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  • charlieka 39w


    I've been undone by you
    You untied, unlaced and left me behind
    Behind and alone so damn many times in the shadows
    Shadows filled with the unraveling dreams I once lived
    Lived and yes, loved
    Loved once too, even by you

  • ji_jiivisha 39w


    Strangers who met at the lonely cafe
    Cafe which only opened on darkest days
    Days which kept them awake
    Awake as if high on adrenaline, lost in ways
    Ways which had put them together
    Together was always better
    Better than being alone
    Alone when you can't find a home
    Home where you looked for comfort
    Comfort that came from deep inside thier hearts
    Hearts met, like soul and body, of two strangers.

  • mojakoo016 121w


    Kaya kahit hindi man makaramdam yang unan mo
    Magpasalamat ka pa din dahil may tagasalo ng mga luha mo
    Sa tuwing wala kang mapagsabihan
    Andyan lang yan para iyong sandalan...


  • mojakoo016 121w


    Ang tanging sandalan kapag ang puso ay sugatan
    Ang tanging nakakaalam ng yong tunay na nararamdaman
    Ang iyong sandigan sa tuwing ika'y nasasaktan
    At ang tanging tagatahan sa tuwing di mona alam ang iyong nararamdaman


  • opeyemi_oso 173w

    Jointed Africa

    Of jointed hearts, home and hope

    the tragedy of the dark continent
    -Lucky Dube lived a South African
    and died a Nigerian
    the vast contrast in that is irksome
    how do one cure a home?
    how do we quench the fire of ethnic prejudice?
    a little more love, a little more love.

    i pray brothers learn
    that when their father's parlour is torn between fists and pestles,
    no one eats pounded yam inside a broken mortar.
    in vain, our investment in warcraft,
    our folded arms turns away embrace;
    bloody eyes, thick grimace,
    yet love waits outside the cycle.
    a little more love, a little more love.

    maybe we will be wise enough to let love kiss our wiles
    maybe we'll learn to drop our vests of steel and allow our scars of war heal.
    just maybe, we'll ever choose love above that which cleaves us
    in the confines of it,
    differences do not make a difference.
    her feasible serenity must start from me,
    the seeds in my loins must hear of this power
    alas! the reckless chain breaks.
    a little more love, a little more love.

    when I sow my seeds,
    i shall whisper to the black soil;
    mother, when you bring forth thy harvest,
    tell them children, sweetness lies in their cornfield,
    and so hath the wheat of the south.
    there's so much to fill every mouth,
    if your hands do not grow dry and bitter.
    a little more love, a little more love.

    we then sing of how our blades became rusty and blunt
    while the message becomes our legacy.
    new day, new hope for all.
    how we made violin of guns,
    flutes of pistols,
    how we beat drums out of heavy mortals.
    how Africa found her dancing steps on grace filled altar.
    a little more love, a little more love.

    -Opeyemi Oso & Ayo-Kayode Abayomi
    Poetry finds its rhythm in music.

    P. S., this piece is a collaborative poem in pieces from a poet and a songwriter.
    If you look keenly,
    Africa lies somewhere
    beyond these jointed lines.