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  • elusive_me 3m

    We both used to gather maple leaves.
    Me and her.
    It was mostly Saturday eves
    I remember.
    Her smile made me believe that the
    world is beautiful.
    Her fragrance enchanted me and it was
    really wonderful.
    I thought we were getting close.
    So I decided to propose
    And confess my love.
    Certain day I chose
    I bought a rose.
    She arrived wearing dress cherry
    Looked like a fairy.
    Seemed to be in a hurry.
    Hey I think it's gonna be a special day
    I wanted to tell you there's a guy
    We are seeing other since long.
    I want you to meet him
    I love him and to him my heart belong.
    I couldn't say a word
    Came crashing down my world.
    After a while she left and also took my
    soul along.
    On the same day I wrote a song
    Whenever I read it
    I loose control over my heartbeat.
    I collect glass full of tears
    And with sad heart I say cheers.
    Since that day it appears
    that nostalgic feelings haunt .
    I have submerged myself in disdain
    Still her happiness is all I want.

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    Wo khamoshi se apne alfaaz chod gaye
    Kuch kaha bhi nahi aur mera dil tod gaye

    She dropped her words in silence
    What an art
    She said nothing and broke my heart.

  • queen_of_words_aashu 22m

    Refer your past but don't reside there,
    Nostalgic memories will burnt you alive,
    Reminiscences of those moments will scratch your soul,
    Opening your wounds and letting it bleed again,
    Open the doors of past, peep inside it,
    Try to gain lesson from your blunders
    And upgrade your decision with better thoughts,
    So that future should be amazingly bright, bold and bewitching.


  • aimansheikh 30m


    Rain again;

    Oh!! it's Raining again, and he is not with me so all in vain.
    But luckily these falling drops are with us, telling me all his tales.

    Sometimes it rains so deep,and sometimes so slow,
    how would i guess if he is missing me right now or no.

    Ahh, this aches, aches like hell.
    But let me pray for you to be with me,
    because I have seen you in dreams, till the last of this eternity.

    I hope we could turn around, put it all away,
    so that we can come back to us again.


  • reneewolfcrowdenunez 54m

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    My color,nostalgic

    Growing up
    In 80% rain..

    I'd look
    Through the grey
    And touch
    The rain spray..

    In between
    I'd easily see
    A magical blue
    Never again

    My color, nostalgic

    Of weeks in bed
    Curtains pulled
    So down, So low
    The one
    And the only
    Light, by which
    To Cry and pray.

    My color, nostalgic

    Of yours and mine
    From feet
    To thighs
    Lapped up
    By a lapis blue sea..

    A part of blue, nostalgia

    Between, you and me..

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  • scribbles_of_azkiyah 1h

    Smoking my past !

    Origin of her melancholy,
    Seeking for ataraxia,
    Haunted where the dreams and lacking euneirophrenia,
    Which where smoked her pain and fear now,
    When her daily fairytales where selcouth,
    And not a sunset was able to soothe,
    She is still wandering in a hope to meet alemurity !

  • queen_butterfly 7m

    Oil clings to the tips of my fingers,
    black tar encasing amber bones,
    aeons trapped in the bleached
    marrow of a body aged too quickly,
    young veins strung around brittle joints
    with blood creeping sluggishly.
    I am a carcass, deep down,
    I wear someone else's skin,
    I breathe the carbon monoxide
    and the flies nest in my thoracic cage,
    maybe that is why
    they have always sought me out,
    they know I'm putrefying,
    they smell the scent of festering meat-
    they are waiting.

    you pulled me from a calcining detritus,
    plucking pieces of metal and glass shards
    from my hair in the heavy, windless space
    between the nostalgic past and the scary future,
    smoke hung between us
    when we stood in the rubble
    and the fires are still alive around us,
    smouldering between cracked walls and broken pillars,
    why didn't you leave me behind,
    under the stones, within the ashes-
    a breath of oxygen as lips touched my forehead.

    I am the fire, with rust growing under my fingernails
    and blood spilling from between my teeth,
    I'm a different kind of destruction,
    the one that pries tongues from mouths
    and opens up stomachs to catch a glimpse of life-
    I would be the arsonist to your architect,
    I would love your creations,
    the marble, the temples, the statues
    and I love them until they begin catching fire,
    until the marble cracks and fire spills from its core.

    you buried me in the marshlands,
    just outside your house in the little clearing,
    you let me sink into the wet earth,
    brush away my hair from my face
    before it sinks down into the deep,
    the cold encases me
    and I am finally at peace,
    as moss grows over the remnants of who I was,
    what I was, and you loved me
    but you knew to keep me here would be selfish
    and so you let me go.

    you are a different kind of destruction,
    you are kindness.


  • katladyt_ 1h


    'But it's not tangible'
    I'm starting to hate the word
    In conversation over lunch
    With a friend, it quietly
    rolled off her tongue
    Spoken as gently
    as the truth could be
    I haven't forgotten
    I still mull over it's meaning
    I've been trying to wrap my head
    and heart around it ever since
    Perhaps my purpose has been affirmed
    My presence is no longer required
    As the connection he seems to desire
    Is right in front of him

  • ivy___ 2h

    The heart of my heart
    All my sources within you.


  • mahtobpensdown 3h

    Daughters; The heart of the family home �� and the most precious jewel �� in the family's crown �� She ain't everybody's luck for she comes only to those homes who understand her significance! A small tiny beauty of the Goddess herself, she is the support system of entire family and brings all universe at one place, your Home �� She smiles, the whole place reverberates; she is not in good mood and the home shares it's sync , goes in gloomy Mood! Be proud of you being a daughter ☺️ for the Earth won't be a lively place if you aren't here! Happy Daughters' Day 2021������‍♀️������

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    Daughters; The heart of the family home and the most precious jewel in the family's crown She ain't everybody's luck for she comes only to those homes who understand her significance! A small tiny beauty of the Goddess herself, she is the support system of entire family and brings all universe at one place, your Home She smiles, the whole place reverberates; she is not in good mood and the home shares it's sync , goes in gloomy Mood! Be proud of you being a daughter ☺️ for the Earth won't be a lively place if you aren't here! Happy Daughters' Day 2021‍♀️

  • reneewolfcrowdenunez 5h

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    The Day Of The Slug..

    As I liken my pen
    To the slow moving slug..

    Inching its body across the ground

    So it is with poetic thought..
    I wish to flow
    From this mind..

    That once formed
    In leaps and bounds!

    Now, not once a day
    Or even as often as weekly..

    My creativity hides itself

    As the slug, in the cold
    oh! so quietly sleeping..

    I am this slug..

    At the mercy
    Of a greater being..

    Standing over me
    With a handful of salt..

    Dries up my thoughts..

    My third eye
    Crusty and blind
    Left to this painful unseeing..

    I wait with breath abated
    Slow and calculating..

    Knowing down deep
    Not long
    Will I crawl and creep..

    The butterfly within
    Will take flight, again..

    Soon forgetting the times
    When I was unable..

    To see
    Or feel
    At all..

    (Thank you,to all of my miraquill, mirakeen��dearest "friends through the pen"����(including future friends!)PLEASE feel free to REPOST it, if YOU liked it and would like others to read it!all the love and blessings I have in me, to give to you❤����

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    (A( RE-) posted older poem for the personification challenge)

  • katladyt_ 5h

    If I Didn't Love You

    I'm having a hard time believing
    That you could just walk away from me
    Without having any sort of effect on you
    No turning back
    No second guesses
    No big deal

    We hadn't seen each other in 20 years
    And you know you opened up a can of worms when you kissed me, out of the blue
    Be it real and true
    Or just acting on a whim
    Either way, it started something neither one of us was expecting, nor could deny

    A year or so later, here you are
    Turning the page, mid-story with
    yet another new face
    And, here I am
    Still juggling rattled emotions
    Still finding my way out
    Still trying to let go
    And sadly, still feeding on the meager breadcrumbs you toss my way once in a while

    You used to fight for me, didn't want to completely let go
    But now I'm not so sure
    So, if you still care enough for me to be honest, and you have completely let go
    I need to know
    Because this sliver of hope I'm holding onto deep in my heart, is going to tear me to shreds
    'If I didn't love you, I'd be good by now'

    September 25, 2021
    (Quote courtesy: Jason Aldean and Carrie Underwood)

  • queen_of_words_aashu 11h

    "Addiction is worst enemy"
    Either with thing or human being


  • jaizspeaks 11h

    Keep Dreaming, Keep Working - You will find Your Destiny!

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    The Little if You can Wait,
    There's a Joy incomparable awaits.


  • dark_shadezs 15h

    ______________ ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓
    _____________ ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓
    _____________ ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓
    ____________ ████▓▓▓▓▓██
    ____________████████ ████
    ____________███ █████ ███
    ____________███ █████ ███
    ____________███ █████ ███
    ____▓▓▓____███ █████ ███
    ___▓▓▓▓▓__███ ██████ ██
    __▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ ███ ███████ █
    ___█████__ ██ ████████▒
    ___▓▓▓▓▓_ ▓▓██████████
    __▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ ▓▓██████████
    _▓▓ ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ ██████████
    _▓▓ ▓▓▓▓▓▓___▒▒▒▒▒▒▒
    _▓▓ ▓▓▓▓▓____ ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒
    _____▒___▓▓___ ██
    _____▓▓________ █


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    My mother gave me
    the greatest gift,
    Anyone could give
    Another person:
    She believed in me


  • ivy___ 15h

    My one liners are quiet amazing.

    #ceesreposts @murryben @aqstar

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    I underwent
    Sea change

    In theatrics
    Of flamboyant


  • elusive_me 17h

    The winds at the sea
    Dancing with such a grace.
    The seagulls are flying
    with a slower pace.
    There is chaos around
    But not much of noise.
    The sand grains grooving
    at the pace of tortoise.
    The distant waters are
    making some sound.
    The atmosphere carries
    some sort of haze.
    I think the waves and
    the shore are going to embrace.

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    The waves are always excited
    and so different places
    they want to explore.
    Hence chaos in galore.
    But the shore is never in haste.
    So it quietly awaits.
    When it sees albatross
    It's time to absorb the chaos
    It opens its arms to embrace
    the violent returning waves.
    And cheerfully dance the breeze
    as both the lovers find their peace.

  • beleza_ 21h

    #personification #ceesreposts
    @miraquill Thank you so much for EC❤️

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    She stood by her star-painted wall
    In the midst of the cold wind, she was
    caressing the baby growing in her womb
    by wearing her warm shawl.
    The baby was sleeping in the lap of the
    velvety clouds of the sky, imagining in the
    solitude of the blowing wind
    Then she felt something shiny flying or
    falling from the sky
    And suddenly she saw some fireflies
    falling like stars
    Jasmine leaves together for the falling
    fireflies the sheets decorated with
    dew drops were being sewn
    Flowers in bloom were sleeping in the
    melody of the blowing wind
    The precious pearls of the calm Black Sea
    were being strung in the thread of death
    Baby lost in frightening dreams, closing the
    rays of hope in their little fists, were being
    put to sleep by singing lullabies
    The ticking of the clock stopped and
    the time started approaching the sun
    in the midst of darkness.
    And a character who was blind but
    started writing her character with the
    ink of confidence
    Who was immersed in the negativity of the
    dark but alive was weaving the
    positivity of the feelings of the heart

  • queen_of_words_aashu 21h


    Somber, I was surrounded by my past,
    Flames of fear was searing my heart,
    Lips were numb and soul grew cold,
    In the curtains of agony my dreams got fold,
    Eyes were open wide but lost it's shine,
    On this edge of Earth I found no one as mine,
    Excitement of life was fully dead,
    Days started turning out from good to better and from better to bad,
    Vision grew blur, no thoughts were coming in mind,
    Neither ray of hope nor any positive point I could find,
    Darkness was hugging me tight,
    Still my soul was trying to fight,
    Demotivation and disrespect only I could feel,
    Soul shrieking to get heal...


  • ckfilvan 22h

    #personification 0212509 #ceesreposts #soulraabta #julietscorner

    I thought of writing about an old swing. But I didn't.
    I want to tag WN & Miraquill but I don't... I don't know why.

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    Didn't sell

    He came robed in a white seamless cloak,
    The townsmen made out of him a joke;
    Walked among women in the mascarade,
    He was an elephant in the room to hate.

    Soon the local market was filled with chaos,
    Men in the name of comfort were invoked;
    True to their nature they healed itching ears -
    Raised men to walk the walk of a living dead.

    The white cloaked man cried and warned
    But the townsfolk wouldn't buy his words;
    Leaders uphold the confused mob for gains,
    Chaos fiddled with his lighter and gasoline.

    He left and the town cheered in fiery flames;
    Truth came but didn't sell so much as lies.

  • a_franteen_writer 22h

    Silences scream thunder

    She breathed silences
    To scream aloud
    Wore lightening
    As her badge of honour
    Dancing with the
    Dancing clandestine skies
    Strangely poured rain
    Of patriarchy
    To falter her feet
    But she stood up
    To let go of her
    Tigers that prance
    Across the land
    And roar with
    The thunders
    In her heart
    On the night
    Where sleep slept aloof
    Of the revolution
    Songs sung by the
    Trees, moon, tigers
    And she
    As she stood up alone
    On the hill
    As she stood up alone
    On the swinging hill
    As she stood up alone
    In her shredded remains
    She stood up alone
    In the rain.