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  • geminiverses 33w

    Origins of Chaos

    With a love like ours it was plain to see
    There truly wasn't any mystery
    With what's already come, and yet to be
    It's clear why storms are named after people

    My heart's like the wind, it longs to be free
    No longer dreaming of a bended knee
    Declarations made, exchanging of rings
    To marriage a no, commitment I'll bring
    It's clear why storms are named after people

    My future now seems a little blurry
    I hate when love comes with strings
    Need them? Hell no! Want them? Every day!
    If I desire you in my life, I'll stay
    Push my line and you'll feel my fury
    It's clear why storms are named after people


  • 845doe 54w

    I have been reckless with you
    Giving you responsibility too
    For everything that's broken
    For every word said and spoken
    I think there was too many words
    I gave them away like flocks of birds
    Flying suddenly off the ground
    Scared you with the sudden sound
    You heard more than you should
    I'm sorry I misunderstood
    What healthy boundaries are
    I should have selected them from afar
    Cleaned them and inspected them alone
    Before throwing them like stones
    Cause you're not superhuman like I made you out to be
    I'm sorry I couldn't see you clearly
    I guess I just needed what you said
    I have to release it now instead
    So that I won't cling to an illusion
    Of me being your unique revolution
    Because I have to be my own resolution


  • in_fragments 93w

    "Humans call me The Sin-Eater.
    For centuries I've feasted
    on defunct men, their dark secrets,
    whose funerals I've guested-

    Obliged to take every debt
    with sacraments, Bread and Wine
    transferred from dead chests to live lips;
    with them, I ingest the pain.

    Their earthly, depraved desires,
    greed and grief I mollify,
    that they cross heaven pure of heart-
    His Perfect Anatomy.

    Invite me in, send me away
    with a body full of sin-
    For thy peace, I pawn my own soul,
    I vindicate thy lifespan.

    But who eats from my chest-table?
    Deific little leper,
    steeped in stigma absorbed in pores-
    no Other will consider.

    My soul, sandy and arid now;
    my organs are a desert,
    became completely what I eat;
    tearing my old heart apart.

    Were I to try releasing them,
    in solace of someone's ear;
    invites ungodly mimicry,
    spreads debt to innocent years.

    Subconscious attracts the darkness;
    for brains are only patterns
    reliving every ache they've learned:
    Small girls becoming Martyrs-

    'Twas a girl, once upon a time-
    now- the ash that follows flame.
    Drawn to such pitchy energy-
    suffocating, thankless Mime.

    I- Queen of flaws and contagion-
    no hope to be purified-
    Thy tiny gods, seek righteousness,
    but for it, will never bleed.

    As long as there is sin on earth,
    'twill be my sole nutrition,
    helpless against hierarchy,
    macabre bonds and addiction.

    Humans call me, The Sin-Eater,
    to adopt their damnations,
    And I, as their holy scapegoat,
    will take them without questions-

    Long ago gained- reputation-
    allowed to be nothing else,
    soul spinning solely towards sin;
    dies for narcissistic bliss.

    'Tis all that matters to them now-
    such shaky identities-
    something to stuff their faults into,
    bodies like amenities.

    Such is mine, for millennia.
    'Tis all I know life to be-
    one of blame and violations,
    hatred and malice for free.

    Thine own rancor receptacle,
    bid me, take yours, gone tonight!
    Thou shapest me, operates me
    to make ugly as thou likes."

    The Sin-Eater is a character I created based on the historic ritual of sin-eating (where someone consumes a meal to spiritually absolve the sins of a deceased person) to act as an
    allegory, a warning agaisnt the toxicity of codependency, and to highlight the consequences that come from putting others before yourself and taking on their issues without boundaries. The lines will blur eventually, between who you are and who they want you to be.
    Give of yourselves sparingly. You can get lost in others so fast...
    #horror #story #poem #legend #tales #folklore #fiction #codependency #toxic #life #mirakee #writerstolli #pod @writersnetwork

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    Humans call me
    The Sin-Eater.

  • wanowak 93w

    You begin to heal when you stop looking for an apology that will never come.

    For another's rationalization of the truth
    is not your concern.

    Believe in yourself.
    That is all that matters.


  • katielady 96w

    The dance

    I have no sense of self
    Constantly I am seeking out others to help
    No self esteem, no empathy for me
    I seek to be seen
    For I need you to validate me
    Codependency is not what is seems
    Loving myself is nothing but a daydream
    Therefore I fear what you think of me
    Can you not see all the ways I try to please
    Do you not notice the way I feel means nothing to me
    I'm only seeking out the person you want me to be
    Oh wait, no you can't relate
    For your narcissistic traits have set the perfect bait
    You need me to validate you for all your self hate
    This is a set up, a mistake
    You see it as my job, I better not hesitate
    If I don't satisfy your needs it is I that you terminate
    It is my heart you lacerate, now opens the floodgate
    To find out this is a game you navigate
    Why, I've only been your playmate

  • __sni_pan__ 110w

    In fact, that's the VERY REASON
    that they are Hyper-Emotional, because they wouldn't survive without co-dependency.
    That's why they need to create these
    Co-dependent Relationships
    and their mind protects them from
    That information, by giving it a nice
    Emotional name, of Love, Care, affection, what not.
    #selfcare #individuality #Peace #lifelessons #positivemindset #affirmationnation #dailyaffirmations #selflove #positivevibes #dailyaffirmation #success #affirmations #motivation #positivethinking #meditation #mindfulness #inspiration #positiveaffirmation #affirmation #lawofattraction #positiveaffirmations #mentalhealthawareness #positiveenergy #mindset #strength #independence #freedom #wisdom #ascension #wisdom #codependency

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    Any sensible, pragmatic person would be
    wary of Hyper Emotional People

    Because you NEVER know
    When they would make you
    Their Messiah, their Saviour
    and start burdening you with their life
    Their problems, their happiness, their ambitions

    AND when all of a sudden
    Start blaming you for EVERYTHING
    Wrong with their life and start making
    the most bizarre claims of them
    Needing to save you, them being your savior
    and you being Un-saveable..

    First of all, Emotionally healthy people
    Don't talk in these terms, they don't presume
    To have the Power to save others
    nor do they make other people Responsible
    For saving them, healing them, fulfilling them
    or even the exact opposite..

    Emotionally healthy people know
    That everyone needs to take responsibility
    For their own happiness..
    So they neither play the victim, nor play God/ Saviour

    AND you are Right in being wary of Hyper Emotional people
    because those people are so watery with
    Their emotions, feelings, illusions/ delusions
    That they NEED TO find someone to give their life
    Any shape, any meaning, ANYTHING..

    And either they will love you and worship you
    Or, if disappointed, they will blame you, trash you

    Whatever it is, they will do, it WILL BE with someone or the other in the centre
    Because they have no centre, no Roots of their own
    AND the only way they survive is, with co-dependency.


  • lovingleah 118w

    I found out that
    I was more happy
    Talking about you
    Than to you.

  • lovingleah 118w

    You want me to apologize
    For every little thing.
    Well I'm sorry
    That's too many things.

  • healingyouryouniverse 122w

    You are allowed to set boundaries. The people who benefit from you not having any boundaries, will 100% of the time not like it.
    Protip: do it anyways.

    You did not come to this planet, to kiss the feet of the people that walk all over you.


  • healingyouryouniverse 124w

    If your self growth journey is primarily focused on learning compassion for others, that is a journey of escapism and has nothing to do with your own evolution
    and everything to do with

  • jadajennings 130w


    The accusations flying far,
    all wild, wide and unwise.

    All I did was give, give, give
    and try to forgive.
    You were hateful, ungrateful
    and disgraceful.

    Two sides to every story,
    except there's really three:
    yours, mine and the ugly
    truth from codependency.

  • calebcordarrow 131w

    A Whisper, A Dream

    Grabbed from an odd angle, his hand meeting the corner of my mind’s eye, stopping me cold in a mire of empty thoughts and memories sold

    Thick fingers grasp my arm with a calloused caress with which he conveys his version of dominant charm making the submissive prospect of being the receiver of his brute and carnal harm for me sound no internal alarm

    Warmth enveopes his words, his husky voice balms my mind, simulated emotion thick as cheap lotion soothes away those other silly thoughts and confused notions

    My throat pulls a gasp as he traces some kind of design, seemingly benign, his fingers climb up my flesh in slow motion time

    Circularly seductive his loopholes in logic let him linger my mind in the halted step of his now urgently distracting fingers as he whispers like a breathy sex driven teenage singer

    ‘I knew you then’,
    I prepare to protest but it catches, this wavering wisp of gauze glanced, by chance, a thought, a dream... in that instant prophetic it seemed

    ‘And I will know you again’, he states with a certainty and conviction which manages in an instant to cause the drought of all my cautious doubt

    Deliver me from sin my thick fingered friend comes a plea hissed from behind a demonic grin

    ‘Don’t pull from me or hide your face in shame,'

    His words slither through my ear as soft as a chick's first coating of down, his cooing consillations nest somewhere close to my breast, where they flutter to rest within the perfectly carved cleft which I hadn't known had laid inside and by my heart entwined in such fevered anticipation

  • gemstone 132w

    U don’t have to call

    U only call on me when you need me
    You only call on me for my body
    But apparently you don’t really need me
    You don’t really call on me often
    & when you do call on me,
    It’s only for my body
    Not me

  • sven_7 138w

    How to love a murderer (intro)

    Imagine being in love with a viscous murderer and violent rapist. It could happen to you, it happened to me. That's why I'm in therapy. He has killed before and he will kill again. And standing beside him will be an innocent unknowing accomplice just like I was.

    I'm sure your thinking "that couldn't be me"," that isn't us" "my lover could never be a monster" "I'm not that stupid girl." however trust me when I say I'm no dummy. There is a special kind of human out there, maybe even in your bed. He could be your bestfriend or co worker but believe me you know one.

    First let me tell you who I am. I was married for 10yrs, I raised two beautiful children (one boy, one girl), I had a successful career (10yrs with the same company) as a hobby and 2nd job I was a behavioral specialist working with kids between the ages of 3yrs and 18yrs. I taught the bible to teenagers on the weekend at Sunday school. Love, respect and have a good relationship with my parents. Living in beautiful sunny southern California, lifes pretty darn good. Sure I had my issues no ones perfect. I had made some bad decisions, suffered financially but I always sought help from counseling. Even debt recovery classes. I went through a short wild period of drugs and alcohol, sowing my wild oats. My life was good, great!, my kids were grown I was still young. I had a good job, I felt confident even thought of myself as pretty. With exceptional genes, good diet and exercise I looked like I was in my thirties. And then I met him the killer with a handsome face. The monster with good manners. The demon who made all my dreams come true.

    If it could happen to me, it could happen to any of you!

  • universilje 140w

    Confused flowers

    My roots are so deep.
    I always knew my strength.
    It carried me through.
    I knew I was love but then I met you.
    You where free like me.
    Wild full of complete abandon.
    You saw my freedom got scared id run. Leave you just like everyone.
    I saw the same.
    I saw the same.
    We pushed each others stalks out of the soil. Convinced we'd plant ourselves back in this time with more toil.
    We forgot our freedoms, why we first shot 1st glances across sun drenched fields.
    We forgot our admirable looks and warmth we'd given to each other.
    We just didn't want to loose the other so we grabbed each other too tightly.
    We forgot we where seeds.

  • defiant_surrender 146w


    I know I'm wrong to wish you tragedy
    But I can't help but want you to need me
    I know it's wrong to keep you dependant
    But I imagine you shining and indepent
    And I am halfway happy but fully reluctant
    At time I wish I was good and wholesome and sweet
    But without my demons, am I really me?

  • alfonxe 151w

    Too Much / Not Enough

    The door slams as your presence leaves the hallway of our apartment building
    The silence left in the room with me builds into a deafening ambience
    And in that emptiness your words echo

    "You're just too much."

    I turn the fan on to let the whirring of the blades fill the room with any sort of vibrance to remove the stench you left rotting in my head
    I think of your words
    Where they come from
    What led them to this room, tonight
    Did they come out because I was too affectionate?
    For being grateful and not wraught with disdain
    "I love you."
    I say to all that allow me to be honest
    Are you angry, that I'm honest?
    Does the truth anger you?
    Does it scare you?
    Because the truth is
    You're not very honest
    You don't show affection

    "You're not enough."

    My words linger in your brain
    Down your spine and into your nerves
    Your fingertips grapple at the steering wheel
    You're aware of the battle in your brain
    When it pertains to you
    But you've never had it affect someone you care for
    You want to say it
    "I love you."
    But you're unaccustomed to that emotion
    It leaves a bitter taste in your mouth
    And dries up your lips as your teeth clench in disdain

    You look out your window and see the moon towering over the city
    One light to guide them all home
    I look out my window and see the same
    The warm glow of my twinkling lights refracting against the glowing clouds enveloping the skyline

    An unfortunate argument between friends
    As extravagant as the view of this night
    And we may talk again
    But maybe not forever
    And no matter the outcome
    I want you to know what I've always overwhelmingly felt
    Even as we part ways

    "I love you."

  • themidnightspeculator 153w

    Being in love is the scariest thing. It changes you more than you want it and without you realizing it. You unwittingly become codependent and the thought of living without the beloved then becomes your worst nightmare... and god forbid, if things don’t work out... well that’s when you become a maniacal insomniac... staying up all night... thinking of what could have been and what isn’t... feeling helpless... no matter how many scenarios you imagine... you know that in the end it’s all in your head and not in reality... it’s just hopeless!


  • thepoet_j 196w

    i promise ill be strong for you

    just hold me again

    and never stop


  • thepoet_j 196w


    it seems
    i want
    to drive my car

    into the abyss of your love
    and drown in it