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  • adarshnaini 9w


    World around me, a circus and me the clown,
    Never made sense to a brain that's sound.
    After all I am a dime a dozen,
    And you are the circus, privileged and crowned.
    Why, you are too humble,
    To think that I don't weigh you down.
    To stay and hang around,
    While I put up a show so good,
    For this circus full of clowns,
    And be called names and get bullied,
    While I make a few quarter pounds.
    A drowning frowning clown healing his wounds said,
    There ain't no rest for the wicked,
    What goes around does come around.


  • dopedserene 24w


    Life is becoming like a circus
    Joker hiding enormous emotions behind his designed face
    The lion is reading books on courage
    And the wise elephant is being controlled by a man of disgrace.
    Audience is laughing at the poor creatures
    Joker's love got engaged with the King
    The restless monkeys 'acting' in a disciplined way
    But it's also an act of bravery that they seem like enjoying their suffering.


  • ajit___ 31w

    Gyaan ��

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    जंजीरें, आजादी नहीं अस्तित्व भी छीन लेती है,
    सर्कस के शेर काटा नहीं करते!

  • penelope_ 33w

    Undeniable truth

    How strange it is that sometimes your life is simple and easy on the outward and no one discovers your difficulties you experience while performing the simple and easy tasks, you know why because health is not a permanent position or superpower you are born with, sometimes these simple and easy tasks can take someone's life and a loss of a human is irreparable but the realisation of human existence is 1% even in this 2021, will you not address such people as cruel and inhumane? When the question arises about what to choose,culture or human loss, choose human, these cultures,etiquettes,manners and respect whatsoever are not worth the life of a person.

  • charanee 36w

    The Tightrope

    Tightrope walking along the conversations I will never have. Fearing the egg shells that I may trample and break.

    It's not love if fear is the net that catches you when you fall.

  • paper_pen 46w


    You create an impenetrable boundary protecting you, when you refuse to get sucked into unnecessary drama of people around you. Stay inside it. Don't let the clowns make you a part of their circus.


  • hafsaanjum 48w

    They say love is magical.... I guess I'm at the wrong circus.


  • in_fragments 49w

    "Each one of us has our own role
    inside the circus of my psyche.
    From the trapeze artists
    and tightrope walkers, toeing the line for me,
    to the clowns, the animals,
    trainers and dancers,
    the capricious ringmaster
    and wide-eyed audience of curious children;
    they are all within me, performing,
    always going through the motions
    to keep this Big Top Body alive.
    They have never had the pleasure
    of a new audience member, save
    for the few little ones who love them.
    But they do now, and it is me,
    and I have no idea how I got myself here.

    I know them and believe they are there,
    even if no one else can see them,
    even if they recoil from me in fear.
    They've been holding me steady for decades
    and I never knew,
    sharing my pain, my freakshow in silence,
    growing up unable to be seen,
    truly thankless jobs indeed.
    Now everybody has been too stressed
    to go back on stage, some don't want to
    any more, some don't yet know I've arrived.
    Others have been trying to break out
    of the Big Top and leave without me,
    despite knowing it's not only theirs,
    and we've been brought together here
    for a reason.

    Inside me is a circus show gone awry,
    and sometimes it feels
    like all I can do is sit and watch
    as the music trills on, upbeat
    but distorted, eerily wrong somehow
    while the moving illusions and twisting,
    vibrant colors make me dizzy and nauseous
    in my seat.
    It's our circus now, none of us can leave;
    how are we supposed to rebuild
    and calm ourselves,
    to get to know each other again
    and familiarize ourselves with our roles
    amidst an environment still brimming
    with such rampant inner chaos?"

    The circus has been going under lately... but I know I can't let it, because I'll go down with it too if I do... we're all just over here trying to save ourselves, bringing it all down that much faster... no communication.
    #pod #poem #dissociation #trauma #cptsd #ptsd #mentalhealth #mentalillness #circus @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Inside me is a circus show gone awry,
    and sometimes it feels
    like all I can do is sit and watch
    as the music trills on, upbeat
    but distorted, eerily wrong somehow
    while the moving illusions and twisting,
    vibrant colors make me dizzy and nauseous
    in my seat.

  • sillysadar 55w


    The town is filled with clowns and circuses
    You may think we're worthless but we're just people lurking in the shadows
    Looking for a purpose guess our purpose is in a circle full of clowns
    Looking for a way to help people and making them smile and laugh
    Guess that's clownery lov innt

    People can be people but don't be disrespectful for it is putting a death wish in you're name
    People can curse at us but they don't concern us
    People can say what they want or think we will still be clowns
    Cause it's a town with clowns full of circus lov
    You'll be entering with a frown but you'll be leaving with it upside down
    For we turn around frowns with our jokes and clownery

    We have our boundary which is disrespectful people
    So don't be resentful but respectful for there is potential
    Don't be judgemental or hateful for you will be regretful
    Be careful and you'll be grateful for we are just clowns lov
    Clownery lov innt

    Youll be laughing for hours and cheering us for we are clowns
    You'll be sitting at the edges of your sit and trying look closer
    For we are clowns turning your frowns around
    You'll be wishing it lasted longer but the show has ended
    The clowns are there but the circus is closing for the clownery has ended

  • triptisinghyaduvanshi 59w


    Life is a circus,
    This World is a theatre,
    Every human is a clown/joker here
    and the God is a great ringmaster,
    of this circus.

  • triptisinghyaduvanshi 59w

    जिंदगी एक जोकर

    जिंदगी एक सर्कस है,
    ये दुनिया एक रंगमंच है,
    यहाँ हर इंसान एक जोकर है।
    इस सर्कस का रिंगमास्टर खुद खुदा है,
    उस रब के खेल निराले है,हम उसके इशारों पे खेल दिखते है,हम सब उसके हाँथो की कठपुतली है,
    जो अपने इशारों पे हम इंसानो को नचाता रहता है।

  • thecordialrebel 64w

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    I live in a ghetto
    Paint my nose bright tomato
    I force a smile
    To take that mile
    When I tell them I'm a clown
    They laugh at me and frown
    As they watch me dance
    I get coins and torn notes
    I juggle bottles trying to look cute
    I expect claps but they hoot
    The game is getting old
    Somebody ends up finding a fault
    I get paid for the smiles I make
    If nobody likes my act they brand me fake
    Hear out this joker, let me cry
    I let down tears but they come out dry
    When the act is over
    I become sober
    When the crowd is gone
    I wonder why I was born
    Will I ever get to smile without this outfit
    Can I be one among you and not be a misfit
    Tell me about the world outside circus tent
    Let me dream and go berserk in excitement.


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    The clown that I am


  • _mu_s_k_an 70w

    U kept her in a cage .
    She was a clown on your stage .

  • sesquipedalian_squirrel 75w

    Clown car

    Poeple say my imagination
    Is a three-hundred-ring circus
    Currently I was in ring two hundred and ninety-nine
    Elephants dancing
    Clowns juggling
    Tigers leaping through rings of fire
    The time had come to step back
    Leave the main tent
    Go buy some popcorn and a Coke
    Get all of my silly thoughts
    Out of the crowded clown car
    Before letting people in to enjoy the show

  • rajibalogupta 80w


    Not that long ago,
    in a land not that far away,
    a circus rolled into town,
    with chains of colourful caravans
    and lines of radiant wagons,
    all raising a mighty din
    for every ear to hear.
    Then on an open field,
    under a bright blue sky,
    they pitched their pied tents
    while a curious crowd gathered round to see.
    Out stepped the acrobats –
    all lithe and lissome.
    Out strutted the animals –
    all splendid and magnificent.
    One by one they all came out
    And set up their myriad paraphernalia.
    “But what about the clowns?”
    A piqued child whispered to his father.
    Others joined in and it grew into a cloying clamour
    before exploding into a wild confounding uproar.
    The circus manager, all genial and gracious
    preening and priming and tugging at his plumed coat
    stood up on a box, cleared his throat
    and squawked into the speaker,
    “The clowns, my dear friends are who we keep looking for
    in every land we visit, among all the folk we meet.
    So here too, on our opening day, we shall choose
    from among the whole lot of you, the best clown of all
    who can make the others laugh in joy, mirth or scorn.”
    The very next day, the big-top came alive with lights, music and gaiety …
    It threw open its gates and in flooded the townsfolk.
    Many of them queued up to be the master clown,
    the undisputed guru of all-pervasive entertainment.
    One by one they pitched their lines
    And danced a jig or two,
    in their wake leaving behind a trail of utter merriment.
    Then in the end the land’s prominent lawmaker
    stood up to declare the worthy winner …
    Draped in a cloak of ambiguity,
    an ingratiating smile pasted on a swarthy face,
    eyes flitting from face to face
    and salacious lips dripping with charm –
    the lawmaker started a lengthy speech.
    Compliments abounded, encouragement flowed,
    and promises were made by the dozen.
    Amidst it all, pomposity was clear for all to see.
    All of a sudden, the child who had sought a clown
    broke out into a chittering laughter.
    The fretful father tried to shush him down,
    but then others joined in as well,
    till the big top tent heaved and shook,
    and the ground beneath quivered and quaked
    all to the beats of rapturous, thunderous laughter.
    The lawmaker stood speechless, his words drowned out …
    for the people of the town had already found
    the greatest undisputed champion clown around.
    Rajib Alo Gupta | 16-05-2020

  • pallavsoni 82w


    Life was a game,
    Expectation were a part,
    Because of them I was thrown a far,
    I expected a lot and one day all went down,
    That day I got to know,
    In the circus of life,
    I was just a clown.

  • maliha_shahid 96w

    Sometimes, I feel,
    Life is a circus,
    While the souls are jokers,
    Who please you for a while,
    And leave you in no time.

  • jeitendra_sharma 105w

    खेल तमाशा कुर्सी का

    देख खेल तमाशा
    न इसका न उसका
    कुर्सी पे हक़ किसका
    रात होते ही पार्टी बदल गयी
    सुबह नेता जी जागे कुर्सी निकल गयी
    किसी ने बोला साज़िश है
    नेता जी चुप-चाप तमाशा देखते रहे
    यूरोप की टिकट का क्या करे सोचते रहे
    सारे महंगे होटल बुक कर दिए
    फिर भी कम्बक्क़त विधायक कही और चल दिए
    इसकी टोपी उसके सर
    फिर सर को ही खरीद लिए
    सर के साथ टोपी फ्री
    नेता जी ने ब्रह्मास्त्र चल दिया
    खूब मज़े लिए जनता ने
    बिना टिकट का सर्कस जो देख लिया ||


  • shabina_ammonite 107w


    Sand swirled through the otherwise still desert, the only source of light came from the stars, which ranged in colour, and full moon. That night a man and woman put on a spectacular show. The woman was dressed in a tight black outfit and the man wore a neat brown suit.
    They both held an object that was on fire. A five pronged fan with a flame at the end of each prong for the woman, and a meter long rope for the man. Because of this a soft smoke smell filled the crisp air.
    Fire spiralled and leapt around the two, sometimes it looked as if one had been hit, but they never were.
    Smaller sparks danced their own waltzes and tangos above the two.

    It was a rare and dangerously beautiful sight to see.

  • james_taumas 108w

    Hell clowns

    Awkward vehicle
    Tiny and honking
    They stumble out
    Alley of clowns
    Innocent and laughing
    Behind the ghost paint
    Those blood stained mouths
    Serrated smiles
    Eyes upon our young
    Don't leave them alone
    They'll become main course.