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  • rodney 13w

    27th July, 2021.
    10:04 a.m.

    #rap #christianrap

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    What I could leave.

    Feeling so good,

    I've always been misread and

    Tooth fairy to the tales I've buried underneath my demeanor and depth.

    People like to pretend,
    Adding character to their bravado of disrespect.

    I rather keep it all real and say it to your face.

    The grace from heaven,
    Made me a better being of the race.

    I don't like the talks about my life,

    I keep it all inside,
    Stick it like sticky notes ripped off the notepads

    My rhymes are slim,
    My first name isn't slim.
    I never liked people who grin,
    I'm a sinner, whose life has always been about how to conquer one's besieging sin.

    You don't even want to see me—
    I prefer a blip on the screen,
    Blipping letters, words that always has some things it had to say.

    Don't ween over wasted days,
    Spread across your wisdom,
    And learn to play with your worthy stay.

    Dust in the wind,
    Bob knew it when he wrote the song.

    I like folk rock,
    They're truths summarised what's happening today.

    Cohen and his life,

    The ups and the downs,
    His confessions in the rhymes,

    I like people who speak up their minds.

    From the same university,
    That makes poor scholars feel insecure in their skin—

    Let me tell you,
    You don't really know how to live a life.

    Thrice of what never made it to the next.

    I kept quiet,
    While I contemplated death.

    Since my junior college made me as strong as I am today.

    I feel so generously forgiving - everyday.

    People live to please their own damn-worthy selves.

    What am I,
    A dust in the wind,

    Who's worth was justified by the blood that flowed from the skies.

    My sin is constantly piling,
    I'm like any of youse,
    And, like anybody else.

    But I have Jesus in my life,

    That makes it all easier to live.

    Breath of life is the same air God breathes.

    For words are the most powerful,
    Let me say that again.
    Words are the most powerful,
    Use it to win a soul, and not a Grammy again.

    I felt it like, I've been working too hard to win a shiny prize.

    Let everything, everyone go.

    Hold onto the narrow path.

    All the facts and figures,
    Extended days of quarter,

    Doesn't add up to 29th February.

    Research on the religion,
    Whose core is at the center of three oldest religions of the world.

    There's more proof for the gospels in history, archaeology, astronomy and astrophysics and all forms of science.

    Than I could leave of my life.

    So, I beg you to consider what I've said and open the Bible that saved my life.
    And, continues to save a million more,
    Day after day.


  • rodney 21w

    29th May, 2021.
    9:16 a.m.

    #rap #christianrap

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    What will?

    People like talks going around the back of the backs of people,

    My Dad always said, “Son be nice, this world is sin and the death keeps us all in.”

    I say, if forgiveness is greater than the slander that they keep speaking,

    I'm ahead of the speech and the way it screeches before they hit their disc brakes.

    I'm here in - dead to sin - I need to win -
    I don't have a choice but to stay clean,

    For I'm mighty with my Lord within,

    I fight with the nastiness of the silhouette dreams,

    I paint colourful pictures extracted from the venom of the same snakes,

    Trying to fang up deep,
    I'm not into the mass of the world's peep.

    I keep my eyes seen,
    And my life keen,

    I write and rap what I write - from the depths

    No, not the hell,
    No, not the earth,

    My home is where my Lord is,
    Where He wants me.

    Central ascension of the bride,

    But the only thing that the bride ever was,
    Was never no virgin.

    Every vice, every time
    Lust in, lust out.

    Caught in the traumatic whirlwind.

    In self pity,
    In between the act of acting rowdy
    And fake humility.

    Who's to blame when we carry on with masks of purity?

    Am I a preacher?
    Or am I a young man with words put in his mouth that I cannot deny?

    Everything is pretty unless it cuts wide,
    Pours spice inside,
    With every thought and passed time,

    I'm like, Lord why are people two times worse than what they say they hide.

    I'm not perfect,
    Atleast I try not to dishonour.

    The people that break the truths,
    Paint them as white lies.

    When all that they do is play throw with knives.

    Bible urges us to cover ourselves with love, above anything else.

    So, why do I hear presumptuous judgements before the church bells?

    I read, memorize and recite the verses from honest depths.

    While I hear people with children so lost in the world,
    With vices so crept up with snow and booze coupled with loud club noise,
    Speak about allegiance to God's praise?

    Whose ways shows the world to speak nice,
    Dress modest, than show thighs.

    Man, I've had my time with lust,
    Around the world of temporary cast of seductress.

    Unclean bodies drenched in stink of colours of skin.

    I am what I choose to be - I've got free will.

    If that doesn't convince your eyes to keep off from the bottles of pills,

    I ain't sure of what will?


  • rodney 22w

    20th May, 2021.
    10:47 a.m.

    #rap #christianrap

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    Empty space,
    Fills the chest with haze.

    Nobody's perfect,
    I'd rather reflect on this cassette,
    Than to your void praise.

    Future of the uncertain, mate.
    I come in and push the trolley with crates.

    At this point of my fate,
    The rap divides the geographical locations of states.

    I don't profess of the past or the future,
    For I'm certain of a forthcoming rapture,

    A judgement of the human kin alike,
    Amidst the only Judge who declares the verdict with no surprise.

    I don't expect a prize for what I do in life,
    Maybe, that's why people tread on this silence of mine,
    Go around my back, slandering my heart with mic.

    I don't know who to trust,
    For the candle they hold isn't bright.

    I don't know who is who with their smile,
    For their applauses rescind back to spy.

    I agree, I'm not who I claim to be all the time you hear,

    Atleast, I write lyrics—honest and rife.

    Leave me alone for I'm worn-out by your voice.
    Leave me alone for your voice is like venom injected without a choice.


  • rodney 24w


    For I wore clothes to change my insides.
    Can't really remind you, why I said that.

    Words flow without faucet in my thoughts’ control.

    Mostly spiritual,
    Some are vaguely my spirit's visuals.

    I've talked about God, love and human beings.

    My favourite of those are engraved on my gravestones.
    My tenses are taught well,

    The words that I chose are to suggest that I time travel.

    No, I don't mean to in a vehicle or be there wholely physical.

    Does my past count to be the one that's factual.

    Fed with rhymes and rhyme schemes of the lethal.

    I ingest some,
    And, try to digest the worrisome compiling with my current total.

    People like to talk about themselves,
    Like they've lived across millenniums.

    That's why they called us millennials.

    The straight look on your face was strategic,
    With moves camouflaged in real time,
    Mostly consumed by everything mundane and visceral.

    You ask me if I read my Bible.
    If I say yes, you follow with which chapter.

    I say Ecclesiastes as I always do to get out as much as get into hollow conversations.

    You read to memorize the passages.

    I read to live and feel the words of my Saviour's paid wages.

    As I contemplate my life being unemployed midst an uncertain pandemic,

    I write verses to clear my doubts in contrast with the perishable.

    As God's love holds me to cherish the life,
    I am bestowed, although solely sinful.

    I write verses to clear my thoughts, arose through lucifer's charms of vile contradictions.