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  • aimansheikh 13w

    Today is the last challenge and I hope anyone, atleast one person among us has gain some good from this 10days challenge.

    We are so used to our cell phones that we can't even wake up without touching it or we can't even sleep without scrolling through the phone, be it stalking, binge watching series YouTube, texting calling or anything.

    Lets just promise ourselves an hour a day, why can't we???
    We deserve to heal, we deserve to feel good fresh air.

    That's it, that's end of the 10days challenge.
    It was so good and helpful for me to come up with these ideas.❤️��

    @miraquill @writersnetwork #selflove #10dayschallenge #coach #cellphones #end

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    10 Days self love challenge.
    ( DAY 10)

    Today let's do the toughest challenge.
    Lets not touch our phones for atleast an hour and use that time on some productive thing.
    We can use that time for reading books, writing on paper, painting, gardening, playing with our pets or anything.
    Lets just make this hour count and feel happy.


  • aimansheikh 13w

    We mostly don't know about the things that give us joy or that we love to do, because of giving away too much of ourselves to others.
    We often forget about what we love to do. And with time lost interest in things that make us happy.

    Today I want you to write down atleast 5things that give you joy and if you can then go out and do atleast one thing from the list for the next 21days and see the difference?

    5things that makes me happy.
    1; Trying out different kinds of food/clothes/(Shopping).
    2; Writing.
    3; Painting/calligraphy.
    4; Traveling and exploring new places.
    5: Reading.

    6: I love my data science projects too and taking out blood from people for test. ������‍♀️
    7; Binge watching shows, I mean who doesn't.��
    There are I guess many more things that I love to do but let's just see the first 5 only. ��❤️

    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #selflove #10dayschallenge #coach #happy

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    10 Days self love challenge.
    (CHALLENGE 05)

    Today write down 5things that you love to do.
    Be it anything sleeping, scrolling, walking, gardening or whatever thing that makes you happy.

    You can drop a comment or write it on your dairy or page.

  • aimansheikh 14w

    We always talk negatively about ourselves. Like I am so stupid, I am so ugly, I am so dumb, I can't do this and that etc... All this gets embedded into our subconscious mind and we start believing it.

    How about we change this dialogue today? Instead of talking negatively about ourselves, let's start looking at ourselves with positively.

    Instead of giving negative titles like dumb, stupid, failure, we could say I am so smart, I am so beautiful, I am so talented, I have achieved so much.

    My Title for myself is; I am Empath / Achiever and a warrior.☺️

    Let me know about the title you give to yourself in the comments or you can write it down on your diary or your page.❤️

    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #selflove #10dayschallenge #coach

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    10 Days self love challenge.
    (CHALLENGE 04)

    Today give yourself (A TITLE).
    You heard it write A TITLE.

    Comment down the title you love for yourself. :)


  • aimansheikh 14w

    Somebody has said that the Antidote to exhaustion isn't Rest, it's nature..

    Since it's Sunday today, take out some minutes for yourself and go out and spend time in nature..
    It's a great way to refresh yourself.

    I spent almost 2hours in the morning with nature during my walk and it was the happiest time for me today. ����

    #selflove #challenge #10dayschallenge #coach #nature

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    10 Days self love challenge.
    (CHALLENGE 03)

    Spend some time with nature and exhale all the stress and worry out and inhale the self love.

    Comment, I will spend some moments with nature for myself.
    If you're ready to do it for yourself today.


  • aimansheikh 14w

    I know most of you will be like Oh I am so thin or I am so fat, l am so tall or I am so short, I am not pretty at all, I have long hair but I wanted short, I have short hair but I wanted long, I don't feel fair enough or I feel awkward in my pale skin. We tend to appreciate other's for who they are but forget to appreciate ourselves, our strength, our bodies our intelligence.
    We almost neglect all the good things in us and stop loving ourselves.

    Therefore, today I would love you to spare a moment for yourself and Appreciate yourself.
    Think about your uniqueness, your flex points that make you, You and that you love about yourself.

    Things I love About myself;
    I am a good human being, I love how I treat people who hate me with love, I love many people copy things from me,( ꈍᴗꈍ)I care about people more than I care about me, I love my ability of thinking, I love how I dress, I love how I don't flex anything, I LOVE THAT I ALMOST DID EVERYTHING THAT I HAD DREAMT OF IN MY CHILDHOOD, I LOVE THAT I AM ABLE TO MANAGE TIME FOR MY TWO DEGREES, WRITING, BOOKS, AND 2NEW COURSES.

    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #positive #coach #life #selflove #10dayschallenge

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    10 Days self love challenge. (CHALLENGE 02)

    You can write any thing any habit any features you adore about yourself.

    You can write it in the comment box or in your dairy.


  • hanshu 14w

    There are not a lot of things I can be grateful for but I tried to figure out the things I can be grateful for.
    #wod #selflove #grateful #10dayschallenge #pod #life #coach #positive #qod @miraquill @writersnetwork @aimansheikh

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    The 10things I am grateful for

    First I am grateful that I can write or express myself in words..,
    Second I am grateful for the challenges I already face in life I passed from them.,
    Third I am grateful for the days I feel I can't live in them are already passes and now these too can pass..,
    Fourth I am grateful for the last moment I spend with my mom her last time..,
    Fifth I am grateful for my wishes which are fulfilled by God..,
    Sixth I am grateful for the things I get without asking for them from God..,
    Seventh I am grateful for I have the things most people don't t have..,
    Eight I am grateful for the I lessons life teaches me..,
    Nine I am grateful for whatever happened for good reason..,
    Tenth I am grateful for I survived or may I survived from this hurts too.

  • aimansheikh 14w

    I am going to start a 10days self love challenge.
    we all neglect ourselves everyday just to get acknowledgement from others,but we need to remind ourselves that we need to love ourselves and practice self compassion.

    For this I will be posting a challenge everyday that you'll have to follow and share your feelings only if you want to. :)
    Lets focus on being postive and finding the good in ourselves throughout these 10days. ��☺️

    Remember this challenge will last for 10days. Thankyou. ��

    Here are my 10things which I am grateful for;
    1: My family.
    2: I Have a Home to live in.
    3: For being able to write since last 10years and never stopped.
    4: My friends who have been with me for more than 17years.
    5: For the clothes I wear.
    6: For my studies and everything I have achieved till now, for the business I am operating.
    7: For being able to travel with my parents and alone too.
    8: For the food ALLAH has provided me since I was born.
    9: For everything that I demand gets fullfill.
    10: For the life I am living.
    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #positive #coach #life #selflove #10dayschallenge

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    10 Days self love challenge. (CHALLENGE 01)


    you can write it in the comment box or in your dairy.


  • propheticsinner 31w

    Here is the little example to understand the difference between being "Mindful" and "MindFull".

    Former is more associated with peace, practice, patience while later is associated with arrogance, intolerance and insufficiency.

    I hope you liked it.

    Comment down your observation.

    #mindfull #mindful #life #coach #business #entrepreneur #thoughts #win #success #failure #learning #strongwomens

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    Mindful v/s Mindfull

    I had never thought that things will end between us the way they ended.

    You were trying to bog me down.

    But, I kept pushing my limits.


    One is rich and other is Successful.

    Choose your thoughts wisely.
    Either they make you or break you.

    There is huge difference
    'Mindful' and 'Mindfull'

  • fitcoach_harshu 86w

    What comes in nutrition?

    •Vitamins and Minerals
    •Digestive Health
    Such as fibre, Aloe and Water


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  • studentme 113w


    Trust Is Just A Five Letter Word
    Which Had Been Taken Over By Lust

    Just To Fullfill The Thirst.

    @Mujeeb Ur Rahman

  • studentme 113w


    Jeopardising Relationships Are More Risky Than Lethal Injections .

    Hold Your Section To Stay Away From Distractions.
    Else You Will Find Yourself In Number Of Fractions.

    @Mujeeb Ur Rahman

  • jadajennings 129w


    Coach said, 'being on the ropes
    isn't same thing as bleeding out'
    and I faltered, struggling to win,
    tightly grasping onto my hopes.

  • abutameem 140w

    Life has it challenges often caused by ignorance - picture the flower, see it, smell it for it is a picture of beauty as life ought to be

    #flowers #coach #mirakee #writersnetwork @writersnetwork #abutameem

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    Flowers bring Happiness

    Flowers gathered and so neatly arranged in a vase
    We take a step back as focus on it our gaze
    Beauty beholds as it make the heart feel alive
    To bring happiness to others is for what we strive

    The flowers have a unique way to calm one down
    When others cause consternation and a frown
    We turn our heads as we say a prayer for peace
    Even though people will not their ignorance cease

    It is in these flowers we see the beauty of life
    When others' obstinacy can be the cause of strife
    We move away with a smile and a greeting of peace
    The heart is where happiness pain will ease


  • rupalirupali 141w

    Being happy always starts with me... Believe it

  • abutameem 142w

    Ah .. the lessons we learn from nature .. beneficial rain brings life to the earth .
    Beneficial knowledge brings life to the soul ..

    #coach #motivation #reconciliation
    #abutameem #mirakee #writersnetwork @writersnetwork @writersnetwork101

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    The cloud slowly moved above us like a white blanket
    so beautiful one would think it was for a banquet
    it came in peace with blessing from on High
    That mercy will soon descend from the covered sky
    Awakening the land that so longingly waited
    to be nourished by its droplets and be feted
    My eyes wish to mimic this magnificent droplet
    a teardrop rolls down my cheek into my goblet
    Grateful I ought to be for the rain and the lesson
    how the rain can so miraculously the earth freshen
    The trees are smiling and the seed ready to sprout
    New life is starting and too many blessings to count
    The rain washes away that which is a bit of waste
    Watch the seed grow in its time with no apparent haste
    The seed will sprout and break through the earth
    announcing its arrival that a new life has sprung forth
    It started with the first droplet of rain from on high
    Nourish yourself in the mercies which you can't deny
    Be like the seed readied for a new life and growth
    Therein lies the magical garment with which you clothe


  • jayysquare 143w

    Learn life in loops!

    Times, our brain swirl shows the purpose of a glass of water which either subsides a thirsty throat or the crust in ground.

    "Used or used"

    No subject or object is meaninglessly existing in the universe.

  • rupalirupali 143w

    We don't need world to remind us
    We don't need our families and friends to remind us
    We don't need to attend seminars and mentors to make us realize
    We don't need validation from the world to reiterate
    We just need to look within ourselves and our journey and feel and see what a wonderful miracle we are
    And we know who we are..


  • abutameem 144w

    The mistakes we make may affect others. It is time to reconcile - forgive - and if it is within us, then to rectify.

    #coach #motivation #reconciliation
    #abutameem #mirakee #writersnetwork @writersnetwork @writersnetwork101

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    Turning Darkness into Light

    We fought hard as we sought the prize
    But I never thought you'd resort to lies
    It does seem that you never will regret
    You likely don't care if we ever again met

    I extend my hand to you in resolution
    Even though you still battle your delusion
    I have no qualms in saying that I'm sorry
    Life is way to short for all this worry

    As I pray for myself I do for you
    Turning your back is what you may rue
    It is not I who will be the final judge
    And your happiness I never do begrudge

    As the clock ticks it is time to say farewell
    Never do I pray for any to land in hell
    Time waits for no one to do what is right
    Relief of a burden turns darkness to light


  • sarahrachelea 149w

    Him: "Hey, sup. You know, I'm a player."
    Her: "Good to know. I'm a fucking coach. Now be a real true goddamn gentleman and make your Mama's proud or you can go home."