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  • wind_in_the_hairs 14h

    What's gone is gone, what's yet to come will make you realise how very perfect it is for your present self.
    And how it was actually good that it didn't work out with the ones before.

    Focus on yourself this present moment. A world of spiritual resonance and bliss awaits you.

    #goodbyes #wod #challenge


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    Relationships ending are actually the fuel to propelling you towards your perfect match.

    Maybe you and your destined match had still an amount of spiritual work left to do,
    For you to be able to match each others'.


  • shivangij 1d

    Why you step back instead of facing your fears, why you hold it for too long to weaken within instead of facing your fear?

  • wind_in_the_hairs 2d

    Reposting one of my old posts which I wrote as part of a Mirakee challenge that was about using the words "their", "they're"and "there" in a single sentence.

    In a new format though, old wine in new bottle.
    Because it was just too beautiful not to share with all you beautiful people out here!

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld

    #love #relationships #sunset #parting #challenge

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    They're sitting there.
    Watching sunset.
    Not knowing.
    Their sunset's somewhere around the corner too! :')


  • standbyme 2d

    Take time? Wait until they have kids? Are you saying that they should separate after their understanding turns into misunderstanding, get into fights after kids, argue who should have the kids. Hate each other at court, spoil their kids lives along with theirs? That will be good time to separate?

    Isn't it better to be happily separate right now when they still have some understanding? They want to give their life a second chance. Let them find their soulmates!
    @mirakee #mirakeewriters #mirakeeapp #mirakeeworld #ceesreposts #challenge #pod #freedomc

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    Why divorce?

    Because of freedom of locomotion!

  • shivangij 3d

    Cellphone dependency

    The creation of how our cellphone
    Which was once used for communicating now, becomes a everyday part of our lives

    Once, I neglected it as it was only for calling someone
    Which is to keep me entertained now,
    I am getting used to it more then people sometimes

    I don't know how we become
    Too dependent on this peace of device now,
    One day without it, we feel like something is missing always.

  • _kkhan007 5d

    Caged Love

    Dear James,
    Your love was like that of a little boy running after a butterfly with a net but alas you never realised that I was not meant to be caught but to live freely and open my wings under this vast horizon. I belong to you , and still you thought to kept me behind bars. You were too afraid to let me go. But dearie! Love isn't worth to be caged. Love is all about setting free your clipped wings and flying with the zephyr , with birds and butterflies. What notion you hold that you can cage love? Nay , the more you try to hold it back , the more it'll oppose you.
    James , your love was a sweet poison that kept engulfing me secretly in and out. You take love as being together only. But so poor it sounds ! That "together" never means "forever". Today , I am leaving you because I have miles to travel through. Roads are waiting for my unleashing footprints and the calm mountains are echoing my name at it's top. I love myself for loving you. But I love myself for loving " ME " too. Love demands sacrifices. Love demands understanding. Love demands freedom...
    With love,

  • versespire 5d


    It is a curse
    To love someone
    For it consumes you whole
    Leaving just a pinch of breath

    It is a curse
    To love and be loved
    For it entwines you in a bond
    Sacred and pure, unnatural so

    It is a curse
    This word itself called love
    For when you dive in it
    You lose the shore

    It is a curse
    My love for you like a drop of dew
    Serenading in these winter days
    My hand in yours, my beau

    It is a curse
    This love like a poison
    That grows in our veins and breathes
    Like a remedy to our pain

    It is a curse
    You and me
    The king and queen
    The only cards in the deck that remain

    © Versespire
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  • my_balu 5d

    Apparently, I won that challenge but lost to you for life...

    #eyes #challenge #her #love @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    It all started with
    that eye contact
    we both had, as
    part of a challenge.


  • mahtobpensdown 1w


    The deafening silence speaks
    a thousand words,
    You need someone special to hear
    It's awful when you feel alone together
    Acting naturally is a power,
    that hides wounds of a spear

  • iexist 1w

    It was the beginning of the ending
    And no one knew
    Over the streets, below the fountains
    Chiling and brittle winds blew
    The sun started to stop glowing
    And cold grew the hot sun
    Everybody's throats dried out
    The beggining of ending of everyone
    Lake, ponds, springs and rivers dried
    In sorrow, mother earth cried
    We destroyed the one
    Who gave us birth
    In what way did we repay it?
    Was this it's worth?
    Let's take an oath
    To protect mother earth...

    #earth #challenge #wod #pod #writersnetwork #oxymoron #protectearth #mother #earthsday
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Beginning of Ending

  • standbyme 8h

    If a child below 18 years of
    age commits suicide,it's
    not suicide,it's murder!

  • versespire 1w

    I left my heart there
    In your cobbled streets
    On those spiraling stairs
    That led me to her
    With no seconds to spare

    I met her
    In your old lanes
    The meandering paths
    Where old promises made still remain
    Where the cafés line to wait
    Small and proud, with their rustic panes

    Your sky covering us
    In hues of purple and blue
    Live chatters and melodies
    As we sit for our rendezvous
    Against the clock as time steadily wants
    We cross your roads bidding adieu

    Hand in hand we walk
    Warm kisses with flavors of wine
    A sublime glow you cast on my paramour
    And our love that my poems will enshrine
    You lead us down new avenues
    With each step absorbing a memory of mine

    We drop on your fields
    Staring into your stretches with her hazel eyes
    And in that moment, she is my dancer
    In our final pantomime
    Heavy goodbyes that pull on my cardigan
    I leave with you her, my sweet little edelweiss.

    © Versespire

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  • shivangij 1w

    Myself in early age

    Going for sleeping yesterday night, I could only remember the dream. It was so memorable and too relatable that wanted that thing to be true, but alas it cannot happen.

    I was lying down on the earth, as I woke up, things appeared different. I could see caves around me wherein in one cave I was lying down in my nightdress. I could see crop fields outside and lake near that as I woke up and started walking outside the cave.

    I saw a little girl wearing a animal skinned dress. In my mind thoughts crumbled, "Where am I? How is my world to different from towns to only nature. I am in my nightdress and these people in completely different dress. Wait! I have came in early age, my God!, it is too good to see it. Oh God! How I reached here, how will these people react when they see me?"

    These questions were crumbling inside me till the little girl noticed me making her eyes wide big, where her expression showed that her eyes could not believe as she saw me. I was afraid as to now, "what she would do now, will she call someone? Man! I am in trouble now. God! Take me back in my previous world." She came towards me and said, "who are you and why you appear different by clothing?" I told her in a time of scariness," I am from the future world where only buildings made of stones and bricks made of sand could be seen. A world were every people are in cycle of becoming rich, a world were technology is where we depend." She asked, " What is technology?" I forgotten that she might not be aware and so there is barrier of communication between us. I told, "The minerals which we humans had dig and found inside earth, we are using the same to make a thing to entertain us, to help us and so now, we are depended upon them but for this we had made money to have the same unlike you have give one thing in exchange of other thing."

    Her expression showed excitement and she said enthusiastically, "I want to visit your world. Why don't you like your world, I mean I would love it." I said, "You know, we have to race to earn this living, we are in competition with each other but yet apart from nature to technology. There is no rest button for us, nor a good living." The little girl said, "come with me, your must be hungry and don't worry nothing will happen to you." I just followed the girl as she took me inside her home which was apparently in another cave.

    I saw, the bonfire where the flesh was being roasted and her family who saw me with utmost curiosity. She just narrated our conversation to them and so they welcomed me. They offered me food, a good talk we had. After a while, she took me to visit her friends, and so I could see they were convenient and friendly. She took me places, where nature was pleasant, she taught me hunting. I mean, the whole day I had something to learn and fun to do and no pressure of anything. Just they went far for hunting as near their caves no animal was found. After a whole day, we feel tired, returned to her home and felt asleep later.

    As I woke up, I could see my current world, with same car honking outside, me in my bed. I realised that I was dreaming. I just want myself to take me to that time but alas, it could not happen.

  • versespire 1w

    The Winter Leaf

    You held me close
    Under the blue skies
    Wrapped me up 
    And whispered sweet lies
    And I let you hold me
    Believing you're mine

    Like a leaf hanging
    From a branch high
    Recklessly I swayed
    As the wind passed by
    Thinking you'll lift me
    While I learn how to fly

    A twisted web
    That I build to protect me
    Dream forevers 
    And in those threads I weave
    Bright tomorrows
    And a hope that you give me

    A crash landing
    I wake up to reality
    Grey December 
    With its falls and fragilities
    And the leaf on the ground 
    Freezes in fatality

    So surreal a moment
    And all I can still think
    Is you and me
    Even as the ship sinks
    And I drown in the ocean
    Taking with me these broken links


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  • iexist 1w

    Today's world

    Stuck in an enigmatic world
    Where no feeling of tranquility resides
    Where petals of peace fly away to escape
    From a world of poison and pesticides
    The mellifluous chirping of birds
    The euphonious buzzing of bees
    No longer do we hear them
    No longer there can be peace
    Contempt filled heart
    Rainfall of tears
    Spirits burning in agony
    Hiding all of our fears
    What have we become?
    A world so gruesome
    Where no one can confide
    Where no one can reside

  • monali03 1w

    The city clock
    Ticks away,
    As meandering sunsets
    Kiss our ruins.

    I sat down,
    And talked to you,
    Over the phone,
    And you shook
    Your frozen tears back in time,
    To me.

    Your dark eyes,
    Reflect the shadow of
    My timeless cruise,
    To dimmer pages
    Of disbelief.

    Our fingertips
    Spoil the print,
    On paper.
    All your music
    Is missed.

    The seconds keep



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    I cup your soul,
    And ride to the moon,
    Etched in glory,
    Drunk in time.


  • iexist 1w

    A Paradox

    I hate myself,
    When i can only love me
    I love myself,
    When I can only hate me
    I let the tears fall
    So that I can calm down
    I let my whisper be turned into a scream
    So that I myself won't drown
    I slap myself hard on the face
    To forget all the inner pain
    I let my feelings overflow
    So that i can become strong again
    I am a complex person
    But really easy to understand
    If you'd sit with me
    And hold my pale hand

  • standbyme 5d

    As per the old saying, Alcohol is the official beverage of kerala. The Government that came to power one after the other, kept changing & correcting the liquor policy as per their whims & fancies & kept shutting down bars & reopening them.

    From the day kerala was formed on Nov 1st, 1956, until today, on every flag that was hosted by the politicians here, on every graffiti that they created, in every meeting, protest & strike held by them, what flows is the money that came out of liquor baron's sweat & blood.

    Let's all try to understand that no society exists without booze & religion, so that the politicians find new ways to bullshit us, for we are the people who are smart enough to pay taxes & dumb enough to vote!
    @mirakee #mirakeewriters #mirakeeapp #mirakeeworld #ceesreposts #challenge #pod

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  • standbyme 1w

    Why do politicians treat
    everyone else like

    Probably because they
    have voted for us
    in the first
    @mirakee #mirakeewriters #mirakeeapp #mirakeeworld #ceesreposts #challenge #pod

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    To rule for 5 years,the tender has been called for;
    The run has begun,the land is all quaking;
    The biggies are shaken,the foxes are bewildered;
    Milk & honey will flow,
    Let's bluff,bluff & bluff!

  • shivangij 1w

    Spread colours of joy like feathers of a peacock