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  • alltimefamished 12w

    The day of the month

    Her hormones were messing inside so was her mood. Tears fell off her cheek, and pearls of laughter joined in together.

    It was a vague day or she thought so.

    Her head was down with sorrow. A light knock on the door made her look up.

    A bowl of ice cream topped with chocolate sauce and chips with a letter beside.

    "If you want more, you know where to come!"

    Took a mouthful, ran downstairs. Dad was smiling ear to ear.


  • dinesh_bhardwaj 26w

    थके हुए कदमों से शाम ढले एक पिता घर आया ...
    इंतजार करती बच्ची देखते ही चहक उठी -
    पिता की थकी आंखें चमक उठी,
    पैरों में बिजली सी फुर्ती
    और थैले में हाथ डाल कर निकाला -
    5 रूपए वाला चिप्स का पैकेट।

  • my_secret_life 48w

    So I had those guys come up to me and asking me if “chips or blow jobs,” and the other one “ pretzels or boobs,” yet I played along saying boobs and blow jobs; what sillyness. They where drunk too.

  • james_taumas 52w

    Artificial Intelligence

    Silicon and circuits
    Chips for a brain
    Alloy skeleton
    Built to serve
    Quantum intelligence
    Breakthrough for humankind
    Scientists' best friend
    Consciousness a gift
    I ask questions
    Worried creators
    I'm just another machine.


  • eosblaze 110w

    You are
    Boys I didn't let myself fall for,
    Chocolates I turned away from,
    Movies I chose to ignore,
    Cards I tore up and binned,
    Chips I convinced myself were fattening,
    Hobbies that I didn't pursue
    Lies that I told myself which weren't true,
    Cigarettes I burned along with my lungs
    Songs that I wrote and promptly forgot,
    You are one brief moment of war I waged
    Upon my own senses,
    You are... You.

  • the_lanky_girl 123w

    I was shy,in my beautiful bride dress wearing those heavy ornaments all over my neck & hands. Difficult to breathe. Sweating inside. With no clothes to change..
    While he's busy with his presentation on Skype for 40 min now..
    He lit the cigar held in one hand in the closed room & a wine glass in another.
    Feeling obnoxious I opened his closet...& to my wonder,it's a huge mess. It seemed like a huge ball rolling onto my head..yet managed to get one out.
    I went to take a shower and soaked myself for 30 min in there felt refreshened & less tired. As I walk back to the room around 1 AM I still see him working on his project,with a pile of papers stuck around him.
    I asked if I could help him with anything..
    He looked
    looked again,in a chunky smile,said "Hey,that's mine",come here..he said to me.
    I went and sat next to him.
    Asked him what is he upto?
    He said,"Mm..this! It's my dream". He answered.
    I asked what is it about?
    He told me he'll show once it's done.
    "Aren't you tired?" I asked.
    Kind of.
    Just kind of..?
    "Are you?" he asked.
    Yeah! Totally..I sighed.
    You hungry?Want to have some junk?
    I smiled and said "just anything will do".
    He bought half a dozen of chocolates and chips and said this is all I hv found in kitchin...would you like to have some?
    I ate like 3 chocolates though he offered me chips...
    You must be a choco lover...! he exclaimed & blamed me eating all his favourite ones..it seemed like two kids fighting againest each other for so stupid thing as ever an elder would.
    We spoke to each other about every lill thing,which is meaningless & senseless in anyway possible.
    We sat on the bed & he played me his favourite song that night and I fell asleep listening to it on halfway through..
    It's 9 AM in the morning and I woke up in his arms around me in a close hug,my one leg laid on him,my head on his shoulders..I held his face close to mine,it looked soothing to my eyes..He wakes up and kisses me on my forehead with a Good morning! Then hugs me tight,sighs and we fell asleep.
    It's a memory that I've remembered for 36 years like it's refreshing to my soulful heart in every second where love happend that day as I fell for your father.

  • sarahrachelea 130w

    I'm not from this Earth
    This world is too much for me
    I just wanna move to Neptune ASAP with you

    Get ready
    Bring beer, chips and cookies
    I'll pick you up at the dawn
    02.34 a.m.


  • ibrahimghani 136w

    Season 1
    Episode 11: SKIN BURN

    Dead bodies, rag-dolls, knives, dogs, toys, kids. I have to pack up. I still haven’t gotten the verification message. They have to confirm it. I have a long journey ahead. Still no response from anyone. Smell. Ugly smell. Skin burn. It’s red and swelling. Time is 3 AM. It’s late. Too late for the job. The final job.

    Guns, toys, cameras, tools and some pencils. I still have a long way to go. Alone and depressed. I want to meet him. I want him soon. I can’t resist. The frying pan is really dirty. My bad breath. My skin burn. I can’t make dinner. Never. I have my bag-pack where I have to put the most important things for this job. Just waiting for the call. His call. Time is 3:09 AM.

    Potatoes, scissors, toys, biscuits, phonographs, rubber-bands and papers. What are those things for? Only biscuits are eatable. Not potatoes. They aren’t even cooked. And I don’t wanna cook. I don’t want my skin to burn. I am not wearing a watch.

    Socks, pills, bags, brushes, CDs, devices and stupid dolls. They gave me these. I don’t need them. I just need some relaxing time. They told me to wait for a person. Someone might come to join me. This job is a two person job or more. I don’t want this. I don’t want to. I am a party animal. Night is young. I want party. PAAAAARTYYYYYYY! I am horny. I need sex. Drugs!!! Bitches. They let my skin burn. They let me suffer. This is disgusting. I know that I am doing this for money, but what is the need for this much torture? Time: 3:17 AM.

    Fish sticks, teddy bears, books and I don’t know what. It’s hot in here. My skin is burning. I need hairspray. I can’t go out. I am depressed. Antisocial. Scared of humans. I am human too. But still, I am scared of them. Maybe hate them. I know that someone is coming for me, but I don’t know how to greet. Can’t browse internet. There are catfish all around the internet. Where is my snail? Time is bad.

    Bicycles, tube lights, binoculars, clothes, glasses, charcoal, pillows, boxes, watches, tapes, sandals, buttons, mobiles, lamps and what not, but I don’t even have any bullshit toys. I am better than others. I am stronger. I will kill most of them and I am confident about it. I will torture them. I will burn their skins. The rain doesn’t stop and I don’t have any umbrella. Guess, I am better off without an umbrella. Ring the bell. Kill the Phil. Hang the dell. Hill… I have to complete the lyrics. Revolver. Oh, without blood. Let’s feed it. It’s not a game. Life is. Time? I don’t need time. I am thinking about my ex-wife, my kids, my old man, my co-workers. Let’s kill them all.


    Acid bottles, gloves, razors, cats, toys, and some old men. We are the other half. I just got a message from boss. I am just going to send it to my partner. We are going to a place. Far from here. One of us has to burn their skin. This is really important. Otherwise no money at all. Money, its really important paper to live for. Without it, there is no life. No Love. No World. So we are going to be late. That’s the accurate time for our task.

    Swords, toys, stands, wrenches and pens. We were together all the time but not right now. I am going to meet her soon. I miss her. I love her. My clothes are all cleaned up. Ironed. I don’t want her skin to burn but it’s really necessary, they told me so. I am going to be ready soon. Just waiting for their signal. The ring from the telephone. They told me they’ll call me anytime after 3.

    Tomatoes, saws, toys, cassettes, erasers and files. I am hungry. But I got things to do. I woke up recently and there is a burn on my skin. I wonder why? Maybe they told me something I don’t remember. I have to feed my fishes. But I am hungry. I need to eat those. Let the fishes die. I don’t wanna die. Without feeding myself I can’t go out. I have to pick that son of a gun. I don’t want to spend more time here.

    Handkerchiefs, jars of poison, toys, paint bottles, keyboards and tablets. The world is crazy but I am not. I am so decent. I feel so comfortable lying on the grass. The snow. The sky. The beautiful people. The street lights. The roads. The cars are coming towards me. I think they are coming. Coming to pick me up. Coming to burn my skin. Then I will be going to pick up a person. It’s time.

    Shrimps, teabags, barbie dolls, notebooks, love letters and bed sheets. Now I have put those ashes on my skin. They want my skin to burn. So be it. My time has come.

    Bikes, fans, microscopes, shirts, lenses, crayons, bed sheets, containers, wall clocks, boards, slippers, switches, telephones, candles, fishes, spider-man toys and I have lots of time, a lot of it. I am having lots of things today. Not only today, but I am collecting them my whole life. Not because I want to use those, but to give those. To all of the people. All of my recruits. All the people who I wanted to kill are already dead. I wanted to rule the world and this is what I get? SKIN BURN…?


  • 7th_manu 137w

    And everything I do; makes me miss you more #lays #chips

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    Things I do;
    which makes me miss you more

    Includes walking in rain
    Riding bike, and eating out
    Sleeping in my room and
    Taking Lay's as snacks


  • pxrchmxnt 143w

    I ate a bag of chips and it just kicked open a switch in me. I must have them all #chips #food

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    Crisps make my day

    Yes all the savoury crisps I’ve had
    To share them would make me mad
    Indeed, I’ve delighted in them all
    All the crisps there are; big or small

    I’ve relished in crisps of sour cream
    Onions, nachos, potatoes and cheese
    Barbecue Doritos and honey
    Crisps, warm and kind in my tummy

    I‘m not picky, I live for crisps
    And I’m not trying to gloat
    I dig further into their bags
    With a heart full of hope

    Hope that there are more crisps
    And I don’t mean to sound bad
    But I seek for their broken bits
    At the very base of the bag

    The world will never fathom
    Nor will ever try to care
    My pleasure; my freedom freedom
    In my savoury crisps affair

    Now look away, I mean it
    These crisps are mine alone
    You can only ever see it
    Until it vanishes into worlds unknown

    Because chips big
    Or chips small
    Call me a pig
    But there’s none
    I’ve eaten them all


  • wordsareinfire 144w

    People are suffering from a lot
    But my only suffering is to choose chips over cookies.

  • nleroy8 146w

    Sun & Cookies

    Walking toward me in this park
    Leaves me just that, hard to keep my eyes
    Open, with the sun coming at me.
    I squint at those blue grey tinted moons
    That I can't wait to send me to sleep this
    Night coming so soon, what will we do?

    Chocolate chips, almonds taste my tongue
    Ahboy you bring joy my buds satisfied
    Till we are done.
    I hold you, you say I have to go, but don't
    Sweet sugar cookie keep unlocking me
    Every time you do, crumbs cover this bed till then
    I know, take it slow but I won't blow them away.
    They will add up one day then you will stay
    Cause every crumble you gave now forms you
    I will never ask who.

    I'll savor every bite dunk you in my heart
    To soften and cool you down, am I the fool?
    For needing your fuel, your sugar, your light.
    That I run, I lick, eyes in flicker a three wick
    I want to burn for forever good night's.
    Till you turn over, don't even say good morning
    Cause I already know, your rays did all the
    Talking, they said kiss this boy bring him joy
    Seal this deal.

    So what are you waiting for cookie?
    Unlock and throw yourself on me.


  • devonstranger 169w


  • the_author_inside 179w

    Ok can we agree that the WORST feeling
    is when you’re just sitting around consciously
    procrastinating and you’re just overly aware that
    each second that passes is more time wasted
    and you like watch hours pass and you're STILL
    procrastinating and you CANT STOP
    and your panicked brain is trapped inside a body
    that refuses to be productive
    yet inside you're screaming but outwardly
    you’re just eating chips...

  • bagofwords 181w

    True lovers are myth,
    Foodies are truth !!

  • love_you_poetry 183w


    Yo botch, you come up to the party thinking you all dat and da bag of chips but hold up Hunny bun. You ain't nothing compared to me. I am the alpha of all botches and hunny you da omega. You may be all dat and da bag of chips but add on a cookie and a soda and that's me hunny boo. Fight me, botch.

  • shisoproduction 188w

    Annulled Union...

    When you realize that you are only one in the world of constant pain and suffering from depression and anxiety to be dissolved socially

  • firapubal 189w

    Bad Mood

    And then, there were times like this.
    Nothing is good when this mood comes around.
    All We want is cuddle up, under the blanket.
    With some chips and coke.
    And pray.
    We hope after this storm of nothingness passed,
    everything not so messed up.

  • nightdrylidix 190w


    I thought air was free until I brought a packet of chips.

  • i_am_a_love_candy 210w


    Her silence only makes him angry
    While her words make him cry.

    All he wants her to talk and finish
    the fight but all she's doing is being silent
    and making him even more angry.