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  • the_world_is_unknown 2m

    I grew daisies and sunflowers in your heart and watered them all winters, only to lose them in the morphology of seasons.

    In summer,
    Conundrums in the dreams of a poet, made me awake amidst the pragmatic promises that I made to the forbidden petals of your heart. Aromatic seeds of sunflowers still play with the colors of my polaroids, making them scented like the hyacinth of hope. Allegories dancing in the filters of sun rays, tear manuscripts describing love that resides in heart, making way for the meninges of my mind to steal some brimming emotions from the sonnets of John Keats.

    In autumn,
    Leaves from the branches of hyberbole shred tears of acrylic world when the diastole of memories in the burnt gardens makes asynchronous season of falls with the opaque shadow of emotions from the clouds of a poet's heart.

    In the anonymous season,
    Herbarium with sheets of emotions spray mercuric chloride on the few preserved specimens of the daisies I grew and I stained the petals of sunflower in the water bath to make them translucent with pain.

    And when the winters arrive,
    I sit with some rose petals, adoring them for the thorns of reality they have, whose pricks make this bleeding heart home to a lot wandering love stories. Still the books of anatomy of life, play with the definitions of love that are decorated only in the albums of abandoned museums.

    / Anna Karenina decorates my nights in forgotten springs, when amnesiac alliterations wandering to water flowers feel drowsy under the wine of poetries.
    Cacophony from the cumulus clouds create coruscating sunshine amidst creepy nights of reality, making the blooming sunflower and daisies in the yard of lies, wilted with acid of purified definition./


    No meaning :'( writer's block:-|

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    I grew daisies and sunflowers in your heart and watered them all winters, only to lose them in the morphology of seasons.

  • the_impeccablebarsha 4m

    The rose petal in my journal have dried into shades of brown and your photographs in my drawer haven't tasted air for years now your vignette parched with the sillage of the last letter you wrote to me clings to my heart. It's been a decade but this mulish heart still clings over the garden of Shoshannah gathering the remaining multitudes to bear my longings.

    An exiguous osmatic fragrance of your licorice flavoured anise breath meanders in the zephyr and passes through my my window pane, flicks my tangled curl falling at my face. A myriad of idyllic memories that we spent together plunges into my cenotaphic mind are indomitable. A flash card from a quint bearing your love compels a poet in obscurity to compile sonnets in proclivity.

    The begetting sun in my Manhattan upheaval the lost memories of ours through the twilighted orenda bearing brownish red and disperse the euology of our love passing over the cenotaph built deep in my heart. A frenzied nincompoop lingers around my street with a caricature of a lost euology, may be of his love who was lost in the destructive war.

    It's been a decade when you left me with a promise and a reminiscent of our love growing in my womb to come back. It's been a decade that am left with memories and trademark of our love. With a hope that you would come back before my memories moulder.


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    Before my memories moulder

    Memories are those reminiscence that is moulded with a satin ribbon and parched inside a memorandum deep within a heart which get buried deep inside the heart and goes into a graveyard embellished in an oxalis parched in catafalque.


  • jpdiya 6m

    I grew daisies and sunflowers,
    In your heart.
    And watered them all winter,
    Only to lose them.
    In petals of daisies
    I kept my secrets,
    But you never tried
    To understand,
    Those sunflowers of cheeks
    Are now faded,
    They do not hold
    Long lost sparkle anymore.
    I never should have
    Watched your smile.
    I never should have
    Looked at your eyes.
    I showed you love,
    When you needed it,
    If you loved me,
    So why did you dump me?
    I tried to give you,
    My last happy cells.
    But now you're
    Happier with out me.


  • vanisha_2727 14m


    The Rose petals in my journal have dried into shades of brown and your photographs in my drawers haven't tasted air for years now..after suddenly seeing you in the park my mind sparkled at once with the happiest and sad memories with you! (SHADE OF SAD& ANGER)

    Just stared at you until a child has fallen down ,while making the child stand, your touch has made my heart to wake around with positive vibes! ( SHADE OF AMUSEMENT)

    I realised my mistake ,for no reason , waiting for you every second to talk !
    And just felt how much I made you to feel alone these years! (SHADE OF ACCEPTANCE)

    There's no minute without thinking about you , after a long time I've opened the drawers , the photographs made me to feel something ! (SHADE OF HEART)

    Now the taste of photographs made the air so cool & light mist, that still more attracted me to feel them.
    All the different emotions seen & felt in the photographs are cheerful ! (SHADE OF LOVE)

    And still don't know what happens further, will again the Rose petals will bloom with a beautiful fragrance or not..........? (SHADE OF TRUST)


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  • we_are_not_beautiful 16m

    The rose petals in my journal have dried into shades of brown and your photographs in my drawers haven't tasted air for years now, the once jovial quills, who used to write and chant the metaphors for the gloomy neighbourhood to hear, are now seated quietly, writing the laments of your absence.
    I remember, one day, with the thunderstorms booming in the distance, and when the sky spewed heavy dark clouds, you wrote a song for me, overwhelmed and with a hallow in the pit of my stomach,
    I said, "You're like a fireplace to me."
    I didn't stutter when I said that, because when the storms are louder than my heartbeats, when winters get too cold, and the coffee is no longer waking up the asleep muses deep within me, you cracked like a fireplace beside me, holding me in your arms till the warm figure of speeches waltzed on the parchments. Now the very parchments I once used to call home, are rustling without making any noise, as if avoiding my eyes, ashamed of me to let the words on it fade away, that I let you fade away. I now wonder, what happened to us, and where did we go wrong, the remnants of all the wonderings we did together, are now lost in the void of unanswered questions. The incoherent talks we had, the laughs we had, the caresses we shared, the food we fed each other, the meaningful days, the blooming gardens within us, and our aligned heartbeats, are gone to someplace else, probably where the azure in the sky is, someplace where we are accepted as who we are, someplace where we are accepted as just lovers. Now I hope, with the elegiac droplets of mists on my window, mocking the state I am in right now, that you are holding someone as delicate and as you, and you are cracking and sounding like a fireplace to someone. Though the rose petals have dried, I wish to protect them till my skin is as shrivelled as those, for they have your lingering touch, and the photographs of yours are getting old with me, for that's the only way I can have you for forever. 

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    And the Moon, that is peeking from behind the curtains of my window, will know from the way I'm holding the quill and the grimaces on my face, that I'm writing about you, not a ballad of your presence, but an ode of your absence.


  • human_amiga 17m

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    The rose petals in my journal have dried into shades of brown and your photographs in my drawers haven't tasted air for years now.

    I think now it's all over.... completely. The story that we made together have engulfed it's own characters named as love, care, understanding and trust. Even now my eyes are empty, they don't have the blur now.
    Now my cheeks are not stained by the tears that had the need of you. Now my hands and tissues don't get wet because of wiping my tears. Now I can see the day as it is bright, lazy, in my control..

    You said that you don't love me I think now I should do it too. Now I won't try to reach you and now I can relate to the lines of the song in my playlists "NA MERI YE AADATEIN SATAYEGI TUMHE, NA HONGI YE BECHAINIYA MUJHE-TUMHE" but as I promised you'll be always here in translucent shades, somewhere in my memories but it won't hurt me still " KAMI HAI TERI YAHA, KAMI HAI TERI SADA..................MUJHE".


    Ps: I don't know what exactly I have wrote but I tried to complete today's challenge...


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  • cool_buddy45 17m

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    Dunno how it is?😁just another lame piece anyways take a read 🤪

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    The rose petals in my journal
    Have dried into shades of brown
    And your photographs in my drawers
    Haven’t tasted air for years now

    But your smile full of innocence
    Still make my heart dance inside;
    Your eyes sprinkled with named love
    Still sparkle in my eyes to breathe in you

    Your alive in my nerves of brain
    Which is always attached to me;
    You quit me alone with red scars
    Yet I believe our love is breathing somewhere

    I never believed in fairytales
    But now you are love pages of my fairytales;
    I’m dead on exploring it around me
    As they are already decayed in brown

    My journal used to be inked with
    Poetries of you;proses of our love
    By now it’s smelling the pain in black
    Full of solus and hatred towards myself

    Still I wait to turn a fresh leaf
    To smell the scent of you again;
    A small reliance of your requite
    Echoes deeply inside my walls of heart

    I’m held back as a dried rose petal
    Craving for few dewdrops
    Which haven’t tasted sunlight for years
    Yet starving for your existence


  • fatema153 27m

    The rose petals of my journals have dried into the shades of brown and your photographs in my drawers haven't tasted air for years now. Let me tell you from the day you've left the story of our love which began on a very simple note meeting each other accidentally and started a new journey of togetherness. I never thought that the day would come when I'll keep that journal somewhere far away which I started writing after falling in love with you, where every page would be filled with the lovely moments we spent. Then the day came when even the colours of sunset couldn't fill my blank life with happiness and the moon couldn't heal my scars through its shine and the writing journey stopped by putting a flower of rose in between the pages of our ended love.
    And the day has come I've got my hands back on this journal which I've opened with a dried flower but me as a person opening this is completely different from the one who ended up writing with a lost hope and broken heart which now has learned to paint happiness and heal wounds herself with the selflove. I've started to write from the very next page the journey of this beautiful life filled with love.
    And the photograph of the last moment is still there in the drawer which would be there forever without being touched just as a memory of past which taught me the lessons of life.


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  • haritika__ 26m

    I mean it when I say it , it feels good to put it all out .:))

    @fromwitchpen @kairos_ @samarlexis @udit94 @love_whispererr A read , beautiful people ? <3

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    The rose petals in my journal have dried into shades of brown and your photograph in my drawers haven't tasted air for years now , maybe because my heart has this fear living elegantly in one recently abandoned nook that if I let them out in blazing noons ,the sun which is staring at me so apathetically ,is going to evaporate the memories in small clouds of vapour .

    , i hear and pass on a scornful smile at the dark sky which is blue now after crying whole night after losing some fluffs of mortal memories that belonged to him .

    And even if the sun would be able to evaporate those memories , I know how some vapours are going to linger on tips of my fingers and brims of my heart ensuring to make me remind of lifeless body of seventy five years old grandfather lying on death bed on a stormy morning . The rose petals belonging to him always resided in my journal just like how fragrance of his presence did on my existence .

    //Sparkle in her eyes under
    gloomy nights ,
    gave a home to my
    nomad self.
    My heart travelled,
    strolled ,
    from- concrete roads to
    flowery valleys but the
    fragrance of Jasmine flowers
    in her streets made me
    sit , look and wait for her .
    I stood on terrace to collect imagery
    Of her drying her
    long brown hair
    while sunshine splattered ,
    giggling in her yard .//

    19 ,2013 I wrote this poem in my journal recollecting the tales my grandpa told me about his love . The love which lived longer, happier in his always-so-young heart than it did in his life . After letting his eyes elegantly , slowly travel along cursive scribbles written by his granddaughter about his (in)complete love , the moistness of happy sad days decorated his eyes and he ran to pick up the yellow rose from the small garden in front of our house and told me to put it near the poem .
    , he singed happily.

    Don't put it in the end
    , he added .
    And it was this moment when I wanted to tear open my rib cage and stuff it with petals of roses which still carry the essence of belonging and love in them . But I kept them in my journal ,where some chunks of my heart have always lived .

  • k_unwinds 43m

    The rose petals in my journal
    Have dried into shades of brown
    And your photographs in my drawers
    haven't tasted air for years now

    I sit flooded with tears
    repenting for my misdeeds
    Lost in the transit of darkness
    With cold chill in my spine

    His dust is nestled between
    The sheets of my journal
    All I could do is lie
    With these memories
    Grieving the scent of his photographs...

  • c_inspira 49m

    My friends deppresion

    I grew daisies and sunflowers in your heart and watered them all winter, only to lose them again through a lack of light.

    Last week they seemed to be so strong, so full of life.
    But darkness appeared out of nowhere..
    It sneaked it’s way in to your mind, absorbed the glowing energy i gave for months, like clouds do to the sun...
    Eventually it took over the little garden i created in your heart.

    I knew that that darkness had been there before.
    You told me so, shortly after we met.
    But i was determined to chase it away.
    I failed.
    Instead, it took you away.
    Now there’s nothing but emptiness and death left and i can feel the same darkness trying to sneak its way in.

    I can only hope that i have enough light left inside me to overrule the darkness.

  • pallavi4 54m

    Imperfect Love

    Love like silence is sometimes too comforting, especially when you have been subject to chaotic wars in the past. When you forget the tender touch of kindness and the sails of your boat get used to storms instead of quiet, calm seas — there comes to exist inside of you a stone like resistance to anything that could possibly give you solace.

    At times people closest to us are able to convince us of our failings to an extent that even if we are somehow able to shake them off , that nagging feeling of being a failure never really leaves you.

    Love is like an elusive soft white blanket, the reassurance that even if everything is not alright at the moment , it will be in the future, a guarantee that all we are weathering will one day come to pass and that we will come to live a more peaceful life filled with a sweet fragrance that only love can emit. An aroma so tantalising that it would melt even the most cruel of beings.

    Having been through emotional traumas, we cling to the only ray of hope we are able to find around us, thereby becoming addicted to the heady rush of affection . Slowly and gradually as the scars heal, so does the heart . All comes to a lull . When we do not feel worthy of this comfort being provided to us, fearing that it will all eventually deteriorate and collapse only to go down the familiar path of regret and delinquency, that is when we begin to self sabotage our own precious relationships , almost self fulfilling the prophecy that no matter how hard one tries, one cannot truly break free from the bonds of defeat and ruin. That all good things must come to an end.

    If there was a cure for disbelief in oneself and a miraculous resurrection of one’s self esteem every time we were shown unkindness and made to feel small and insignificant, then would there come to exist a sense of tranquility and harmonious restfulness that once having found love, it would help us come through all the obstacles and internal wars perfectly without ripping out parts of our soul and tearing us apart . Love would then rein and we would be able to find true happiness and contentment forever.


    23rd of June, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • sheena 57m

    All Those Old Stuffs...

    The rose petals in my journal have dried into shades of brown and your photographs in my drawer haven't tasted air for years now, yet it still feels like it was yesterday when you promised to be a spectator of each chapter in my tale walking like the shadow that exists even in dark;
    warm and comforting...


  • corene 1h

    I grew daisies and sunflowers in your heart and watered them all winter only to lose them...

    Is the one I chose

    But:the rose petal in my journal have dried into shades of brown and your Photographs in my drawers haven't tasted air for years now

    Also interested me

    So I used both,I hope it's not a problem

    #wod #choose

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    I grew daisies and sunflowers in your heart and watered them all winter only to lose them at the beginning of a summer I thought would be beautiful
    The rose petals in my journal have dried into-
    Shades of brown and your Photographs
    In my drawers,
    Haven't tasted air for years now
    My lachrymal gland refuses to secrete tears anymore
    Yet my smile is still yet to be found
    Lately I have made a discovery
    Preparation of tea is an art
    Just as poetry is
    But love is something else
    Sometimes I drift into wishful thinking
    Sometimes I wish the colour of love was green
    Like an emerald stone
    Red also represents danger
    And am not sure am ready to love or to be loved dangerously
    Yet my daisies still reek of your scent

  • missa24 1h

    The rose petals in my journal have dried
    into shades of brown
    and your photographs
    in my drawer haven't tasted air for years

    But I remember the same smile of yours
    with a sparkling eyes filled with love
    that same fragrance of Calvin's
    when you secretly entered the room

    According to you I changed
    but the most devastated
    thing is you couldn't understand me
    till now I am the same which I used to be

    The patio still calls us
    with a wretched voice
    but I always diverts their mind
    with my childhood

    The mantel still calls us
    for seeing the golden faces in fire
    but I always diverts their mind
    by counting woods in them

    But finally I realised that
    you weren't made for me
    cause the gust is never made
    for the fragile burning fire

    And now I have glued myself
    with the love of the emotional soul
    which will be always with me till death
    that is obviously my own self

    (Fictional likhne mein bhi
    Maza hai ��)


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    Drizzles touched
    my skin and
    fortified my soul
    I embraced happily
    and welcomed
    to my world


  • sheena 1h

    Winter Blooms

    I grew daisies and sunflowers in your heart, and watered them all winter only to lose them and my facade that pretty things are immutable;
    now, the dead remains made your heart colder as if their ghosts haunted all those feelings you held for me, alas! they escaped a long time ago when winter disappeared without my notice,


  • insidesarahsmind 1h

    I grew daisies and sunflowers in your heart
    and watered then all winter only to lose them
    I waited patiently for the roses to flower
    Only to see them get cut from the stem
    And I'll spend a lifetime waiting
    For the scars on my heart to mend

  • scribbles_of_azkiyah 1h

    I grew daisies and sunflowers in your heart and watered them all winter only to loose them,
    Little did i knew that the loo will blow and you won't protect us cuz irony is that i just loved you as if a gem,
    And now as you left me
    The seasonal flower of fragrance,
    Laden with velvety petals,
    Dance with the tune of decible,
    Bow in reverence of tranquility,
    To kiss the mother earth,
    The cradle of my birth,
    The sweet aroma of dewy nectar,
    Transport me to the kingdom,
    Of peace and Love,
    I me and my flowers in love with our soul...



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  • amileen 1h


    The rose petals in my journal
    have dried into shades of brown
    And your photographs in my drawers
    haven't tasted air for years now.

    Unsolved jigsaw puzzle of pieces
    of my broken heart with a huge chunk missing.
    The rising sun and the falling sparks,
    witnesses of our forgotten memories.

    Soul-hollowing farewell, tear drenched face,
    unconformed love and unfulfilled promises,
    Leaving everything behind I'm still in search of my
    lost piece of heart which yearns for your presence.

  • smartsam 1h

    Love till last Breath!

    Silence is better.
    Better than those words!
    You sit by my side
    & I shall win the world!

    No chaos, no quarrel
    no words, no harsh futile!
    I shall hold your arm
    just be my side!

    I dislike crowd.
    More since I loved you!
    Nothing but horrendous chaos
    my life without you!

    Those gnashes & words harsh!
    Oh please take me away!
    Comfort me on thy shoulder
    quietude much better
    has to say!

    Nothing I seek though
    a small shanty house with you!
    When you stand by me
    my love
    all world looks new!

    What's the world to do?
    what to them matter??
    Just in thy bosom warm
    my love nothing more I desire!

    Cast away the world!
    It's our life!!
    You & I.
    For each other we live
    each other love,
    love until we die!