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  • prashant_cb 7w


    गजबे है भाई !
    इस भौतिकवादी दुनियांँ मे हर वस्तु कीमती है,हर रिस्ते कीमत के बुनियाद पर टिके है।
    कल तक जो आपके लिए समर्पित थे आज किनारे पर खडे है,भाव उसमे अब भी है बस यथार्थ से परे है।
    समाज का रिवाज पुराना असहाय का अहसास कम, जो समर्ध उसका समर्थन दीन का बस आँख नम।
    हे प्रभु ये तेरी माया हर किसी मे व्याप्त क्यूँ,है सुना सब तेरे अंश हैं फिर भी इतना दर्द क्यूँ।
    तू है अगर तो दफन कर दे बैर विग्रह दोष हर ले हो सके तो भाव भर दे राम का कुछ भाग भर दे।

  • kalakritigram 10w

    Drawing is rather like playing chess: your mind races ahead of the moves you'll eventually make.

    - David Hockney

  • leowords08 10w


    My life was as complicated as a chess
    But you came and cleared this mess

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  • nheadly 10w

    Queen's Gambit

    Queen was sacrificed.
    Her King was saved.
    The game was won.
    Yet they lost.


  • brokenstring03 12w

    I’m sick

    I’m sick in a way Like I can’t be without you.
    It’s a disease called Loneliness that kills me.
    Cause for me your the morning and the night
    You might think that I’m insane yes your right
    Sometimes when you bring out something
    Something not peaceful but hurt
    It kills my sleep when I rest
    Cause my mind is occupied by the moves
    Of chess ;figuring out what’s the best
    My head gets heavy and sends me shivers down my spine
    If only if you knew me truly ,I wish
    Your heart could see the pain
    And heal before I can drown .
    I smile just to see you smile
    Yes I’m obsessed with you
    Cause I believe and hope
    That you’ll share the love
    Not selfish but what’s meant to be.
    So one day when I die ;I’d die with a smile
    Knowing you’d cry ;A cry of thanks
    For the love lost ; A love once shared

  • squared_tales 17w


    Me in 2019: Only a miracle can change my life

    Me in 2020: what the fuck did I just do??


  • squared_tales 17w


    Waiting for someone who can look right into my eyes and say, "You are my beautiful blunder."


  • ashart 17w


    We know that chess existed in India at the beginning of the 7th century, and we have evidence that a form of chess existed in central Asia in the 1st century. Some people claim that the game might date back as far as the 15th century B.C.

    Nobody knows exactly how old chess is. From India, chess quickly spread to Persia and thence to Arabia, where powerful rulers patronized good players in the same manner that European nobility would later patronize musicians and artists.

    Chess first came to Europe when the Moors conquered Spain in the 8th century. Within a century or two, chess was being played throughout Europe, including Russia, spread by either soldiers or traders.

    Whereas the countries of East Asia adapted the rules of the game and the board to local customs, Europe adopted the Muslim form of chess and played it for six centuries without change.

    Then the game changed dramatically, turning chess from a stodgy game of slow advances into a game of lightning strikes and constant action.

    You'll learn more about this change when we talk about the way the Queen moves.

  • rashenree 21w

    Sometimes I want to scream, at the world, at myself
    I feel heavy inside, almost as if the earth is standing on me and not the other way around.
    I want to tear out of my own skin because being me feels burdensome. I want to not be me. To maybe be a fish in the sea or a ladybird on a leaf somewhere.

    My world seems to crumble inside more and more and the pressure grows without a glow. The pressure to grow. The pressure to glow. It blindens my sight, I can't see this moment. I can't be at this moment. I must grow. I must glow, and that seems the world around to be the flow.

    The days are dark when you must always look at tomorrow today. You never see today. You never know today, today is never real. The hope of where tomorrow will be or should be is engulfing, it's a brumous mist and it covers the light of sunshine. The light of a smile from within.

    The worst part is the tomorrow you want to see isn't a guarantee. Why, because you're a pawn. Your moves are meager, much bigger strings are being pulled around you. There are rooks free to roam straight ahead without hindrances. There are queens who when you can only take one step at a time they roam all the steps at all times. There are bishops and knights with much might and that makes you the expendable piece.
    You are young and probably gullible. You're a front. You're the pawn.

    But what can you do, except only accept. Embrace you and keep treading forward the board. Your moves may look singular but to you they are global. And you know what... Pawns do become queens. Pawns do become bishops and rooks and knights too. Pawns can become anything and that's the beauty of being down. The beauty of starting small and taking it one step at a time. It's the endless potential to explore and grow and glow. And to keep growing and to keep glowing as you go.

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    Doesn't night precede shine
    Doesn't being down precede being up


  • sunankit 21w

    Pawn's life

    And I stared into the darkness
    Figuring out how light would feel
    Will the tables turn my way
    Will my wounds ever heal..

    I'm a pawn on a chessboard
    Got my back pressed to a wall
    They called me an underdog
    Who has to always fall...

    They pushed me on the verge of sacrifice
    King, Queen, Rooks, Bishops and Knights
    To keep them safe, I had to pay the price
    Like a penny tossed to a river, a pawn's life is subject to fights...


  • sid_rulz 21w

    Brave Pawns

    Life is similar to the game of chess
    We have to fight when life is in a mess
    Pawns guard kings whether black or white
    As we take family decisions wrong or right

    Pawns give sacrifices pawns give lives
    Surviving till the last square promotion arrives
    Pawns move slow but they start the game
    They die to protect the king's glory and fame

    Don't regret being like pawns, they are brave
    Kings and pawns go in the same box as we all go to our graves.

  • depths_freedom 21w

    I charged on
    Following all orders to the letter
    A mere cog in the universal wheel,
    Hoping that my efforts would ensure victory.

    I trudged on
    Watching my brethren perish
    All disposable in the greater scheme,
    Been laid out for the games of power and fame.

    I turned around
    A queen to command ruthless forces
    Living the victory built upon countless deaths,
    Decreeing an end to this perilous, ferocious bloodlust.


  • pacifierpunch 21w

    Chess of pawn!

    As I tiptoe between territories
    etched in black and white,
    somewhere dodging raging enemies
    somewhere floundering about my identity
    caught in a maze to serve and abide,
    and making way for everybody to ride,
    I am stranded between journey and destinations,
    switching places in a fizzy and disorientation,
    wondering if is it always about conquest
    without any prominence to love in the quest,
    can it never be peace on grounds of turbulence
    can it ever be camaraderie amidst frivolous games of vengeance,
    can everyone hold on to their places without a fight,
    can it be a whirlwind of poise without pretence of might,
    can I ever be treasured in happiness and pain alike,
    can I ever be revered for petty sacrifices in my stride,
    can it be a game of love than life,
    can it be an exchange of kindness than strife!
    Welll, still stuck at my beginnings, I begin to gaze at endings,
    knowingly that either the black or the white will never end up befriending,
    and fuelling my ordeals for the sake of their vehemence,
    they will always cherish that frivolous transience!
    so surrendering to my fulfilling purpose,
    I never strive to change what seems adverse,
    for as I subscribe to my journey with passion,
    all I know is
    blacks and whites will blend one day leaving no ground for contention!


  • swatipandey98 21w


    Once I move, I cannot go back
    Once I kill, I cannot retrieve
    Sacrifice me, to save others
    But once I get to the rear ,
    The power I have, can make the opponent quake in fear.

  • alicejune 21w

    The Queen's Gambit

    ""To the front of the line!""
    Oh, but Honey, you're actually the spine,
    To the sheltered one percent of the world.
    They will have you move first,
    As it is observed what is worst,
    Regardless if you're the Oyster or the Pearl.

    So why may it feel so wrong,
    To someday realize you are the pawn,
    No matter what is really your name?
    I believe it is a fair guess,
    To say you are never seen in your best,
    And your life, it really isn't a game.

  • pbwrites101 21w

    They told me to move forward I followed the commands and did the same,They told me to kill the enemies I did the same but when I got strangled by these rebel forces no one came for me ,I stayed there for a long time and then I realized that despite following all the orders I was the one who was left alone in this belligerent war.
    All the sturdy chiefs and leaders and barbarians, who were present were unable to rescue me and busy in fighting for their own life. And when their was no hope of being alive the mighty king of king send his royal guard for rescuing his soldier so called "Pawn".

  • ndichuu 21w

    The insignificant pawn.

    I'm a walking disgrace.
    I found mere solace in oppressive embrace.
    I'm just a by the way, I'm used to replace.
    Replace my place so the rook would find grace.
    I moved from my spot to have a title " In case".
    In case he moves the queen he won't ace.

    Surrounded by King and Queen,
    The bishops and knights.
    The rook that's high and mighty.
    I'm lowly with only one step and angle to go.
    I move diagonally when they're tired of them.
    In spite of all I try to reach the end of the board.

    But with all my insignificance.
    I still protect the king and queen.
    I'm bound to transform if I just keep going.
    Chess would be nothing without me being there.
    Though I'm just a pawn among other pawns,
    I could rewrite the board's shades.
    I could be more powerful.
    If I just keep going.


  • chinnurenju 21w


    Weakest but also Powerful.
    Soul of the Game...
    Became the Game changer..
    Can be a Attacker and
    Can be a Defender.
    Determines the game..
    Powerful but the Weakest.

  • disha_randev 34w

    Chess board

    Be my king and I'll protect u with my life
    Like a game of chess I will see through opponents every move and u won't need to move from your castle
    My knights and bishops will sneak in the opponent's territory and then rook can attack from the front
    Don't u worry my king I'll protect u with my life
    U the king are the weakest on the board and yet the mightiest
    Defending u being our only choice and only chance at winning even if it costs our life
    Such a powerless yet most powerful piece
    Don't u worry king we will protect u
    Our soldiers are there defending the castle and rewarded when the reach the end by transforming into something more powerful
    Well king just move one step and at the time of need try not to fall in a trap of check and choose
    U know we can't lose u so why risk our lives
    We will protect u with our lives but don't take it for granted
    Coz even our opponent has a team waiting to defend their king