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  • jenaroaragon 14w

    Bah! Humbug.

    Retrospective, introspective, so depressive, not elective.
    Nightmares of you, so comfortable, dust and rubble, all I have left.
    Feel accosted, by the loss of the mirage we saw so often.
    Apparition, future Christmas, new years eve, the ghosts still torment me from heaven.
    Preach the lesson.
    Forced confession: need your presence.
    Bit of beef still undigested, mind still prone to be receptive. Sensitive.

    But unresponsive.

    Bah humbug! I'm so obnoxious.
    Yes I know, but it's subconscious. In my heart, a long dead promise wakes me still with visions monstrous. Name still hung above my office.
    What else can I be but cross living in a world of merry Christmas?

    Open hearts that once were shut up. No right nor reason, poor enough!
    Family speaks to me with love I haven't felt since I was young, so all I have to say's good day, as I put out the coals and fuss.

    I don't make merry at Christmas. All my work goes to establishments I'm forced to pay through taxes. Put the poor into the prisons. Can't afford to give what I wish to those who are badly off.

    Decreased population surplus.

    Sat in mournful meditation, fog-like smoke obscures the egress.
    Bells chime for what seems an hour then, dragging chains he comes to visit.

    "They come at midnight!" spake the phantom. "Father son and holy spirit."

    Hands in pockets, thoughtful habits. No peace. No rest. No reverence.
    Humbug. I say you're fictitious.
    Charity, mercy, and forbearance are but a drop in the comprehensive ocean of a business ended.

  • inks_of_everything 15w

    New Year

    What more can ONE ask for
    Than taking the place of ZERO

    HAPPY 2021


  • jadedraco 15w

    Vlog Christmas 2020

    Christmas was okay got some stuff I liked and some stuff I didn't like but it was all good. This is my last day off from work have to be back at work tomorrow. I kind of dread going back to work, but I kind of like it being home with my family has sort of drove me crazy. I got more into creating things. I bought my son, and daughter these build a house kits and my son and I started building this Christmas house when he is not regressing and reliving his past in school with angry outburst he is pretty handy with the put together house art. Two problems the pieces are delicate so with our big hands we tend to break the pieces two pieces I have to glue back but it is okay. The second problem is we can't just leave the house puzzle pieces alone to dry, or nothing because every time we leave the pieces my son's grandma has to be everywhere nd clean off every service including the puzzle pieces. so frustrating the second time she rebroke the piece that was broken that I had drying so now I got to go back and take the dry glue off glue it back and wait another few hours it is wood glue so it does take some time to dry. She messes with everything I was making a model house out of scrap cardboard took me a hour to do the wooden roof using scrap wood she threw the whole thing away and I had already painted it to pissed me off. then I was making different season sculptures with the dry clay I bought she damaged the snowman I made had to redo it and omg just frustrating. Hate not having my own space to create things . Then I figured I have to make a make shift shed/ play house for my daughter to take my creative art outside, but again have to get the proper screws, and things to put it together, I watched some YouTube videos to build quick pallet deck but it looks like I will have to get the proper tools to do it. So I decide to clean out my room shred my documents I I don't need any more and clear out my shelf so at least I can have a small space to put my incomplete art projects and so she can't break the projects shoving them in boxes and stuff so carelessly breaking the projects. In other concerns it has been two days in a row my son has had violent outbursts and it really is driving me crazy I know he can't help it, but damn come on already the past is the past. I kind of look forward to going back to work so I don't have to deal with it. That is why I got him the house kits so maybe he can focus all that anger into creating something he built himself. I am thinking of getting him the model car kits to but I want to make sure he can do the house kits first. It takes focus, patience, and steady hands for the project so just maybe he can lose himself in the project and not his own inner demons. I don't know only time will tell. About work I hate it I am seriously considering looking for a different one maybe work at night I want my daytime to be free to pursue the things I want to create and do including photography, crafts ,model house and later car building and DIY things like a pallet deck and so on. I am depressed today and yesterday but I am trying to make myself feel better by creating things I just enjoy it immensely. If only I can get my outbuilding/craft shed/play house for my daughter put together then maybe my stress would go away and maybe my son's would to.

  • angeldisco 16w

    Finding Meaning

    Finding Meaning

    Elizabeth's Story

    Who called you barren?
    I did
    They did
    We all did

    When I got married
    I knew I had hit the jackpot
    A handsome, rich man of standing
    Zechariah the priest
    The world was my oyster
    Only good things would happen to me
    I was young and naive
    He was kind and sweet
    The best of men
    Making me the luckiest woman alive
    Those early years of conflict and bliss
    Joy in every kiss
    Learning to thrive
    Falling in love
    Coming together as a team
    Felt as good as it could get

    10 years went by
    And sorrow was added to the dream
    Every woman I knew who married when I did had kids by now
    Here I stood alone
    Having everything in the world but the one thing I longed for
    A child

    Zechariah and I clung to the Lord
    With each monthly disappointment
    Sometimes a little less frequent but more agonizing
    I would feel my body change
    A few months would go by
    Only to end in a flood of tears and loss
    Every sound of a baby crying tore through my gut
    Each time a child laughed inside I wept

    And the questions became more intense
    When are you and Zechariah going to have children?
    Maybe you should see the doctor
    Have you done something to anger God?
    Did you disrespect your husband?
    Remember David and Michal
    Keep respectful
    It could yet happen

    I watched in pain as Zechariah was blocked from the Sanhedrin
    And others questioned him
    He was not fulfilling his duty to be fruitful and multiply
    And in their eyes he was disqualified

    And me?
    I was raised to believe
    That motherhood was meant to be my identity
    Wasn't that the definition of a woman?
    The foundation of my social standing?
    I felt like a second-class citizen

    We went through treatment after treatment
    And it felt God stood by silent
    As I felt the stares and the judgments
    Old friends withdrew
    Helpless in face of our torment
    Or frustrated at our lack of repentance from some unnamed sin
    We were so desperate we even called the exorcists
    Anything to fix this
    But nothing worked

    Zechariah and I remained faithful
    Prayed nightly
    I copied scriptures all over our home
    Clung to them tightly
    Stories of Sarah and Hannah
    The beautiful passage in Isaiah
    "Sing O barren woman
    Burst into song
    For more are the children of the desolate woman
    Than of her who has a husband"
    I pondered, I meditated
    Faith blurred into desperation
    Zechariah joined me and encouraged me
    Our love for God and each other
    Became our everything

    Eventually hope became excruciating

    Decades passed
    One day awakened by hot flashes
    Grief revived afresh
    Searing pain through my heart
    The death of a dream
    This was it
    The end of our journey

    Our tears had dried
    Replaced by overwhelming numbness
    We let go
    Pouring our energy into efforts
    To bless all we saw in pain
    Animal or human it made no difference
    We embraced the life we had
    Even though it wasn't what we wanted

    And then ...
    Zechariah was chosen
    It was his turn
    We had felt the stirring of excitement
    This once in a lifetime event
    My husband would meet with God
    At the risk of his life
    And all I could do is wait and pray
    Anxiety fused with anticipation
    All I knew for sure was that my life would soon change
    But I had no idea what was coming

    Butterflies stirred wildly inside
    Waiting became unbearable
    I wanted to fast forward time
    My level of panic approached unmanageable
    This was taking too long
    What in the world was going on?

    When he emerged I breathed a sigh of relief
    But then - he couldn't speak!
    The other priests stirred
    He burst through the crowd
    Gesticulating wildly
    But I knew he wanted me

    I approached, unable to see what he held in his hand
    When he showed me, I gasped
    God said it is now time to be pregnant?
    Now that the energy of youth had passed
    And my heart had let go of my dream
    And it suddenly made sense
    That all I had been through was for this
    I wasn't cursed
    There wasn't something wrong with me
    I was taking my place among the chosen
    Ready to protect this gift at any cost, I went into seclusion

    It was too much for anyone to comprehend
    God's choice of me
    So when my cousin Mary arrived
    Another piece fell into place
    She was young and I was old
    I had faced disgrace, the kind she was soon to know
    I had wisdom to impart, love to give
    I carried the Voice that would cry in the wilderness
    And had the privilege to witness
    The arrival of God in the Flesh

    My pain not wasted
    My disgrace turned into glory
    I knelt I'm gratitude
    And thanked God for choosing me.

    Perhaps in this Christmas season
    You have faced pain, disgrace, suffering
    I pray that in the right time,
    God will also show you the meaning
    What you've been through is a badge of honour
    Birthing through you a Voice
    That prepares others
    To experience the Presence of the One
    Who resurrected my womb
    Took away my disgrace
    And will resurrect you too, removing all shame


  • lakshh 16w


    Christmas ko teen din ho chuke,;
    New year mein bhi teen din baaki Hai,;
    Koi aage ki planning mein dooba Hai,
    Aur kisi ka hangover hi baaki Hai.

    Tum toh karo celebrate,
    Hum yaha khud ke sathi hai,
    Iss saal peene ke liye jaam aur hasne ke liye sathi nhi,
    Par ek soch Hai ki agle saal ek mug coffee se hi pyaas bhujani nhi.

    Yeh saal bhi yaad rahega sada,
    Kyuki pehli baar ki Hai kismat ne itni khafa,
    Jo bhi hua theek hi hoga,
    Usne Kiya Hai toh kuch accha hi socha hoga

  • chandankanyal 16w

    Merry Christmas

    Be My Santa!
    I'll Be Your Wish

  • heavenly_broadcast 16w


    , . , .

  • sonysehgal 16w

    " Hey ! Do you remember ? Our last Christmas picture !" , she purred , as snow was freezing her lips .
    " Yes !! " , he replied ,as his eyes alight like festive lights .
    " Ughhh ! I wish ,we could re- create it ,again "

    " Well ... It's snowing ." he raised his eyebrow , with a smirk .

    And they did re- create the moment , but camera failed to capture the souls from graveyard .

    #christmastales #christmas #picturec @writersbay #writersbay @writersnetwork

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  • memosfrommomo 16w

    God delights in using the lowest of people
    To show the greatest heights of His glory.


  • sulagna2019 16w

    Merry Christmas

    Santa Santa Santa Grand Pa ," What have you brought with thee???"
    I brought gifts , chocolates , and toys whatever you want from me.
    Santa Santa Santa Grand Pa," Can you bring back my father whom I lost in the war ???"
    O Santa Grandpa "Give me some magic potion that banishes covid, proverty and hunger????"

  • mmbftd 16w


    It was Christmas
    As I saw my parents
    Through their front porch window
    Waving and blowing kisses
    Through my mask
    I had rarely missed a Christmas
    With them in all my 51 years
    I saw my father begin to cry
    As this pain of being so close
    Yet unable to hug each other
    Set into us both.
    My mother, always the strength
    Bore a smile of resilience
    As we spoke through our cell phones so we could hear each other.
    We left humble gifts to be saturated by lysol and washed and rewashed
    So no particle of sickness
    Could get to them.
    We all lived in fear. They are both in their late 70's.
    I hadn't hugged my parents in a year. A whole year.
    And last Christmas we all took togetherness for granted.
    We had laughed and hugged and held hands and kissed and sat close on the warm couch in front of a red hot fire. We had made plans and spoke of dreams and goals and life...
    But that was the last normal interaction we had.
    Now Covid-19 ravaged our country and the world.
    I had only left my home about 7times in this year of Covid-19.
    I was agoraphobic before all this!
    And I thought of my best friend, who's dear father had died a few months ago. How his Christmas is so different from any of his others. How the hole in his and his mom's heart would never be filled again.
    And I looked at my dad through this window and wept because I was so grateful for having him still.
    I'm so much more fortunate than most this year.
    And I got to see my little brother too, as he was able to be with them. I hadn't seen him since last Christmas on that couch in there. They showed yummy food behind them on the table, homemade Cuban food from my mom's loving hands.
    And I realized how important all these traditions are. How recipes handed down can never be learned too soon. How jokes made by siblings heal hearts. How singing with my father in a harmony only genetics can grant, is so valuable. To watch him play that ancient acoustic guitar and be happy singing all the songs he wrote in his Du-Wop days.
    And mom giving the tour of the house and projects or improvements she had made recently. Or getting the gallery show of her watercolor paintings in all their detailed beauty.
    These are memories now. I won't forget. I won't let them fade and I won't make the mistake of taking these moments through this window for granted. Not when I know how our world's can change so swiftly.
    I live safely. I live in fear. It's not political. It's not because I'm a sheep. It's because I'm not sure enough of anything to bet their precious lives on a careless decision I make.
    I can't be that selfish, when a hug I crave more than anything just might become the last one.
    It was Christmas and I saw my parents through their front porch window...and I'm so damn grateful I could burst.

  • priva_roy 16w

    Come Back

    Those moments we spent together,
    And those memories down the road
    They still breathe quite alive !!
    In those verses that I wrote....
    Look, it's winter once again...
    Everything's cold and dry....
    I doubt if Spring will come again !!
    I hope she gives it a try....
    Am waiting beside that hillside lake...
    Under the big oak tree...
    The snow just started to fall ever since
    The bonfire's warming me....
    The snowman is made and decorations done
    Am just waiting for you ....
    Just board the plane and hurry up!!
    And make my wish come true...
    Santa asked me, "What gift do you want?
    A necklace or a crown ? "
    I just said, " I have them all,
    Just bring my love in town !!!"

  • arya_ballal 16w

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. May all your wishes come true❤������

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    On a foggy Christmas eve,
    When churches sing a blissful choir,
    One wishes for luxuries,
    And another having health as a prior,
    The small ones believe,
    In Santa and make a prayer,
    The big ones percieve,
    God while making a desire,
    Once when the whole world ceased,
    Thousands sent wishful prayers,
    From little to big ones to new babies,
    Healing this world which is a mirror to admire,
    Be it Santa or God or something from within,
    Which heard so many desires,
    That made us who we are today,
    Standing in front of that mighty power,
    Healed, is the world today,
    Having strength better than ever,
    Powerful enough to create,
    World's biggest desires.......


  • thepoojaakarthik 16w

    It's Christmas eve, and of course the whole street was merry and the trees were covered with snow, flickering lights, wreaths and ornaments. In order to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, people praying in church, Little children building snowman. People were going for Carols, singing merrily, rejoicing "Hallelujah" praising Jesus. While there were two poor humans, hungry all day, yearning to eat something, Another group of children who noticed this shared their Candies, Fruitcakes and Plumcakes.

    Look at the way how, those little children bring out the humanity inside them, whereas we buried it already!

    So, I prayed to myself that elves, reindeers and the Santa in NorthPole will bring Humanity as our Christmas Present!
    Merry Christmas Eve yall

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #writersbay #pod #christmas #humanity #stories #helping

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  • neeraja 16w

    A Christmas Day

    Walking on stony roads painted in white,
    With jackets , boots and mask on a freezing night,
    Crossing the woods, bushes and frozen lake,
    A day filled with Christmas lights and cake,
    A day with downy flake and howling winds,
    I smiled and signed as I passed by
    To watch the brightest night in its own queerness,
     A walk to remember,
    A walk to forgive,
    To let go the darkest year for humankind

  • jaded_angel_ 16w

    The Gift

    This year, there won't be any Christmas Carol's playing,
    or a Christmas dinner with my family praying.
    There won't be a tree decorated or presents to open.
    There won't be cards read out loud or kind words spoken.
    There won't be mistoles with couples kissin',
    Or children making a snowman in the distances.
    There will be no milk and frosted cookies,
    No cozy blankets and traditional movies,
    There'll be no warm fire or hot chocolate sipped,
    No full stomachs with pants unzipped.
    It's be different this time around,
    However, I will not be hurt or down,
    Because I realized that despite none of this coming true,
    God still had a present, and he came through.
    He folded it neatly and pinned on a bow,
    He handed me the gift, and said this was all that I needed to know,
    I don't need to know the "why's "just yet but only the "what's" and the "who's".
    All I needed to know was that I still had a gift this year, and that gift was you.

  • lunatic_pen 16w

    It doesn't mean Christmas everyone is happy and everyone meant to be happy...
    Everyone has it's call Thanksgiving gatherings.

    Some of US are empty stomach with empty plates. With zero knowledge and without worth value of Thanksgiving.

    Now to think worth is dying than living...


  • heavenly_broadcast 16w

    Merry Christmas





  • sruthikaliyaperumal 16w

    Merry Christmas

    This Christmas,
    Love yourself and your parents!
    They give love in return,
    Not like those,
    Who come to you when in need!!

  • lavender_lizzy 121w

    I just edited this one a bit.
    #christmas #snow #winter #presents #gifts #family

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    Christmas (small edit)

    The snow falls slowly down
    As children sing and dance about
    Adults laugh and have a nice drink
    Opening presents under the tree
    Gifts of many in loving arms