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  • bonitasarahbabu 11w

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    Time is but a fleeting being,
    It waits for none.
    Catching up with it is asinine,
    As it moves faster than any can blink.
    We all will bloom at the right time,
    That is as cliched as can be.
    Aspire to bloom,
    But don't be lackadaisical about it.
    In the time we have been allotted,
    We need to make a difference and leave a legacy.
    Don't leave a mess for others to clean,
    But be an example for all who know you.

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  • the_fragile_broken_and_lost 11w


    Isn't so cliché that everyone just assumes they know what's going on with you, then they say it's alright. Well, its cliché, they have no idea if it will be alright or not. So why say it?
    To be so damn cliché it makes you so mad, then don't speak. Cuz, your so damn tired of hearing the same cliché answer. No.No more.

  • naa_diary 34w


    My test a pit
    I had fallen into
    Searching for a formular
    None to be found
    To make me feel safe
    My life still at stake
    I saw the birds fly
    But they could offer no help
    I think they had not ears
    Sweat of sand
    No way to escape
    I just had an empire to build
    My thoughts on a race
    No good architect i was
    Built an empire but found no roof
    A mass of prayers
    The fear i weighed
    A grave of shame
    Confusion was my breakfast
    Yet the hunger not abated.

  • uncle_sam 35w


    I know I'm supposed to be happy
    and I really look the part because Valentine's Day is here once again
    But lets get real,
    who invented this smoochy stuff?
    Damn I hate Valentine's day
    and all the stupid clichés.
    I mean come on;
    Couples holding hands like little kids,
    kissing in public; they cant control themselves.
    Roses and flowers that only lead to allergies,
    chocolates and strawberries lead to more calories
    then he calls you fat and leaves you as big as the earth.
    Things made in the image of hearts to present love yet it is just a meaningless shape and an organ in your body.
    Red is just a color,
    thinking too much of it reminds you of blood;
    you know blood on a knife after you stab him/her for forgetting it is Valentine's Day.
    It is so stupid.
    Love songs are played.
    Teddy bears are bought.
    Jewellery is expensive along with edible arrangements.
    It makes one wonder why didn't you do all that yesterday or last month.
    Valentine's Day is just a joke
    So many expectations
    So many clichés
    Don't even get me started on "I love you"
    This common sentence is a little overused on Valentine's Day.
    Why must you profess your love just for one day?
    Valentine's Day is for hopeless romantics,
    thinking that love is one day affair,
    not knowing that love is a journey of self discovery
    Love is not defined by a day.
    Love itself defines us all the days of our life.
    It is meant to be celebrated everyday not just a single day
    What more can i say;
    roses are red,
    violets are blue,
    I love Valentine's Day LOL

  • voices_as_thoughts 45w


    What's beautiful about me when you picture us?
    A smiler in pains?
    What's beautiful about you when you picture us?

    The fact you presently couldn't feel your absence?
    Yawn in pretence to seem you doing alot?
    And at most i'm serving energy for two and in return I'm eating solo

    So now where in I picture myself with another; I snap out
    In the castle I build making room for two: I snap out
    In the fantasies of us basking in riches;I snap out

    In shots and goals;I snap out
    In warming in the arms of the cliché "true lover"; I snap out

    And when I'm here and there but not alone; I snap out..

  • suranjana__ 62w

    (Readers kindly bear with this you may not like as it's lame but still bear with this please)
    @augustleaf @_rainfrost_ @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    HOPE, we'll peep at you from a distinct slant, not for sympathy but after those laborious trainings

    //Sometimes, I feel like Hope is a classical novel with clichéd words, which I am tired of reading over and over again//
    Fatigued of hearing those endearing communications from companions who tried to solace me for the unwelcome chapters that flashed in my existence. My goals were incessant yet there wasn't a lone I could attain. Every homo sapien that set foot in my existence had the carbon-copy words eloquently uttered, that HOPE for the best. But my idiotic encephalon doesn't want to hope any longer.

    According to the hypothesis that my mad cerebrum furnishes states that goals are like evocations which never departs and lives on. It can't cling to hope. Hope is intrinsic you must hope but that doesn't mean you hope while sitting pointlessly. We can't wholly hold onto hope as relatives say to hope when we eye for our upshot. If we aren't someone industrious then it's gonna be the most draining thing for us that's HOPE.

    We are there and we can achieve just a little bit of courage and credence is required and then boom!!!we will be sitting there, the dream throne of
    ours. There are finite disappointments in this world of ours but we mustn't loose infinite dreams. Hope, make it a word which can be used as conquest after working hard for so long rather than making a word
    to receive sympathy.

    Two recitals of one girl who hoped for success at first and after so many years she worked hard to crave it.
    At first she was someone who waited for ages yet never find her post which she came off-track due to being a low caste one. The other who discerned she herself purloined her those 5 valuable years hoping for a post which doesn't really deserve her. Every drop of her hard work made her someone unlike, unlike from the bygone one. A girl maverick. A girl diligent. A girl not living only with hopes and clichéd words. A girl who is sure of craving her dreams.

    And as the recitals embark and terminates at last it's all your choice which girl you want to be like. Paperbacks like Hope which lack originality of words must often felt tired of reading when we take it as consolations and stand by without any work for upgrade. But if you read this novel after working so hard in your existence it will turn to a novel memorable .


  • eurusgrey 78w

    Take me out for a coffee
    We'll talk about the stars
    Far away from the wars
    Stare coyly at each other
    Like two new lovers
    Take my hand in yours
    And just let me adore
    Your deep amber eyes
    Vast like the blue skies
    With your words; make me laugh
    Capture the moment like a photograph

    Take me out for a coffee
    And show me the moon
    With your laugh make me swoon
    Dance with me; give me a twirl
    And I'll show you my world
    Run your thumb over my cheek
    Be a mystery for me to seek
    Soothe me with your words
    Let them be charmingly absurd
    Then give me a gentle kiss
    Even if it's a momentary bliss

    This is too cheesy. *.*

    @writersnetwork @mirakee
    #writersnetwork #mirakee #poetry
    #p2h #love #writerstolli #clichè #tod_wt

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  • tan_ishka__ 99w

    If you can
    Hold me for a moment
    Please do
    Coz I feel
    Like I'm falling
    Falling for you

  • stfu_bitch 122w

    ~ Clichèd ~

    There we were walking down the corridor
    His hand entwined in mine
    Promising never to leave me alone

    Everything seemed perfect
    Until I woke up ..

  • vaibhavikeni 127w


    Life is full of clichés. Exclusivity is up to you.

  • obscuredwords 140w

    Love can last forever.
    If you wish.
    How ?
    Just remember the best parts, and let it bring a smile each day to your face :)

    The only promise I can make.

    #LifeIsBeautiful #LoveIsLove #LiveTillYouDie #BeYou #mirakee #writersnetwork #promise #tod_wt

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    You are my muse
    The only song I love to dance to
    I love to be places with you
    I know I complain
    But I would enjoy sitting on the road with you
    This is weird kinda love,
    The most beautiful kind,
    I guess.
    Where you are,
    But aren't
    I just love you.
    And love never goes in vain,
    It flows
    In a beautiful channel
    It is not a thing
    That I want
    It is a feeling
    I love
    So I love you till this feeling ends
    Or I die


  • ishansingh_ 143w

    Pretty Ugly

    I’m very ugly
    So don’t try to convince me that
    I am a very beautiful person
    Because at the end of the day
    I hate myself in every single way
    And I’m not going to lie to myself by saying
    There is beauty inside of me that matters
    So rest assured I will remind myself
    That I am a worthless, terrible person
    And nothing you say will make me believe
    I still deserve love
    Because no matter what
    I am not good enough to be loved
    And I am in no position to believe that
    Beauty does exist within me
    Because whenever I look in the mirror I always think
    Am I as ugly as people say?

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    - Abdullah Shoaib

  • junyio 146w

    All is fair in love and war

    "All is fair in love and war"
    Ben said, as he held the knife to slaughter Tom.
    Mary enquired "What are you doing, Ben"?

    Ben replied, "My love,i am preparing Chicken dinner, you said you are hungry earlier".
    "The things i do for love"

  • sid_wary 148w


    We live in a world of cliché, a world of banalities;
    Where people awe at caricatures, no matter how fake it is,
    But carp at authentic, like, correct that and this.
    Forgery at it’s best, mockery to the coiner's abilities.

    People are scribbling nonsense romantic platitudes,
    And attributing them to persons with negative attributes.
    I tried but never understood their notions and attitudes.
    But who am I to judge? I am just a person with no magnitudes.


  • zebra_da_poet 149w

    A poem i wrote for my crush who is in high school. I never gave it to her cause i thought it was a bit cliché and outdated to still do that.(write poems about love and giving them to someone you have feelings for)
    #love #cliché #Beauty #Forher #Firstcrush

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    Ever since I met you my heart hasn't been the same
    I've always wanted to talk to you but  shyness would always get in my way
    At times i try to bulid courage to talk
    To you
    But I'd sometimes look like a fool
    The thought of you would always strike a nerve
     A feeling of something I can not explain
    The blood in my heart goes to fast
    For my brain to react
    When I'm around you my heart can't relax
    I know righting a peom is something cliche
    But I have to tell you that you drive me insane
    Your beautiful personality along with your gorgeous smile
    Could melt even the largest Ice Berg
    You shine like the sun and glow like the moon
    I'd be a fool to pass on someone as
    Amazing as you
    Time has past and i know I could have tired to get to know you earlier
    So many opportunities i had
    But i was to afraid to grasp the past
    I tried suppressing my feelings but they keep coming back
    It's not infatuation because my heart has been stable for a period of time

  • _bloom 149w

    The Storehouse

    When it rains it pours
    Become the vessel where it's all stored

  • _bloom 149w


    Birds of feather, flock together
    Perhaps this is due to inclimate weather

  • stefanfarier 152w

    If wishes were horses

    If wishes were horses
    Don't get to ride them
    Or don't know how
    The prayers of the poor
    Go unanswered
    Stored up in the stables
    Of God's disobedient people
    Wasting away
    In the stores of the rich

    Maybe prayers aren't answered
    Not because
    God doesn't hear
    But His people do not act

    So the horse wastes away
    And dies
    Those that are released
    Are so dark
    Beggars don't recognise them
    And darkness
    Serves up horses
    To entangle
    Poor beggars
    In deeper poverty.


  • neha_warang 152w

    She was his Poetry
    He was her Rhythm
    Who says love happens
    Only in Clichés?


  • dennison 152w


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    Going Under

    Victoria, I pretend I'm fine,
    Yet miss you most around these times,
    But for a while I know that I'm
    Stuck on the Metropolitan line.