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  • kaach_ka_panchi 3d

    And then one day at the railway station or any airport in a city, I don't know.

    Where I'll move on to another country or city. But yes I am sure I will meet someone again. Someone there.

    But where I am going from here, I have to leave my belongings behind. My baggage.

    I don't care whether it's my belongings or whatever's inside. Whatever it is, no matter how precious it is, I'll leave it.

    On my way out I'll leave a letter in my bag,
    and I will write;

    I'm leaving now and can't look back because now nobody waits, nobody says wait.

    And If you got it then it is yours now and yes I am not here. my destination just keeps changing or I just have to wander.

    Inside my baggage.,
    It has my needs, some of my dreams, some of her gifts.
    Her divided love, her promises, some moments that I spent with her and some that never happened to me.

    And Some dreams will not come true, I just have to get out of here to fulfil them so now I have to go to improve myself.

    I'm not a loner nor a traveller, it's just me.
    I hope you understand,
    Now it's yours that was never mine, they never were.
    And I wish that you stayed.

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    I have to go


  • shabd_sangrah 2w

    Lfe is a road
    We have to walk


  • divshetty04 3w

    A Cafe

    Amidst the fog, I wander
    Murmuring with the inner me,
    Listening to some old music
    Wearing short pants & a t-shirt,
    Thinking of the roads
    I never tried before,
    But the buzz of the city
    Takes my interest
    & I walk in a roadside cafe
    Sipping a hot cup of tea,
    A newspaper boy steps in
    Urges me to buy one
    & I buy one of them,
    Offering him a Cadbury
    Kept in my pocket,
    The smile he gave made my day
    & I returned home thinking
    To visit the cafe every day.

  • foreverwriting 3w

    For a moment.
    To the wind
    The wild whirring
    By the city
    As it breathes
    Shifts around you.
    We are but one organism
    With many parts
    While we often feel separate
    The world is simply one
    Connected by our
    By nature
    And love


  • lalitha_l2 5w

    It's the delighted city,
    Where the duty of pitty,
    Having a life of pretty,
    With colours of petty.

    It's the undesired city,
    Where the thoughts of empty,
    Occupied the places of insecurity,
    With the faults of plenty.

  • unspokenpen1927 5w

    #city @writersnetwork @miraquill
    Thank u for the ❤
    Happy reading ❤

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    I live in the C

    Called "HE"
    And his H
    Is my "NATIVE".


  • puranidiary 5w

    I tried to potray the two different scenario of citylife, when we reside in ravishing world we often forget to look back to people surviving poverty, everyday struggling and hoping for a better tomorrow �� ..

    You can see each line in second stanza is contradicting statement of lines in Stanza 1 ��hope we bring a change someday!!

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    My mind perceives
    winds weaving whistling melodies
    Of prosperity taping luxury with lavish mullion
    and cuddling the golden pillars of shining shrine
    along chandelier lights fading the facade of famine
    As the silken silhouette swirls in big magical malls
    And happy hoardings kisses welkin of buildings too tall
    As the horn blows marks the motion of crowd
    And Starbucks caffeine captures giggles aloud
    As printed magazine are inked with quill of imagination
    And 24×7 running water nurtures the divine destination
    As i roam around streets of success suffused with supremes
    I perceive it all as landmark of city of dreams!!

    My heart horrifies
    Standing still in storm of unheard stories
    Of poverty torturing lives of ill-fated children
    and as darkness dwells in mud houses lines
    along with ants chewing the last morsel of cuisine
    As the shattered sweaters stabs the cold collarbone
    And poor mothers hums lullabies
    holding on to heart of stone
    As the shrinking skin pulls
    rickshaw cart under scorching sun
    And spinning tyre wheels in sludge is mere source of fun
    As the vague slates are sketched with titles of tension
    And farmer fathers count pennies for better education
    As i hear the cries in colonies of dead dreams lying numb
    I found my soul wandering in city of slums!!

  • enike_ 5w


    it spills
    The wind refills
    I hear trees
    One two threes

  • raman_writes 5w


    इतनी हैरत से ना देख वो इसी गाँव का है ।

    शहर में था कुछ दिन तो अलग दिख रहा है ।।


  • sweedle 5w

    I've never known the address of the city that reared you up. The place that treasured your aura as your eyes reached up the sky with your arms spread wide, embracing the wind and all the uncertainties it brought along.

    © Sweedle

  • ant_agonized 5w

    Poetry is deceiving
    You think he writes about you but he's not


  • kasishakespeare 5w


    A manikin roams in the city of my heart seeking love in the city
    Dark clouds created by sorrow , regrets and heartbreak
    Stop the lovely sunlight from shining on over the city of my heart
    My friends tried by all means to take me out to parties atleast to move on
    Some ladies ask me out on dinner dates and I would say no to most of them
    Then my friends told me that I have to move on and forget about the past
    But I replied that I just need a break from this dark and evil world
    Then from that day on I realized that my heart is a very precious organ and I must be careful to whom I give you it to
    If I become careless , it will break then I will live in misery

  • bellemoon99 5w

    Lost in the city

    My demons float across the bubbling city.
    Howling silences deafening the crowd.
    The bright lights make you feel exposed.
    While the background noise soothes your soul.
    Dreams that reach the sky like smoke.
    I'm frozen as I move aimlessly down a dark neon hall.

  • simranbawa 5w

    Hey there beautiful! Hope you're having a great day. Please remember to take care of yourself :D

    Thank you for the like @writersnetwork <3
    @writersnetwork @miraquill @quotes_miraquill

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    Do you see the city bleeding or it's just me welling up with bloody tears?

  • rachelfredericks 5w

    To bless the weary heart...

    To bless the wounded, weary, world-torn Heart, I feel the need to find myself in its midst. To enter into darkness and submerge myself in hopelessness, to feel the weight of the world, aimless as one bereft of light to follow, or guide to lead them, or companion to relieve the breaking of their bruised and battered neck.
    And to enter takes almost nothing at all at the same time it takes everything I have. To sink is effortless and to feel the weight of drowning somehow comfortable. But to emerge with words of inspiration, or of some half-true hope for healing, takes more effort than my arms have ever trained themselves to muster. I realize, in the din and overwhelm of deep, that I was never truly out of it. I have never truly left. Unable to swim I have taught myself to breathe underwater and pretend that this is where my home has always been. Only, it is the surface and the light I long for. And it is the deep that disconnects me from the land where hearts are gaily going about their ignorant bliss... we, down here, who have learned what breathing feels like without air, cannot afford the same ignorance. We are crowded here as well. A city of cynics and empaths. We feel everything, because water does not disappear as air pretends to. When we move, it is water that glides across our skin, fills our noses and our ears, shifts and sloshes in our mouths and in our shoes, ripples to the edge of someone else who cannot know from whence *this* ripple came. There is no silence, but all music and laughter is muffled. There is no stillness, but dancing is harder than before. Resistance is all we know now, and we see how it tortures and how it inspires and how it overwhelms and how it strengthens. We are all here for different reasons. We are all aware of what's at stake. And I have never left because - well I don't know. But to bless the wounded, weary, world-torn heart, I needn't travel very far to be right there in its midst.

  • angels_halo_shines 5w

    Certainly will not go on to say a kind word about the old dusty & dirt filled sidewalks they refer to as a city. No need to dust them off as they will just go back to the same old creases & folds. The days of cleanliness are long gone. Years of this repeated aspects of deranged behavior you would think someone could learn. I can assure nothing will be learned here. Not now. Not ever. Everyone going in every direction but the right one. I have learned much more than anticipated.To bid farewell would be too much of a dream come true. This city and it's purity makes me wonder if there was ever a past of such. How or why I ended up here, it must be for me to go to the next life, with the knowledge of being here. If I ever will know is still out for a debate. Please, let me move away from the devilish sins & the calls from the devil of temptation.

    @writersnetwork THANK YOU for the like!!! 😇🙏😇💕

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    #empath #empathmind #writersofmirakee
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    Devil of Temptations

    Please, let me move away from the devilish sins & the calls from the devil of temptation.

  • ant_agonized 5w

    City is beautiful
    People in the city is ugly
    People is ugly everywhere even in the woods


  • sumera04 5w

    A girl

    She was a girl with ocean eyes and a diamond mind
    She was banished in a burning city with napalm sky

  • ant_agonized 5w

    City sucks


  • servingsofmania 8w

    when we first came to this city.
    we were high on love.
    and drunk on happiness
    for hours we sat in the cafes.
    watching the people and cars.
    without having to worry about whether we had enough vegetables in the fridge.
    or whether the curd had set.
    we ate where we want and what we wanted.
    without worrying about heart attacks and diabetes and bad knees.
    now we fear tablets and fear our bodies breaking down.
    if there are no fruits to eat, no salads to make we panic.
    we exercise and maintain our physiques.
    watch our calories, more protein, less carbs.

    and now in the middle of all that.
    we lost the time we had on our hands to while away.