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  • joan53 1d

    Growing up with brothers
    Was quite a fright
    Not that they’d harm me
    But they did scary things
    I got switched once
    I knew I did something wrong
    My brothers got switched
    They counted it worth the doing
    And they’d do it again
    I cried for their tears
    Cause I didn’t know
    If I had known then
    What I know now
    I would have helped
    Them get switched a little more
    All my fears were real
    Those daredevil boys
    But what’s the use of feeling sorry
    For boys who had fun causing all the worry


  • thefangirl 9w

    ഒരു മനുഷ്യനെ എത്രകണ്ട് ആഞ്ഞു പരിശ്രമിച്ചാലും,ഉള്ളുതുറന്നു സ്നേഹിക്കാൻ കഴിയാത്തത് ദുരന്തങ്ങളിൽ ചെന്ന് കലാശിക്കാറുണ്ട്.കാരണം സ്നേഹിച്ചു തുടങ്ങി എന്ന് ഉറപ്പിച്ചു ഇരിക്കുമ്പോഴും ചെറിയ ചില സംശയങ്ങൾ പോലും പഴയ പലതിനെയും ഓർമിപ്പിച്ചു അവസ്ഥകളെ വികൃതമാക്കും.

  • imlovewriter 14w

    Childhood Memories

    बचपन के भी क्या दिन थे वो,
    जहाँ हम सबने मिलकर बिताया समय था वो ,
    चाहें एक - दूसरे को पकड़ना हो वो,
    या किसी एक को मिलकर सताना हो वो |

    - Pahadi Sonu

  • vinivic 16w

    The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

    The Wonderful wizard of Oz!™

    The students started squeaking excitedly hushed whispets. Most of them knew the story well, but several of them looked confused.

    The headmaster motioned to Professor Plotfur, who taught drama. He stepped forward. "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is the story of a girl named Dorothy and her fascinating trip to a magic world," he began, waving his paws as he talked. "One day, a ternade sweeps into her small town and whisks her away to a strange land. A good witch tells her that a WONDERFUL WIZARD can help her find her way home."

  • bhartiiii 24w


    Ye khyal har kisi me kahan rehta hai
    Gaur se dekho to har shakhs me
    apna bchpan jawan rehta hai

  • servingsofmania 29w

    Mornings now are filled with schedulers and to-do lists, children screaming, doors clanging, minute to minute planning.

    If I had a time machine I would go back to those days when everything and everyone was simple and innocent.

    In those days without mobile phones, everything was unpretentious.

    Some of my best memories of childhood are the summer holidays I spent in Kerala every year.
    It involved a three day journey, changing three trains from Gujarat to arrive at and marvel at the blinding pristine beauty of my native state.

    If I had to make a to-do list for the languid says I spent there, it would look like this -

    (This is not in a letter form but I just wanted to write about it for some reason).

    #childhood #wod #miraquill #writersnetwork #nostalgia #childhoodmemories #summerholidays

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    Memories of childhood.

    1- wake up to the cacophony of a million birds before dawn
    2- feel the bed sheet stick to my moist back
    3- violently pull my hair into a bun on the top of the head
    4- then wince when the rubberband was too loose
    5- so rummage around for a Tokyo clip in the provincial teak finish dresser table
    6- catch my glowy face in the mirror, turn them this way and that, the face and the mirror
    7- then run out to the well to draw a pail of cool water and splash it all over my face
    8- go to the cowshed where Ammamma would be milking the cows
    9- croon into the ears of the newborn calf that I named Raman because his mother was named Kaushalya
    10- feel his rough tongue chewing on my now loosened hair
    11- push him away, laughing loud while his mother bellowed for treats
    12- then smell my hands that smelt wonderfully of all things cow
    13- count the chickens and the eggs, play with the dogs
    14- stalk peacocks in the orchard
    15- gobble a million steaming hot idlis with ishtu, podi and chammanthi.

    1- open the wrapped plaintain leaf, to check the jasmine buds that I tied into a garland the night before, and left inside
    2- inhale their fragrance, heady and weave them into my hair
    3-scoop them up into my arms and fantasize I was an exotic queen who slept on a bed of jasmine buds opening up at night
    4- run outside and
    5-marvel at the touch-me-nots folding up
    6-follow caterpillars and see them munch on the leaves.
    7- feed the dog stolen biscuits, push the vegetables down under the dining table while everyone thought that i had at last eaten them

    1- steal jaggery cubes from the glass bottle in the pantry
    then jalebis, Mysore pak and murukku from the plastic air tight containers
    2- keep asking for icecream to be made until ammamma relented and then keep checking the fridge to see if it was ready
    only to be scolded by her because 'the fridge will loose all the coldness'
    3- sit on the mangotrees and eat mangoes until my stomach hurt and curdled
    4- tie rope swings and hang onto it for dear life because I didn't know how to sit on it
    5- take soaps, buckets, towels at 3 pm and walk a kilometre to the river to bathe in the cool flowing water
    6- then pretend to drown but everyone knew the truth
    7- screaming on the way back home, utterly frightened because the bugs from the coconut tree that were as big as birds, would be flying about

    1- carry the old heavy table fan to the top of the stairs and fall asleep to its khurr khurr.
    2- on nights that there was no power sleep to the swish swish of the Palmyra fan, contented.


  • goddessbittersweet 29w

    The sweet of Childhood memories

    I remember as a child I was always terified of monsters at night, I would imagine them under my bed crawling making noise. Even the slightest bit of sound. This fear somehow compare to the present time. As an adult, I never thought to realize how much more fear had awaited me.
    I learn to overcome the so call "Fear" that we create within our mind. The memories of my childhood comes and goes. Always remember, fear is the creation of the
    World. Never let it stop you from going beyond. The proof is in front of your very nose.

  • beingarshiyan 31w

    The Wind, The Sunset and The Memories

    I sat on the beach,
    With water of the sea touching my feet.
    There are no cute girls,
    There are just winds, a sunset and a small family.

    The joy in the boy's eye,
    The man is probably in his 40s, had his hairs dye.
    I see, Boy asking for ice-cream and the women for a cup of chai.
    The family sits not so far from me,
    I don't know why but the family brings back the old memories.

    How mom used to wake me up for school, help me with my tie.
    How she asked me to hold Dad tight, so I don't slip from the bike.

    How I got the first bite from that Homemade Chocolate Cake,
    How Dad showed me around on his shoulders,
    Just for my happiness sake.

    It's strange that we come to know the importance of something when it is not with us,
    The realisation of the lost gift, feels like God punishing us.
    Putting a pressure on us, to remember what is truly important,
    Love, family and friends among us.

    Sir Irrfan said "In the end the whole life becomes an act of letting go."
    Whatever you reap is what you have sown.
    I guess that's what I need to do,
    Let go of the past so I can be ready for tomorrow.

    While I was deep thinking, I hear a familiar voice from behind me,
    My boy runs, coming towards me, crying "I am tired now. Can we go home? I am hungry."
    My girl lends out a hand to me.
    I turn around, take a deep breath, fill my eyes with the beauty,
    The wind, the sunset, the memories.
    I can feel it,
    Mom and Dad never left me.
    No matter wherever, they are,
    I am a part of them,
    And they both are with me.

  • cherish312 32w


    Some thing's from the past can always bring a smile to my face regardless of the current situation.

  • roy_manish 33w

    Take me back to the memorable old days
    #school #schoolmemories #childhoodmemories

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    एक ही रंग के ड्रेस पहन कर हम लगते थे कितने अच्छे
    स्कूल लगता था पोल्ट्री फर्म और हम सब मुर्गी के बच्चे
    मुझको समझ ना आया आज तक टीचर का ये फंडा,
    हमे बना देती थी मुर्गा और खुद कॉपी पे देती थी अंडा.
    जब बचपन था
    तो जवानी एक ड्रीम थी
    जब जवान हुए,
    तो बचपन एक जमाना था.
    जब घर मे रहते थे,
    आजादी अच्छी-लगती थी..
    आज आजाद हैं ,फिर भी
    घर जाने की जल्दी रहती है
    कभी होटल में जाना,
    पिज्जा ,बर्गर खाना पसंद था..
    आज घर पर आना और माँ
    के हाथ का खाना पसंद है.
    स्कूल में जिनके साथ
    झगड़ते थे,
    आज उनको ही इन्टरनेट पर
    तलाशते है..
    खुशी किसमें होती है,
    ये पता अब चला है...
    बचपन क्या था,
    इसका एहसास अब हुआ है..
    काश बदल सकते हम
    जिंदगी के कुछ साल..
    काश जी सकते हम,
    जिंदगी फिर से एक बार.....

  • libra_fey 34w

    Sleeping beauty
    You ever noticed
    That we all were once a sleeping beauty??

    The days when we had milk teeth…

    After the eve,
    When we were fatigued from
    jumping on our heels,
    And goes to sleep like an end,
    When we lay on our bed.
    No act of God can wake us,
    Than only a true loves kiss.
    Unmoving in the witching hour,
    While our soul is spiralling in the marvel sphere.
    As the story goes…
    Sleeping beauty has to wake up,
    And so as we.
    Alike maleficent,
    Our mother awaken us
    With her true love kiss.
    Our soul falls back on earth,
    And so a new day starts,
    To live it with glee.

    The days when we had milk teeth…

    #childhoodmemories @mirakee
    Thank you for �� @writersnetwork
    Hope this is worth reading (fingers crossed).

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    Sleeping Beauty


  • yourarmy 35w

    ನೆನಪಿನ ಪುಟಗಳ ತೆರೆಯುತ ಕಂಗಳು
    ಕಂಡಿವೆ ನೂರು ಕನಸುಗಳು
    ನಡೆದ ಹಾದಿಯ ಕಳೆದ ಕ್ಷಣಗಳ
    ನೆನಪಲಿ ಅರಳಿವೆ ಹೂವುಗಳು

    ಪುಟ್ಟಾ ಹೆಜ್ಜೆಯು ನಡೆಯುತ ಸಾಗಲು
    ಜೊತೆಯಲಿ ಇದ್ದ ಸ್ನೇಹವದು
    ಪ್ರೇಮ ಪ್ರೀತಿ ಸಂಬಂಧಗಳ
    ಮೀರಿಸುವಂಥ ಬಂಧವದು

    ಕಪ್ಪು ಬಿಳುಪಿನ ಬಣ್ಣವು ಆ ದಿನ
    ಕಲಿಸಿತು ಜ್ಞಾನದ ಪಾಠವನು
    ಹೊರಗಡೆ ಬಂದೊಡೆ ಪರಿಚಿತವಾಯಿತು
    ನಿಜ ಮನ ಮುಖಗಳ ಆಟವದು

    ಒಟ್ಟಿಗೆ ಆಡಿದ ಅಂಗಳ ಈ ದಿನ
    ಖಾಲಿ ಎಂದು ಅನಿಸುತಿದೆ
    ಬಾಲ್ಯದ ದಿನಗಳು ಎಲ್ಲಕು ಎತ್ತರ
    ಎಂದಿಗು ಸುಂದರ ಅನಿಸುತಿದೆ

    ಬಡತನ ಅರಿಯದ ಸಿರಿತನ ಕಾಣದ
    ಬೇಧವ ತೋರದ ಆ ಸ್ನೇಹ
    ಸಮಯವು ಕಳೆದರೂ ಅರಸಿ ಬಂದಿದೆ
    ಬಾಲ್ಯದ ಸ್ನೇಹದ ಈ ಮೋಹ........


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  • unblossomedyet 36w

    #writersnetwork #poem #allaboutexpression #allforlove #childhoodmemories @mirakeeapp @mirakee
    #happiness #ODE #growingup #kolkata #vintage #venetianblinds #wod #spectacle


    Adieu.... Venetian Blinds!!

    How can I forget you ? My Louvre window!!!

    When describing my vintage house,
    For the high ceilings ,and the distinctive aesthetics
    The Venetian blinds controlled the sun in through it,
    Posing as curtains, louvers made peeping simple by the house full of energetics.

    The blinders of the house have lots to unfold,
    They held hidden stories,for generations untold.
    The Jalousies as named, offered enough room for histories to create,
    The window became the signature, remembering the glories to relate.

    Months rolled into decades that changed to century
    My window stood tall and elegant
    Witnessing many members come and go,
    Capturing moments and making them a memory.

    Today there’s nothing open about you my window.
    You've shut yourself in and out.
    Holding the legacy of the vintage house,
    You still smile quietly without a doubt.

    Battered by the strong winds and chills of the air,
    Fighting the perilous rain and the sun with all its glare,
    A day will come when I will never see you anymore.
    But you will hold a special place in my heart.
    And I will always mention you in my sweet folklore.


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    How can I forget you.....My Louvre Window???
    A once upon a time spectacle ornate in vintage mansions.....

  • saheyiduad 38w

    And there it is
    Walking down the aisle of Earth
    With a beautiful white veil
    Sky has dressed with a colourful wreath
    Not just one but the two
    Spreading the petrichor essence
    With her gracious presence


    It's actually a beautiful memory of my childhood
    That I am sharing and is still so fresh uptilldate.
    That I had seen not just single but double rainbow��
    I was awstruck by its beauty that can't be describe in world.
    The pic is of my birthplace where I had encountered this moment
    And am I the only one who love the earthly aroma after raining?

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    And there it is
    Walking down the aisle of Earth
    With a beautiful white veil
    Sky has dressed with a colourful wreath
    Not just one but the two
    Spreading the petrichor essence
    With her gracious presence

  • soft_y 39w

    मुझे फिर वही आलम चाहिए...
    खोया हुआ अपना बचपन चाहिए...

    छोटा ही सही वो घर लगता था...
    हर छोटी सी ख़ुशी में जब सजता था....

    मुझे फिर वही आलम चाहिए...
    सजा हुआ अपना वो आँगन चाहिए...

    छोटे थे हम पर सपने बड़े थे ...
    आशीर्वाद से हाथ जब अपनों के खड़े थे...

    मुझे फिर वही खोये हुवे सपने चाहिए...
    समय के साथ खोये मेरे अपने चाहिए....

    चीज़ एक थी पर खुशियाँ अनेक थी ...
    ज़िंदगी अपने आप में ही नेक थी....

    मुझे फिर वही एक चीज़ की ख़ुशी चाहिए....
    अपनों के प्यार में बीती वो ज़िंदगी चाहिए ...

    क्या कहुँ के मुझे फिर वही आलम चाहिए...
    खोया हुआ अपना बचपन चाहिए .....

  • 12mizzy 39w

    How happy the childhood was.
    The eagerness for the evenings,
    To play with stone and sticks,
    Marbles on knees,

    Playing Hide And seek,
    And finding our friends.
    The one use to have Beyblade,
    Was the richest guy of the group.

    Receiving two chocolates from our friend,
    On thier birthday,
    And making their celebration grand.

    Making friends was just a hobby,
    But now we need a friend who is comely.
    How easy it was to kick people from our life by just saying,
    "Katti toh katti tu khaa matti mai khau chocolate"
    The second day we played with the same person we fought yesterday by just touching the two fingers with theirs and saying,"bucchi"

    I never felt the needs of toys,
    Though it was infinite,
    But my childhood wasn't.

    I am not that eager to be a billionaire,
    As compared to going through
    My childhood pictures,
    And wanting those days back.

    Childhood was something,
    To laugh on anything,
    And cry on senseless things.
    Now we need manners to laugh,
    And loneliness to cry.
    @11maria @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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  • mostlyinkslinger_ 41w

    Epoch of Eternity

    An ode to ∞ era~
    A backdated memoir,
    An unconscious defence of eternal existence;
    A chaotic tale;
    penned down in an unworthy manner…
    To my beloved homeland~
    I owe you years of denouement,
    My hiraeth seems surreal;
    Although my heart echoes in ethereal void;
    with trails of ephemeral sediment…
    My longing glistening eyes~
    Behold the ghost of my seedling time;
    Ceased to a forever aphonic lullaby;
    lost in a naive labyrinth of rhyme!
    And those illicit moonlight trysts~
    Struck with such limerence;
    Where our lives were no syzygy;
    seized by an epiphany, crescent & dense...
    I am long gone though~
    set in a voyage beyond a shore;
    My verse fumes in pellucid fragments;
    lingering just in eloquent metaphor…
    I am in a sonder state~
    soaked in dewy petrichor;
    My cynical soul dulcifying;
    In a quintessence realm of yore…
    Back to the woodland,
    The azure sky with a crimson hue;
    Solitude made of sapphire dreams;
    Oh!Forever nostalgia,
    I bid you Adieu!!!

  • the_pen_vibes_briti 41w

    The thing which we can't forget in our life is

  • nm_bloggslove_ 42w

    The child in me always smiling,
    Happy and joyful, regardless of the day and night
    Making mud cakes and lots of mess
    Only cuddles and kisses , less of criticisms...

    Making friends and not judging
    Free bird to roam around without plight
    Loved by all , stress-free and cute
    Unknown of the world that forsees her !



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  • m_etanoia 42w


    Scrolling through my jaded yet not faded
    I stare back at the mini me.
    Her disarming smile
    tends to steal my own heart
    and yet leaves me writhing away
    in despair and agony.

    There is this naive thing in her young eyes,
    They emblazon sky with old lies.
    And her Majestic hands encircle the moon
    in loops that guard her within the cocoon.

    Now her life takes a lurched leap,
    soaking her in the draconian truth.
    Yes I still envy her crooked smile
    and her majestic hands that are now fragile.

    Somewhere between cocking a snock to being a joke herself, she grew up.
    Childhood is the only prism that scatters black into VIBGYOR and reverts itself with growing up.


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