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  • sujmamchat 7w


    Winter has come, feel the nip in the air
    Woollens and jerseys we all do wear
    Tucking ourselves beneath the blankets
    Walking with woollen socks on the carpets.

    The wind is rather chilly and cold
    Wind cheaters on our body we hold
    Sweaters & coats that we hug close
    Spread the warmth from toes to nose.

    The green grass is laden with fresh dew
    The day that is filled with a whitish hue
    The snow that caps the heads of the trees
    The cool and chilly is the blowing breeze.

    Icy is the gurgling bubbling brook
    Staying indoors and reading a book
    Get yourself drenched with the sunshine
    Warm yourself with a glass of wine.

    The fireplace shimmers with embers old
    Lit up with fire on day that is cold
    Drink a cup of hot coffee or tea
    Burn your lips and remember me.

    Soon you will be as warm as toast
    Welcome visitors when you are the host
    Have wonderful party with a bonfire night
    Have cakes and sweets and share a bite.

    Christmas will be knocking on the door
    Gifts and surprises and dances on the floor
    New Year's just round the corner as well
    Excitement in the household do dwell.

    Sing the Carols and Santa is here
    Christ is close by, no need to fear
    Shining stars twinkle in the dark sky
    The three Kings bless the babe as they come by.

    Soon we wave a good bye and sing
    Winter shall change into a colorful spring
    Till then let's huddle up together to read
    Poems and stories written for a kid.

    @Dr. Sujata Chatterjee

  • porcupine 36w

    May 11th 2021

    A cool night it is
    A moderate breeze
    Together they are chilly
    It feels like you may freeze

  • madnaw 36w

    Noah's Ark

    Noah’s ark as it seemed it is. Look!!! Carefully, and be awed by those white fluffy things that was fitfully arranged. Chilly,peaceful morning in Buguias showcases the scattered sailing ships of webknitters who anchored their journey in those green leaves.

  • lakshanaa 51w

    Campfire maybe Bonfire

    Little warmth with a cup of tea;
    Took a chair nearby bonfire–
    Changing of colour, I could see
    Orange flames dancing like a wild
    Roasting chicken, Merrily singing like a child
    Small warmth reaching everyone's frozen hands,
    'Here goes some to dip their chilly legs near grasslands;
    Till' darkness begins to appear,
    The fire seems bright and absorbs fear
    Smell and sound experienced near bonfire marks a pleasant and mesmerizing look

  • anush18 58w

    I'm rude these days. Sometimes I'm Iced coffee, sometimes I'm hot chocolate. Feelings, people, friendships hurt a lot. I don't know what did I do but now I'm sure that I should be imprisoned for I have killed so many people. I'm homicide. I've been killing people from the start and now as I'm done, I want to die. I want to sleep. I want to be at peace.
    I've killed that child inside me that used to be happy without a reason, I've killed that boy inside me that used to be alive more than being anyone else, I've killed that friend inside me that was ready to help anytime. I've killed so many people in these days and still I'm free? Why am I free? Why am I neglected? Why my presence not matters to anyone? Who will give justice to all those innocents?

    •That bouquet of those buttercups that you threw that day. You didn't throw the flowers, you threw my soul. And there a child inside me died.

    •I blossomed by thinking about my first day but then that first day became the last day of my life. And there a boy inside me died. I was depressed and I started visiting crematoriums, the more I visited, the more I lost a part of myself. I was losing my fragments on a daily basis. Different crematoriums, different graves. I didn't understand what they whisper but I could feel their cries, I laughed for how hard I tried not to cry but all I became: dried and squeezed.

    •I remember how I waited for my love on the rooftop at that chilly night and what did she do? She was pranking me. She didn't know what she lost. She lost a friend that day, a friend who was ready to give. A friend who was ready to hear, A friend who was ready to hold. And there a friend inside me died.

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    P. S. - Don't wait for people to become a criminal. Don't be a reason to make them feel bad about themselves. If you cannot help then don't stab as well. If you can't hear then don't be a reason of their tears. Afterall we live under the same sky, don't we?

    Just because of you people: @a_wildflower @barasiya__ ��

    @writersnetwork @wild_aish (i miss you aish) @daphnae @rimmi24 @fromwitchpen @_still_in_mess #bingoc #NostalgicDecember #tdt #homicide #writersbureau #writersstolli #writersbay Words that I used: #Blossom #chilly #rooftop #bouquet #nebulae

    Thanks for this amazing challenge @writersbay (ik I'm late) Background credits and the words in the bg goes to the rightful owner.

    Thank you so much for the like @writersnetwork ��

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    and how do i crawl out of this chest — this skin — this lonely, ashen grave, without choking on all the dirt?

    — fray narte, "no one comes to burials anymore."

  • penelope_ 59w

    On a chilly wintry morning the mind found the empty heart walking on the loop trying to find a way out for fulfilling the promises it made meanwhile the mind said perhaps some other day.

  • pallavi4 63w

    Hello November

    My eyes feel weary like the sun
    Filled with sleep and in want of slumber
    Today October autumns will wane out
    We’re about to say hello to a chillier November
    Lazily the the sun vanishes slowly
    Leaving a trail of golden delights
    The stars begin to wake up and twinkle
    Welcoming the advent of the night
    The sunny skies slowly turn
    Into pink speckled with streaks of gold
    The days have become dearer as the
    The air grows brisker everyday manifold
    Leisurely I watch the day go by
    Barely awake, lethargically idle
    The antics of fall offer me contentment
    As the sun’s heat is slowly bridled
    The stars rapidly cover the now raven sky
    The moon comes galloping to claim its prey
    I sigh and wrap a warm blanket around me
    I am languid but inwardly wholly gay
    Ready to end my day I await the silence
    That swiftly emerges along with the dark skies
    It is time to bid adieu to the warmth of October
    Just like the sunny skies I just bid goodbye


    1st of November, 2020

    Pic credit: writersbay

    #picturec #hello_november #november #fall #autumn #chilly #seasons #writersbay @writersbay @writersnetwork #writerstolli #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld #readwriteunite #thepoetrycommunity #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @mirakee

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  • deepflowsoul 65w

    #fall #chilly #love #warm #grounding #love

    These days are the best. Knowing it's cold to the bone outside your soft fortress.

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    Cold decay outside,
    Warm grounding within.

  • taoist 119w

    Different steps

    When did the chill settle in...
    When did i start looking in...when a moment ago I was looking out
    My life being at a pause in contrast to the sequence of events that seem to pass me by..
    My depths slowly being submerged by jealousy due to steps not taken and lives not my own lived
    Time evidently against me as I grow older and my breathing shorter
    I'm no longer fit to call my friends equal
    The only position I can take up is to look up to them...afraid to take a step closer
    Off the edge into the growing disparity that has transitioned from mental to physical
    Feelings of inadequacy manifesting in my emphasis of material things that have a shelf life of today and old tomorrow
    I wish I was different..
    Someone else who isn't so perturbed by the growth of others
    Those others who lived in rainy days during my own sunshine
    And even still know how to support me when my days are only cloudy with a chance of rain
    I wish I was different.....so much more different than my selfish self who I didn't know wanted to help others up as long as I was always above.
    Sigh...when did i get so cold?

  • bluegal 134w

    Cold days and reminiscing.

    It's like a match made by the universe

  • poeticamos 134w


    When days and nights are heated I like how you confront me and greeted.

    I never saw you but I could hear you against the tree You twist and turn, the leaves display to me

    I am amaze when I feel your presence but I get so sad when you play with the dust and neglect my essences


  • masquerade 139w

    A/N This story is based on Narcissist love. Hope you've all heard the story of how Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection in the water and died of thirst. This is a classical self love to the greatest extreme.

    #time #musings #quotes #sad #darkness #love #longing #chilly #story #short-story #glass #narcissisticlove #love #heartbreak #suicide #writersofinstagram #writersnetwork #mirakeeworld

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    My hands find their way to her face, tracing the lines of her precise jaws, my thumb lightly brushing over her lips.

    My hands feel nothing. She is cold and me, numb.

    I smile. She smiles back, crinkling her eyes in joy.

    As I extend my hands to reach out to her, she mirrors my move, but there's always the glass window between us, the obstacle.

    She's my obsession. I pine for her. People think I've gone nuts. My parents have taken me to a mental health specialist. No one could diagnose my disease.

    I don't eat, I don't sleep. I sit day after day, staring at her. She waits for me too. Dark lines are forming under her eyes and her face looks ghostly pale.

    'Eat,' I try to say to her. 'Don't punish yourself. I'll find a way to get to you.'


    One day it gets too much. I bring a hammer and aim.


    The glass breaks into millions of tiny shards and shatters spraying the floor.

    She's gone. My love isn't there on the other side of the glass.

    Shaking with horror, I gather one glass piece of the broken mirror and slice my wrist.

  • hharshitha 121w

    " WONDERING! "

    I've been dreaming about you
    From dusk till dawn

    What it's like to be next you
    That's All I ever wanted
    I hope you want the same
    Watching you from a distance
    Seemed so picture perfect,
    Until you noticed me.

    Who is this soul?
    What does this mean?
    Looking at me in a way,
    That nobody else did
    tell me!,
    what's inside your head?
    I don't even know the real you
    But I'm dying to know
    Why are you doing this?
    Making me think about you
    All night long and every day.

    The look on your face
    made me wonder
    Is this love or just an attraction

    How it sounds
    When you call my name,
    Sitting on the stairs
    Watching you pass by,
    Noticing everything about you
    Your cute curly hair
    Your sparkly eyes
    Your cheerful laughter
    Makes me smile harder
    every time!

    Saw you walking down the stairs
    On an autumn afternoon,

    If this is making me fall for you
    But then again,
    Your smiling at your phone and
    I wonder if this smile is for another
    person in your mind other than me.

    How you ride off to nature
    every weekend to the hilly valley,
    Laying down on the ground
    gently kissing the chilly breeze,
    Dreaming about the white clouds
    on a clear blue sky,
    Never knew you had a sensitive
    side towards nature like i do.

    If we'll ever glance at each other
    ever again,
    And we did but this time
    My nervousness took the better of me,
    Cause when your next to me
    you make my heart beat go faster
    and slower without my knowledge.

    How crazy was i to think
    that we could connect effortlessly,
    With every countless thoughts
    of what could have happened right,
    Our magnetic fields had opposite
    We might just getaway with this but
    honey this road can't be lead by
    our blind faith.


    #mirakee #readwriteunite #mirakeeworld #thoughts #poem #poetry #wondering #you #me #direction #crush #crazy #magnetic #fields #opposite #fall #getaway #honey #road #heart #beat #faster
    #blind #curly #slower #knowledge #nervousness #time #glaced #sky #sensitive #nature #blue #white #faith #clouds #cute #chilly #breeze #hilly #valley #mind#ground #down #name #autum #afternoon #phone #smile #stairs #sounds #hair #sparkely #eyes #we #cheerful #laughter #night #day #distance #picture #perfect #noticed #hope
    #dusk #dawn #dream #diary

    P.S. this poem was in my drafts for more than 6 months. Finally I made the guts to finish it. Here it is.

    Do let me know if you could relate yourself to the poem. I would love to know. If y'all don't mind :)


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  • unhinderedwriter 148w

    Is a sweater ready in my name?

    Warm and cozy the world I am about to leave deliberately,
    Ready not to escape living in the warm shade of age;
    Hope you gift worth before leave I,
    Hope a sweater ready in my name?...
    Predictors say it's chilly outside,
    The weather is not the same I expect,
    This queer isn't ready to be under the weather,
    Sneezing... shit cold blooded!
    Hope a sweater ready in my name?


  • mayankagnew 153w

    And when those chilly winter raindrops
    gently touch your shivering skin.
    When the umbrella is not enough
    To harbor you.
    Think of me.

  • anupama_sarkar 155w


    दरवाज़े बंद किए सारे
    खिड़कियों पर पर्दे टांग दिए
    रोशनदानों को सील करने
    रंगीन शीशे उधार लिए
    पर ये बर्फीली हवा
    दबे पांव चली आती है
    पिघलती पगडंडियों से
    क्षितिज का पैगाम लिए

  • kori_kalon 160w

    #shortstory #one-shot #romance #cold #winter #wattpad #korikalon #Christmas #chilly #frost #love #cute #couple #story

    Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you enjoy this little short story!

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    Kate shivered against the raw Canadian December wind. Her boots made soft crunching noises against the snow covered sidewalk. The breeze was so cold she was beginning to think that her face would freeze solid if she didn't make it inside soon.

    Thankfully, she finally made it to Copper Cup, the coffeeshop were she spent her free time. It was a wonderfully warm and cozy place; peaceful. Usually anyway. It would seem that today, the day before Christmas Eve, it was busier then normal. Kate stepped up to the counter and ordering a hot peppermint tea to keep her company while she read her favourite chick-lit. The centre tables plus the seats near the fireplace were all occupied, so Kate chose the booth by the front window.

    She slid onto the cool leather seat and made herself comfortable before pulling a Melanie Dickirson novel out of her purse and finding her page. Kate glanced up momentarily, before she had a chance to be drawn completely into the fantasy world of her book. The large window beside the booth showed a clear view of the street, which was pleasant as Kate enjoyed people-watching from time to time as she rested her eyes from the small print of her softcover novel.

    Just as she was about to continue her reading, she noticed a figure outside the window. She wasn't sure why this particular person caught her attention, but he did. His white-blonde hair was styled up at his forehead in a flawless quiff and his eyes were such a blue that she couldn't describe, so icy cold and bright that she instantly caught sight of their colour despite him being some distance from her. He wore a leather trench coat, along with a pair of dark grey jeans and some black combat boots.

    Kate pulled her eyes away from his face just as he entered Copper Cup, trying hard to focus on her book. She forced herself to keep her gaze fixed on the words on the page, trying to comprehend their meaning instead of looking up at the stranger. Interestingly, half way through her chapter, a voice cut into her thoughts.

    "This seat taken?" A male monotone asked. Kate's eyes shot up to meet with those icy blues she'd been admiring previously. The young man's cheeks were rosy from the cold, and it appeared as if he'd shoved a hand through his pale hair, dishevelling it slightly.

    "Uh, no." Kate answered slowly. The request to occupy the seat across from her was usual, but the weight of this young man's presence was to an extent that she could hardly think straight enough to respond coherently. "Go ahead." She finally managed, still staring up at him as she motioned to the seat in front of her.

    The stranger nodded his thanks and took his seat, an iced coffee in hand.
    "No late Christmas shopping to do?" His voice filled the air in a low rhythm once again, and Kate found herself shivering in the best possible way.

    "Oh no, I've done all my shopping. I'm actually in an internship here in the city so I'm going out to visit my family the day after Christmas." She explained.

    "Fair enough." It was only at this point that Kate noticed his accent. She supposed at this point she'd been paying so much attention to his other features, such as his squared jaw or prominent cheekbones, his curved cupid's-bow or long dark lashes. The curve to his words was foreign; she couldn't place it.

    "I'm Kate by the way," she suddenly said, reaching across the table for a hand shake. He accepted it, and as he took her hand she nearly recoiled at his chilling touch.

    "Jokul." He introduced himself with a smile, revealing flawless pearly whites.

    Kate glanced down at his coffee once again. "Iced coffee in minus 30 weather?" She asked with a light laugh.

    "I don't mind the cold," Jokul answered.

    "Hm." Kate hummed with a slight nod. "I mean, I love the snow and Christmas, but the freezing weather isn't my personal favourite." She said.

    "Everyone's got different preferences," Jokul leaned back in the booth and sipped from his iced coffee. "I mean, I usually don't prefer having conversations with odd strangers, but now I'm finding I quite like it." He said, smiling again. His monotone and accent seemed to blend so well and along with his statement, created the absolute perfect combination to make Kate blush.

    "I guess it's a good thin Copper Cup gets so full over Christmas," Kate said with a smile.

    "Yeah. It's nice to stop and talk with someone for a change." Jokul's cold blue eyes met Kate's. She'd always been told that her brown eyes could melt the soul, but with this particular person she felt as if she'd met her match. His eyes were like pure ice, so frigidly blue and yet still held so much emotion within them. It made Kate want to find out what kind of soul they windowed. No doubt one of mischief and heart; that was what she saw. True beauty laying beneath a layer of ice.

    "I should be off, thanks for the use of your table." Jokul suddenly stood up. Kate found herself wishing he didn't have to go so soon, but nodded with a smile.

    "No problem," she responded. Jokul nodded and was off, disappearing down the street. Kate wished she could talk to him more, get to know the person behind that beautiful face. But he was gone now, so she supposed she was too late. She took a sip of her tea again, realizing it had gone lukewarm in that short amount of time. Without bothering to order another, Kate went back to her reading, trying to get the image of Jokul out of her mind. His blue eyes seemed imbedded into her memory. She shook her head, trying to clear it enough to focus on the story.

    She glanced up again to check the clock on the wall, and as she did she noticed something different about the large window. The glass was frosted over with mystical shapes and swirls, and in the middle, there was some words.

    "The cold isn't all bad." They read.


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  • love_verse_compassion 162w


    Aj ki mausam vi hassen tha.
    Thand,barish,tez hawa ka ek nice combination.
    Or wo vi gujar rahi thi hardin ki tarha hi
    Par aj to Kuch khas tha
    Sayad masum ka kamal tha
    Khuli julfe uski sundar si sakal ko bar bar kale balo se ghar rahe tha.
    Sayad un balo se dusmani hogi purani jo unki pyari se sakal dekh ne na de rha tha
    Par jab jab unki ungliya balo ko kano ke piche se hote thek kar rahe the.
    Or un barish ki bunde us ki hoto se hoke guzri.
    Or tez hawa ki tarha wo vi vigti hue nikli.
    Or me use dekhte dekhte barish me vigta rahe gaya.
    Chaw to use mil gaya jisse wo barish use chu na sake.
    Or mujhe us barish ke sath sayad un ki isq ne vi mera ruhu ko chu leya tha.
    Or bas us pal,,ha us pal hi dil fir se har gaya tha
    Sayad unka ya fir an ki mausam ka Kamal tha!!?

  • love_verse_compassion 180w


    Ham to bhigte rh gye..
    Or wakt yu hi katt ta raha..
    Barish bhi tham sa gya...
    Or kisi ke intezar me dil dharak ta raha..
    Ab thoda smbhal gaya hu..
    Pahele to sirf asman se barish hone lga..
    Us ke bad se akhoon se hua..
    Par ab dil smbhal sa gaya he ..
    Dard to he bas sahene ka adat sa ban chuka he..