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  • ashleynicole1990 108w

    I surrender

    Were all searching to identify.
    Whatever that means for you.
    Whatever that means for
    At our core were never quiet satisfied with anything the world has to offer .
    We look for a temporary fix to ease our minds or lighten our souls.
    Some of us to the point we no longer have control
    Each day filled with continuous compromise of who we are said to be in our fathers eyes
    Down to my knees because I need his guiding light
    Without him ,surely I'll never survive
    I'm sick of me and all my worldy compromise
    Father my life is not mine
    Your will is so much
    More divine
    In all my searching to identify your spirit is the only thing that has caused my soul to take flight .
    I need you father you can have my life .

  • ashleynicole1990 115w

    A father's kiss

    The heat of the sun warmly kisses my cheek
    A peaceful sensation melts through to my soul
    All the heavy weights and chains become released
    A feeling of pure extisy tingles throughout my body
    A smile stretches effortlessly across my face
    And a warmth wraps tightly upon my heart
    Though it lasts for such a quick moment
    I know my father sent his warm sweet kiss from above
    They always find me no matter the cloud that sets even directly or so high above .
    Such a sweet and precious love is the fathers for his daughter
    I've never experienced any kind of love that impacts my spirit with such a flood
    So pure and full
    Without a doubt I know it comes from my father who sits above

  • ashleynicole1990 115w

    Down is where I've found myself
    So small for such a great fall
    Head to my heel unable to continuously deal
    This world relentlessly continues to leave scars I alone am unable to heal
    In the far I hear my fathers call
    one not expected after my ungraceful filled fall
    I on my own so broken and wiry from the destruction that was all my own and only rightfully so for me alone to take the fall
    My fathers call now grows more near
    On my knees now I begin my crawl
    Once left lost and broken from my fearful fall
    As I seek, I understand I am anything but weak at all
    Too many lies of deceit I've allowed the enemy to manipulate and lay at my feet
    Nothing to fear at all
    The more I seek his name and the louder the call
    To my feet hes given me more than strength
    And shown me all the devil's tempting spells we drink
    Some of yall are stuck walking the plank because the devils got yall twisted in the way you think
    My savior has saved me from this worldy based flesh that has left me broken and deceived causing me too many lies to be cashed in at the bank
    I've been made new
    I'm born again
    My head will never lie at my own heel ever again
    I've been shown all that is real and been given knowledge of my king's will
    Words cant express just how good the spirit will make you feel
    better than any man made pill designed only to kill
    See my heel was made to smash your head satan
    How can I make it any more blatant
    I'm no victim ! I have a purpose greater than any enemy set out to steal
    You weekend coward you are no match for my fathers power
    My God is greater and no weapon formed against me and mine will prosper .
    Your times dried up
    I'm taken my rightful stand with my Gods perfect will and plan .
    See your words weaker than quick sand and my Gods foundation is on strong land .
    Satan you've no place left to stand so I'm making my demand
    Stay clear of me and mine and our sacred land. See Gods got me right by the hand and hes shown me all that I am and just how I'll land .

  • ashleynicole1990 125w

    The calling

    He's calling
    He's demanding
    He's wanting more
    I'm being called for more than ever before
    I hear his call even through my sin enflamed door
    I've been left now with my knees buried within the floor
    How could someone like myself ever meet God at my dirty and filthy scorned door
    No matter my worldly based fear
    His call can be felt through the strongest test of fear
    He sees through my stained and dirty washed door and promises me more than anything that has ever tempted me worldly before
    He's calling
    He's demanding
    He's wanting more
    I've been called for more than even before
    I'll vow to never allow my dirty and scorned knees to leave my worldly sin based floor and to that dirty entrapped door you'll never be shut on my Lord anymore

  • ashleynicole1990 126w

    So full of my own shame
    But who Here is to blame
    Only myself will set flame
    For all the sin that's to me a blame
    I'm doubtful of his name
    So many miracles too many to name
    Why does my heart doubt his blessed and sacred name
    He seems too good to be true and I am only left with shame ,for I place doubt within his name
    I still love him all the same it's a mystery to me why Ive found fear within his name
    Please God rescue me from my wicked domain