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    Who knows what the future holds? What matters is I know WHO holds it.

    > > >

    I recently resigned from my job despite the uncertainties of the pandemic to take a quiet rest.

    I decided to commit my career break to rediscover myself and went back to writing.

    To read my latest post, here is the link:

    [blog] new chapters and unknowns + [extra article] baby steps >>

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    Better in Time

    for the most part,
    I am getting better in time,
    and in a very slow motion.

  • swetaswadhismita 30w

    Books, stress and Exams

    My head bursts after reading those boring chapters,
    My heart says to me "just leave those f*cking things"
    But man how can I?
    I have to study for exams
    Or else I will fail
    Now let's leave all this
    Am getting back to my books


  • celestial_soul 36w


    Bad chapters can still create great stories,
    Wrong paths can still lead to right places,
    Failed dreams can still create successful people,

    Sometimes it takes Loosing yourself to Find yourself..

  • kajoray 42w


    You always had the chords
    You knew,
    You could always
    Pull the strings
    Make my heart sing.

    But walking home,
    You left my hand
    And I had to carry the tune
    All the way


  • the_moon_kid 47w

    Poetries are like those
    sunsets, you await for
    so that you could sit with
    your partner on a cozy chair,
    with a warm cup of tea and
    see the ball of fire hiding behind
    the mountains and pulling down
    the sheet of dusk.

    Poetries are like that journal
    you keep besides your pillow
    and fill it up every night before
    your eyelids rest. They not only
    give you some space for yourself
    but even let you vent out everything
    you've been hiding in your heart
    which is gonna sink at the pith of
    your stomach with the heaviness
    of your feelings.

    Poetries are like that chapter
    of your favourite story which
    you can read again and again
    on a lazy weekend afternoon
    and smiling all to yourself thinking
    about some happy days you had
    in your life.

    Poetries are like that last drop
    of rain falling on your hand,
    biding you adieu so that they
    can come again next time
    when you'll be waiting for 'em
    on a struggling night so that
    those drizzles could hide your tears.

    Poetries are like those flowers in
    your little garden which you water
    every day even before starting your
    own day, making you feel fresh with
    their fragrance and epitomise a new
    begining every morning.

    Poetries are like that shoulder
    which let you rest your head on,
    cry out your pain and let yourself
    the person you're.
    It makes you act like the way you're
    rather than faking it which you do
    for adjusting all around yourself.

    Poetries are like those dandelion
    of hopes, which hold your hand
    on days when you break down and
    sit on your knees after a failure.
    They give you a reason to look up,
    stand and make your failure a reason
    for your success.

    Poetries are a part of life with which
    you come across at every step.
    It is a way, not only to express yourself
    but also to know yourself.
    It is not only about grammar, vocabulary
    words or sentences.
    But, it is all about what you let flow
    through your pen on a white page.
    Even a line created by you is a poetry
    and it is all yours.



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    #mirakee #poetries #life #words #chapters #happiness

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  • feuillesfall 52w

    muffled heartbeats

    I watched you from afar,
    from how those starry eyes shine
    and how they blink brightly in the dark,
    to how you lock a stare with mine

    I watched you from a distance,
    you are close yet too far for me to reach,
    like you are a star in the night sky's trance
    you shine too bright but light years away

    I watched you tell stories,
    about life, about the love of your life
    and how you even shine brighter
    because love has bloomed in you

    I watched you shelter me in your arms,
    as storms and hurricanes pass us by,
    as I cry out along with the pouring rain,
    you held me sheltered with warmth

    I always watched you do things,
    but you never looked back at me
    and these muffled heartbeats of mine
    Will forever be silenced by your glee



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  • feuillesfall 52w


    Sailing, I wanted to stay adrift, afloat
    and stay at the calmest of seas
    when all along I am in the storm's throat
    Just waiting for it to swallow me

    I wanted to be where the sun sets
    in the west, where the sand meets the sky,
    where everything turns into vignette;
    Then, I will drown myself in the water thereby

    I wanted to explore all the hills and mazes,
    or get lost myself just to get close to the skies
    or maybe I would run around in the wilderness
    Exhilaratingㅡdashing through woods and sighs

    If going astray means finding myself,
    or exhausting myself means rediscovering,
    I would gladly do it if it means opening a door
    to a new life and a new chapter; a beginning



    #chapters #life #beginning #challenges #adventures #filipino #filipinowriter #filipinopoet @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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  • voicesinside 55w

    #Voices Inside

    It is always important to know when something has reached its end. Closing circles, shutting doors, finishing chapters, it doesn't matter what we call it; what matters is to leave in the past those moments in life that are over.


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    Ning Xu shrugged, thinking she didn't smell any different than usual. Tria, still irritated, continued, "Are you crazy? Why did you come here now, of all times? Is it because it's my birthday soon? Are you trying to ruin it?"

    NING Xu had no idea it was her sister's birthday soon.

    She came here because she had spent 6 years of her 10-year term, and she was beginning to feel hopeful that she might survive this.

    The situation at the battlefront, however, wasn't going very well, so she thought she should use up her vacation time and think about some strategies.

    But obviously, Tria thought that everything was all about herself.

    NING Xu shrugged again. 'Oh well, I guess it can't be helped since I didn't explain anything to anybody why I came here.'

    NING Xu walked to the kitchen and started to butter her bread liberally.

    The servants offered to cook her something, but she refused.

    She was perfectly happy with bread and butter. Tria followed her to the kitchen and stared at her angrily.

    When Ning ignored her and continued to eat, Tria screamed, "Leave this house right now!"

    "Tria, if I survive another four years, it will be you who needs to leave this house". She said as she ignored her grumpy sister again.

    Tria's face became pale. If Ning survived the 10 years of military service, she was indeed going to inherit the family title.

    As her sister didn't accept that ning will inherited the titled of their families wealth.

    Ning didn't plan on kicking her sister out, but it was still fun to say it out loud. Ning was also sick of people calling her a naive idiot.

    Everyone who knew Ning's situation told her to slap her sister if she disrespected her. It was for Tria's benefit that Ning was in this situation after all.

    Tria wanted Ning to die.

    What a rude sister that Ning have*_*.

    Ning had all the right to hit her sister. She was her older sister, but if Ning really did hit Tria, she knew exactly what the people would call her.

    A vindictive b*tch.

    Ning watched in amusement as Tria trembled.

    Did Tria think she was really going to hit her? If she did, Ning Xu knew that her sister Tria would faint.

    Just then, their father came hurriedly and yelled, "How dare you!" He slapped Ning, and because he wasn't wearing a gantlet, she didn't even flinch.

    Having father on her side, Tria snorted confidently.

    TRIA truly hated NING. She looked at her older sister up and down in disgust.

    The war hasn't been gentle on Ning. She was covered in scars and her face wasn't spared from it.

    Her hair was cut short and ugly, and because she didn't get to wash regularly, her skin was dirty and rough.

    She had to yell often during battles, which turned her voice deep and gravelly.

    "Tria is the heir to this family! How dare you disrespect her?" Their father continued in anger he is shouting.

    But this was an empty threat.

    The truth was if Ning survived her 10-year military service, she was going to automatically inherit the family title as well as their wealth.

    This was the only perk of going to war on behalf of one's family.

    And to prevent the nobles from abusing this law, if the surviving soldier dies within 10 years of inheriting the title, another member of the family had to serve another 10-year term in order to get it back.

    There were an unfortunate incident where a solider survived the term and inherited his rightful title but ended up dying from a battle wound soon after.

    The man's brother, therefore, was forced to serve 10 years himself in order to become the next heir.

    Ning's father was sure that she would not survive the harsh life, but when she remained alive after 6 years, he felt anxious.

    When she felt full, Ning went upstairs and walked into another empty room to lay down.

    No matter how hard she thought, there was no future for this country.

    The soldiers were treated like a sacrifice while the citizens near the battlefront lived in constant fear and poverty.

    Those who lived in the city center had no idea what was happening, and they didn't care about the war or the food of the country.

    Nobles were the worst of them all.

    The taxes continued to rise, hurting everyone in the nation.

    Some may have thought that it would be easier now for her to survive the next four years since she already survived the first 6 years, but Ning didn't think so.

    In fact, she was sure that her next 4 years were going to be so much worse.

    She could feel it.

    Something didn't feel right and that was why she asked for a vacation.

    The rumors on the battlefields and those in the cities were very different.

    Ning Xu knew that she might be able to learn more about the overall situation if she stayed in the city for a while.

    In fact, she needed to be in the capital.

    She dropped by at her home, which was located on the outer border of the capital, only because it was on her way.

    She stayed for two days to fill her stomach, and without taking a bath even once, Ning Xu left her home.

    As she rode away, Ning could see Tria looking down at her from her room. Tria's face was filled with obvious hate, but Ning didn't care.

    'I have to admit, she really is very pretty.'

    Tria's pride and joy were her long silky hair.

    What a head ache, for her head Tria is her most ache in head that she wants to avoid.

    But her sister didn't let her go, she just want to fight with me.

    When Ning reached the capital, she immediately began to collect any rumors she could hear.

    The rumor about the possibility of this winter's war to be the last one.

    The rumor about the kingdom of Shapotania planning to use more forces for the next battles.

    There were many rumors concerning the ongoing war, but none of them satisfied Ning's instinct.

    Many also talked about the kingdom called Delican, which was located at the north of Draconian.

    Its emperor died a few years ago and his heir became the next emperor.

    "I hear Delican's new emperor is very handsome."

    "He became the emperor three years ago, so I don't think he is considered 'new' anymore."

    Ning has heard many things about this new ruler.

    Apparently, he was a gorgeous young man.

    Was this just an exaggerated rumor or the truth? Ning was skeptical about it, so she didn't believe it but she agreed that it was nice to have good looking royal members.

    It was also very advantageous for the heir to be attractive so it was very common for the royals to spread such rumors, whether it be true or false.

    But something about this new emperor nagged her.

    Delican's emperor was still very young. So much so that people still called him a "young man." A young ruler would want to solidify his power, and that was why new monarchs often tried to make as many public accomplishments as they could.

    They would exaggerate the smallest achievements in an attempt to look strong, especially to neighboring nations.

    But this new emperor of Delican's is so far, and has done nothing.

    There were no stories of his triumphs.

    They weren't friendly with each other, but they still communicated and still, trades took place between them.

    The only thing Ning knew was that when the new emperor came into power, a significant number of Delican's soldiers were placed at its border.

    It wasn't an odd occurrence as this happened often.

    A new ruler often made changes and improvements to the country's military.

    Ning Xu shook her head since something felt wrong.

    She went back to the room she rented and took out her map that showed the military presence of all the northern borders.

    She studied it carefully, and after contemplating for a day, she finally realized the truth.

    Delican's was getting ready for a war.


  • laconicmiraki 59w

    His Book

    I don't want to be a forgotten chapter,
    Just a few pages written in your book.
    I don't wanna be another memory-
    One that you can't bare to look.

  • serenachapters 59w

    Expect anything but never accept everything.

  • tobecontinued 68w

    All those snaps
    From the old polaroid
    Holds the special memory
    Freezing the Moments
    And holding the warm feeling
    will always remain the same
    Even after decades
    Giving hopes
    For everything we had
    Has been cherished
    And will be cherished

  • tobecontinued 68w

    I came across this old book
    Flipping through the pages
    The one particular thing caught my eye
    The unfinished chapter between us
    That took me back to the good old times
    It was not that much long
    Since the last meeting
    In split second
    My heart played tricks
    I Found myself lying
    Surrounded by a wall on four sides
    I opened my eyes slowly
    My gaze fell upon your framework
    Placed beside my table
    The memories of yours laid back in mind
    Cherishing the moment of serenity
    Being next to you
    I smiled 
    Turning the pages ...

  • vithyasri 72w

    In the world of, Block and poke
    Checking his last seen gave her bliss !


  • soyal_p_boby 78w

    Life is pretty short.. It's important to spend it well, than just staying in bed..

  • anjuzzzz 83w

    Life is a Book

    Life is like a book some chapters r happy
    Some r sad
    Some r exciting
    But if u never turn the page u will never know what is the next chapter has got for u

  • camelli_a_ 83w

    #chapters of life , #novel
    Hey guys here is something I have been writing since long . I'll posting this storie every week and finish the novel I'm writing. If you like it please do let me know .(yes and wait for the climate)

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    Forbidden truth .

    Hey dude I know you are upset because you loved her but , yes the question is here ,"does she love you the exact same way how you do ?", "does she fall for you every time you see her biting her lips " or when you smell her ? All of it is a big question mark for you?
    For you kind information she does love you but not the way you do .

    This is the story for those girls who thought they would definitely do something for them before the thought of marriage even came in their mind .I know society would call I am running my feminist mind here but it's the truth. So here I am 29 years old and the highest paid model in the country. You can call me camila , cam to my friends.
    Whatever now I am going to rush because I am already pretty late for this show I have today . This show is going to be held at the biggest stadium of our country with the athletes.
    My hair dresser is already pretty tensed about my hair do because it's a lot to do in thirty minutes. I can see it on her face .anyways I'm almost ready for one and half hours of hustle.
    I asked my roommate about my look today but she was too busy to judge didn't even look back.
    Now I am siting in the car crossing the road light slowly getting close to my destination.
    Listening to pop music. In the back of my mind something else is going on .

  • imkaushiksanyal 86w

    Whilst there will be always;
    Some unfinished conversations,
    A story half shared,
    Like few stones left unturned.
    There will also be completed verses,
    Entire songs,
    Like each others undivided attention,
    We both want.
    And together they
    all will be the
    revised chapters of our Love.

    Kaushik Sanyal

  • pappaspaaru 87w


    Life is simply a blessing, comprising of chapters waiting to be unfolded