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  • elusive_me 4w

    When I see you walk with grace
    When I see your perfect face
    When I hear your beautiful voice
    When I see your manners and poise
    The magic you create in so many ways
    I remain enchanted for days.

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    Beauty is upon you like
    full moon reflecting in clear waters.

    Beauty is upon you like
    reading books of your favourite authors.

    Beauty is upon you like
    a child crying innocently.

    Beauty is upon you like
    falling in love accidentally.

    Beauty is upon you like
    a poetry that speaks of love.

    Beauty is upon you like
    calmness of the night skies above.

    Beauty is upon you like
    rains after the drought.

    Beauty is upon you like
    the first time when a seed sprout.

    Beauty is upon you like
    birds chirping on a tree.

    Beauty is upon you like
    a smile that's carefree.

    Beauty is upon you like
    an abstract art on paper.
    Appealing but yet to decipher.

    Beauty is upon you like
    how you made me feel.

    Beauty is upon you like
    the way I have fallen in love and
    I am head over heels.

  • faisal_hussain_haqqani_ 5w

    . Oh!
    peace for
    what reasons
    do you still desire
    to rule! Even the
    crepuscule is setting
    down without peace
    Come, leave the reality and
    lets live the fantasies

    #wod #concrete #cessreposts

    Crepuscule: sunset, twilight

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    Oh! Gracious peace for what reasons do you still desire to rule!
    Even the crepuscule is setting down without peace

    Come, leave the reality and lets live the fantasies

  • bliss__ 7w


    Some souls are just meant to be together
    But due to the rules and regulations of the world (cast & religion)
    They accept their fait and move one with their lives
    Hopping next time they come under the same "rules and regulations" so that their souls can finally be together ❤️

    What if we rewrite the stars?
    Say you were made to be mine
    Nothing could keep us apart
    You'd be the one I was meant to find
    - Rewrite the stars

  • puranidiary 8w

    I tried to potray the two different scenario of citylife, when we reside in ravishing world we often forget to look back to people surviving poverty, everyday struggling and hoping for a better tomorrow �� ..

    You can see each line in second stanza is contradicting statement of lines in Stanza 1 ��hope we bring a change someday!!

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    My mind perceives
    winds weaving whistling melodies
    Of prosperity taping luxury with lavish mullion
    and cuddling the golden pillars of shining shrine
    along chandelier lights fading the facade of famine
    As the silken silhouette swirls in big magical malls
    And happy hoardings kisses welkin of buildings too tall
    As the horn blows marks the motion of crowd
    And Starbucks caffeine captures giggles aloud
    As printed magazine are inked with quill of imagination
    And 24×7 running water nurtures the divine destination
    As i roam around streets of success suffused with supremes
    I perceive it all as landmark of city of dreams!!

    My heart horrifies
    Standing still in storm of unheard stories
    Of poverty torturing lives of ill-fated children
    and as darkness dwells in mud houses lines
    along with ants chewing the last morsel of cuisine
    As the shattered sweaters stabs the cold collarbone
    And poor mothers hums lullabies
    holding on to heart of stone
    As the shrinking skin pulls
    rickshaw cart under scorching sun
    And spinning tyre wheels in sludge is mere source of fun
    As the vague slates are sketched with titles of tension
    And farmer fathers count pennies for better education
    As i hear the cries in colonies of dead dreams lying numb
    I found my soul wandering in city of slums!!

  • vasu_maddy 9w

    You hit a glass
    You say sorry
    Expect it to fix back right.

    Let the broken pieces hurt them and understanding how we felt.

    Then they realise its self-respect not ego...!!


  • piu_writes 9w


    Each passing year left behind a string of memories which I loosely bind in my poems and leave behind my thoughts and feelings on the platform of miraquill, and my quill keeps flowing and I keep growing from a shy lady to a lady of strong will, leaving my mark on the society with my trademark of humanity and woman's rights touching lives of people and hope to make this world a little better for the coming generations and the people who are there still

  • piu_writes 9w

    The slipping sands of time I couldn't make you mine, but your name remains etched in my heart like an oasis in the ravaines

  • piu_writes 10w

    Tell me the tales that you hide , Tell me the tales you want to abide, Tell me your childhood tales , you couldn't tell , Tell me the tales of your heartbreaks as well, Tell me your sorrows and failures and regret as well , come on Tell me the truth don't pretend and tell me all is well

  • puranidiary 10w

    WN thanks for heart❤(32)

    ����don't know what's this maybe i m high on olivia rodrigo 's song too much ❤she is queen!!

    And it would be my last post for a while going on break coz of studies.. ❤so take care you all...

    @writersnetwork @miraquill #tell #wod #pod #cessreposts #love #heartbreak

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    Tell me about the new love you got
    Is she more beautiful , was it too easy to forgot?
    You told me i had ocean eyes and beautiful smile
    Tell me was it so easy to lie and lie all this while ?
    The moment we met, i took your coffee talks by heart..
    Everything you said, you did,i obeyed word by word
    You said i was the perfect kinda, wild crazy somehow carefree
    Tell me now was it so easy to pity over and never love me?

    I took a bag of makeup and broken ego
    smudged in eyes
    Stood there all alone in your courtyard ,
    begged for your time
    Tell me was it so easy to shut the door
    and never look back?
    Tell me how you met her just two weeks
    since we fell apart?

    but scars screams that loving you
    was act of shame
    You called me love and now call her
    with all those nickname
    So tell me how you kiss her now in drunken nights?
    And tell me did you tell her about our silly fights ?
    Cause you called me so immature and insecure
    Tell me did i deserve all this in return of my love so pure?

    Tell me do you feel the same
    And do you often call my name
    Or its merely in my head
    You love her and my love's dead..
    Tell me boy, how does it feel, to feel nothing
    Tell me how you survive, when the world's ending.
    Tell me how i was so emotional and nothing new
    Tell me all today how it was not me but only you

    After you the world's call me crazy and brutal today
    For once come back and tell em all how you left me broken midway
    Once burn all those love letters,memoir of our journey
    And then go back to your world with your new honey
    And give her love, affection and everything you got
    And before she believes you, tell her what we were about..
    Tell me was it so easy to find someone much better...
    And tell me how you could be so happier?

  • puranidiary 15w

    @writersnetwork Thanku for kind ❤ (28)

    @moon_bunny ����❤��
    Being a crazy potterhead i couldn't resist myself writing today after reading the prompt example lol ����i know it doesn't make much sense but ya reading harry Potter over again is like my new year tradition !!
    And that 12january refrence is nothing but my birthday ��

    Any potterheads out there -Hi-five..

    @writersnetwork @miraquill #setting #surrounding #wod #pod #cessreposts #prose #harrypotter

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    , !!
    Dismal days of december knocked at doors of ecstatic evenings. Sapphire sky shielded its shine
    beneath the sombre mist and happiness hibernated betwixt the blanket of hazy fog .Tangerine sunsets reminded us the adieu of warm summers and cold Zephyr sealed the zeal of soothing spring. Old specs of elders found peace in religious scriptures and the scratched scars of skin found solace beneath the woollen sweaters . Children painted their pink skies on chiffon chartpapers and the petals of petunia bloomed in gardens of grandfathers. Fried fritters with spicy chutney accompanied the cup of sizzling tea . The moon lured the lovebirds by playing hide & seek amidst the grey clouds and some broken hearts scribbled poetries about faded sunshine.Some streets basked in warmth of bonfires and welcomed the christmas lights while some slums embraced the darkness with flickering lamps of hope.Few souls bid farewell to world and accepted the fatal shroud and some squeals cherished the cradles dressed up in white towels. Somewhere wistful eyes of mothers waited for return of their soldier son while some wrists of widows carried the weight of responsibilities. Some teenage love marked their first adrenaline rush in silhouette of snowman and scratched names over bark of old trees. Some journaled their journey of entire year
    with bleeding inks and rhymed the verses of newly made resolution. Every pounding heart personified
    their peace and pain amidst the drizzle of december and assembled the flames of fresh start to welcome the joyful January...
    And i swapped my fingers between pages of my diary and heard the symphonies of silence , screams of secrets, noise of nightmares, tears of torment time and patted my shoulder for surviving another 12 seasons of storms on 12th January and at last i wrote a poetry titled "DARLING DECEMBER" and again held my harry potter books and my mumma teased me you again reading it after all this time
    And i screamed...
    ALWAYS !!!

  • piu_writes 16w

    Slanting creating beautiful
    Raindrop melodious piognant
    Splashes rapsodies memories
    On and forever
    Windowpanes etheral remain

  • antarraal 17w

    #attic #wod #wov5
    @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay @writersnetwark #cessreposts

    Thanks a bunch dude (you know that right) @writersnetwork for the like and repost. Thanks editors for making it an Editor's Choice.
    Heartfelt gratitude ��

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    Heart warming stories wrapped in satin stored in box of memories
    lost love, frozen tears, mute pain lay hand in hand with endless joy,
    let skeletons stay put, not bother present with doubt for future needs care.


  • piu_writes 17w


    Staying under the same roof we knew love was a spoof• living side by side we were all together in a parallel universe •neon light years away from each other in our thoughts feelings sensiblities• two altogether different spiecies

  • antarraal 18w

    9 months and zillion wishes
    finally puts the bundle of joy
    in the waiting arms.
    Moments turn magical,
    life turns beautiful
    dreams turn real.

    But is it greed, or
    burning unfulfilled desire, or
    sheer disrepect to others choice
    that force the innocent minds to walk on someone else's path.

    As pain runs through the lanes of the mind,
    bitter tears dries up inside,
    the glowing child dies a slow death
    breathing a robot's life.

    Day in, day out the wheel turns
    without a genuine smile.
    The heart loses all hope and
    mind too refuses to fight,
    eyes shine with devilish scorn
    knowing the wrong as right.

    A rope or a piece of cloth,
    a knife or blade,
    an open window, railway track,
    sleeping pills or anything that's handy.
    ends the suffering of the apple of your eye.

    Your hands drip with your child's blood,
    you killed not its body but murdered all dreams.
    A child is not a tool
    to follow you like a fool
    let it follow its own choices
    or watch everything perish.

    #farcry #wod #cessreposts
    Bg: Geulgram

    This poem highlights the insensitive pressure put by parents on their children to succeed by following forcing the kids to pursue traditional career choices. Parents want best for their kids but they are not God's to force a child give up.ita dreams. Thousands of kids commit suicide every year in India because they are forced by parents to pursue medical or engineering.or forced to give up their interest in arts because it hardly pays...My request don't give birth if you cannot let it bloom.

    Thank you @writersnetwork for the like and repost.
    Thanks for the Editor's Choice too.
    I hope our collective effort helps us in eliminating all the pain from this world.

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    A far cry

    A rope or a piece of cloth,
    a knife or blade,
    an open window, railway track,
    sleeping pills or anything that's handy.
    ends the suffering of the apple of your eye.
    (Captioned it)


  • piu_writes 21w

    Good morning

    Early morning thought yet another day of love hope and possibilities may God grant each of us strength determination and above all peace of mind

  • piu_writes 25w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word one-liner on Journey #cessreposts

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    My journey of writing poetry is soul search

  • piu_writes 31w

    She loved him,She loved him every night his thoughts She took to her bed but least the world gets a wiff of her thoughts She just lived in her head

  • myscribbles79 31w

    This is my 50th post in the writing journey through mirakee....I thank @mirakee for providing me such a wonderful platform to write my heart out,without any cuts and edits...I thank each and everyone of you friends,who are amazing writers themselves,who have taken time to read my scribbles out,liked, commented and reposted them, to encourage me and inspire me to write even more...

    "Thankyou mirakee,
    For nurturing the writer in me,
    Your daily prompts
    Make me drown in thoughts,
    Only To write better and better
    Keeping me alive,cleaning all clutter.."

    #soliloquy,#wod,#pod,#mirakee,#writersnetwork, #cessreposts

    Edits: 2nd time in editor's choice...wow..��❤

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    "The sky overhears everything,Jimmy.Your midnight sobs for a spring that passes by your window pane, too quickly,shall not go unnoticed...
    And soon, you will get to see your wishes coming to life.You will see your tree of hopes blooming with new leaves of opportunities,with new flowers of success and happiness,and in no time,you will taste the sweet fruits of your own hardwork and devotion.
    So don't get lost,in the memories of those leaves of love,that shedded once,
    In that land of dreams,which had gone barren once.
    Seasons change, believe me,and so does phases in our lives too,
    Get ready to dance to the tunes of spring,as the budding daffodils do in the evening breeze,
    Forget those seasons of sadness and tears which have already faded,in the beauty and freshness around.
    Everything is at your doorstep,Jimmy.You only need to step out,embrace the aura of what awaits you,and iam sure,you will soon have your valley of love and peace,blooming forever.."


  • piu_writes 32w

    Happy woman's day

    With a bindi on my forehead with lives struggles ahead, with my wits around me walking along bravely , a single mother with a son and bullshit I just take none , pretty in my body and skin with a prettier mind ,but the prettiest is my heart kind, battling hard to survive and breaking age old notions with my stride , yes I am an Indian single woman who works lives and enjoys life with pride and each day is my day its just not today that I am proud to be a woman that I shall always be I am blessed I am empowered and I wish empowerment to my freternity •

  • diva_scribbles 33w

    Nature Nurtures the withered Neon leaves,
    Nourishing thy Nascent seeds in Niche...
    Through Nonpareil Nimbus to sun's corona,
    Life nurtures Notably from Novice to Nirvana...!

    ©diva_scribbles | divyam_