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  • rhythmic_beats 2d

    What a rich and a poor equally can gift to others is "HUMANITY". The only currency you need is a pure heart which pumps love, yes we are humans may have polluted thoughts but when humanity awakes in oneself all the toxicity are purified and humanity flourishes like Amazon, home to all needy lives who once again breaths oxygenated humanity.

    Crying stomach needs food,
    Illiterate needs education,
    Poverty needs money,
    Blind needs a hand who will lead to light,
    Depression needs empathy,
    Illness needs cure,
    Problem needs antidote,
    Sobbing mind needs kind soul,
    What will bridge all the endless gap is humanity!

    There is no need of any occasions to
    Celebrate and gift humanity,
    You just have to simply light the lantern of smile
    And gift your heart wrapped with glittering
    Hopes, prayers and love
    And open your hands to the innocent
    And see how merrily they start flying like butterflies
    And sit on the garden of humanity,
    Quenching the thirst by drinking the nectar
    Of kindness, you will witness the most
    Aesthetic view when each of their cell start
    Emitting colours like a rainbow when their
    Storm has now finally found the sunshine
    After a long time.

    And in return gift they will drench your soul
    By falling on you like Nigeria falls
    Washing away all your worries with their
    Childish smile and would tickle you hard
    For thanking you instead of just simply saying
    "Thank you".

    Every soul on this Earth needs humanity
    As the biggest gift. Fill their empty pages
    Of life by spilling poetries of humanity.

    You know whenever their helpless
    Eyes crashes with our eyes;
    A heart which would have pinch of humanity too
    Will fall like a shooting star to fulfill their wishes.
    They don't ask much: they only want some smiles,
    Some sweets, some chocolates, one time food,
    And sometimes they would simply ask your
    10 minutes which is as long as a decade for them
    As they build uncountable memories
    In this short span of time.

    If you can't give much just simply smile
    And say God bless you.
    Can we just change the tradition of
    Celebrating Valentine's day/week just for couples
    And just not in February?
    Let all months blossom love and
    Unexpected surprising gifts!
    Can we gift those teddies, chocolates and roses
    To the homeless children and wise souls
    Resting in old age home, their prayers would
    Be shade of blessings one time.

    Humanity: the biggest gift one carries
    Like a stardust with million smiles.

    © rhythmic_beats

    Picture and edit by me. Those pure smiles are the loveliest gift when can ever get��♥️

    #gifts #humanity #poetry #life #wod
    #smile #stardust #children
    #rhythmic_beats #mirakee

    Thank you @writersnetwork for editor's choice ✨

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  • karenallen284 2d

    Becoming a parent is wonderful, isn't it? An experience, an adventure, an opportunity to leave your mark in a very muddled world. A world you found overwhelmingly confusing as a child. One where you desperately searched for validation and assurance. One where you could neither articulate nor fulfill your emotional needs.

    As adults, we begin healing all those wounds, one at a time - battling each trigger, head on. Eventually we morph into the people we needed as children. And it is through this healing, we save ourselves which in turn benefits our very own impressionable, tiny humans.

  • vickyreals 4d

    I smiled at the innocence dancing on the lips of a hundred kids as they fought over God's undiluted love
    "He love the boys" "He love the boys"
    "He love the girls" "He love the girls"
    I imagined being that old
    The age where all you care about is knowing that God loves you and you wholly love him too
    That age of purity
    I miss being a child
    That level of innocence is unmatched

  • shrinking_violet 2w

    Who's worse?

    The parents who knowing force their children to do things
    The parents who never realise that they are forcing their children to do things


  • smile_its_sunnah 3w

    Giggles of Innocence

    Who shall not be affected by her silent breaking laughter, as she finds extreme happiness in the game of
    funny faces.

    Her delicately small fingers clenching onto your large ones so protectively, enforces inferiority to the
    constant division of different coloured races.

    Her strong and vast movements seems enlighteningly calm, in comparison to the constant fast pacing life that
    we have condemned upon ourselves.

    Her need for attention and approval, is a lesson she unwillingly teaches, sometimes we need to take assistance from the ones we love even when we
    convinced that aid isn't present.

    Her life at this point seems undoubtedly promising, with no damned destiny or the sight of her smooth bare
    wrist clear from printed calamity.

    She is the definition of beauty, a sight to behold. She is as beautiful as saviored redemption. Her pink blushed cheeks, her tiny fingers and toes, her structured slim nose or her beautiful giggle of innocence diminishes all
    beauty stereotypical goals.

    Oh, how I wish the sun could embed on her skin, but reality has awakened me from my imagined fantasy, as
    no beauty is as beautiful as the beauty within.

    She will forever remain trapped in the beholders flesh, as the unnoticed truth of the world ahead of her will imprint their beliefs of beauty, unless we ourselves make our own resolution to see those not for their
    cover but instead their undamaged personality.

    #beauty #wod #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork #innocence #love #children #writerscommunity

    (Image: dreamstime.com)

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    Giggles of Innocence

    Beauty is not a cover but a classification, determine beauty for it's personality instead of
    stereotypical direction.

    As we grow we become wise and understanding but we loose our childish love for unconditional

    Love those for who they are and not their pretense, like the admirable giggles of Innocence.

  • happy_soul9 3w

    Your opinion on Child sexual abuse......?

  • _shivoham_ 3w

    #mirakee #children #innocence

    The cuteness inside them pulls me towards them.
    I just get a magical charm.
    Their soft hearts make my soul clean and
    their pious smiles make my day and night.
    I get energetic after seeing them.
    Yes, children influence me like red wine.
    Not only for some time,
    but I like to watch and interact with them all the time.

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    Soul can be healed by children

    However we lose our inner child, who was once happy in small things, and the one who cries makes the whole world stand in front of him.
    Maturity changes our lives completely.
    But only by spending time with children, our soul is healed from inside.
    Because the vibes and energy of children affects us and we laugh with them without any reason.


  • ananias 3w

    A moment of silence for our unborn children, for what they do or never get to witness. I don't know why I told you I wanted a family when I know you can't get this. We have different ideas about where we want to be, when we want to do it and what we believe. And all I can think of is my sorrow for our unborn children.


  • poet_belizz 3w


    A man who is the supporter in our life in every way he can
    The one who teach us to be caring and be a successful man
    The one who gives all his hard works for our welfare
    The man who discloses his difficulty in money
    But always helps us in every way he can

    The man who love to see his child be educated and ask him
    He taught to be good, strong and brave
    The one who earns money for our beneficiary
    But we can never return back his deeds which he had done for us
    The man who sacrifices his enjoyment for the goodness of his children
    He is the only person to make us educate in life and our source of inspiration
    And is the one which we all call as Dad.


  • poet_belizz 3w


    A fairy which god has given to control our earth
    A god which takes the form of mother to make us successful
    A woman who takes character as the main point
    A relationship of love and happiness conjoined
    The one who is the creator, giver, and understander.

    A woman who birth a child with very much struggle
    A woman with unbearable pain and emotionless heart
    Who never knews the actual meaning of snuggle
    But always work with intense smartness
    A woman who sacrifices for her children's happiness
    Who never discloses her sadness
    Is the one which we call Maa.


  • dhruvfauji 3w

    उजियाला बचपन

    बचपन जिया था हमने निराला, दिखता था सदैव उजाला।
    मां की ममता से भरा तन, हिलोरें मारता हमारा मन,
    रहती थी फूलों सी काया, हर अचंभित बात पर कहते थे वाह क्या जादू कर डाला!
    उत्तम थी दिन की परिभाषा, खाने खेलने की थी पिपासा,
    अभी भी याद है, जोते खेतों में जो दौड़ लगाई,
    और त्योहारों पर घर की मिठाई।
    थोड़ी सी बदमाशी से मिल जाता था घर निकाला, तुरंत होती वापसी मां के इस डर से कि मेरे बच्चे का कुत्तों ने पीछा कर डाला।
    बर्फ खाने के लिए किया करते छोटा मोटा घोटाला,
    परंतु सच्चा था नहीं था वो धन काला।
    लगे इतने चोट व छाले क्या करूं उनका जिक्र,
    थोड़ा हंस लो, क्योंकि न थी उनकी भी फिक्र।
    सपनों में चढ़ गए थे ऊंची ऊंची पर्वतमाला, नित गढ़ते थे नई प्रयोगशाला,
    खट्टे मीठे अनुभव के संग, नित देखते नए-नए रंग,
    जब देखा करते लोग व धरती, प्रतिदिन होती उत्तम अभिव्यक्ति,
    परंतु जब से मिला है बोझ ये सारा, लगता है जीवन गवारा।
    परंतु जोर लगा रही है बचपन की आशा, उसी ने तो है अभी तक रखा संभाला,
    भले ही हो आज कितना भी काला, है उम्मीद निकलेगी उषा, होगा उजाला।

  • shubham_20 4w

    Main shaadi main believe hi nahi karti hui
    Toh beti tere bache kaha se download kiye the


  • alicejune 4w

    To Those Single Parents and Guardians Who Need To Smile

    To all you single parents or guardians out there who have it extremely harder behind the scenes that the rest of the world actually sees you in, or even those simply envisions you and.your day to day in their mind; I see you. I feel you. I want to hug you and give you the vacation you deserve more than anyone else.
    In case nobody told you today, or last week, or month, or ever... you're killing it. You are singlehandedly rasing smaller humans in a world that criticizes you for doing it alone, yet shames you or another single parent for needing help along the way. You're doing what most could never imagine doing. Every tear you've cried is simply more proof how invested you are in doing your best. Other's may not understand, but I do. And I'm fucking proud of you. You should be, too. You and yours deserve the world.

  • iexist 5w

    The House of Books

    The night had came
    The moon was shining overhead
    I have always loved the dark nights
    And not the sun, so fiery red.
    Everyone will see me
    In the light of the sun.
    Will see what I really am
    And will laugh and make fun.
    But the silent nights,
    Won't shine like day,
    They won't betray
    And i can easily hide away.
    I'll crawl so noiselessly
    That no one would know
    Once i have reached my temple,
    With respect, i will kneel and bow.
    The aroma of the room
    Is like the closet of broom
    The books covered with dust
    And the doors with rust.
    But the nature of the library
    Is like no other
    It is like the same feeling
    When i am with my mother.
    I wandered around
    Walking down the house of books
    Feeling the pleasantness
    And exploring all the nooks.
    Just then, my eyes fell on it
    The book with the scars
    But its black and shiny cover
    Made them look like stars.
    I grabbed it
    And ran back to my bed.
    The blanked wrapped around me
    The whole night i read.
    I couldn't resist
    Myself from reading the words
    They jumped around me
    And flew like birds
    But i grasped them
    Held them tight in my palm
    They reduced my anxiety
    They made me feel so calm
    I am the witch
    Books are my magical wand
    They are my best friend
    We have a special bond!!

  • keep_the_desire 5w

    जो लोग अपने माँ बाप के सगे नही हुए वो तुम्हारे क्या होंगे।

    ©आरज़ू सेठ

  • thoughtcruncher 6w

    I just happen to see everything as a
    learnable and teachable moment.

    That's about it.


  • thoughtcruncher 6w

    I'm not loud.

    I'm just an enthusiastic kindergarten teacher
    with adults too.


  • beensn 7w

    The last wagon

    God who created us is very brilliant,
    He gave everyone, one or the other talent.
    Some were blessed with the power to rule,
    They wanted others to be under their control.
    The rich and the strong started to loot,
    The poor and the weak suffered a lot.
    Still God said, you all are my children,
    You will be treated impartial, it's certain.
    Some felt delighted and said, this is heaven,
    Others with disgust, asked why are you not seen?
    God smiled and sent a message, 'I am your companion'
    'Don't worry, I am in the last wagon'.

  • ayayrunsblog 7w

    Mrs. Moon

    Little precious gems, it's way past your bedtime,
    But before you lay your head to sleep, I'd say a nursery rhyme.
    There's Mrs. Moon in the sky that shines down her light,
    And she watches us when we sleep, all through the night.
    And when we finally get up to the morning sounds,
    We would wake to see that Mrs. Moon has already gone.
    But don't be sad she left, and didn't say goodbye,
    Because come tonight she'd come again, right on time to tell you "Hi",
    As Mrs. Moon is married to the night's sky!
    Yes, Mrs. Moon is married to the night's sky.

  • soonam 13w

    अरे.. जो करते थे ऐश अपने पापा के कैश पर
    आज उन्हें पैसे जुटाते देखा है..
    जो घुमते थे बेफिक्र होकर..रात भर
    आज उन्हें चिंता में डूबते देखा है
    जो करते थे हर छोटी बात पर जिद्द
    उन्हें छुप-छुप कर रोते देखा है
    एक दिन कभी न टिकते थे घर पे
    आज उन्हें अपना घर संभालते देखा है
    जिसे अपना घर कभी लगता था छोटा
    उन्हें अब एक कमरे में दिन गुजारते देखा है
    जो हर बात पर करते थे..बेटा-बेटा
    उस घर को बेटियों को संभालते देखा है
    परेशानियों में कभी जेंडर नहीं देखते..
    अरे जो लड़ते थे..हर छोटी-बड़ी बात पर
    आज उन बच्चों को साथ मिलकर सुख-दुख बांटते देखा है
    कि.. बिना बाप के बच्चों को घर चलाते देखा है..!!

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli @mirakeeworld #papa #father #children #family

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    कहते हैं.. एक बाप घर का स्तंभ होता है..
    ये कहना ही क्या.. यह तो सच है..
    क्योंकि एक बाप ही है जो..
    बिना थके हारे..बिना डगमगाये..
    बिना किसी इच्छा के..
    परेशानियों को अपने अंदर दबाए
    एक मजबूत स्तंभ की तरह
    अपने घर परिवार को उठाए चलता है
    ताकि उनका परिवार दर-दर की ठोकरें ना खाए..
    पर वही स्तंभ जब एक दिन टूट जाता है
    तोह.. जैसे सब बिखर जाता..!!