    from the wrinkled petals,
    What could be the cause
    of this sombre image,

    you have been in oblivion
    whilst my tears turned into a stream
    my petals feared to bloom
    in this world full of gloom
    I tend to droop
    as the horizon fades in a haze
    behind the concrete giants
    wrapped in fumes and smoke.

    © Rumpa Ray-Ghosh
    ©Prasanna Kkumar
    Image source: Google

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  • skchauhan 14w

    जो बात तुमने दवाई है,वो तो निकल ही जाएगी।
    अरे!!जुँबा ही तो है फिसल जाएगी।।

    सुना है!!दीवारों के भी कान होते हैं।
    देखते ही देखते,,यह बात,खबर बन जाएगी।।

  • prasannakkumar 14w


    Title : Yes..I never let her dry

    The poetry of the earth
    would never
    die., yes, of course, for
    those who, have eyes to see
    the effulgence of the colour of flowers,
    yes, the twittering of the birds makes
    my heart hum.,

    Until one day I was unheard
    alas! Where has the time gone
    mother earth was full of abundance
    with plenty of unending resources,

    used to be replenished by itself
    would always bounce back and bloom
    alas! Where has the time gone,
    I see parched terrain, seeking the rain

    The poetry of the earth
    should never run dry, yes, it would
    never die, I, for the one, let the mother
    earth breathe, enhance her fertility
    by planting the plantain,

    I beseech the gods and demons
    to shower the pearls of precipitation
    I beckon the folks to join the movement,
    the need for the afforestation.

    Well, yes, of course, for those
    who, have eyes seeking the glory
    of the shine of flowers, I would let
    the bird's tweet in retort
    "the earth would inspire the poetry"
    would shower the glitter of blossoms.

    ©Jayashree Trao
    ©Prasanna Kkumar

    Image source: Google

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  • prasannakkumar 14w

    *#PoetrySCS #Collaboration With Maria Elvira , Shwetha A , Prasanna K.Kumar*

    *" CREATIVITY " ( An #Elfchen Style Loop Poetry )*
    Procurement activity
    Churning in mind
    Numerous thoughts, fertile image
    Storm .

    Great amount
    Ideas put roaring
    Into creation live new
    Project .

    A goal
    Drawn to upbringing
    Features , future result of
    Creativity .

    Something new
    Train of notions
    We all come through
    Artistic .

    Realistic talent
    Beauty they ensure
    Painting, drawing, and sculpturing
    Skill .

    The potential
    Every soul attain
    A responsibility to adore
    Creativity .

    In writing
    Flows on paper
    Turns magical with our

    Creates magic
    Help of mind
    Marks the significance of
    Brain .

    Active neurons
    Manage tasks many
    Can yield best any

    Your efficacy
    Reflection in life
    Shows in every activity
    Imagination .

    In presentation
    Thinking of brain
    Can applied any where

    Any celebrity
    Referred in gesture
    Highly subjected to his
    Creativity .

    This Copyrighted rendition is cumulative endeavor of ...
    ©MEFC, ©Shwetha A , ©Prasanna K.Kumar &
    ©Dr. Satish C. Srivastava, 20210319(01:50am)

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  • prasannakkumar 14w

    A sweet #collaboration with child prodigy Ms Shwetha A, thanks for the honour
    God bless

    Title : The Susurration

    The susurration
    of the rain,
    the tangy pulsation
    of the skin,
    The wafting petrichor
    and whizzing
    the spheres marvelled
    with the richness
    of the bounty of bliss,
    Yet, I heard
    Wrestled, I, in
    the winnowing of frigid
    of yesteryear's
    haunts certainly,
    every adored second,
    The moment,
    indelible indeed.
    ©Shwetha A
    ©Prasanna Kkumar
    Image source : google

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  • skchauhan 10w

    कटी हुई पतंग ढुढंने निकला हूं।
    मैं अपने आप को खोजने निकला हूं।।

    कही फँस गया हूँ"मैं"इस हैवानियत की दलदल में,
    इस खोखले संसार में इंसानियत ढुढंने निकला हूं।।

    सच भी कोई चीज है,,ये भ्रम है ना शिवम।
    मैं ये भ्रम तोड़ने निकला हूं।।

  • skchauhan 13w

    जिंदगी आज हम बर्बाद हो गए।
    नीलाम हम सरेआम हो गए।।

    जिनके लिए लड़े हम पूरी दुनिया से।
    वो एक पल में हम से बेईमान हो गए।।