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    I puffed on another cigarette, sucked in the smoke as much as I could and let it out slowly. It was my 3rd that day. Sorry, 4th actually and that too barring the counter shots I had taken. I closed my eyes and let the mild dizziness sink in. That momentary light headedness felt heavenly. It makes you believe that even if for a couple of seconds you're in another world. A world painted with bright colors with a blissful surrounding, far away from the mundanity and sufferings of your daily life. You feel genuinely happy.

    I opened my eyes after that slight vertigo left me and wondered when did I change so much? When did a drag of a cigarette just to experiment became a dire necessity? I remember the first day when I hesitated to draw in the first smoke. It seemed so long ago now. Why did I become like this? Was it life? Or was it my choice completely? I guess a bit of both.

    What makes you smoke you ask? Well, not because it feels cool. (Okey initially it did feel cool, nit anymore though). Perhaps due to the things you can't change, things that are out of your control, out of your grasp. When you feel yourself slipping away, when you search frantically everywhere for a refuge but fail to get one. When you crave someone's presence, only to endure their absence. When you're on the verge of a breakdown but realise there is no shoulder to lean on. When you want to spill out everything bottled up inside your heart but find no one to open up to or no one worth opening up to who will understand you the way you can't even understand yourself. When you want an escape! A temporary escape nevertheless. That's when you smoke. That's when you give in.

    Isn't it? Or do you too find it exaggerating?

  • shubham_20 20w

    Aaj kal log agarbatti kum cigarettes ke batti jalate hai

  • wifey_suicide 21w

    I just want to smoke cigarettes and talk to ghost.

  • 3_am__ 26w

    Cig Blues

    Cigarettes kill me slower than people.
    I smoke and know two things: 
    Both cigarettes and people are predictable.
    But only one is reliable in consistently delivering satisfaction.
    I would rather have a nicotine addiction than a people addiction.

    I don't care for company, much anymore.

    I used to wear my heart on my sleeve.
    Nowadays, it's in my back pocket next to my pack and blade.
    People are as predictable as seasonal weather:
    Sure, it changes, but the weather is the same.

    I don't watch the news, anymore.

    The same cyclical garbage of disappointment and illness.
    Produced, distributed, and consumed by-?
    Why engage in such negativity?
    'Cigarettes are a negative activity.'

    So, back into the field of fog, I go.

    And so are people.
    I suppose I've picked my poison.
    And I gotta say:
    You can't always get the people you want or need,
    But, chances are - for days after today -
    When I get to my last lucky cigarette,
    I can always get more. 
    I can always smoke.
    I have reliability in fulfillment, though short term, in instant delivery.


  • 3_am__ 32w


    So you grab a pen, instead.
    Or a laptop, I don't know.
    But what we do know is,
    It's sleep:30 in the morning.
    However, that itch is there.
    Right in the back of your mind,
    Slowly creeping into your heart.
    Those who have been addicted to cigarettes, th-
    'Scuse me -
    (Zippo flicker)
    (Inhale, exhale)
    The ones that dont smoke, but both do what we do,
    It's that same f*cking little itch.
    The one where you, deep down, like it.
    That initial hit is what we crave every single time.
    To me, poetry - (inhale)
    - Same shit.
    I find it so damn cliche, that addiction.
    The kind that always comes back despite trying to quit.
    So you just do it as something to do,
    Because despite the history with it,
    You still like it, so you just go with it.
    It's your style, now.
    Cigarettes and poetics:
    Aloof in rabbit holes as addicting as nicotine.
    Being a vagabond of thought, one who can make his scars look like paint strokes - a poet - is no different than a guy who smokes Marlboros and carries a switchblade.
    One wears leather boots with oil stains
    The other wears his heavy thoughts like skin.
    (Inhale, retrohale)


  • karenallen284 37w

    It may come as a S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E that something so simple reminds me of you.

    The smell of c-i-g-a-r-e-double t-e-s is all it really takes. It reignites your dormant memory in my deluded heart.

    Sitting next to you on the edge of that driveway on a warm breezy evening was euphoric. With only grass in our centric vision, we were impelled into another world.

    I glanced sideways at you as you inhaled and exhaled cigarette after cigarette. Our conversations consisted only of the taboo, which I dare not speak about with anyone else.

    Ten years later, I still get goosebumps and my heart still races with just the smell of a c-i-g-a-r-e-double t-e - it simply echoes your presence.

  • shamshaan_ehsaas 40w

    All these cigarettes buds on the floor
    still, I don't know which is the worst
    The pain inside my heart or the smoke inside my lungs.

  • dikte_a 42w

    Huff And Puff

    Huff and puff!
    Huff and puff!
    Puff after the huff
    When times get rough;
    A puff of nic
    From death's short stick.
    Huff and puff!
    Huff and puff!
    Life is but a puff
    After the huff;
    Get through with it
    And pull more cigs.


  • niskabpre 49w

    My love for cigarettes have been amazing a true thing which do have a existence in a relationship #poem#cigarettes#poemsforinstagram#poems

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    eyes closed deep sighs
    with C i am high
    helping me through my bad
    giving me vibes when i am sad
    your puffs made me hard
    hey i’m a retard ?

    being a regular or an occasional
    with you i am always professional
    when i blow you its missionary
    even our sex is just imaginary
    lets make love.
    i ain’t making it 21
    you’ll be the reason
    if i die
    to almost everyone
    i lie.

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    I used to work at the Northface
    Wasting my time just doing nothing
    You're on my mind when I'm lonely
    Maybe you'll find me in your own way
    Searching for you (searching for you)
    Looking for you (looking for you)
    Waiting for you (waiting for you)
    Praying for you (praying for you)
    North Face


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    Chocolates & Cigarettes

    I am just a boy standing in front of a girl
    Declaring my love under the blue
    Still waiting for your reply
    Searching for you


  • an_mars 63w

    It's time to quit the bad thing
    That can cost my life

    So i quit on



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    You took a step forward
    And it threw me two steps back.
    Your new made me
    Reminisce my yesterday.

    How you'd grab the nearest
    Packet of cigarettes
    While I'd choose
    The alcohol.

    And the night would witness
    Those 26 alphabets flowing
    Smoothly from your mouth.

    Each word containing your
    Long, hidden scars-
    The ones you thought
    Made you vulnerable and weak.

    And my mind would do
    Everything in its power
    To not skip a single syllable.

    How your left hand
    Held my right,
    And the spaces between fingers
    Of the other made a home
    For the menthol flavored cigarette.

    How you'd look up at the sky,
    Spilling words so random
    Yet, so captivating.

    And then chuckle and turn to me
    And say -
    "And you?"

    And I'd let the alcohol take control of me,
    And whisper secrets
    I didn't know I kept.

    And then just like this,
    Dawn would break
    And you'd still be right beside me.

    And I might've started to believe
    You'll be there with every sunlight,
    Perhaps, that's where I was wrong.

    It's moments like these -
    When I have a bottle of alcohol in one hand,
    But to fill the gap of your hand in the other,
    I hold a book -
    That I wonder,
    Were it our fingers that were intertwined
    Or our fate?

    #cigarettes #alcohol #love #mistake #regret #memories
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Cigarettes and alcohol


  • alanwalker07 75w

    I resolved to quit smoking,
    After she made me believe in sharing myself with someone other than cigarette.
    My cigarettes never judged me for leaving them everytime i felt magic.
    Cz they knew,
    Cigarette lasts longer than magic.
    #cigarette #magic #love #heartbreak #intoxicated #lost #cigarettes

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    Cigarettes lasts longer than magic.


  • untold_diaries_story 75w

    If I smoke
    You have no rights to judge my character
    Because being a smoker
    Is a bad habit not a bad character

  • afrataskeen_23 76w


    I was just a cigarette
    You enjoyed using on cold nights
    To give you peace till sunrise
    To escape the pain you had.

    When you hold me gently
    Take me to your lips and kiss me softly
    Always ignited a spark deep within my heart
    You would always enjoy me slowly through the night
    Smoking me deep inside of you
    Breathing me in slowly and burning me out
    Even then you are the one
    Who could set me alight
    Who could bring me back to life
    By coming back to me the next night.

    I was addicted to feeling you between my lips
    And you were addicted to peace that I give
    The taste and the feeling
    Is just too toxic
    And way too addicting.

  • _li___ 85w

    Nicotine lingers longer than your faking ass ,Hon'.


  • spinningfables 86w

    "Stars and smoke" was our thing.
    Sitting at the edge of the roof,
    We used to share a smoke as we watched the stars. Talking about our days
    And laughing at random things.
    We were immersed in each other and lost to the world.

    years after you left,
    I still sit down at the same roof and take a walk down the memory lane.
    I look at the stars and remember the feel of your body next to mine.
    I light a cigarette and remember the brush of your fingers against mine as we passed one.

    I take a drag and then two.
    You're an addiction I refuse to quit.
    So, I smoke.
    Every night I light a cigarette
    And relive the memories I have of you.

    #stars #smoke #love #nights #memories #lostlove #roof #cigarettes #addiction #writersnetwork #mirakee

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakee_words @readwriteunite @mirakeeworld

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    Stars and Smoke

    I take a drag and then two.
    You're an addiction I refuse to quit.
    So, I smoke.
    Every night I light a cigarette
    And relive the memories I have of you.

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    It was a passionate kiss!!!
    I gasped through her soft lips to catch my much needed breath..
    Her essence filled my lungs,
    while the drug reached every corner of my body,
    numbing my senses,
    making me realize that she is all I need to escape from this reality..
    We parted our lips as clouds of love camouflaged us from the rest of the world..