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  • perdu1992 6w

    ( warning - child sex trafficking )
    Jingling Of Hope

    Jingling of coin.
    Works on my broken hope to join.
    Even in this hypocritical society.
    Where men came to kill their sobriety.
    "What's your dream?" , My teacher asked.
    To which I proudly said , "To buy my mom the bangles she sold so that my studies could last."
    Going back home.
    Enjoyed the tamarind candies while I roam.
    That my mum kept as a reward in the lunch box tin.
    Cause I always threw left over food in some bin.
    While wandering freely, destiny had some other plan.
    That's why few men abducted me and took away in a van.
    I kept screaming ," Leave me alone , let me go."
    Little did I know it was just the beginning of my woe.
    "What part of world is this!" , I wondered.
    Where men were outnumbered.
    I was shivering with fear.
    When she welcomed, "Have this candy and come with me dear."
    She reminded me of my mother.
    So I held her firmly while she was taking me through rooms decorated in bright colour.
    She added , "This is your new home."
    And asked me to get ready before gloam.
    "I want to go.", I cried.
    To which she took my lunch tin and put a coin inside
    She shook the box and asked me to focus on chinks
    "Go home once the box is full.", she winks
    While sending me in the room , she whispered ," Obey the payers,
    Even though they may give pain while entering your layers,
    Still make yourself likable. ", she said.
    But what happened next led my tears to shred.
    How couldn't he see my suffocation when I groaned under his grunting and gasping breath.
    That Led my soul to death
    She granted another penny
    That's when I realised the tin still needs many
    With dreams in eyes
    Body bleeding more than its size
    I shook the tin
    That reflected hope of a brighter tomorrow away from this sin

  • angel_sneha 18w

    Life is a coin
    Toss it
    In your favor ... !!


  • star_angel 20w

    Decision will be yours

    A coin has two sides...meaning to say that life has also two side..one side happiness & other having sad face...Now you've to choose which side you want to toss..!!

  • anupriyachauhan18 21w

    Metaphors of Life

    Some say 'Life is like a coin , you can spend it anyway you wish but you can spend it only once'.
    Some say 'Life is a rollercoaster ride'.
    Some say 'Life is an elevator'.
    No matter what metaphor you associate life with, according to your own version of it.
    But the important thing to remember is that just like once the game of chess is over the king and the pawn go back in the same box , we all have to leave some day in the same way leaving everything behind us. So , don't forget to live your life on your own terms and conditions and make the most of it.

    - Anupriya Chauhan

  • justword_art 29w


    Relationship is like a coin
    Upon listing, it skyrockets
    But due to its volacity
    The price is fairly unstable
    Commitment and peer pressure being the price
    The more the commitment,
    the more the worth of the coin increases
    Less commitment, more false peer pressure
    And the worth of the relationship comes crashing down

  • rhythmic_beats 33w

    The TV stand is not just a TV stand
    It's my place, my favorite place to hide.
    Just after coming from tired job
    First thing my dad utters
    As soon as he steps to home is calling me,
    Aaaadiiiiiiii my love I'm back,
    Yes I run, not to meet him but to hide
    So that he would come and hug me
    Making vivid lovely voices though he knows
    That this is the only place I hide.
    I hide behind the stand and TV would be
    Always on beating colourful melodious music,
    Still he loves to see my smile like a
    Full moon embracing peace.
    You see that payal(anklets) on my legs,
    He always used to say those bunch
    Of sound of the payal and your laughter
    Is the best music I could listen after a restless day.

    He loves to see my colours of happiness
    And would keep storing it as the treasure
    Of his life. My laughter goes high and high
    As he bounces me up high and high in the air.
    He considers me as goddess of fortune,
    Angel of his life.
    My mom would click pictures of this
    Heavenly joyous moments as a
    Collection of happiness.
    I played hide and seek to glitter all smiles
    But now as grown up and a constant
    Growing tree, I play hide and seek to
    Hide my pain, to hide the tears behind my smile
    So my dad never crosses over my heartaches
    And see me as a bright star only!

    The play of hide and seek have turned its shape now,
    As life is a coin and situations never remain
    The same as before,
    On the other side of the same coin
    Exists difference, exists something untold
    Or unseen. Life challenges are inevitable
    But must not suffocate and murder the
    Child inside you, burst out all miseries
    And keep laughing loud, yes you will heal
    When you laugh when you see them also smiling!

    Hide and seek remains my favorite memories
    Though there are many lot,
    But I'm glad how the hide and seek
    Turned its form and still I'm able to keep
    Alive the child inside me amidst all the storms.

    © rhythmic_beats

    Image: Me����
    Want to keep this post simple like my smile����

    Keep alive the child in you, sit with your parents, your family, crack jokes and bring up funny moments, their smile will definitely heal your pain. Make it a habit. I swear their smiles and happiness are much more powerful than any medicines.

    Wishing you all a happy day♥️

    #memories #childhood #hideandseek #coin
    #different #sides #perspectives #happiness
    #poetry #life #lessons #wod
    #rhythmic_beats #mirakee
    Thank you @writersnetwork "♥️"

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    Hide and seek
    Of same coin
    Yet different!

  • ssaumya 43w

    Maturity is when you stop..
    showing your talent,
    Like a pocket full coin.

  • ssaumya 43w

    Maturity is when you stop..
    showing your talent,
    Like a pocket full coin.

  • suddenlyme 53w

    I might update this later, still feels like it's missing more emotion....

    #braindump #diary #2020 #wisdom #justathought #love #coin #hate #letgo #fight #choose #choice

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    Two Sides

    Hate and love
    Heads and tails
    An eye for an eye forgive and forget
    Distance yourself reach out
    Inhale and exhale
    Hold on let go
    Fight or flight
    what do all these words have an commen? They are all the same meaning just handle differently in the same situation.
    You just choose how you want to handle it

  • poornanshi 55w

    One and only

    Make me your secret dairy
    Which you write quietly.

    Make me your fallacy
    Use me powerfully.

    Make me your sorcery
    Let things done magically.

    Make me your golden coin
    This treasure is costly.

    Make me your one
    And only.


  • magaan_10 57w

    Don't choose the protagonist and read the story.
    Read the story and then choose the protagonist.

  • james_taumas 56w

    Villain falls

    My cause just
    Singular conviction
    Sanity unbalanced
    World threatening
    Collateral losses worth it
    Motivation more than money
    Evils deeds caught up
    Paladin advances
    Demise predestined
    Hero and villain
    Same coin.


  • outofleague 61w

    Handful of breaths
    priceless sorrows,
    enchantment of turmoil
    immortal reality,
    victory of deception
    suffocating peace,
    conspiring for attention
    advertised soul,
    democratic for luxury
    preached brutality...

    ... lives rendered meaningless
    promising apocalypse.

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    #innocent #warning #coin #sides

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    Coin Sides

    Statement 1:
    With lesser and lesser trials
    we are able to understand
    why we are facing something wrong
    and how much we are learning from it
    until that becomes the source
    for all the knowledge we wish for.

    Statement 2:
    Constant is a myth. Peace cannot be
    constant. Without ups and downs
    peace won't feel like which one has
    earned but a sheer luck.
    How well one can protect Peace
    by deceiving the obstacles against it
    is an important skill
    and a definite requirement.

    Statement 3:
    Recognition can be termed influenctal
    or degrading. Who is propagating it
    understands why they are opting for
    the either versions.
    Spectators only judge the character
    but it is the character who struggles
    to remain meaningful only to itself.

    Statement 4:
    A throne is what the the holder
    would never like to lose.
    Whether the holder is a saint or
    a sinner.
    A soldier murders another person
    who has family for bounded reasons.
    Light comply towards threat can be
    the end for one and what they love.

    Statement 5:
    When inevitability becomes the only
    way to escape the duties that are
    contradicting to a worthy mass,
    contribution to the play becomes
    a safekeep for the structure,
    home to everyone.



  • mythrayee 65w

    @mythrayee @mirakee @mirakeereposter @mirakeerepost @writersnetwork

    #stopjudging #mirakee #wordslove
    #socialmessage #coin #yes #no #yourchoice
    #learntoaccept #donttrytouseme

    Here I refer that yes and no as my two sides and I should be the one who decides I am yes for whom and no for whom, also it depends everytime and the same will not repeat. And life is just not as easy as tossing a coin whether heads or tails and just deciding who is 1st and who is 2nd, so don't even try to use me to according to your comfort and get no side of me permanently. But remember that if I do something it's nothing for anyone to bother untill you knows me very well. Because those who knows me very well don't misinterpret my words also in my absence.

    Learn to accept the yes and no from everyone like how you think when you say yes or no to someone they should accept it and when you put that person in your shoes and look at something from their point of view you will get the answer with reason for anything let it be Yes or no.

    Stop judging people based on their appearance, colour, caste, language, attitude, in the way how they express their self and much more. And stop accepting them for what they are and how they are like how we accept the two sided coin.

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    Do we judge a coin for being two sided? It is acceptable right and why it is not the same when it comes to me and ends up in some unwanted judgements.


  • dkaby_rs 68w

    Think before you trust or say anything about anyone, maybe the person you are trusting is just using you like a puppet.

    #coin #twosides #trust #lies #weboflies #think #thinkbeforeyouspeak

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    We know there are always two sides of a coin,
    First know both the sides then decide what to say about anyone
    Maybe the tail you have been shown has a thin layer of lies and the coin you are trusting is moldy(having heads on both the side)

  • shoumeet_saha_poetry 68w

    A Flip Side...

    Like a coin bearing two sides,
    it determines that
    there are two sides of an outcome,
    One side is the decision we take,
    the other is the alternative to it,

    Life always brings up chances like these,
    Chances to flip the coin and decide
    what to move forward with,
    and also keep in mind that
    there is another side to it,

    Call it taking risk or trying out our luck,
    Its important to know that
    there is always an alternative,
    there is always a flip side
    to things we choose, do and think,

    We always have a chance to start fresh,
    Always have the opportunity to revive,
    Always have the opportunity to choose


  • rhymed_genre 72w

    The person struggling to know their importance in other’s life.
    I know you haven’t felt special or wanted in a while, which is the reason you are sitting here on the window all alone even when you have a family to talk with, just inside the house and friends a call away. I even know where is this coming from, from all those conversations where your ears craved to hear them talk about you but they didn’t, from watching all those movies/series or reading books which you had started relating to your life but as soon as it completed the realty hit your imagination once again and you started feeling unfortunate for not having that dreamy life. Coming from all those expectations you had sketched of a perfect situation which did not turn the way you wanted. From all those promises made to you by people around you which somehow they couldn’t keep.
    But my dear mate, I hope you flip the coin around to check for the possibilities of the things to happen the other way, opposing your favor. That conversation that day might not be about you at all but that doesn’t mean they don’t think about you or care any less. That movie/series or the book was indeed a perfect one but you just need to know that, the movie/show of an hour or two and the book of 10-1000 pages cannot sum up a whole life, they are a customized medium of picturing a pinch of struggle, a bit of sadness and a lot many happy moments because nobody wants to look at sad or a depressing story, so yes perfect stories do exist but they too have their own bitter part which the world doesn’t wish to see.
    I am sorry for that situation didn’t happen the way you had planned or dreamt but time favours no one so wait for your time there’s a long way to go. And about those promises which were broken, maybe they tried to keep their promises but again time favours no one but still they might have tried their hardest to keep but failed, so a better way than just wondering what may have gone wrong is ,talking , ask them, listen to what they have to say, show them how much that promise mattered to you and also know how much did breaking it bother them.
    Your sadness feeds on the insecurities you have, the more you have them the more sadness dwells in you. Do not let your mind conclude the situations, turn the coin over maybe you will save some good moments from never happening the other way.
    #writer #writing #word #WordPress #turn #coin #story #read #book #content #letter #sad #happy #love #mirakee #pod

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  • shamli_mali 80w

    लांब राहून प्रेम वाढतं म्हणे
    पण लांब राहून गैरसमज सुद्धा वाढतात
    आणि लांब राहिल्याने नाती तुटतात सुद्धा
    त्यामुळे लांब राहून प्रेम वाढतं
    हे तेव्हाच खरं आहे जेव्हा
    त्या नाण्याची दुसरी बाजू विश्वासाची असेल
    जर नाण्याच्या दुसर्याबाजूला विश्वास नसेल
    तर ते नातं तुटतंच

    आणि हे नाणं दोघांना जपावं लागतं,
    एकाच्याच नाण्याला विश्वासाची बाजू असेल
    आणि एकाच्या नसेल तर त्यांचं नाणंच वेगळं आहे ना
    मग नातं टिकवायचं तरी कोणासाठी??


  • sanchari_karmakar 83w

    He always wondered how invariably the coin flipped in favour of her. Thus making him do all the household chores.

  • thebhavnasaxena 92w


    Sleepy old town, its
    Wounds dripping history,
    And a faint tune in
    The air that reminds
    Me of tales I had heard
    When I was still a child;
    Stones older than me that
    Still stand, capturing me
    In their magic, I remember,
    A foggy December morning,
    My father told me, once upon a
    Time there was a little girl,
    Standing in this very spot
    Where I stand today and
    She said why not, why don't
    Queens get their names on
    Coins, why should kings stretch
    All the way on the pages in the
    Books of history that children
    After me and their children will
    Read from, power is an eager lover,
    She doesn't discriminate, doesn't
    Draw lines, I asked what happened
    To that little girl and he told me to
    Look her up in my history book;
    They call it the city of love, maybe
    There's some truth there, I couldn't
    Help but fall in love, the way that
    Little girl with big dreams became
    A strong woman with lofty ambitions,
    An immigrant's daughter turned
    Empress, and yes, she got her coin!