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  • juhiyverma_ 5w

    But the Silence,
    it gave me
    all my answers.

    ~ the Silence said it all.



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    But the Silence,
    it gave me
    all my answers.

    ~the Silence said it all.


  • darared 6w


    "We turn ourselves inside out and upside down either looking for or avoiding solutions to the wrong problems. We distract and delude and confuse ourselves, not because we are Machiavellian and masochistic, but because we are gloriously, earnestly, incompetent at unlocking ourselves. Because getting perspective on ourselves is one of the hardest things to achieve. We are far too close to ourselves to see who we are which is why the people closest to us become proxy mirrors and it is from them we draw damning conclusions about our status and success. But - there is no guarantee that those mirrors are reliable. We simply see what we want to see. We see what we believe to be true."

    theClearOut.com, February 2018

  • mariateresa 6w

    Choosing me, finally!! The latest reinvention of myself in a new place is me choosing joy and peace over struggle and pain. When God closes one door, He opens a window. Brighter days are on the horizon. Right in time for this month's new moon ��

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    New life

    Sometimes it's necessary to cut all ties
    Starting over on a clean slate, to walk away from the lies
    The time has come to live my truth by owning my power
    Staying stuck next to others that drained and devoured
    Chipped away at this beautiful and giving heart hour by hour

    Sometimes it's OK to say that I'm not OK
    Putting my own needs first, ahead of the rest felt like a test
    Choosing to walk down this new path alone
    Creating the life of dreams in a grounded and stable home
    Closing the door to the darkness once and for all

    Sometimes my feelings tease me into believing
    That nothing will change, that reality is deceiving
    Awakening to the present, putting one foot in front of the other
    Believing I'm deserving of so much more I've discovered
    Puts to rest the past and ignites a reset that is long overdue

    Sometimes is now, my future is completely brand new

  • mukesh_syahi 8w

    Fight till the end, but don't fight the END.

  • _little__things_ 10w


    He replied,
    My intrigue, pacified

    And now in calm, I live
    No longer in wait for what he'll give.

    His words or assurance
    Won't no longer cloud my 'ignorance'

    Coz now love, the road is clear
    And I'm glad he didn't appear.

    It assured me of my journey
    Under the stars of which he wasn't worthy.


  • venus93 12w


    Its always good to have closures
    than leaving loose ends
    which would render the story incomplete.

  • likwidsay10 15w


    When ever you bring it up
    It's like a wound was cut open

    A strange sick feeling
    In my chest that reminds me

    That every time I open up
    I find myself completely broken

    That it's not something
    I haven't gotten over so easily

    Becareful how you touch me
    Because I'm still kinda raw
    I'm so afraid that you'll hurt me
    That your warmth isn't enough
    To make my frozen heart thaw

    I often forget about it
    But then I lose my composure

    When memories start verging
    I quickly try to change my mind

    I'm told to just get over it
    I can't give it over exposure

    This feelings that emerging
    I gotta leave the past behind

    I need to find closure from this
    You made off with my innocence
    A thing, I didn't know I'd miss
    It makes it hard to fall in love
    I feel dead inside, in fear
    I construct four walls for defense

    I'm ashamed cause it feels good
    When what happened to me
    Had to be so, so bad
    Young children don't know
    Any better but adults do
    An' sometimes adults use them
    For their own sick reasons
    I want to wash with boiling hot water
    An' scrub the dirty off of me
    With a wire brush but
    The shame never washes away
    Now ever time I try to get close
    To someone
    I'm reminded of the fact
    But I won't let it define me
    I'll find love, who'll understand me
    I need tender patience
    In order for me to overcome
    Help me overcome
    Let me overcome
    So that I can come to you
    An' love you unafraid and unashamed
    I need the closure from being



  • journeyhale 22w

    Someday I will have the strength to let go.
    Today wasn't that day, maybe tomorrow won't be either.
    But eventually I will be able to walk away from that missed chance
    instead of blindly chasing after this
    game of tag where I am always "it".

  • simplymel 24w

    To the woman I've failed to elevate; (me)

    Forgive me...


  • simplymel 24w


    Before I go, "Know this" I say...

    Never once did I stutter when I confessed;
    Never once did I hesitate to put you first;
    See, I feared to "fall", you feared to "TRY"
    If there's one thing I'm taking from this, highlighted, BOLD size;
    YOU'RE NOT READY TO BE A MAN, and that's alright;


  • poetically_yours 29w

    Closure is far from liberating, it's more like rubbing salt to your wounds.

    © Poetically Yours

  • tenderkisses 30w


    She connected with a kindred spirit, then he was gone. By chance she talked to him unexpectedly one day. She should have told him direct, everything she feels and felt instead of holding back. Then, he shuts her out, leaving her frustrated that she couldn’t say what she needed and should have said and it sucks that he doesn’t know her side. It no longer matters to him, but she has her ways to deal with closure and the things she also needed to say..


  • thepaintingquill 31w


    I hope in the dark tonight,
    You'll remember my light.


  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 32w

    As Mark Twain once famously said, "Truth is stranger than fiction..." I'm inclined to agree; and perhaps you might be too, after reading this personal tale of a recent experience I had with an afflicted individual. May the situation soon drawn to a close. God willing.

    by Carolyn Glackin
    Birthed through the heart of creation
    An innocent child of the Light
    Cherished by all of the heavens
    And all that was holy and right
    With the curious mind of a dreamer
    And a creative imagination
    In those times when her world would go dark
    She'd dream up a whole new situation
    Time after time this occurred
    But the little one wasn't to blame
    Because somehow she just had to cope
    With the burdens of terror and shame
    Through illusions, some respite was found
    But then somewhere along the way
    She no longer could discern
    The truth from this game she would play
    Haunted by nightmarish visions
    Hounded by menacing evil
    In the grips of a sinister plot
    And a life that was fraught with upheaval
    With a mind that was young and unformed
    Left wide open, afraid, and alone
    She fell prey to malevolent forces
    Thus her mind was no longer her own
    Garishly fractured and twisted
    Her soul now devoid of the Light
    And no one around was the wiser
    'Cept a few who had spiritual sight
    Years later this girl, now a woman
    Somehow found her way to my path
    From the first, I could sense the huge problem
    That would lead to this wild aftermath
    But fate likes to keep a few secrets
    So back then I had no way to know
    That the problems this woman was facing
    Would continue to worsen and grow
    Three long years, she pursued me and plagued me
    The stalking was truly absurd
    She spied on me day after day
    And gazed at my every word
    Many times, I attempted to help her
    For I sensed her confusion and pain
    But my every attempt seemed quite futile
    As my efforts would all go in vain
    There's quite a bit more to the story
    But not all of it's my tale to tell
    Although one thing I can say for certain
    Her whole life was a true living hell
    Commandeered by a sinister presence
    Mind controlled by this dark entity
    At long last, a great truth came to light
    She had plagued me in hopes that I'd see
    For if someone would only take notice
    And help her accomplish her goal
    She could rid herself of this nightmare
    And reclaim the rights to her soul
    Although I'm an intuitive healer
    In service to God's greater good
    With these horrors, I'm not trained to help her
    So I sought out somebody that could
    Now it's up to the one holy Spirit
    In the hands of the most sacred Light
    The Divine shall soon rescue her soul
    As I've prayed for this morning and night
    A new day will soon be upon us
    And from there, she can finally heal
    But for now, that is all I can say
    All the rest, only time can reveal.
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2/28/2021

    *Art credited to Mario Sanchez Nevado.

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #myownwords #freedom #releasing #healing #forgiveness #tolerance #compassion #closure

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  • nightsurfer 32w


    Unfortunate are those
    who seek love everyday

    Cursed are those
    who seek closure everyday.


  • yaddah 34w

    The unheard cry part 3

    No sleep,No Peace...
    Like everything you think it's boolean negative "No"
    Talk about the future,all it's uncertain like a graph...
    Just gotta persevere like the perseverance travel to Mars...
    Draw lines make them even bolder to avoid skipping them..
    Get everything in order, arrange in accuracy a if you counting dollars
    At the end,
    Fall in love....

  • mr_kumare 34w

    Open book

    What hurts most is being an open book without closure.


  • mr_kumare 34w


    I find closure in writing my wrongs.


  • detour 37w

    A step away

    It seems always like
    So close we are to everything
    And a step away from all those things
    Just one step away from love so true
    Or a step away from a bond so new
    One step away from reaching the end
    And a step away from walking that unknown bend
    One step away from reveries to get real
    And a step away from escaping emotions surreal
    Just one step away we are
    From the stuff that's right
    And are close too much
    To the stars shining so bright

  • pallavi4 37w


    I inhale and feel my shallow breaths fading
    In my old bones I feel fatigue
    Depressed, lonely and tired I am
    My own life I’ve begun to slowly grieve.
    The whispering wind carries messages
    From the forgotten past, from bonds freed
    I sigh and strain to listen to all the symphonies
    Hoping to follow wherever they may lead.
    Dark are nights and bright the days
    Contentions are meant to heed -
    The internal war inside me
    Has caused my tangled thoughts to impede.
    In and out of consciousness now
    I see shadows waiting for me to leave
    With them as one of them together
    Their presence gives me great relief.
    Even in loneliness, I am not alone
    I’m thankful for having turned naive
    My presence is eagerly awaited by them
    My sins waiting to be reprieved.
    So far I have enjoyed life
    Often cheating death, I’ve deceived
    The precious viscous circle of life
    And I am here today to concede.


    1st of February, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- Winds by Rhads on Devian Art

    #wod #quest #whisperc #closure #death #writersbay @writersbay @writersnetwork #writerstolli #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld #readwriteunite #thepoetrycommunity #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @mirakee

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