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    What I commented to CeeLo Green in his update " You gotta include God in everything"

    This for CLG.. Keep doing just like you want and believing like a style!! Keeping your values like this. I am not against this kind of making this looklike universal... And your music is so damn good Nothing bad to say. People are judging very easily this kind of updates.. You can update what you ever want in your profile!! Just like Justin Bieber is doing... Keep it up.... So long time when this not hurting people physically and mentally.. This thing is just very cool to read keep your belief People are loosing themself if not keep values that are near to heart... Friendly your music is cool - Hopeful good summer to you... By Teijo Jussila 888

    About faith anyways

    So long when people NOT believe in Westboro Baptist church. People can keep God just in good mood! When people start to act like Westboro Baptist church are saying " oh when people die in plane crash God laugh.. When fags d*e God laughs".. THIS IS TRULY SHIT.. I AM DENY IT IN HUNDRED PERCENT.. Then is fucking need to stop that shit.. No terrorism or anything... And what other hell people ever are creating

    BUT just like in Good Wine! In good behaviour. Read act like CeeLo Green is doing or like Justin Bieber.. Or listen some good music of faith.. Then is cool to read that stuff! Then I can say its get my Agreement


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    You remind me of a Sunday
    Back when I use to sway
    Between those church pews
    When it seemed so simple what to do
    And what to not
    Now I lay in my sin
    And Lord Almighty there's a lot
    I wish I knew when
    Was the right time to let this old life go
    You make me wanna know
    How the ending goes
    Is it you and me and the sunset
    Or is it you laying me to rest
    Before we even get to the best
    Years of our lives
    These choices I make, they're like knives
    In your back, I know
    How can I show
    You're like a Sunday
    So simple and beautiful
    When I used to sway
    Singing those old gospel songs
    Between those old church pews
    When all I could do was long
    For something like you.

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    I can hear the church bells ringing, the morning light caressing me through the stained glass windows. Happy I am, kneeling beside you, watching you pray. My faith in God is because everything yours are mine and all I pray is to ask for yours to be heard. All i want is to be with you each day, every day until time fades away. Yet another dream which you will never know...

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    Snow Vow

    Together within the beautiful falling snow,
    We hold hands, marvelously in love, as we
    Stare upon our place of fantastical vows

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    I had this dream. You smiling and walking down the aisle with your dad holding your hand. Sunlight shone through the glass paintings of the church and in that moment your face was the most beautiful in all the world I have ever seen or dreamt. I couldn't take my eyes off you even when the priest declared us man and wife. A moment away from kissing you I woke up. Now its just a dream which I alone will cherish and you will never know unless i write this...


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    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. May all your wishes come true❤������

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    On a foggy Christmas eve,
    When churches sing a blissful choir,
    One wishes for luxuries,
    And another having health as a prior,
    The small ones believe,
    In Santa and make a prayer,
    The big ones percieve,
    God while making a desire,
    Once when the whole world ceased,
    Thousands sent wishful prayers,
    From little to big ones to new babies,
    Healing this world which is a mirror to admire,
    Be it Santa or God or something from within,
    Which heard so many desires,
    That made us who we are today,
    Standing in front of that mighty power,
    Healed, is the world today,
    Having strength better than ever,
    Powerful enough to create,
    World's biggest desires.......


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    "Faith in God
    is a gradually shaken thing-
    it is not something shattered
    all at once, but slowly penetrated-
    a billion tiny cracks in glass
    and whiplashes in perspective,
    until it collapses
    underneath the uneven weight
    and fragile foundations
    of itself.

    It happened to me
    after a series of wicked events-
    a litany of strange, proscribed questions
    nobody knew how to answer-
    numerous attempts to fit in
    to the congregation I grew up with,
    despite feeling as though
    I needed to force an image
    of somebody I was not
    to be accepted;
    I was always
    a fussy child, stubborn.
    I could never so eagerly follow
    what I did not feel in my heart,
    I contested too much
    to be told what to think-
    saw the badness of the world,
    all its faintest splinters, already
    not easily swayed by their stories;
    a wrathful child wondering why God
    would never answer back,
    an alienated little girl
    who would cry and scream,
    besieged by such hellish emotions,
    too young to understand such fire-
    and sleep amongst the ash
    longing to articulate her confusion
    to someone, anyone who would listen-
    but no one listened, no one seemed
    to notice-
    as any child who
    feels too much has experienced,
    eventually, nobody knew
    what to do with me-
    nothing they could say satisfied me,
    still leaving me
    feeling empty and unseen.
    Something must have been wrong
    with me,
    for the Holy Spirit seemed
    to care for me least of all.

    Why did God create me this way,
    if this is not the way
    I was supposed to be?

    Too many queries
    left lingering after masses,
    too much doubt
    after the Eucharist was consumed,
    too much shame
    at being unable to change for them
    and chant with them
    like they wanted me to;
    so, one day, I decided to stop.

    I left the church
    when I turned thirteen-
    that was the age
    when they made you decide
    in a ritual called Confirmation;
    it required an oath of commitment
    to beliefs I did not hold,
    a willingness to come-of-age
    in a place I did not feel I should be;
    it was never anybody's fault,
    just happened to be
    who I became was incompatible
    and they couldn't manage
    to ensnare me fully-
    but Part of Me
    still wishes we could be there now,
    with the loving community
    that wanted to grow us-
    the one we felt alienated from,
    the one we never realized didn't really
    love anyone,
    unless you behaved
    and thought like them.

    To this day, my heart
    is made of the dazzling stained glass
    from my childhood church;
    the color, life and vibrancy
    from every breed of holy space
    holds a special kind of meaning for me;
    my spirituality is less organized now,
    I worship God in different ways
    and that is okay, it's all a part
    of the game-
    For this God, this omnipotent force
    we have been mythologizing
    for millennia-
    it is in actuality, unlike anything
    we as humans have the capacity
    to imagine-
    but we try our best
    with a thousand different descriptions
    of little men, just like us;
    we are our only scope of reference,
    hardwired somehow
    for faith in things we cannot see,
    beings that will never visit us-
    I hold a different God close to my heart,
    my own philosophy for faith,
    equal parts excited and unnerved
    at the idea that I could be wrong.

    My God
    is not the same as yours,
    and neither of us can ever be correct.
    These are just the games
    He likes to play with us;
    do you not think He still loves
    all those with alternative ways
    of worship?

    Do you not think
    He is elated at the beauty
    of His children reaching out for him
    from every new angle they can find?"

    I don't care much for religion, but I believe everyone is entitled to their own spiritual journey. Just because my relationship with it is different from yours, that doesn't mean I will end up in Hell for not doing it "perfectly" enough, aka, within an organized ideology. My own father expects me not to be with him in Heaven when he dies, and I just have to be like... Alright man... I guess we'll see...
    #pod #poem #religion #church #spirituality #life #love #thoughts @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Is A Gradually Shaken Thing

    Faith in God
    is a gradually shaken thing-
    it is not something shattered
    all at once, but slowly penetrated-
    a billion tiny cracks in glass
    and whiplashes in perspective,
    until it collapses
    underneath the uneven weight
    and fragile foundations
    of itself.

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    God: ना खुदा ने कहा कि जाकर हिंदुओं को मारो..
    ना भगवान ने कहा कि जाकर मुस्लिमों को मारो..।
    मैंने यह नहीं कहा कि मेरा घर बनाओ या जाकर अपने भाइयों
    का खून बहाओ..।

    Me: पर यह दुनिया तो तेरे भरोसे चल रही न..!!
    फिर से वही पूछ रही हूं..
    तू देख तो रहा ना सब..
    तो फिर रोकेगा कब..?
    तू कहता है ना कि तू हर जगह है..
    तो फिर तू तब कहां गया था..
    जब हैवान उस नादान को नोच रहे थे..?

    God: क्या मैंने तुम्हें सिखाया यह..!
    कौन सा मंदिर.. कौन सा मस्जिद.. यह कौन सा धर्म..
    तुम्हें रेप करना सिखाता है..!!

    Me: देख तू सब रहा किस अच्छा बुरा कौन है..
    पर फिर भी बैठा तू मौन है..।
    हां कोई भी धर्म यह नहीं सिखाता..
    फ्रेंड है गानों का फैसला तो तू कर सकता है..।

    God: मैंने सिर्फ एक इंसान बनाया..
    मैं सिर्फ तुम्हारा निर्माता हूं..
    यह अच्छा बुरा.. हैवान भगवान..
    तुमने शुरू किया...।
    जब गलतियां खुद कर रहे हैं..
    तो फैसले भी खुद करो..।

    और मैं किसी का धर्म नहीं छीन सकता हूं...
    और ना तुम..
    वरना तुम खुद एक धर्म बन जाओगे..।।

    Me: मुझे मिल गया मेरा जवाब..
    जो मेरी सोच को मजबूत ना.. मजबूर करें..
    नहीं चाहिए ऐसा भगवान..!!

    #religion #caste #hindu #muslim #christians #sikhs #god #goddontexist #Mandir #masjid #gurudwara #church #athiest #believer #rape #bhagwan #conversationwidgod #mirakee #mirakeeworld

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    "A conversation with god"

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    Me: ना देखा तुझे ना सुना कभी..
    फिर भी विश्वास रखते हैं तुझ पर सभी..।
    देते हैं तुझको इतना मान..
    तेरे नाम पर कर देते हैं इतना दान..।
    मंदिरों में करोड़ों रुपए चढ़ाते हैं..
    एक पत्थर पर इतनी आस्था रखते हैं..।
    गरीब को सुबह से एक रोटी ना हो रही नसीब..
    और तेरी पत्थर (शिवलिंग) पर दूध पर दूध चढ़ाए जा रहे..
    जो जा रहा एक नाली के करीब..।

    God: मैंने इन मंदिरों को नहीं बनाया..
    मैंने सिर्फ इंसानों को बनाया..।
    इन मंदिरों का निर्माण तुमसब ने खुद किया..
    इन पत्थरों को मेरा नाम तुम सब ने खुद दिया..।

    Me: तो जब गलती कर रहें हम..
    तो कम से कम.. रोको तो तुम..।
    कुछ मंदिर में जाकर दूध चढ़ा रहे हैं..
    कुछ मस्जिद में जाकर चादर चढ़ा रहे हैं..
    कुछ गिरजाघर में जाकर मोमबत्तियां जला रहे हैं..
    तो कुछ गुरुद्वारे में जाकर पाठ कर रहे हैं..।

    यह दूध किसी भूखे को देते..
    यह चादर किसी नंगे को ओडाते..
    ‌ यह मोमबत्तियां किसी अंधेरे घर में जलाते..
    यह पाठ के बजाए.. किसी गरीब का दुख सुनते..
    तो बेहतर होता..।

    God: तो तुम्हें क्या लग रहा..
    यह मंदिर ,मस्जिद ,गिरजाघर और गुरुद्वारे मैंने बनाया..
    हर जगह जा जाकर तुमने इन सब को खुद सजाया..।
    यह दूध ,चादर ,मोमबत्तियां ,पाठ.. सारी प्रथा तुमने खुद बनाई
    अमीर-गरीब के बीच में रेखा तुमने खुद बनाई।

    Me: अरे तूने हम सबको धर्मों में क्यों बांटा..
    इस धर्म के वजह से..
    ना जाने कितने भाई ने अपने भाइयों का गला काटा..!

    God: आंख नाक मुंह दो हाथ दो पैर पेट.. सबको मैंने यही दिया..
    पर इन सबको मजहबों में तुमने खुद सिल दिया..।
    मैंने एक जान डाली थी सबमें..
    तुमने इसको बांट दिया..
    तुमने अपने मन से मेरे उसूलों को बदल दिया..।

    Me: पर तू देख तो रहा ना..
    देश के तिरंगे में भी यहां भगवा - हरा हो रहा..
    राम मंदिर और बाबरी मस्जिद के सिलसिले में..
    हजारों का गला कट रहा..
    सब तो तेरे लिए हो रहा..
    फिर बताना..तुझे क्या मिल रहा..?

    Must read part 2.

    - Suhani
    #Religion #caste #hindu #muslim #christians #sikhs #god #goddontexist #Mandir #masjid #gurudwara #church #athiest #believer #rape #bhagwan #conversationwidgod #mirakee #mirakeeworld

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    "A conversation with God"
    .(This is not agnst any caste religion or god..)
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    #HolyBible . #Faith . #Salvation . #Eternal . #Church . #TheChurch . #Creative . #Writing . #Creativity . #Thinker . #Writer . #Happiness . #Peace . #TheBoatMan . #Intellectual . #Puzzles . #PuzzleofGod . #Poetry . Thoughts recorded for the enjoyment of many viewers including self .

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    Angelic soliloquy .

    Writing about Michael the Archangel is the

    providing glory to every eternal angel .

    Providing writing about Michael the Archangel

    does provide glory to every eternal angel

    because the archangel is a representative

    of every eternal angel .

    The Greek mythology , theology and false

    deities , angelic host or the deities ?

    Creativity .

    Combine them and that is the eternal

    authority of Michael the Archangel

    of whom forever stands alongside

    the almighty father and his brother

    '' The Son of God '' known as Christ Jesus .

    The Son of God rescues the characters

    within Greek mythology .

    The triune living God is a brother to himself .

    Past , present and future .

    Prior Genesis , Genesis to new testament ,

    New testament to revelations and the

    historical event of eternal judgment alongside

    the eternal ceremony .

    The story after judgment and during

    the eternal ceremony is going to be

    absolutely beautiful .

    The triune living God is going to

    combine and transform into another version

    of himself . ?

    Please enjoy the writings and please enjoy

    the upcoming holiday of Thanksgiving .

    ( ^ __ ^ )

    Please have plenty of warm clothing

    because the temperature within

    the environment already changed

    and is presently changing .

    Please be very responsible during the

    holiday of Halloween .

    Please be healthy , warm , safe and

    please be absolutely sober .

    Please travel safely and please be around

    responsible family members or a responsible

    family member ; a pet is a family member .

    Please remember the behavior of

    physical distancing .

    Please be responsible because the

    current event within history known as

    Covid 19 or the pandemic is ongoing .

    Best of regards alongside

    very sweet prayers ,

    Jereme Joel Palos .

  • jereme_palos 51w

    Internal perception .

    Eternal life is a perception within .

    That and the perception must be strengthened ,

    watered , enhanced and continually lived

    alongside via The Holy Spirit within The Son of

    God .

    Whether somebody holds the perception within

    or not ;

    eternal life alongside the holy spirit within the

    son of God does exist .

    The Son of God is a Best ( The best ) , very close

    ( very closest ) and Eternal Friend . An eternal

    brother although that would be up to him

    ( the historical event of eternal judgment ) .

  • jereme_palos 52w

    Biblical writing .

    The body is spiritual and physical or physical and

    spiritual .

    The supernatural does exist and provided the

    spirit within the physical body .

    The supernatural or the spiritual can be viewed or

    seen within the environment via reverence

    alongside The Holy Spirit and The Son of God .

    The internal perception of the spiritual or the

    supernatural is not false , deceptive , malicious , is

    not a delusion , a hallucination or an external /

    internal mirage due to personal health

    ( dehydration , anxiety ,

    stress , panic , paranoia , excitement , happiness ,

    euphoria , motivation , etc … ) or the internal

    desire of God existing instead of not existing .

    A person is taught of the supernatural or the

    spiritual via others of whom have been rescued

    and saved by the supernatural and the spiritual

    being known as The Holy Spirit / The Father / The

    Son of God or The Almighty .

    A person is physical and spiritual and then

    begins turning physical via sin and then The Son of God refreshes , restores and rescues the

    soul by teaching the person of eternal life .

    The Holy Spirit is eternal and lives forever .

    Science proves and did prove the fact that God

    does exist and that can be plainly viewed or

    seen via the science of behavior ( behavior

    modification and the lifestyle of sobriety ) .

    The spirit within is gifted by the supernatural

    and spiritual creator of whom appeared within

    physical and bodily form ;

    The Holy Spirit appeared as a human known as

    Christ Jesus . ?

    The Holy Spirit is the safe zone or the safe haven

    within spirituality because Christ Jesus is the

    Son of God .

    Sleep paralysis can be viewed as a paranormal

    experience of when a person endures spiritual

    or supernatural persecution via malicious beings

    such as gremlins / ghouls / already judged and

    damned demons .

    Call out to The Son of God or think of The Son of

    God and He Will Rescue from within the

    nightmare .

    Sleep paralysis = a Nightmare .

    Sleep paralysis is definitely and absolutely a

    nightmare .

    Calling out to God ‘s Son / Lord / Savior / Jesus /

    Allah / Elohim / Jehovah / Almighty / Yahweh /

    Son of God / The Holy Spirit / Buddha / Krishna /

    Christ Jesus / etc … absolutely does end the

    nightmare and the sleep paralysis because he

    does rescue the person from within the

    nightmare .

    The Holy Spirit within the name and Christ Jesus

    ( God ‘ s Grace ) also known as The Son of God

    provide the victory from within the nightmare .

    The Father provides Grace and Mercy to a soul

    of whom calls out to him while enduring sleep

    paralysis .

    The Holy Spirit hears and views when a person is

    enduring trouble within a nightmare and calling

    out to God via the multiple known names that

    he does have ;

    God does hear when the person / soul calls to

    him .

    A person calling to an eternal angel or a saint or

    an apostle ?

    The prayer is delivered to God and God obtains

    the prayer and then rescues the person from

    within the nightmare ;

    the nightmare known as sleep paralysis .

    Within a nightmare ?

    Call out to Christ Jesus or The Son of God .

    HE Will end the nightmare .

    The Son of God came from another dimension

    and experienced the crucifixion , the

    resurrection and the eternal ascension .

    Afterwards , The Son of God went to another

    dimension .

    The Holy Spirit of whom is supernatural ; The

    Holy Spirit exists within every dimension that

    can be found within the multiverse .

    A thinker ' s puzzling poetry .

    The environment that can be personally seen or

    viewed ? The soul / the invisible person / the

    internal person is as large as the view that can

    be seen with personal eyes . ?

    The soul / invisible person / the internal person

    is as expansive as every sound that can be

    recorded and heard with the ears ; every sound

    that could be personally heard within history . ?

    Every sound combined within a video or a song ?

    Every book combined within a single book .

    The internal soul within the physical body and

    the deepest section of that internal soul also

    known as the spirit continually expands because

    of The Son of God .

    Can not see or hear ?

    ( The eternal American , human and teacher

    named Helen Keller ) .

    The soul is as vast , deep and expansive as

    the internal sense of thinking .

    The spirit is deeper than the soul and the spirit

    was or is provided by The Holy Spirit alongside

    The Son of God . ?

    The soul is deeper than the many aromas and

    scents that exist . The nose can smell a

    multitude of scents and aromas .

    The soul is deeper than the many foods and

    beverages that can be consumed .

    The soul is deeper than the many forms and

    types of weather that can be experienced ;

    than the many forms of weather that do exist .

    Short Story .

    An eternal angel of whom stood loyal from the

    very beginning and will always be loyal to The

    Holy Spirit : The whole universe ... The Omni

    verse . The Multiverse . The world , the sins ,

    the items and the false or fleshly pleasures

    within are nothing compared to Eternal Life .

    The inner thoughts of an eternal angel prior The

    birth of Christ Jesus ; The Son of God and the

    provider of eternal life .

    Christ Jesus guided ( via prayer , eternal

    communion or an eternal relationship and

    thinking ) the eternal angel toward discerning ,

    viewing , being witness and experiencing his

    eternal birth as a baby boy .

    The eternal angel and Christ Jesus shared a

    similar heart and conscience ; The Son of God

    was sharing his internal heart and conscience

    with the eternal angel .

    The Son of God was sharing his internal nature

    with the eternal angel prior to being born as a

    baby .

    The Son of God was born and he lived through

    the crucifixion because he was and is

    resurrected ; He experienced the eternal

    ascension and presently resides within another

    dimension and awaits the eternal ceremony

    alongside the rapture .

    The very same angel personally witnessed the

    crucifixion , the resurrection and the eternal

    ascension of Christ Jesus .

  • jereme_palos 52w

    The Goldilocks Zone . Science , brainstorming , thinking and problem solving .

    Thought process and soul rotate or orbit around

    each other and are provided by the

    spirit . ?

    The spirit is the deepest section within the

    combination . ?

    The spirit is either gifted and provided eternal

    life or not .

    Ptolemy and Galileo are supportive of each

    other . ?

    The sun rotates around the earth and the earth

    rotates around the sun .

    The earth orbits around the sun and the sun

    orbits around the earth because the sun also

    orbits around another galaxy and within

    multiple galaxies that happen to be within the

    universe .

    The earth and the sun orbit around each other ,

    although they are both within a different

    ( similar although not the same ) field of

    rotation .

    They both have a different schedule / period / duration of rotation .

    The earth can be viewed as the moon to the sun . ?

    The sun orbits the earth because the sun orbits

    around another galaxy .

    Basically the solar system can be viewed as a

    planet and that planet ( the solar system )

    rotates another solar system as well other solar

    system rotate the solar system that the sun and

    earth are within ; The Milky Way .

    The sun rotates or presently spins and that is

    evidence toward the fact that the sun actually

    does orbit around the earth ; although the sun

    simultaneously orbits another galaxy within the

    universe while orbiting the earth . ?

    The sun orbits around another galaxy and the

    earth simultaneously rotates and orbits the sun

    while the sun orbits another galaxy ; as well the

    sun eventually alters directions and begins

    orbiting the earth . ?

    They both have a schedule and the sun does

    orbit the earth although within a different

    schedule .

    The earth spins and rotates as well orbits the sun

    within the solar system ; the solar system can be

    located within the milky way galaxy .

    The sun spins and rotates as well the sun orbits

    the earth although within a larger scale because

    the sun orbits around a different galaxy ;

    that galaxy
    ( the galaxy that the milk way galaxy orbits ) can

    be located or found within a different

    section of the universe . ?

    The milk way galaxy also travels through the

    universe and rotates as well the galaxy orbits

    other galaxies within the universe . ?

    According to the gravitational fields of other

    galaxies ( larger galaxies ) ; the milky way galaxy

    orbits in different directions because the milky

    way galaxy travels through the universe via

    gravitational push and pull . ?

    The milky way galaxy , the solar system , the sun

    and the earth ; they spin and rotate as well they

    also orbit each other and around other

    planets / stars / celestial objects / areas within

    space . ?

    The milky way galaxy travels through the

    universe via the centripetal force of the many

    celestial objects within the universe and other

    galaxies are traveling via the term known as

    centripetal force . ?

    The milky way galaxy and the solar system

    within alongside the sun , the earth and the

    planets within the solar system ;

    they alternate direction of rotation and / or

    direction of orbit . ?

    The earth requires roughly 365 days ( a year ) to

    orbit the sun and the sun ' s orbit requires a

    lengthier schedule ( a lot longer than a year ) .

    Other suns ( very large ball of heat also known

    as a star )

    from within the galaxy and many galaxies are

    presently orbiting the milky way galaxy and the

    solar system within ;

    other or many suns within the universe are

    orbiting around the earth .

    The sun does orbit the earth although within a

    larger scale ; a scale of galaxies .

    The earth and the sun orbit each other . ?

    They both orbit each other . ?

    The sun and the earth orbit each other . ?

    The spin or the rotation of the celestial object

    generates gravity around the planet and that

    gravitational field continually flows because of

    the many celestial objects within

    the solar system , galaxy and the universe . ?

    The celestial body spins because of the

    interacting earthen minerals ( the elements

    within the environment ) are releasing a

    field of magnetic energy . ?

    The movement of earthlings alters the

    earth ' s rotation ?

    Movement results in Vibrations and the

    movement alongside the vibrations alters the

    rotation or the orbit of the earth ?

    The weight of the planet alters every day because

    babies are born . ?

    The Parent ( s ) / the guardian( s ) or the birthing

    parent ( female ) is supposed to be provided or

    given the appropriate amount of money in

    relation to the health , safety and upbringing of

    the offspring . A large lumpsum ( large amount )

    dispersed ( lesser amounts from the large

    amount ) and provided during or through the

    seasons within the year ? Every month ? Every

    two months ? Every two weeks ? Every week ?

    Health and safety of the parents or the family ?

    Every celestial object emits or releases magnetic

    energy and that magnetic energy eventually

    turns into a gravitational field around the

    celestial object ; gravity is also within the

    environment of the celestial object . ?

    The celestial objects push and pull each other

    through the universe . ?

    The celestial objects orbit each other . ?

    The Goldilocks Zone is additional evidence

    toward the fact that God does exist . ?

  • life4poetry 54w

    Wedding ring

    In the darkness of space, gravity creates a stage.
    A gas sphere is cast making hydrogen to fuse at last.
    A new star is born in glory telling the following story.
    Made helium as a starter heavier elements as a master.
    Now I'm old and my furnace is cold.
    Iron was the last on my list and time has come to make a fist.
    Only brute force is able to continue on the periodic table.
    In a final act of devotion i end in a super nova explosion.
    So darling always keep in mind for this golden ring a star has died.

  • shivamgulyani 55w

    Shiv Shambhu

    गुन्नी बनो गुण गान खुद बा खुद हो जाएगा ।।

    भले बनो भक्त का भला वोह भी क्या करेगा ।।।

    प्यासे को ही पुछ लो चड़ावे का भला वोह भी क्या करेगा।।

    अमृत छोड़ जिसने विष को चुना वोह तुम्हारे से लेके क्या अमीर बनेगा ??

  • jereme_palos 59w

    Written entries . Part three ( # 3 ) . < < A lot of reading . >> Reflective .

    A writer does not have to write with the highest

    level of literacy and vocabulary within every

    form of writing .

    An orator does not have to speak with the

    highest quality of oration within every

    conversation and speech .

    As within an AA ( Alcoholic ' s Anonymous ) or

    within an NA ( Narcotics Anonymous ) course ;

    Denial of the fact that The Holy Spirit does exist

    is additional evidence that HE does exist , A soul

    of whom speaks and says that The Holy Spirit ,

    God or The Son of The Living God does not exist

    ; The soul is providing additional evidence

    toward that fact that HE ( The Holy Spirit ) does

    exist , Science has proven that fact that God

    does exist . 2 Timothy 3 : 5 . Please read 2

    Timothy 3 : 5 . 2 Timothy 3 : 5 - Having a form of

    godliness ( goodness ) and denying the power of

    good that came from , originated and is

    energized by The Holy Spirit , Good or goodness

    is from The Holy Spirit . Good or goodness =

    Good or goodness . Flesh and sin = flesh and sin .

    Evil = evil . Flesh and sin are not evil . Flesh and

    sin are internal ( internal behavior ) and external

    ( external behavior ) via behavior . A belief does

    not alter a fact . Science has proven the fact that

    The Holy Spirit does exist via the fruits of the

    spirit documented within the book of Galatians .

    Chapter 5 within the book of Galatians . Please

    substitute The Holy Spirit in the locations that

    the word spirit is written . The Holy Spirit truly

    does exist whether a soul believes in him or not .

    A fact is that The Holy Spirit does exist . A

    creative story - Person A : Does the holy spirit

    exist ? Person B : Yes , the holy spirit does exist

    and that would be a historically documented

    fact .

    A creative story . Person A : Does the holy spirit

    exist ? Person B : Yes , the holy spirit does exist

    and that would be a historically documented

    fact .

    The counter debate is actually a debate toward

    The fact that The Holy Spirit does exist .

    There is not any counter debate .

    The counter debate provides further and

    additional evidence toward the fact that The Holy

    Spirit does

    exist .

    Similar of the scenario within an AA or NA

    course .

    #Apologetic .

    Please have an enjoyable Thanksgiving and Christmas . ( ^ __ ^ ) .

  • jereme_palos 59w

    Written entries . Part two ( # 2 ) . << A lot of reading . >> Reflective .

    The Son of The Living God endured Matthew 5 :

    10 - 11 and provided additional evidence of the

    gospel . Matthew 5 : 10 was a verbal counseling

    and blessing received prior to Christ enduring

    the crucifixion . ? He was also blessed within the

    scenario of the alabaster jar ; the scenario

    happened prior the event of the crucifixion .

    The Son of The Living God spoke and provided

    the beatitudes , was eternally anointed via the

    alabaster jar being poured on him and then

    endured the event that was previously taught to

    happen . The alabaster jar could have been

    anointed upon The Son of The Living God so the

    pain He would endure within the next

    historically documented event known ( whipped

    , beaten and scourged ) as the crucifixion would

    be reduced . ? She was medically and spiritually

    anointing him , spiritually and eternally blessing

    him , psychologically preparing him , grieving

    alongside him and reducing the pain that The

    Son of The Living God would endure within the

    next event . ? Christ Jesus expressed

    tremendous self control and self restraint

    during the scenarios within the event of his

    crucifixion ; He held divine power and could

    easily activate that power . An example of the

    power he could have activated was displayed

    after the completion of the crucifixion ; the

    giant earthquake . Christ Jesus could have

    activated a giant earthquake instead of

    enduring the crucifixion .

    The Holy Spirit endured the crucifixion so

    eternal life would be provided and so devout

    believe of eternal life would increase . The Holy

    Spirit was also closing , finishing and completing

    the supernatural and eternal court case ; he was

    multiplying and storing eternal wrath ( turning

    the other cheek and providing the tunic ; this

    was taught so a persecuted person would win

    within the court system ) within the event of

    eternal judgment . In addition , He was

    performing an act of atonement due to the

    previous judgments that he had been involved (

    Noah , Moses alongside Aaron and the wicked

    pharaoh , Sodom and Gomorrah , etc... ) within ;

    alongside atonement of the event held within

    the future discerned as eternal judgment . The

    Son of The Living God provided a supernaturally

    royal amount of evidence that eternal life does

    exist . He provided this evidence via the

    crucifixion , resurrection and the ascension ,

    alongside the miraculous gift of sobriety . A

    miraculous gift provided during Pentecost , ( the

    book of ACTS ) as evidence of Christ Jesus '

    ascension . The gift of sobriety is evidence of

    The Holy Ghost ' s royal power , eternal

    existence and supernatural victory . The Holy

    Spirit was prior Christ ' s crucifixion and The

    Holy Ghost was around the events of the

    entombment , resurrection and ascension ?

    Christ had The Holy Spirit and The Holy Ghost

    intertwined within his personal soul ; during the

    crucifixion , entombment , resurrection and

    ascension ? Within The Son of The Living God ‘s

    physical and earthly ministry ( around and over 2
    , 000 years ago ) he was provided a baptism by

    his cousin John The Baptist . During a number

    of historical events ; The Holy Spark within

    Christ Jesus was increased .

    HE could have had The Holy Spirit and The Holy

    Ghost intertwined within his soul ? Additionally ,

    during the large earthquake ; the 2 separated

    into the tomb and into heaven ? Afterwards and

    during the resurrection , they both reunited

    within Christ ' s personal body and that resulted

    in the large stone in front of the tomb being

    moved ? The Holy Ghost is the resurrected

    version of The Holy Spirit ; The second Holy

    Spirit or The revived Holy Spirit ? The Son of The

    Living God is The second Adam ; The revived

    Adam or the reincarnated Adam ? The Son of

    The Living God is a portion ( an eternal spark

    and flame ) of the eternal spark and flame that

    resides within The Father . ? The Holy Ghost

    captures the miniature spark ( interwoven

    within the body : thought process , conscience ,

    soul and spirit ) also known as the internal

    mirror reflection of The Holy Spirit ? The Holy

    Spirit within a person transforms into a Holy

    Ghost and the intertwined combination (

    miniature spark or mirrored reflection ) of The

    Holy Spirit and Holy Ghost within ( the thought

    process ) are transported to the eternal

    judgment that results in eternal life ? The

    eternally saved souls of whom were provided

    eternal life are living within heaven . ? The souls

    of whom did not receive eternal life are waiting

    the resurrection and the holy judgment of God '
    s righteous anger alongside his eternal justice ;

    the supernatural lake of brimstone and fire ?

    The Holy Spirit around and within the spark

    transforms into a Holy Ghost ; The Holy Ghost

    within heaven
    captures and transports the newly formed

    combination toward the judgment alongside

    heaven .

    Does reincarnation exist ? I do not have that

    knowledge although I would not doubt that

    reincarnation exists for a number of

    sparks ; not every spark . Unless a person

    considers and believes reincarnation being

    gifted eternal life
    within heaven . ? Reincarnation within present

    earth ? Reincarnation into heaven alongside the eternal

    body gifted by The Holy Spirit ? Re birthed into

    heaven and provided eternal life after the event of
    judgment ? Spiritually and physically re birthed

    onto earth ?

    Re birthed , reincarnated , transformed during

    the eternal ceremony or provided the eternal

    body after

    the return of The Son of The Living God ? The

    rapture and awaiting The Son of The Living God ‘ s return

    alongside the eternal judgment is a primary

    tenet of the belief .

    Reincarnation could also have been a counseling , apologetic and evangelist ‘ s discussion

    provided by
    The Apostle Paul as a way to convert and guide

    non believers toward believing ; could have also been

    finding friends and entertaining them with

    intellectual conversations about a man of whom

    was proven

    to exist although he was physically deceased .

    The man given the title of The Christ could gift sobriety because he was The Son of The Living

    God and
    held The Creator within him ; he could perform

    miracles . A little bit more than a trinity :

    The Father , The Son , The Holy Spirit , The Holy

    Ghost , 1st Adam , 2nd Adam . 1st Adam and

    2nd Adam
    are the same ? Eve was within heaven while

    Christ Jesus walked with The Apostles ?

    Additional .

    New born baby that did not physically live

    through child birth ?

    A supernatural and spiritually reversed birth .

    Baby welcomes the parent ( s ) into the Kingdom

    of heaven .

    Baby is on the inside of the kingdom of heaven

    and doors open :

    Inward , upward , outward , sideways and

    diagonally .

    Birthed into heaven after the baby was and is

    rebirthed into heaven .

    Birthed into heaven after the event of eternal

    judgment ;

    after the return of The Son of The Living God .

    Adam and the 2nd Adam are the same exact

    Adam ?

    Eve was waiting in paradise while Adam was

    walking alongside The Apostles ; while Adam

    ministering with The Apostles .

    Adam was a lesser and younger version of God . ?

    Adam was a lesser and younger version of The

    Holy Spirit . ?

    Adam was a lesser and younger version of The

    Almighty . ?

    Adam was a galaxy within the endless omniverse

    ; a lesser version of The Father . ?

    Adam was a lesser and younger version of God

    The Father .

    Adam reappeared so the eternal and

    supernatural court case would be completed ;

    would be finished .

    The ( already dissolved within the lake of fire )

    devil committed the wicked act twice .

    Adam was physically , personally and directly

    persecuted at least twice by the ( already


    within the lake of fire ) devil .

    Adam and Eve have endured persecution since

    the scenario and event historically documented

    within the book of Genesis .

    Additional evidence was obtained and the (

    already dissolved within the lake of fire ) devil

    was found

    as temporarily guilty and eternally guilty . ?

    The ( already dissolved within the lake of fire )

    devil committed 1st , 2nd and 3rd degree

    homicide ;

    Adam and Eve as well as the 2nd Adam . ?

    Adam reborn , rebirthed , reincarnated ,

    reappearing , rematerialized . ?

    Adam was the only reincarnated being to ever

    exist . ?

    Eve was the eternal spirit ( within paradise ) of

    whom outpoured and sent The Eternal Dove to


    while he was being baptized within the water ;

    John The Baptist was baptizing him . ?

    The 3rd appearance of Adam is the Return of

    The Son of The Living God and the event of eternal

    judgment alongside the eternal reward ceremony .

    Poetry , entertainment , theology , spirituality , evangelism ,
    counseling , apologetics , creative writing .

    A number of souls could be reincarnated as :

    clouds , space clouds , stars , moons , shooting

    stars or

    weather within space . ?

  • jereme_palos 59w

    Written entries . < < A lot of reading . > >


    Strong and see your prayer be created before

    your eyes in this Life or The Next One When We

    Are Physically Alongside Him... He Is Always By

    Your Side... Closer To You Than The Sunlight,

    Than This Post and Even Closer To You Than

    Your Heart Can Beat . Do Not Worry... You Got

    This . #Prayer . #Faith . #Live . #Love .

    #Happiness . #Wisdom . #Purity . Eternal

    happiness can only be obtained when one

    chooses to guard their heart and have it be

    guarded by others... but you still must guard it

    yourself . #SeekLife .

    100% supportive of free and equal .

    100% supportive of equal rights .

    100% supportive of human rights .

    100% supportive of The Legal System .

    100% supportive of PETA .

    100% supportive of Defenders of Wildlife .

    100% supportive of Wounded Warriors .

    100% supportive of Air1 .

    100% supportive of abolitionism .

    100% supportive of sobriety .

    100% supportive of vegetables, vitamins and

    water .

    100% supportive of responsibility and maturity .

    100 % supportive of health and safety .

    100% supportive of babies .

    100% supportive of The Constitution of The

    United States of America .

    100% supportive of God and a chaplain within

    the school curriculum .

    Guidance .

    Write to decrease the crime rate .

    Pro life and pro choice .

    Primarily pro life, then pro choice .

    Be both .

    Both , yet pro life .

    100% Supportive of CPS and CPA .

    That is always present .

    Language does equal behavior .

    Cross and Jesus did not accomplish much ? The

    cross and Jesus have provided sobriety to many .

    Multiple proven and documented miracles

    within reality . The Holy Spirit does exist . The

    Holy Spirit does gift personal freedom .

    Sobriety is a true blessing , gift and miracle of

    God . Please request that blessing .

    Viewing and hearing of a false Christ provides

    evidence of The Holy Scriptures... Whether the

    person is applying reverse and societal

    psychology , trolling , or not psychologically

    healthy . Persons claiming and pretending to be

    Christ are only providing evidence of The Holy

    Scriptures . A devout believer being bullied due

    to personal faith is additional evidence of The

    Holy Scriptures . Stop the bullying .

    Matthew 5 : 11 . Scenario of a devout believer

    being bullied proves the Holy Scriptures . Speak

    up, stand up, and speak out about the bullying .

    Be a continual eye witness . Bullying is not

    healthy .

    The fruits of the spirit written and documented

    within the book of Galatians can be clearly seen

    within the behavior a person and within self .

    Additional evidence that proves The Holy Spirit

    does exist . Please be responsible . Eternal life

    does exist .

    The writings of Apostle Paul documented within

    the book of 2 Corinthians chapter 13 : Verses 5 -

    11 . Personal examination of the faith , eternally

    gifted promise of salvation , personal behavior

    and The indwelling of Holy Spirit . Please

    substitute the phrase Christ Jesus with The Holy

    Spirit . Verse 5 : Examine yourselves to see

    whether you are in the faith; test yourselves . Do

    you not realize that Christ Jesus is in you —

    unless , of course , you fail the test ? Verse 6 :

    And I trust that you will discover that we have

    not failed the test . Additional evidence that The

    Holy Spirit does exist . A believer can observe

    whether another person retains the fruits of the

    spirit documented within the book of Galatians

    via a person's behavior . Galatians 5 : 22 - 26 .

    100 % supportive of The Exodus Road . 100%

    supportive of a healthy environment. 100%

    supportive of sobriety . 100% supportive of fire

    safety . 100% supportive of responsible

    education .

    100% supportive of NAMI .

    Biblical story .

    Christ carrying the cross and walking to the

    mountain .

    A viewer deeply grieves , mourns and weeps .

    An angel speaks and the viewer discerns the

    angel’s voice .

    “ He of whom presently carries the cross and

    wears the crown of thorns gifted every thought

    process “ .

    Christ stumbles to the ground with the cross.

    “ They are going to find out soon because He

    shall be resurrected and return upon clouds of

    glory “ .

    “ The 2nd Adam . The Christ . The Holy Spirit .

    The Son of The Living God shall return and arrive

    with eternal glory “ .

    The angels , Christ , and the crowd grieved ,

    mourned and wept together .

    After the angel finished speaking and providing

    counsel .

    Christ stands up , picks up the cross , continues

    walking and then stumbles .

    Simon appears , helps Christ up and carries the

    cross with him .

    Simon was the good Samaritan and good

    neighbor that helped Christ .

    An angel ?

    Melchizedek ?

    John The Baptist reappearing to help Christ ?

    Joseph appearing to help Christ ? Christ’s

    earthly father .

    Joseph appearing to help Christ ? The son of

    Jacob .

    Jacob appearing to help Christ ?

    Job appearing to help Christ ?

    Joshua appearing to help Christ ?

    Moses appearing to help Christ ?

    Elijah appearing to help Christ ?

    Elisha appearing to help Christ ?

    Isaiah appearing to help Christ ?

    Abraham appearing to help Christ ?

    Noah appearing to help Christ ?

    Enoch appearing to help Christ ?

    Caleb appearing to help Christ ?

    Lot appearing to help Christ ?

    Adam appearing to help Christ ?

    Methuselah appearing to help Christ ?

    Daniel appearing to help Christ ?

    A cured and recovered Simon the leper

    appearing to help Christ ?

    Simon was Christ ’ s warmth and reduced the pain

    He was enduring .

    Christ was enduring pain and Simon reduced the

    pain endured .

    Simon was a mixture of emotions and thoughts

    that were within Christ .

    Simon and Simon Peter the apostle .

    The father arranged Simon to appear .

    The father was comforting and counseling

    Christ Jesus with Simon .

    Christ would have endured harsher torture if

    Simon The Cyrene had not appeared . Written by

    Jereme Joel Palos .

    100% supportive of Amnesty .

    Prayer alters every thing and item because of

    the thermodynamic ( physics ) verbal heat

    energy released while praying . #Science .

    Short Story :

    Does The Holy Spirit exist ?

    Yes , The Holy Spirit does exist and that would

    be a fact .

    Gay Straight Alliance . LGBT and Straight

    Alliance . Straight and LGBT Alliance . Human

    Rights . Equal Rights . Equality . #TheHolySpirit .

  • just_foxx 13w


    Oh dear God
    Take me back

    If I knew how long they would last
    I would have never let them go to waste
    I'm not satisfied with nostalgia
    I'm not contempt with the photographs
    I need them here, right now

    Oh please God

    Warm embraces
    The gleam of her blonde hair
    Meals in the old church
    The way I held myself
    The way we held our own

    I don't know where I am now

    I miss them all so much

    - Foxx