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    I think the best feeling of love is in small arguments we have from time to time. Memories they create are the most beautiful ones. Sometimes a little embarassing, but that's just cute.

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    Tried to merge conversation, poetry, and song together. Don't know what to call this form but I'd love to hear your suggestions. Thanks for reading ��

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    "To you with love", she said
    "To you with words" he replied

    "They'll ask too many questions."
    "What's love if it isn't questionable?"

    I will be with you till my last breath.
    Isn't it so romantic to talk in extremities?

    Do you know how strict my parents are?
    Knowing how wild you are, can't blame them!
    Stop teasing me, okay? I'm a disappointment.
    If you pleased everyone then you'd love nobody.
    How do you convince me every time?
    Maybe I'm a disappointment too.
    I hate you! I really hate you!
    Oh please, I hate you more!

    Do you dream of me when you sleep?
    Nah, but I once dreamt you drowning.
    What did you do when you saw me drowning?
    What? You wanna know what I did in a dream?
    Yeah! What's wrong with that? Tell me, now!
    Well, I'm afraid of water since childhood
    Then you let me drown?
    Nah nah, went to find a rope.
    Did you find one?
    I woke up before I could.
    How dare you leave me drowning and wake up?
    I've no power over dreams.
    Yes, you have! You just don't care.
    Are you really this weird or just around me?
    Since you've asked, it's just for you.
    Guess I should've jumped.
    Did you say something?
    Oh no, nothing.

    It's too cold out here, isn't it?
    Not colder than your basement.
    Rats run around there all night you know.
    I was bit by one last winter.
    Don't complain, you'd come over by yourself.
    I'm not complaining, but your rats...
    They ain't my rats, okay?
    They're your rats, lady Ratatouille!
    What did you call me?
    Lady Ratatouille.
    You piece of crap!
    Lemme sing.
    // Even though she's a disappointment
    In her basement lives a tiny statesman
    Runnin' around, without a sound, no lament
    Lady Ratatouille commands a tiny statesman
    Clings to her arm, bites her foot, no lament
    Lady Ratatouille kisses the tiny footman
    Listen, please listen mademoiselle, says he
    Letting him sit, smile at her, listens she
    I've come a long way to meet you
    I believe I constantly need you
    It's true I'm a little nosy, not too cozy
    But I promise to save you when you're drowsy
    Look me into eyes my lady
    I love you but here you're too busy
    I've come a long way to meet you
    I believe I constantly need you //
    Whoa! You made it up right now, right here?
    Not really, I was thinking of you as Ratatouille since long.
    So I'm Lady Ratatouille and you're Lord Ratatouille?
    That's not what I meant...
    Oh yeah, now cook me something my Lord!
    You're catching the wrong meaning here...
    Doesn't matter. I want a burger.
    You said we'd be alone in there.
    Of course we were. Basement's always empty.
    You didn't tell me about the rats.
    Will you shut up about rats now!
    You brought it up.
    Did I? Anyway, shut up!

    We've come too far from home.
    Do you wanna go back?
    Not really, but I miss everyone I hated.
    What? I can never understand you.
    Neither can I.
    What's your favourite memory?
    It's of when I broke a jar of marmalade.
    Something funny about it?
    Nah, just that I broke it on my uncle's head.
    You sometimes scare me.
    I won't waste marmalade on you.
    I'm not worth a jar of marmalade?
    I was a kid then. Now I know how to kill.
    Do you feel like killing me?
    Oh yeah, every day.
    You're kidding, right?
    Don't worry, I'll kill you lovingly.
    Is that supposed to mean something?
    Who knows? Dead people don't talk.
    I'm leaving. You scare the hell out of me.
    Tell mom I miss her when you reach home.
    And what should I tell dad?
    Say I love you so he shouldn't shoot ya.
    Why's your whole family so violent?
    Who knows? Maybe we're all haunted.
    Alright, imma head out!
    Wait, shouldn't we sing one last time?
    One last time?
    Who knows?

    // All lights out and you dream about
    A star so lovingly shining in South
    In desert's a heart waiting for ya
    Sinking, rising, loving and living for ya
    A heart quite like a vast open sea
    And sails a boat to set you free
    Put off fears, come hop in with me
    Oh my love, won't you set us free?
    All lights out and you dream about
    A star so lovingly shining in South
    Fishes jump out in hopes to fly
    So lovers believe in a beautiful lie
    Perishing hopes deliver us home
    In silent skies we set out to roam
    All lights out and you dream about
    A star so lovingly shining in South
    A firefly whirls above our heads
    Tying in tune all loose threads
    Songs we sing warm our beds
    Making us a blanket from shreds
    Love lights up your tipsy face
    Runs wild your mind in a race
    Livin' in the city we never were
    Lovin' a love you couldn't dare
    So left behind us is no doubt
    All lights out and you dream about
    A star so lovingly shining in South. //


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    I will read the 14 remaining submissions to the #cg_city_chall shortly. Thank you for your participation!

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    "The City We Never Were" challenge has now ended. A huge thank you to all the supporters, participants, and of course my amazing co-host @galvanizedthoughts, who provided us with this wonderful writing opportunity!
    There have been so many outstanding submissions to this challenge, and we have really enjoyed reading them! I have an early appointment this morning, but afterwards I'll finish reading the remaining submissions. No more entries please, as the challenge has ended.

  • _mathematics 34w

    Seven- Spots
    Four and periodically five
    quoted as the week that comes live
    Beginning with the letter
    escorting it to end, ever
    constituted seven bits
    when together, form misfits
    Four and periodically five
    quoted as the week that comes live.

    newborn period noticed cessation within its traits proclaiming diverse facts in accordance to the verve palpitating in locations and niches of one world of several portions.

    content follows up with the letter number
    concocting uncountable terms of meanings that differed from each other but don't worry it carries an originality
    placed in series of seven bits

    Sunday serene
    Monday mortals
    Tuesday traditions
    Wednesday wanders
    Thursday thoughts
    Friday failures
    Saturday sundown

    Striding within schedule turned to the involved clock ticking from definite hours to unending shifts. Mellow myths acquiring portions of the gut and psyche swirling the spirit from head to toe as if a windmill in the deserted land where the supply of oxygen is sufficient but water scarcity coming to the power.
    But I quarrelled up till I quell it in my graph calendar listing sequence wise what one describes and other refers to.
    So, here I am pronouncing the folklore, a mythology of the
    days forming months up till 12 in a whole year.

    the city we never withstood effortlessly day-to-day basis now is just seven spots the interpretation of lone creeds I inquire for you in the elevated highways with bundles of files at the back seat resting while reverb remixes of choruses tuning in the stereo of the car.

    Walking down the Sunday serenes though sleepless and rising early to bed seems misfit to the Monday mornings.
    Pleading stars of luck by putting up all I have as per Tuesday traditions. Wandering among hazy lights twinkling perfectly splendid on Wednesday emptying half bottle of water solacing tears suffocating organs with adiposity of wounds. Which thoughts overcome with the passing velocity to avoid the ruthlessness of boss in the office blood shaming the broken metaphors, I never thought of mending cause if they got the aid, I won't survive the left Thursday comes before Friday comprising of failures I paste on the clipboard of green background to realize the stain of love imprinted when you locked me within you safeguarding from the part that became my Saturday routine after the reality crash through the window where rain too cried for the maximum after decades and taking away the commotion of other elements of the realm.
    Settling itself to the Sunday serenes as before. But this time in the grasslands situated countryside to acquire an inch of stability up till we meet again in the city we never were tempted with before.

    #cg_city_chall #picturec
    #wod #journal #tale #octellec #mellowc
    @writersbay ��

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    7- spots

    Four and periodically five
    quoted as the week that comes live
    Beginning with the letter
    escorting it to end, ever
    constituted seven bits
    when together, form misfits
    Four and periodically five
    quoted as the week that comes live.


  • kosachaya 34w

    Retrograding the vision with every instances.
    Where the long hair waved as a wind... entwining the fierce rage of loss . Engrossing the desire for a cause were the bare footed imprints shivered with every footstep.......Quilling the era of fear with every drip of tear. Reciprocating the shrivelled face....
    To the city we never were visible entity, now enshrined the pride of uniqueness with amusing solidarity..

    //Don't know what to say and what not but this is not the city we never were imagined to be a part//

    - S Gayathri Vijayaragavan
    #cg_city_chall #wod #face

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  • authentic_penned 34w

    Loved the challenge..
    Phrase used: the city we never were
    Image credit :Pinterest

    #cg_city_chall #challenge
    #wod #tale #mirakee


    "Smile to the world,
    And the world will smile back."

    We all have come across such wise sayings. Me too!

    At the 4th year of my life,
    I consider it very true.
    Play, learn, lead, laugh and enjoy all around.
    Surrounded by love of everyone was the paradise on earth.
    I ran after the butterflies merrily, greenery veiled beneath the blues.

    At the age of ten,
    The time when I had faced restrictions for the first time.
    They didn't let me play,
    They didn't let me go,
    Down the hills like forever again.
    They took away my ball!
    Consider it to be the first hit on my childhood.

    At the age of fifteen,
    I thought, you should smile depending upon the person in front of you.
    Should be conscious towards every negative thought or touch.
    Be silent,girls should not be blunt at face.
    While putting efforts to understand such,
    I somewhat lost my childhood.

    By eighteen,
    The image of that wise saying became partially true.
    Even your closest could back stab,
    Even your favorite song could change,
    Even your special place could appear barren,
    I saw people being departed by wireless personalities of vase differences.
    I saw hypocrites.
    Indeed seven billion people, fourteen billion faces.

    The city that heiled me at 4, buried within stereotypes, the city that we never were!

    I wish for a fairytopia of fairies, flowers and berries.
    Of love and festivals!
    Where bird's limit is to be the sky,
    Where so ever living, could be sustained into "HEAVEN"
    cause nothing lefts,
    once levigated into Ashe.

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    I wish for a fairytopia of fairies, flowers........
    The city we never were

  • lunarwolf 34w

    I tried. Hope you all like this! Love the challenge of making this!

    Our Failed City

    The man made jungle still hold my heart
    for you my love is still dwelling in those parts
    a skyline obstructed with buildings
    as the nightlife is possessed with busy thoughts
    the life we knew came to a close
    for our country love had been all but loss
    so tomorrow will bring a busy day for you
    while I ride a train leaving you
    our hearts will never build that city of love
    because of the separation of our hearts now we see
    ~the city we never were~

    Tears drains upon my cheeks
    as the scenery out the window and my thoughts meet
    your presence will be a skyscraper in my mind
    for the loss of us has this feeling of torturing time
    you chose the city over me
    yet I know I'm being selfish to your dreams
    so I left screaming in my heart
    at the visions of our happiness
    and at the thought of
    ~the city we never were~

    I thought we were built out of concrete and love
    that our foundation was built strongly to tower above
    our lives were intertwined on that river bank
    as it was you who I fishing for that day
    yet we're here separated on our journeys
    the noises of the train drown out my whimpering
    the noises of the city drown out your thinking
    our buildings of self are far away from each other
    as we both begin to accept our
    ~city we never were~


    #mirakee #writersnetwork #challenge #cg_city_chall #phraseprompt #conceptprompt #city #love

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    Our Failed City

    We were supposed to be side by side but love's demolition tore us apart

  • phoenix_in_ashes 34w

    Crestfallen Fragments betwixt fragile lanes
    Along the boulevards of dying trees
    Bewildering smog along thriving chimneys
    Burning morals and smokey beings
    Untamed fate losing prudence it seems
    Unbridled apathy of evolutionary age
    Concrete jungles forming its maze
    Bellicose brimming among all creatures
    An oblivious city we have become
    While resemblances to serene we truly deserve
    Preserving perseverance of compassion
    With altruistic rain quenching long thirst,
    So beguiling reveries become reality for a reason
    Seeing verdant beauties grow around us
    Embracing clear skies not fading credence
    Depiction of the city we never were
    Somewhere souls shouldn't struggle
    Instead flow with Lenity and love,
    Detached from malice of nuances
    Thriving blissfully under same circumstances

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    Fading credence


  • rusha_c 34w

    The City We Never Were

    Wiping the tears
    of a stranger,
    we all will give
    him a shoulder
    to cry,
    and compassion
    for mere strangers will
    bloom in our
    empty hearts.

    The roads will not serve
    as a home, and
    everyone will be
    cocooned in the
    warmth of their room,
    hearty meals will
    fill every stomach
    and no one will beg
    for food.

    Everyone will walk
    hand in hand
    and our bond
    will not be fragile
    as sand,
    the most followed
    path will be of humanity,
    and with each other will
    be our sanity


  • _gk_07 34w

    Words in bg:
    //We asundered alike the two poles on earth,
    Leaving our paradise of love behind,
    In the city we never were.
    ©_gk_07 //

    Few words:-

    #cg_city_chall #phraseprompt #conceptprompt #wod #mirakee #writersbay #writersnetwork #ceesreposts @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

    Prompt "in the city we never were" credit to @luvnotes_challenge_host and @galvanizedthoughts .

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  • maanvi_bhagat 34w

    The city we never were
    Now with peacefulness lying all over
    Never were we this peaceful at all
    Even during the moonlit night
    There were chaos going on throughout
    The city we never were
    Awake throughout the day and night
    Rushing all the time as if in a race
    We were that lightning bolt ready to strike
    But this city without a noise today is
    The city we never were....

  • bubbly_bluebells 34w


    //The city we never were//

    An island
    surrounded by ocean
    Adorned alley of waves
    crochet milky silk tiara
    of white pearls
    A girl dives
    Deepest of the sea
    Swim with dolphins
    and takes back
    underwater berries along
    To keep adventures
    in her memory

    She chase the seashore
    Four a.m. at morning
    Mermaids waits to play
    ebb & flow together
    At a remote place
    Billows tide up vertical for her
    where she skills the technique
    of energy control
    Watching mirror of sea lap
    like an aquarium
    picks starfishes & sea-horses
    Compose new siren,
    dancing mellow

    Stand up alone
    infront of water wrath
    When blue body
    opens mouth
    To engulf the diversity of beach
    Pushes back
    malefecient fields
    Through her meditative force
    Human but a nymph heart
    Maintains peace and happiness
    In the city of eco-arts

    Wants to become
    dear surfer girl
    Of the tournament
    Riding yellow flatboat
    To win the crown of
    Weaving combers from
    her playful youth
    And swaying rush
    In heirs murmurs
    Never satisfy
    to stop flap & swing

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    For her omens are mere
    Statistics(cities) of mind
    Fragments of ambers
    In auburn tapestry of trials
    To sow seeds of life imagery
    sub-conciously terror winks
    On the fields of circumstances
    But real life on account of faith
    Personal investment!
    Focus plots
    A fairytale theme
    Washing feet,pulls there
    Fear gives energy to
    Yearning is everything!

  • tejaswini_3 34w


    I used to believe that I am still a youngster as my family had directed my mind to think and act like one and it was epiphany for sure as I came to know after a lot of deliberation that I was far more observant than any of the elders known to me. These elders mantled my credulous behaviour with cloaks of malicious tales, their motive was to let me get exposed to only the mirthful side of the world. They were least knowing that I was a wildflower who was meant to not adorn a flower vase but endure the heavy torrents of rain.

    ~�������� ���� �� ��������, ������ �������� ���� �������� ���� ���������� �������� ���������� ���������������� �������������� �������������� ������������ ���������������� ������. ������������ ������ ������, �������� �������� �������� �������� ��������. �������� ���������� ������ ����������������, ������ ������ ������ �������� ���� �������� �������� ���������������� ���� �������� ������~

    My grandmother had advised me one evening, while she was delineating a poem from a newspaper. It had a mysterious and an abrupt ending. I was just seven at that time, and it's the age when you have absolutely no visualization of the outer world. I was ambiguous about the poet's comprehension when he penned down verses saying that the birch tree had to live alone when the summer bid a farewell. Inspite of knowing what fate autumn would bring, I could not absorb the poet's conceptualization for I felt that the tree would soon get coated with new green leaves next year.

    Time had a lot in store for me. It passed so quickly, and I had seen the world from all angles. There were both buoyant and melancholic things to ponder upon and that's how it all was balanced perfectly. I was like the warrior princesses in a folklore; who had the liberty to follow their will. I was no longer a kid who would be inane to count the stars, but I was a stargazer who would be grateful to the sky for infusing magnanimity in her. My kindness led me to encounter people and the more I came in contact with them, the lesser I started to trust them.

    ~I blame no one. Perhaps it was only me who gave my warmth and grabbed those enervated hands, without knowing that they would crush my generosity. I realised, I am that birch tree. There were many who would ask me how I am doing but that interrogation came with an expectation that I would be fine nevertheless. Still, I had many to speak about my dolour, but no one with whom I could strike a telepathic connection; who would commiserate with me without any need to shout for myself. That clairvoyance was missing in my world~

    Just like the people in my grandmother's statement, I egressed their humongous world. I came to know why people don't enjoy others' company– because they always wish to be prioritised. They need attention before love, they wish that their efforts to make others happy are acknowledged. Most of us don't recognise their worth. And then they leave us, knowing that the world is just the same, with or without them. I made visions of the city we never were; instead we were an empire with many distant lanes. My faint voice would lose its path in the chaos. I won't wait for anyone to stay back, nor would I break ties intentionally. My universe won't have the glow that a dreamland has in a fairytale– but I won't have anything to regret.

    /������ ���������� ���� ���� ���������� �������� ���������� ������ ���� �� ���������������� ��������/


    ������ ���������� ��������

    Sweeping so gently,
    My canary foliage–
    It looks majestic,

    My leaves are my crown;
    A shade of dandelion,
    Worth a thousand gems,

    Will they shun me now?
    Just one, touching the red soil,
    Two leaves, on the ground,

    The cycle of time–
    Is reversed by the hourglass,
    Five more leave my branch,

    The days of autumn,
    Pass slowly; I am destined,
    To live so lonely,

    So be it, 'tis fine,
    I shall live the way I should–
    Grounded and humble,

    I will stay for all–
    And if they fade far away,
    I will stay for me.


    @writersnetwork @galvanizedthoughts @luvnotes_challenge_host

    #cg_city_chall #wod #folklore #fairytale #wod #tale

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  • sonu99 34w

    #cg_city_chall,#ceesreposts, #conceptprompt,@luvnotes_challenge_host, #phraseprompt, #challenge, #mirakee, #writersnetwork, #ecotopia, #city, #utopia,#paradise, #dystopia,#imagination, #fantasy, #virtues, #dream, #fiction, #horizon, #illusion, #moment, #perfection, #birth, #heaven, #pacifism, @mirakee,@mirakeeworld,@writersnetwork,@writerstolli,@galvanizedthoughts
    The city we never were
    Like that of the Garden of Eden,the paradise was rare.
    The city of our imagination,
    The dream place of idealisation.

    The city we never were,
    Is in the present moment or nowhere.
    That's our mind's utopian vision,
    "Ou-topos",only a fictional destination.

    The city we never were,
    Is the illusion of a utopian city that we desire.
    The city with perfection,
    May we find that far away near the horizon.

    The city we never were,
    May be existing blurred somewhere.
    There can be the birth of future city of ecotopia,
    With idea of rehabilitation,pacifism,virtue and legitimisation of existence renew.

    The city we never were,
    At present can be unreal and blur.
    But our heavenly city of utopia,
    Will born as ecotopic city or else our fantasy will catastrophise into dystopia.

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    "ou-topos"is a Greek word meaning nowhere or no place.

  • sulu80 34w

    Staring into fathomless sea
    Creatures dwelling in unknown city
    "The city we never were"
    Into the swirls of blue
    Flight to fantasy world
    Neptune and his kingdom
    None were into that realm
    Sometimes noxious!Is it wrath?
    Wish to explore reason for wrath
    A fairy with beautiful wings
    Fulfilled the wish of mine
    Turned me into a Mermaid
    Aye!A beautiful fishy Maiden
    Mesmerising acquatic world
    A fashion show of brilliant striking fishes
    Roaming around everywhere freely
    None to dominate,nor scary
    Wriggling to unexplored land
    Apart from swirls and twirls of man
    A deep dive into Marine city.

    #cg_city_chall #phraseprompt #mirakee
    #writersnetwork #conceptprompt

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    Realm of Fantasy

    Staring into fathomless sea
    Creatures dwelling in unknown city
    "The city we never were"
    Into the swirls of blue
    Flight to fantasy world
    Neptune and his kingdom
    None were into that realm
    Sometimes noxious!Is it wrath?
    Wish to explore reason for wrath
    A fairy with beautiful wings
    Fulfilled the wish of mine
    Turned me into a Mermaid
    Aye!A beautiful fishy Maiden
    Mesmerising acquatic world
    A fashion show of brilliant striking fishes
    Roaming around everywhere freely
    None to dominate,nor scary
    Wriggling to unexplored land
    Apart from swirls and twirls of man
    A deep dive into Marine city.

    23th May 2021.

  • sumana_chakraborty 34w


    @mirakee thank you so much for EC ❣️❣️❣️

    The city draped dawn
    In veil of delirious silence
    The city we never were
    Now a dilapidated one.

    Hush of crickets in thickets of bushes
    Where gloomy dark crowded in patches
    Helianthus drooped in shadows of tyranny
    Rivulets shallowed
    Depth compromised
    where love got trapped
    Under bridges of concrete heave of cruelty.

    Where pastures are rough
    Grasses are yellow
    Lesions of soul
    Never seem to mellow
    We are a part of
    That city now
    The city we never were
    The city we never were.

    This city is still mine
    This sky , my hope
    Where we met once and only once
    Holding hands of oath.

    That tapestry of lover's Twilight
    Now gasping for breathe
    Far beyond in haze of meadows
    some erranding train
    Blowing whistles of death.


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    The city draped dawn
    In veil of delirious silence
    The city we never were
    Now a dilapidated one.

    ©sumana_chakraborty(read the caption pls.)

  • _anaan__ 34w

    Cities and more

    The city we never were
    had a beautiful wall
    of flowers and letters
    that added salt to my sweetest wounds
    The city of us
    still chains me to the
    same old busy streets
    of false admiration and hopes
    The city of gloom
    leaves me like the
    shards of the broken glasses
    The city of circumstances
    played with me like a balloon
    The city of heart
    left me with the burned of
    leaving pulchritudinous tales
    The city of love
    held me firmly with it's soft
    arms and kindness to help me
    through this horrible process called

  • smita_choudhury 34w

    I am not very active here nowadays. But the uniquely beautiful theme of the challenge made me write.
    Thank you @luvnotes_challenge_host

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #cg_city_chall
    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    The city we never were

    To weave words of parting
    Is a hopeless attempt to untangle
    An unvisited mess
    Inherently present everywhere
    For the myriad moments when
    The sea breeze touches my face
    And the sky adorns your hue
    All I remember is of us drowning
    Looking into the eyes
    Not a single word
    But much of a talk
    In plain silence
    A talk enough deep
    To kindle dreams of
    The city that you talked of
    Romanticising the
    pulchritudinous existence,
    When I imagined
    the city we never were
    Alive in the night, sitting by the sea
    Oft the sea waves would wash off our feet
    Side by the streets would be empty
    But our hearts would be full
    I would sing you songs
    Of pristine love and sanguine sky
    I should have known that
    not all skies are calm
    And the violent storm taking birth
    To snuff out our flame of faith
    I could never sense it
    What it carried, how it turned,
    into morose emotions, with time
    A monotonous existence
    And we could never
    rediscover ourselves again
    But I chose, I chose
    to pick up my pieces
    even in grave darkness
    And watch you leaving
    for the city that you talked of
    I never knew
    whether it was exactly
    how I had imagined, but
    Now I too live in a city by the sea
    that hopelessly reminds me of you
    And the sea storms
    Our abandoned togetherness.

  • zehrish_ 34w

    Love like this!

    There was something going in our lives that I was unable to understand. I was finding you and me in the shallow water of patience. Pain was something that kept me going through out our lives. I wrote a couple of poems on us and in a ecstaticly strange way it worked for us. Writing day and night. Singing crazy crimson lyrics day and night causes all the clichés to help us fly yonder. We moved the stars to wish you luck in the day . I had thought we were an oasis; beautifully silent in the blazing fire but were a storm wandering here and there in confusion. I wanted us to be the city of love and togetherness. Alas! it ended in a sad way. And in my mind there is a poem that vibrates in my neurons and I don't want to repeat it but here it sings ;
    the city we never were
    the love we never had
    the things we didn't say
    took a toll on us

    the city we never were
    is the city of love and happiness
    the lights that kept shining
    called me in your tone
    to take me to the day
    when we had nothing but us

    the city we never were
    the youth we caged within
    is the patience that kept us going

    the city we never were
    often cries out loud
    to call us home

  • silver_flakes 34w

    Imagine a world in which conditions, hopes
    and attitudes are reversed, a dystopian society.


    We were never brave, we just had stone faces
    We never fought, we just never gave in
    We tasted, but we never ate
    We suffered, but we never cringed
    We had wings, but we never flew
    We died, but we had never breathed
    We never imagined, for we never saw
    We worked, but we never craved
    We laughed, but never smiled
    We slaved, but we never gained
    We smouldered, but never burnt
    We never hoped, we were resigned
    We never saw tomorrow, today never survived
    Our eyes blurred, but we never wept
    Our tears dried, but they had never fallen
    And in our drab eyes were pictures of a city
    The city we never were


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    The city we never were

    //Our hands clench
    We convulse
    But we never scream//

  • hafzikr 34w

    I used "The city we never were" as a phrase prompt. :)

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    TY WN for the ❤

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    I loved you. But you never felt.
    You never did. And I never felt it too.

    You always replied for things I never asked you or replied me with questions I never had replies. Once when I asked you "What keeps you moving?" you asked me "What sips stars into the sky?". I badly wanted to tell you how it feels like, when you don't know enough letters to spell your own name. But I knew that you were used to escaping from reality. Every night when I slipped into my blanket I felt my soul cracked in cold. I wanted to tell you how many unsaids left before every empty word you said me. You texted me asking, "Aren't you sorry for being friends in thoughts we never were?". I typed a message starting with "How to fake a feeling in words?", but I was too afraid of lies. So I sent the last line of my message. "I loved you too in the city we never were". The text in between was my reply for your unasked question you never received.