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  • bonitasarahbabu 5w

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    A mix between sunshine and thunderstorms,
    Between heavenly bliss and hellfire,
    And between sugar and cinnamon
    This is who she is.
    She can be the sweetest person you meet,
    Or the saltiest individual who you have ever faced.
    Her attitude towards you,
    Depends on yours.
    She fights for the underdog,
    And is the voice for the voiceless.
    Remember, she may be quiet,
    But she knows a lot more that you give her credit for.
    Don't misuse her or take advantage of her,
    For when she leaves, she leaves with no forwarding address.

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  • sweatshirt 5w

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    Writing on all the prompts that I loved but couldn't attempt أ‿أ

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    When f l o w e r s bloom at the upsurge
    Of morning light over the teal sky
    When a f a m i l i a r ache in your chest
    No longer burns wounds into your heart,
    When every f a b l e tells you that hope
    Is a melody that never goes out of trend,
    Look for the breaking point in your palms
    You are always going to make it into
    Your second chapter without falling apart.

    There's a r i v e r flowing in your veins
    Carrying the weight of verses that have
    Once twisted its r a z o r into your flesh
    But has now learned to build armours instead
    These r e s o u n d i n g echoes in your head
    Are now stitching themselves into a love language,
    Look how far you made it into the storm
    Washed and cleansed by the blue rain
    But still carrying the breath of cinnamon and lily freckled ponds.

    With one stroke at a time
    Life has written you into the prettiest version it could have done for anyone
    Listen to the song of the universe
    You are loved in all the ways you cannot see.

    - sweatshirt
    19th Oct, 2021

  • nocturnal_enigma 5w

    * 19.10.2021; 6.09 P.M (Malaysia)

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    * It's about a baby. ��

    * See also: #NuEmBabyMemes

    * Poll = Head

    * Loll = Sit, lie, or stand in a lazy, relaxed way

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    -oll ~

    So pure, like a cinnamon roll.
    So adorable like a plush doll.
    So small is a baby's poll.
    So tired that ones just loll.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • ashamurali 6w

    Word of the day -CINNAMON

    Cinnamon is the spice that goes wonders to a dish. Despite having numerous health benefits most times it is used just for its flavour.
    Communication cannot be just a cinnamon in a relationship. It is the main ingredient. When one sees red flags in a relationship like one person feeling lonely or let down, immediate steps are to be taken to fix it.

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    Am I just the cinnamon?

    Between us, is there no connection?
    In your dish am I just the cinnamon?
    Why don't you ever pay attention?
    Why are you always in tension?

    Care and concern attribute
    in giving you my love absolute,
    to your happiness I contribute,
    Yet you treat me as a substitute.

    You have a life of your own,
    My role you totally disown,
    Most times I am all alone,
    Feeling so lost and let down.

    How can we be as parallel lines?
    How can love be in the sidelines?
    Communication is what defines,
    A relationship that shines.

    Let us take the right action,
    Let nothing be a distraction,
    Let us re-establish our connection.
    To ensure, I am not just cinnamon.


  • bclark2681 6w


    She is my cinnamon sweetheart
    Ribboned in purple laced attire
    Taste of sugar sweet delicacy
    Igniting taste buds into fire

  • angels_halo_shines 6w

    Well, this will be different. But, it’s all true, so when I think cinnamon this is what comes to mind.

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    Crazy Days

    Way back in the day, I was pregnant & still working. At a local fast food place. White Castle to be exact. Which stayed open 24 hours. Known for there tiny burgers with steamed onions served with a pickle. Also they have a great cup of coffee. So, I worked there about 7 1/2 years. I got to know what many of the customers wanted as soon as they walked in the door. There were many regulars on any given day, some going to work at 4 a.m. Some leaving work, some drunks straggling in at bar rush. I worked night shift, saw a bit of everyone. Some I learned fast as soon as they walked in you had to watch them. Some drunks shouldn’t drink, they get irritated very easily. I saw someone’s head go through the glass, mind you not too far cuz the glass was about 2 inches thick. The police got called on many occasions, never showed up it didn’t matter why or what was happening.
    I was on register a lot, front or drive thru either one. Since I was pregnant that seemed the best place fitting for me. Well, there was a woman that started coming through drive thru. She always came in either with a woman or alone. And soon, IT GOT TO THE POINT TO WHERE I WAS THE ONLY ONE THAT MADE HER COFFEE RIGHT. She brought me gifts, money, candy & whatever else she wanted to give me. I was friendly to everyone so I just thought it’s a customer wanting to give back. Yea, I tried to convince myself of that. I think. Soon I learned the woman beside her was her girlfriend. And then she got a little more friendlier inviting me over for dinner, it’s no problem I would be ready in time for work. She always said, they lived close by. I always came up with some excuse. Well, she would talk & talk & talk to me, until her girlfriend Sharon got mad. Later I found out she was interested in me. That is where Sharon had gotten jealous. When she started showing up during my nightly smoke breaks I knew it then. Well, I didn’t know what to do. I told my husband, well my boss did. “She is always coming in for Jessie’s coffee, she makes it the way I like it. Yea, I did nothing different than anyone else. My husband met her one night, Halloween night 2011. We had the kids trick or treating. My oldest son was a bit slower than the girls so I was walking with him up to the houses, of course. My husband, I had never seen him so frightened. I said yes that’s the woman Lilly was talking about with wanting the coffee made by me. My husband looked at me & said you didn’t say she was a full back for the Bengals. No. No I had not I left that part out. Her parents were big Neil Diamond fans, loving the song Cinnamon Girl. I learned that later they named her Cinnamon. I haven’t seen her in years. I’m sure it’s for the best. I really had no idea, until I knew. Then it was the joke, everyone thought that was too funny. Just a smiling when she would walk through the door. Jessie come make a cup of coffee. And I did it. Crazy days those were, I was a 24 year old woman on my 4th of 5 children. You just never knew what you were in for on any given night going in to work. I met wonderful people. People that talked about me serving them coffee decades later. Crazy days.

  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 6w

    THE DIADEM: A Fairy's Tale
    by lovenotes_from_carolyn
    Within the land of seraphim
    The Fae Queen lost her diadem
    Someone grabbed it, on a whim
    Perhaps a playful cherubim
    Oh what to do, what to do?!
    You see, the truth - she never knew!
    She thought her power all was found
    There within the missing crown
    For, years ago, a sight unseen
    Befell the royal Fairy Queen
    A djinn had cursed her with a spell
    An evil curse, the djinn knew well
    The djinn had made the Queen believe
    Without the crown, her power would leave
    All for the sake of jealous pride
    So cunningly, the djinn had lied
    Alas, the Fae Queen was forlorn
    She'd had that crown since she was born
    A gift bequeathed her, by her mother
    'Twas rare, and unlike any other
    And by her mum, these words were said
    Whilst she placed it, on her head
    "Wear this proudly, from this day
    Behold! You're now the Queen of Fae!
    Be humble, daughter; lead with grace
    You represent the Fairy race
    Let this thought guide your every hour
    Inside yourself, you'll find your power"
    But lo! Those words were all for naught
    The curse erased what she'd been taught!
    The djinn was jumping 'round with glee
    Carrying on triumphantly
    Long years, she'd waited for this chance
    She couldn't help but sing and dance
    And now, the djinn could take control
    As was her long awaited goal
    The Fairy race would due her bidding
    They'd be her slaves, no I'm not kidding
    One and all would be her slave
    That no one but the Queen could save
    The Queen was pacing, to and fro
    Pondering where the crown did go
    When something dreadful reached her ears
    The cries of Fae folk's pain and tears
    And when the Fae Queen spied the djinn
    A burst of power surged within
    From tips of toes, upward it spread
    Then like a crown, it wreathed her head
    The Queen, who now had grasped the truth
    Was feeling rather bulletproof
    She boldly walked up to the djinn
    Methinks we all know who did win
    The djinn was vanquished from the realm
    The Queen, of course, reclaimed the helm
    Her diadem was soon returned
    The cherubim had lived and learned
    What started as some harmless fun
    Had caused the curse to come undone
    The Queen released him, free and clear
    Thus he thanked her, with a tear
    That night, whilst sipping cinnamon tea
    The Queen sat thinking, gratefully
    The facts, now known, her people freed
    The djinn, long gone, exiled indeed
    She'd rule with grace, throughout her days
    Forgoing all egoic ways
    For there's no need of feckless pride
    When one beholds their power inside.
    ©lovenotes_from_carolyn 10/15/2021

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  • crystal_snow 6w


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    Within and without
    I adorned my poetries with lies
    Beautiful ones, only to disguise myself as a poet.
    Some I stole from the dead autumn leaves.
    Some from the smiling flowers.
    And some even from my own melancholic shadow.
    They had a beautiful fragrance, just like that of cinnamon.
    And yet full of lies,
    I smile, and my poetries look at me and smile too.


  • bclark2681 6w


    Be my cinnamon and sugar
    I'll be your finely buttered bread
    Spread your sweet delicacy
    Upon my body so we can
    Devour our delicious fusion

  • snehalv 6w

    Her life set her on different journey
    But she didn’t know the people she was going to meet will add twist to her life like cinnamon & make it more entrancing

  • paint_a_poem 6w

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    / Cinnamon is a rarely used condiment but if you drink cinnamon flavoured tea, you will be in sweet cinnamon heaven/

    Cinnamon and cloves
    Lined boxes on rows
    Scents and spices
    Amidts greed and vices

    A pinch here and there
    Bland food turns bizzare
    A sweet sense of desire
    With a little spoon I measure

    Toast or tea, rice or wine
    Add a piece of cinnamon
    Spreading happiness and peace
    Palets tingle with ease

    Among many men stands cinnamon
    Queen of spices that ruled Eden
    Royal and regal she stands
    Flavouring teas with an upper hand

    15 Oct 21

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  • sonalbhatiarandhawa 6w

    Every evening as I sit
    by the fireplace,
    with a cup of tea,
    the fragrance of your
    memories fills my soul
    like the freshly baked
    cinnamon rolls.

  • writersbay 6w

    Word of the day: Cinnamon

    Tag and share with #cinnamonc

    Happy Dussehra to all of you! 🌻

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    I miss your silent stature,
    your avoided days of disaster,
    your present state of distress.

    I’m cinnamon, cloves and fire,
    you are the rested cedarwood of desire.

    – Jamie Weise

  • the_ice_breaker 23w

    This is my submission for the challenge @writersbay

    Line used:
    "We accept the love we think we deserve!"
    - Stephen Chbosky

    #spice #cinnamon #autobiography #shadorma
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    We are loved
    By all, our fragrant
    Gourmands from all directions
    To taste bland food too!

    Our calming
    Aroma soothes most
    Jitters well
    Alleviating worries
    In totality!

    On taking
    The first bite, we dance
    On taste buds
    The gourmand to a realm of
    Pleasure at its peak!

    What makes us
    Satisfied is the
    Look of bliss
    On their pleased
    Faces, whose contented sigh
    And smile makes our day!

    We meet our
    End in the growling
    Of foodies
    But still we accept the love
    We think we deserve!

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    Autobiography of a cinnamon

    On taking
    The first bite, we dance
    On taste buds
    The gourmand to a realm of
    Pleasure at its peak!
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