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  • wifey_suicide 25w

    I wanted to do something different, so I wrote a story about a couple who are madly in love, who end up killing people and the only way they get away from their crimes is by leaving the country and telling the press that they're dead.
    Enjoy this short story :)

    #rhyme #poetry #writing #love #murder #crime #running #bonnie #clyde #insane #sick #twisted #dark #different

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    Your Love is Mine

    Who would've thought I've would've met my partner in crime
    Thinking I would just sell her a dime
    Without surprise
    We're burying a body that owes me money
    Without fingerprints left behind
    Oh how lucky am I to call you mine
    The police only know lies
    While the streets stay silent and the family cries
    You smile at me and I smile back
    Let's do another hideous crime

    Now we're lost in time
    Bonnie and Clyde
    Quick to Mexico, let's hide
    They won't find us here
    Let's find some peace inside
    Tell the world that we've died
    Your love is mine

    I do love the smell of fresh baked pies
    Bet they would smell even better if they had the blood of our enemies
    I agree, because your ideas are also mine
    We'll tell the police lies even if we get arrested this time
    Six hour drives, don't seem bad when you're getting away with crimes

    Now we're lost in time
    Bonnie and Clyde
    Quick to Mexico, let's hide
    They won't find us here
    Let's find some peace inside
    Tell the world that we've died
    Your love is mine

    Uh oh, nobody knows were alive
    What do you say?
    Let's kill the president this time
    People won't believe were alive
    Only the psychiatrist knows, but only when he has a stuffy nose
    The news says it's a cold
    While me and my baby are flaunting around our cash
    Since debt cards will lock us up fast
    Police are confused while we laugh
    You might call us insane, but I call it love
    Since love makes you do crazy things
    Otherwise we wouldn't be wearing matching rings
    Your love is mine

  • gallaecia 106w

    Así éramos. Rebeldes, alocados, corriendo a contracorriente. Subiendo montañas, cruzando arroyos; rompiendo las leyes del qué dirán. Fuego con fuego, un jodido incendio. Tú tenías por arma esa preciosa sonrisa y yo las pecas de mis mejillas. Y pecamos. Y picamos. Y caímos y nos levantamos, pero siempre de la mano. Teníamos cicatrices; algún que otro balazo de tiempos pasados. Pero ya no dolían. Había tiroteos inesperados, de vez en cuando, cuando yo te atacaba con mi risa y tú con tus abrazos. Ojalá vivir para siempre en ellos, a fuego cruzado y corazón abierto. Pero un día Clyde decidió abandonar a Bonnie. Desapareciste, sin explicación alguna. Y mi alma se quebró un poco (más). No te busqué, sabía que no querrías que lo hiciese. Y aprendí a disparar primero y preguntar después; a no volver a arriesgar. Porque en el juego del amor, siempre había sido yo quien había recibido todos los balazos.

    #text #narrativa #poem #poesía #texto #bonnie&clyde #bonnie #clyde #gallaecia

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  • baqirtalpur 152w

    Outlaws In Love

    You, a chaotic beauty,
    Shootin' smiles from distance.
    A dangerous puzzle -
    Lost, with in your own existence.

    Me, a haywire mess,
    Trying to make sense of things.
    Willing to be by your side;
    In summers, winters, falls and springs.

    We, a crazy hybird of chaos and peril.
    Ready, to have a crazy ride
    Ready, to be the outlaws in love,
    Like Bonnie and Clyde.


  • eh_apollo 153w


    I went to make out hill the other day and it was empty
    People no longer come out to play
    I'm wishing I'd stop taking these trips but my mind doesn't allow me to stay
    I'm seeking refuge in you
    In anyone who'll let me in
    Give me all of you
    I'll give you everything
    I need confidence in me
    Tell me you love me even though you don't love me
    Tell me it'll be ok
    Tell me you'll never leave me
    I'd really love if someone stayed
    Bring your love baby I could bring my shame
    I've got the juice in the cups to numb the pain
    Bring me you I'll be sure to bring vanity
    Insanity should be our soulmate
    Be my Harley or even Bonnie
    Take a few for me before we board that plane
    Inhale me
    Feel me
    Xannies have your commitment

  • hyppie_engineer 155w


    Some things matter, some things don't
    Some people in life stay,some people won't
    Let's both of us get lost in nothingness
    Walk the endless walks, talk the endless talks
    This world is large and wide,let's run away like bonnie and clyde.

  • wordsfrom1985 165w


    I want that ride or die
    kinda love
    Ride with me,I'll ride with you
    Off into the sunset...just us two

    Bonnie n Clyde 2.0
    I'm not talking robbing banks
    but the bond they had...you know

    She had his back and he had hers...
    I want that ride or die
    kinda love with no cares


  • grimmmlyssa 190w

    I've never been in love with a man I haven't met,
    In my dream, you were there, laying in that bed.
    How many times shall I go over this in my head?
    Your love took me by surprise, In fact it stole my breath,
    Were you there? You had to be, we were in New Orleans,
    To you I'm just a nobody, a woman now who's starvin,
    Never before this day, did I think of you this way,
    I want to be professional, but my desires grow and stay,
    I know deep inside, we'd make the perfect team,
    Just tell me if I obsess, or do you feel the same?
    Sometimes it feels like you're right here, when I'm alone,
    Stalking you, ok I did, I wish you'd take me home,
    Selfish is how I feel, when I think of you,
    I asked the Lord to bring me love, I only think of you,
    Oh baby, daddy, king so fine, my heart is yours to take,
    Yes it's true, I think inside of the sweet love we'll make,
    Dominate me, show me how a real man handles curves,
    I swear that every inch of me, I want you to observe,
    Lick me, bite me, kiss me, inviting you between my thighs,
    Sticky wet, touch your chest, Baby I'm so down to ride.
    I'm not like the others, I'm good at making love despite my age,
    Afterall, I am the snake, let me in, rolling my hips,
    I match your every thrust.
    Some would think I've had practice, but I'm a natural,
    Look at me, my dear king, your eyes they speak to me,
    I know I'm just a slave, I'd like to be your queen.
    I'll give you all the space you need, I too most value this,
    Teach me, I'm want to learn the knowledge on your mind,
    If you ask me, to be the Bonnie to your Clyde,
    I won't even hesitate, I'm always on your side.