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  • kshana 14h


    When we collided
    I was at my most vulnerable
    You could have
    Shaped me as you wanted
    And broken me
    If I was too much to handle
    Instead, you made me
    Gather my own pieces
    And helped me build myself.


  • fiuntscriptum 3d

    No Martin, No Gina

    Mental games played, some trickery.
    Disappearing before dates, all a mystery.
    Thought out apologies, not really sorry.
    Potential could be great, full of entelechy .
    Work and growth attainable, all preparatory .
    Negative thoughts of futures, aptly.
    Positives in soul, trusted spiritually.
    No matter what happens, even consequently,
    I love you deeply, for all eternity.

  • enthusiasticwriter 3d

    I am a human too

    I have had good seasons and some deeply painful once I have made some spectacularly good charge and some outrageously bad mistakes
    It's common
    I am human too
    ©enthusiasticwriter ^^e

  • someonerandom 4d


    In this world full of Choices, I made my choice and I am open about it. Everyone has the right to make the choice of their own. No one can stop or force someone into a reluctant association. Feel free to make the choice that works best for you and move accordingly. But, please don't block the way

  • realnotreel 1w

    ‘Is there no such thing as chance?’
    ‘If that is so,’ ‘what’s the point of working, of studying? Why learn a trade or bring up children?
    All the efforts man made were fated, too, because free choice is nothing but an illusion.
    Well, destiny is in your hand, you can decide it.
    “The very best way to predict the future is to create it”

    All things are in your hands, by your choices, decisions, desperate efforts you can decide, where you want to take the yacht of your life in the winds of the destiny.



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    How many times have you found yourself in the right place at the right time? Fate or fortune is something that most of us have witnessed and makes us wonder if life is pre-ordained!

  • vickysardar243 1w

    Life gives you two choices- either to accept the things that are put forth and move on or to keep regretting over those things and remain stuck within the loop.

    Nothing is deprived of consequences, whether it be acceptance or the regret one carries.

    One just needs to adapt positively with whatever he/she comes across.


  • succomber 2w

    Walking to the other side of the bridge was your choice.
    Burning it down was mine.


  • likhika 2w

    Yes or No

    Choice aren't chosen
    Nor options have a opinion
    Reactions are only way of rejections
    Struggling doesn't end, thoughts never have stories.

  • thirteenthofaugust 3w

    There is no escape

    Life is free flowing like how it supposed to be, a cycle.

    A cycle of happiness, a cycle of sorrow.
    Life is never balanced like how we think it is. Life will continue to tilt towards one end. We will run away from it, as long as we live. Find something that will make the cycle worthwhile. A way for us to endure the excruciating cycle of life. The choice to choose whether or not we live everyday is in our hands. And maybe, for some people it'll be a lot better with a book in their hands. And for some, a stick of nicotine and a bottle of alcoholic drink. One thing is guaranteed when we choose to live. That is there is no escape from the ups and downs of life.

  • mariateresa 3w

    New beginnings are scary AND beautiful. Transformation is the name of this game, all of it, serves for my highest good and healing. Here's to the continued journey ��

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    All of it

    As I step out of old mindsets, memories from the past
    Releasing what no longer serves while opening my arms wide entering a life once envisioned only in dreams

    This fire within burns with creative passion
    Igniting its light brings me ecstatic joy yet unveiling the wholeness of me feels like all my nerves are exposed
    Walking forward while the old me fades to black

    Present moment revealing more strength,than I ever realized I possessed in my magical being
    Power of choice, in choosing to be me, beautifully whole
    Giving it all I've got in claiming my deep soul

    Eternal love for the journey as it continuously unfolds
    Bright light shining out, my heart, more priceless than gold

    Today I am all of it, claiming my stake
    New beginnings offer chances that I never thought I could take
    Here I go, taking each step, never looking back
    By accepting myself I know I am on the right track

  • giri_a10 4w

    Good Looks

    Being NOT good looking is also good

    gives a pre-installed protection against those who judge and value based on looks.

    Reduces chances of wrong choices

    afterall, only Consequences stay.


  • renee_d_gross 5w

    Toss a bad Subscription right out the window!

    Every now and then...
    "The Blues of Monday's News"
    aims to stake claim on my mental health, but you see, I must protect "it"...That is* my wealth! I don't know why the need to try and feed and extract from my Peace Of Mind? I, in kind, just want to be left alone and meditate on how I can better myself and be great...er!
    I subscribe to:
    "Holistic Any Day...Every Way!"
    I prefer the hues of fresh lush
    green, where I can SpringClean my thoughts, worries into thrushing, thriving action!
    {I am a LifelongSubscriber}
    and preferably it serves me much better; a Choice to align with an positive* influencing* Voice to ELEVATE...
    "No time like the present, starting with TODAY'S date. :-)"

  • moira_valleyofsilence 5w


    While the earth is round, people often prefer and seek the 'defined cuts and edges' in a person, while the 'curves' are looked down upon ! Give a thought if the notion "earth is flat" was accepted would our choices be the opposite?

  • fireflynarratives 5w

    Each day and every day.

    You will always have a choice to make.

  • kevindevassy 6w

    Moral of the story : Being God is shitty

    #godlikepowers #choices #decisions #
    @mirakeeworld @mirakee_assistant

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    Think of me as your God. I always give you choices and tell you how you are going to turn out with each of the decisions you make. But you end up taking the wrong decisions time and time again. And you blame me for your fate.


  • theoffendedteddy 6w

    I made you a priority
    And you,
    You turned me into an option.


  • thebirdsoars 7w

    The Mouse and the Bird

    There was a mouse
    More divine than any animal
    More prosperous than any other
    Was that little animal

    There was a bird
    More unfortunate than any animal
    Lacking more than any other
    Was that little bird

    Full of grace was that little bird
    Never to lose sight of his purpose
    Always lending a helping hand
    That little bird did

    A storm unlike any other
    Entered that valley
    Damaging everything in its path
    That storm was not to be stopped

    The divine mouse soon became distraught
    Every prosperous item lost in the storm
    The mouse lost everything
    The poor, poor mouse

    A day like any other
    Was the day that everything changed
    The bird saw the mouse lying in the street
    And oh, was that day significant

    Every animal passed
    But that empathetic bird
    The bird shared his two seeds with the mouse
    Despite the fact that he also had little

    Even though the bird had little
    He still gave what little he had
    The choice is now ours
    Who do we choose to be like?


  • a_shrinking_heart 7w

    Looking Back

    Like a kitten lost on a stormy day,
    I stood cowering beneath the trees.
    It didn't help it was a foggy day,
    My eyes now straining to see.

    The future ahead so uncertain,
    No skills, no plans can help.
    Crystal balls? hah! It's quartz in vain,
    I can only sit and stay put.

    As the storm raged on above the trees,
    Fed up, yet scared, I stood.
    Shaking my fears and my damp shoes,
    A leap of faith I took.

    Choices, choices, paths all around,
    All so hazy and treacherous.
    All lead somewhere,one way or the other,
    Yet life is "Leave-all-but-one".

    A few steps ahead I did take yes,
    On a path my feet chose, cold and wet.
    But they stopped for a moment so my eyes could gaze,
    At those hazy paths that I never took.

    My feet moved forward, grimly determined,
    But looking back,my heart gently wept.


  • shamli_mali 7w

    Marriages are made in heaven??
    Maybe, or Maybe we are too naive to understand
    that we ourselves make those choices
    It's all a game of vibe


  • antarraal 7w

    #story #love #past #choices @mirakee @writersnetwork @poetrydelivery @writersbay

    My first attempt. Thank you for reading, and even if you don't, its fine. But do share a feedback. Thank you again.

    Janet is not an emotional person but even her detached sense got stirred when she unlocked her grandma's secret wooden jewelry box. Since childhood, she wanted to get a peek into it but nothing could move her sweet old Mum-mum. And now as she lie buried six feet under, the cherished key is her heirloom.

    The magnificent wooden handcrafted box is an ode to craftsmanship of yore, as we the livings are more synchronised with everything digital.
    As she unlocked and opened the lid, she was amazed to find letters, nothing but handwritten letters.

    The letters that were memories of a time which will never come back. Letters that were slices of Judith's heart, wrapped in her tears, regret and life long anguish.

    Janet had promised the cancer-ravaged Judith few days ago only that she will go through those letters before saying yes to Ronald's wedding proposal.

    One after another, she unfolded the letters and the emotions in it unraveled a hidden aspect of her Grandma that she never knew. Perhaps no one knew. That under that ever-smiling, dedicated wife, loving mother, cute grandmother, an unhappy woman was hiding. Who dreamt of love, passion, adventure, and career but was too eager to please others that she forgot to please herself.

    Judith in those love lorn letters had poured her heart out to someone called Patsy, Janet had never heard of anyone in their neighborhood or even from Judith. "Who is Patsy, who could it be?"

    She woke up with a shiver and realised she had fallen asleep on the floor. Hurriedly she packed everything back.

    They would be going back in two days, so she thought of exploring the neighborhood on her own with a half hearted hope of finding something about Patsy.

    The town of Merricks is so laid back that even the most active person will feel lazy. Perhaps something about the scenic beauty that urges the heart to just sit back and enjoy the nature.

    Janet visited the library. The librarian was a very friendly old man and they started chatting as there were hardly any one to read. " Judith was a beauty and so full of life. Marriage tamed her. She deserved better...I mean she got a nice life."
    But Janet's ears had picked up the words.

    Being a smart girl, she did not prod the old man for more information but excused herself and went away. Next she visited Granny Amy, Judith's best friend. As Amy regaled her with old funny anecdotes, all of a sudden Janet sighed, "I wish Grandma had got a better life."
    Amy got startled and questioned back, "And what makes you say so?" "Because she never got to live her dreams, she never got to follow her passion for photography, because she didn't get Patsy as her partner."

    Amy looked as if she has seen a ghost. "Who told you all this? Who..." She could barely whisper. The shock was tremendous but the very next moment she fell back on her chair and started laughing hysterically. "Do you see that picture, that one. Its me on my wedding day. You know why I look so happy, do you know that....would you like to know that?"
    It was the hiss of a serpant. Amy was no longer the Amy Janet had known since childhood.

    "Judith was everything that I was not. Beautiful, charming, vivacious, talented. She was the golden Sun to my moon. She dazzled everyone, even my fiance. Oh my Patrick, how could you?"

    It was Jane's turn to look shocked. And her shock grew as Amy recounted how Judith and Patrick eloped leaving Amy waiting at the altar. But it was not a happy ending for the lovers either. Patsy drowned while swimming and Judith came back home heartbroken.

    Today Janet was returning to the city. She went to her Grandma's room and collected all the letters. She went to the wooden cabin behind the house where gardening supplies are kept. In the drum used for burning logs, she placed all the letters and lighted up and let the proof of a lost life lose itself in the elements. She had decided not to lose herself.

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    Don't lose yourself

    A short story in the caption