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  • thoughtengineer 76w

    Calm Before

    Tears seem to have a pulse these days... leaking,
    from the heart, instead the eye.
    Palms won't wipe 'em fast enough...
    Before, the red crurors curdle again,
    out running the blue blood,
    warming now, while,
    a scream teams in these deeper
    breaths, stilling in the chilling, before
    the calm, ushering in.

  • tamarajovanovic77777 260w


    It doesn't matter where you are or what you're doing. It doesn't even matter what you think you are thinking.
    Our energies are forever entangled I am forever placed in your subconscious. I know what your next move is going to be and when. I know how you run from darkness within and refuse to admit to yourself that your soul is crooked. But you could never hide it from me. So there you are, out there somewhere, not giving much thought about this all. And here I am, writing about you. But little do you know that soon enough I will stop. And the moment I stop, something will explode inside you. You'll start thinking about where I am, what I'm doing, am I happy. Despite all the efforts you'll put into forgeting, it will haunt you. So you'll try to reach me. You'll move mountains just to get to me, to see if there is still room for you to crawl back in. And you will see what you sensed. Because deep down you feel me too. You'll see that there is no more room left. For a brief moment your croocked soul will heal just enough to be able to feel the pain. The pain you never felt before and never will again. Not even that will matter anymore and the irrelevance of your hurt will hurt even more. But don't you worry my dear. It's just Universe equalizing. Soon enough you will be crooked again.


  • tamarajovanovic77777 261w


    There is no I love you here
    No I miss you, no I need you
    But there are repercussions...


  • tamarajovanovic77777 263w


    I used to love winter. I loved cold but sunny days, I loved even the rainy ones, all tucked in, watching hundreds of reruns for the hundredth time.

    I used to love spring. I loved how everything wakes up and blossoms, long walks, warm weather and new beginnings.

    I used to love summer. I loved hanging out on the beach all day and I loved how everything feels so alive and in motion.

    I used to love autumn. I loved how the asphalt cools down, the rainbows and the fact I was born on its official beginning.

    Then I met you. Slowly but surely, I began not to care for anything anymore. Loving you made me stop loving everything else. It made me scared and unappreciative. I forgot how to celebrate, how to enjoy and breathe freely.

    Now I don’t love you anymore but still I struggle. Still the seasons are weary and the holydays are scary. Still there is a shortness of breath and enjoyment is farfetched.

    Perhaps slowly but surely, I’ll learn to love, to celebrate, to breathe again. So please, do not ever make an attempt to come back, at least not while I’m still learning. But once I learn again, you can do whatever you like, because then…Then I’m bulletproof.