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    Hello people!
    So if you're reading this as a newbie, this is totally meant for you to read. And if you aren't a new person, you can still read this, might help you at some point of time.

    I've been here 8 months back, and back then, I seriously knew nobody and I was probably not even being read by many people. Here are some suggestions from my side which can (probably, and surely) help you in sharing your thoughts. I'll be explaining things of my knowledge in very simple words, and I hope it wouldn't be a hindrance.
    If this didn't go well for you, don't curse me please.
    *teary eyes*

    1. READ MORE-
    Apart from the fact that you are here to write, reading other people's pieces are really essential. This can help you in many ways:

    ~In simple words, a good way to pass time in a helpful manner (other than sleeping and eating alone ��)

    ~ Some people have a really good knowledge of words, and reading them can help you improve your vocabulary as well. And a good vocab can surely help you write better pieces. I keep my own dictionary and I write down new words which I find from my friends' writeups (and I have completed a book already ��)
    This can help you in your literature subjects as well. (Go get some appreciations from your English teacher for a good essay next time XD)

    ~ Sometimes, you seemingly don't understand some lines which the fellow writer has penned. Now this can happen either because you just glanced it or felt it difficult to understand. If this happens, read it one more time. This can help you taste the poem in a better way and get more perspectives of it, which the poet didn't know himself.
    If you further didn't understand, ask the writer what he/she meant by the line. I always do this, and it's not a shame. The comment section is always open for such queries. And infact, the writer would be very happy that someone has some interest towards their prose/ poem. NEVER hesitate to clarify your questions. Sometimes, metaphors and personifications are difficult to understand. Don't worry.

    ~ When you read a person's works continuously, he or she will definitely look into (at least) one of your pieces, and this can also turn out to be a good idea of increasing your readership. I might sound peculiar, but what I said is pure human mentality.

    This can actually be a good way of increasing your reach, but it is not the only thing. You cannot be alone here, without any friends or people to talk, and this purely is my perspective. (But if you know staying to yourself as a single electron, kudos to you! It is the best, no toxicity, no harm :)) Talk to people, read them, appreciate them, understand them. There are many other users who are waiting for you. Although this place isn't meant for making friends, at some point of time, you might need someone to share your feelings with.
    But at the same time, be wise and be right in choosing the right people. All that glitters is not gold. Know the space you have reserved for somebody else in you.

    There definitely stands someone who inspires you to write, and I assure you that there are many such writers here who ink masterpieces everytime. These people turn out to inspire your writings, and by trying to match the level (uhmm, it happens) of their writings, you improve unknowingly, and this definitely is a good sign of getting good with your words.
    You can definitely incorporate their STYLE, but also remember to have your own recognition. Don't just be a shadow always, be a human with a shadow below. (was that cheesy XD)

    Not all times can your writeup be "Perfect". There are times when you might have committed some grammatical errors, or some incorrect sentence formation etc,. When a person takes his time and points out the mistake, immediately correct those mistakes and appreciate his presence. It is always good to correct mistakes, don't just ignore.

    This is another important thing in this platform. There are some spam accounts who will comment on your posts in the following ways:

    ~Hey writer XYZ, we read your works and they were really awesome. We are publishing an anthology and we would like you to publish your works in these. For more information contact,
    Email - xyzxyz
    Contact no. -..........

    ~ I have liked and reposted your works, so please follow my YouTube channel. Link in bio.
    #like4like #follow4follow.

    ~ Hello writer, I am your friend XYZ. Please help me out with my new YouTube channel, I need some subscribers. I think of you as my brother/sister. Please do the help for me. I have even followed you for the same. Like, comment, share, subscribe.

    ~ My friend has opened a new YT channel/ started a new self-publishing agency. Please check my link in bio and subscribe the channel, or publish your works and become popular by contacting to........

    ~ Want to get your works published, recognized, and get famous as a star? Want to become a popular writer? Send us a mail on XYZXYZ@gmail.com and send Rs. 150 through online transactions. Go writer, earn crores of rupees, thank us later. Check out fast, limited access available.

    I request you to not believe such bot accounts and end up with some great loss. The simplest thing you can do is block such accounts, or report them immediately. It would be a better way of cleaning trash from this lovely place.


    Firstly coming to permission,
    At times, you might feel like wanting everyone you know to read your piece, and by this, you tag a thousand people in the caption as well as the comment section. To be honest, I used to tag more than 100 people in my comments, and now, it feels so stupid and creepy. Some people literally don't read despites tagging everytime, know that. Tag a few people (tagging nobody is still okay) with their permission. It would be a decent and a good way rather.

    Also, please stop tagging the official accounts of @mirakee and @writersnetwork in each and every post you read. They try to read many many posts everyday, and reading every user isn't possible. It is good if you tag in just one or two posts, but doing this every time is bad. Harassment, we can call it. If you're a genuine reader, your read is more than enough, right? As a writer also, don't feel sad on not getting reposts from these two accounts. Be happy with your happy and genuine readers, they give you pods on every post, aren't they beautiful?
    Please tag these two accounts only in the posts you feel are the most deserving ones. It would be calm then.

    Secondly, credits,
    Whenever you're using some famous quote, or using some words of a fellow writer, give them due credits. Not doing this can signify Plagiarism, which is seriously not a good sign (you might be Imprisoned XD). Always credit for the words and pictures you use. (gradually, you can add it in your bio as well, but always credit the words of others in that particular writeup itself)
    Artists and creators deserve credits.

    Yes, so these were some tips from my perspective on general usages of Mirakee and reading. I will also try on posting some writing tips which I have imbibed over time, if possible. And I hope it will help you too.
    Spread these words (if possible) so that your fellow writers find some aid as well.

    Thank you, if you read this completely till here.
    If you know some other advices, please comment down.

    Your Mirakee friend,
    ©say_me_krish | Nov 16, 2020.

    Thanks for reposting @writersnetwork (54, 9)
    @mirakee @writersbay @sangfroid_soul @laus_deo @cees_outpost #ceesadvicechallenge

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    I gotta tell ya, one of the greatest things about hosting your own challenge is that you can submit your entry piece late without getting into any trouble. Yep, the perks are endless! ����
    And to that end, here now is my belated submission to my #ceesadvicechallenge

    The Way of Words
    by Carolyn Glackin
    Dear Writers,
    I cannot guide you to the right words any more than I could hope to tell you how or when they might arrive. You alone know this, and these matters are yours to discover. For it is my personal belief that every word a writer will ever need for every story, every poem, every bit of prose, etc., is born within them, and there they lie in restful wait until the day they are called forth into action by the writer.
    How will this occur?
    You, the writer, will breath them into life.
    There are many ways...
    Some will flow out in the gentle streams of tears you've yet to shed.
    Some will come bursting forth in the raging maelstrom of your anger.
    Still yet, others will soar buoyantly on the rippling peals of your laughter.
    Love, as you may have guessed, is often the ultimate summoner of words; and will cause them to flutter about in your heart and stomach like half crazed butterflies.
    Many too, will come to you by way of your nocturnal imaginings and your daytime dreaming.
    Joy will often inspire your words to awaken as they dance merrily about you in a celebratory dance full of mirth and glee.
    Grief will undoubtedly elicit many words, sometimes in a slow and steady trickle, and at other times in a heavy downpour.
    Curious moments and moments of discovery will coax and cajole them out of their hibernative captivity.
    So you see, there are all these ways, (and still many more ), which will lead you to put thought to word, pen to paper and so on.
    Really all that's required of a writer is to live their life, pay attention, and feel everything.
    And I do mean EVERYTHING.
    To shut the door on your emotions is to imprison your words forever. It's the proverbial kiss of death for the writer. So whatever you do, don't do that!
    As writers we often forget the healing tool we have access to, by way of our own mind and fingertips.
    As scary and unpleasant as some feelings, emotions, and experiences may be, we can write about them!
    Which means we can purge ourselves of them!
    Which means we can finally release them!
    Do you fully understand how freeing that is?!
    How therapeutic it is?!
    What a blessing and gift it is?!
    We are the fortunate ones!
    I often wonder what other people must do in these situations.
    It's ok though. If necessary, we can write for them too. To that end, I'll always believe that those of us with the ability to write are meant to share it with the world. Our words are never meant for ourselves alone, and we never know how many people might be benefiting from them, healing through them, laughing, crying, and/or identifying with them. So please don't ever doubt what you've written or be afraid to share it. I guarantee you that whatever personal thoughts, feelings, or experiences you've put forth in your words have been thought, felt, and/or experienced by countless others out there, and they'll be thrilled to know that they aren't the only ones and that someone understands them.
    So give of your words freely, and trust that those who need them most will be guided to them.
    Now go forth, dear writers.
    Live your life, and write your truth.
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 10/27/18.

    Image credited to the rightful owner.

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writing #writers #advice

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    #ceesadvicechallenge I know this challenge is closed so I didn't go about the typical advice as I saw others do. I hope writing a poem that came to me was ok @lovenotes_from_carolyn if not please totally ignore this post. ��


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    The words in my head
    Oh my, how they wish could
    Just flow on out,
    Like a leaf,
    Floating on down a smooth
    Rivers bed.
    These words shall flow onwards,
    For they may tell you a story
    Within a way you'll never how.
    Its all about words
    Its all about a place, time and object
    Even love all depends on who the poet
    May be.
    This time its about a leaf
    Flowing full of
    Words, uncountless


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    Try Harder

    I'm not qualified enough for this but here goes nothing!

    To begin with,it's okay to take your time to get your creative juices flowing;we are only human and your pace is the best pace meant for you.

    Also,you needn't be the best,only better.Plenty good poets and writers out there,but you have your own essence and your only competition is yourself.

    Commit to yourself,take practical little steps.Consistency is the key.✌

    If you are suffering from a writer's block(or a poet's coma like how i like to call it),it's absolutely okay!Try just putting words into feelings before you try putting feelings into words.They don't have to rhyme or phrase together,they don't have to make sense,just nouns,verbs put together are still okay.That's the beauty of language,and before you know it you'd be a raging storm again.

    *story time*Finding out time for what you love the most is sometimes,quite hard;and i struggle to do so too since dentistry takes up most of my time.There was once a time when i effortlessly broke out poems and short stories at the spurr of the moment,and people found them interesting too!This was my forte,my go-to,but life started pacing too fast and before i knew it,my skills were drying up.But now am back,busy as ever,but this is food for the soul,this is "me".I may be way worse than i once was at this,but i am gonna push it;5 minutes,10 minutes,waiting on a patient or waiting on your toasts,anytime is a good time..let's see how far i get..

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    Thanks to everyone that reads this. I have not been apart of mirakee for too long but I feel at home. I have always been hesitant to share my work or even consider myself a writer. Even though I have been writing for the last 21 years, it has all been pretty private. So thank you for taking any time to read my work, it is always appreciated. Peace and light to all.

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    Write. It. Down. Whenever you think you'll remember it, you won't.

    Be honest, raw. Poetry speaks for feelings.

    Share your work. My biggest flaw is keeping my work to myself most of the time. There is an audience for everyone.

    Your words are your art. Be proud of it.

    If you fear critics, remember no one will be a harder critic than the one you are to yourself.

    Wear the title of writer as it suits you. Writers feel and see the world uniquely and no two writers are alike. Find your style. Your voice and let it be heard.

    Be inspired by other artists.

    Keep writing. Keep creating.

    Read. Everything. Do not discriminate.

    Don't compare yourself to other writers, it will inhibit any genuine words to flow.

    Display your work. Incorporate your art into home. I live by the rule "don't have anything in your home that isn't useful or beautiful."

    "Poetry is the place of transcendence" bell hooks.

    Therapy looks different for us all and poetry is therapy for me.


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    The difference between a writer and normal person is how one bridges the gap between their thoughts and paper.

    As I said, there are three aspects to write better. (Ofcourse we cannot justify this within a frame but these are essential)

    1. Thoughts - They are the base of any writings. The clearer you're the better will be the content. Gather, organise and sort it out before you move further. Just don't be vague in the content.

    2. Paper - Means how you present. Very essential! It's like painting. Not everyone can paint what's in their head. Vocabulary is not a need but it's good to have a few extra words. Just to add more colours to your painting.

    3. The bridge - Now, one might be good at imagination and some might be good in drawings. But it's important to combine those. You need to apply your imaginations and thoughts into an order which is understandable and should also stand out. This aspect is difficult to explain and also to understand. It comes with practice. We'll get to know that there's more to writing then just putting together the words only when we focus and write with our heart.

    These may not work in all cases but it'll definitely make you mindmap before you begin. It's always hard to start and to finish. So keep trying.


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    Celebrate Failure

    There is a difference between gaze & voice.
    A poem is a system of symbols.
    Do not worry too much about meaning.
    Writers block means you have told a lie.
    You must go back and tell the truth.
    Be a poet only if you can be nothing else.
    Do not strive for fame unless you also strive for infamy.
    A practiced poet will know restraint & destruction equally.
    A wise poet will give more questions than answers.
    Taking rejection well is necessary for survival.
    Patience is necessary to thrive.
    Learn the heartbreak of both quickly.
    Let the heartbreak into each of your poems.
    Never stop learning about whitespace & silence.


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    #ceesadvicechallenge @writersnetwork #wnr_anv @carolyns_challenges_and_quotes I'm really sorry I am late. Thanks a lot for accepting my late entry ��

    These can't be called "advice" They are just certain things I do. Just some tips which I thought I'd share

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    There are times when writing flows. But there are times when it doesn't. In your journey of being a writer, it won't always be easy with words. Sometimes they'd flow, sometimes fly and sometimes they'd just sit there stubbornly refusing to budge.

    There are times when it is super easy to say "I give up" and put that pen down once and for all. But the true writers are the ones who are brave enough to break the barriers of blocks.

    Now here are some tips to keep the fire of writing in you alive and help it grow. I have categorised writers into three but there can be more categories. After all every writer is different, unique and special. So it's not the "one size fits all" category here. Do what best suits you.

    1 The beginners

    Every writer no matter how advanced begins as one of these. It's perhaps the most important stage of writing for it shapes your thoughts, words and writing style. To help the beginners here are some tips

    ✨ Begin with rhymes.
    A good way to begin writing poetry is by writing poems which rhyme. Not only do they make your poems look awesome they also give any poet a good training in getting rhymes right. Try the rhyme scheme abcb the easiest one and then proceed to tougher ones...

    ✨ Plan your plots
    If you are trying to write stories for the first time, then you can plan out the entire story. Create the skeleton first and then weave your story around it.

    ✨ Decide on your writing style
    Some writers create pieces which have lots to teach, while others just pour out their feelings onto paper. So decide which is your predominant style.

    ✨ Every writer needs a model. Beginners can take inspiration from everyday items around them like nature and from books they like.

    2 The Learners

    They are those who have had their grammar, spellings, vocabulary and writing style fixed and good. This is the stage where a writer has to experiment all fields of writing, and also learn to be a good reader. These are some tips to help the Learners

    ✨ Try out various forms of poetry. Now that you have your rhymes good, you can experiment with all sorts of things like metres and syllables. Haikus, sonnets, diamentes and other forms of poetry are excellent tools to help your writing expand and grow.

    ✨ Start out your stories from prompts and just write out whatever comes to your mind. You might reach a dead end in your tale but if you succeed in getting out of it, you are indeed a wonderful story weaver.

    ✨You can try writing on common emotions or even make an everyday item look alien through your writing.

    3 The experts

    You are the type of writer whose every work is masterpiece! One can never be perfect in any art but you are really close to reaching infinity.

    ✨You need not have any tips or rules for writing. You paint you canvas with true feelings which you experience or marvelous ideas. Keep it going.

    No matter what stage you are in, what your writing style is or how experienced you are, the most important part of being a writer is to keep writing!

    So happy writing

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    Hey there beautiful people! Happy Friday to one and all! Let's hear it for the weekend, eh?! ����
    Anywhooo, wanted to tell y'all about a challenge I hosted on @carolyns_challenges_and_quotes recently. Every now and then, I'm approached by new/young writers with requests for advice on how to improve and/or develop their writing skills. It then occurred to me that these individuals could really benefit from a wide variety of advice, from more than one person, instead of just me. We certainly have many talented and brilliant minds amongst us, so I thought why not host a challenge in which fellow writers are asked to share their advice and helpful hints in regard to developing our skills as writers? So, me being me, I went right on ahead and did that! ��
    The challenge resulted in some truly fantastic words of advice from some of our very bright and talented Mirakeeans, which can be viewed by going to: #ceesadvicechallenge ...
    Another thing I wanted to mention is that due to the beneficial nature of this challenge, I've been reposting the submission pieces on both of my accounts; however, I was unable to repost a particularly outstanding piece by Eric (or Eric sir for y'all youngsters ��) of @ericwk, penned on the topic of 'writer's block.' I had already reposted it 40 or so weeks ago when he originally posted it, so I'm unable to do it again. Fortunately, it can now be easily found by going to the aforementioned hashtag. Just wanted to bring that to your awareness so that you don't miss it.
    So, we now have a full arsenal of writing tips, literally at our fingertips, any time we're in need.
    My heartfelt thanks to those of you who participated in the challenge, and thank you all for reading.

    @writersnetwork @mirakee #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    Please see caption!

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    #ceesadvicechallenge @mirakee @writersnetwork

    Image Credited:to rightful owner.

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    Being a writer makes you a mobile library. Shelve your vocabulary reading new and different ideas.

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    I'm no expert but some of these are the points that I stick to when I write. (Others when I read) And if I'm not able to follow any one of these due to any kind of a situation, I'm left dissatisfied with my work.

    I hope some of them can help you discover a new side of the writer within you.

    #ceesadvicechallenge @carolyns_challenges_and_quotes thank you for this amaaaazing challenge. It helped me learn quite a few things from the other writers who participated ♥️

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    Advice from a novice

    Imagine what you write. It might be a story or abstract images you pen down in a poem. You just have to paint images in your mind, see smoke, colours and maybe sunshine. For me, imagining pictures is the key. It helps the most.

    Give your mind enough time to collect phrases or points that you'd really like to have in your work. Sometimes when we write on someone else's idea (as in a challenge), we tend to write without actually feeling the words or the topic. We write to complete a certain deadline. But when an idea has dwelled in our mind for long, we tend to work better at it. So it's very important to actually have a grip on what we're writing in order to give it a strong shape.

    I'm not a fan of big vocabulary. (as might be clear!) I stress more on thoughts and ideas than on the words.

    Presentation is actually more important than is considered to be. Before words, its the organisation of the post that attracts a reader and helps you to be satisfied with your work, no matter what. Its a very small way to boost your confidence and feel good about your work.

    Captions also matter. A little quote, an excerpt from that particular work of yours or a slight description give a brief idea of what the readers will get to read. And if you're not a fan of captions then the images portray the idea better.

    Try experimenting with new styles and poetry forms. Try writing imaginary, descriptive, narrative and other such forms. Basically, challenge yourself and widen your scope.

    Don't consider the likes and reposts as the measuring factor of your ability to write. I learnt it later than was needed and the earlier you learn, the better it is.

    Take criticism constructively. Don't be ashamed if someone corrects you. They don't want to make you look bad, but rather help you grow.

    Grammar might not be the most important (that's a debatable point) but it certainly helps a reader maintain his interest in reading. Study tenses and articles if you feel that you're weak in grammar.

    I hate it when there are hundreds of tags. If someone tags me, I check if the writer tags every person they find and if that's the case, I don't even read. It just turns off the reader in me and kind of (not to be rude, but..) lowers the standard of the writer.


  • scribbler_bijal 170w


    Woollens without winter is waste
    Dark chocolate is bitter in taste
    When creating a new piece of write-up one must never haste
    There are many challenges throughout the journey to be faced

  • geraldine_mary 170w

    Rules Never Rule

    Well dear folks,
    I don't say,
    "Do as I say",
    Rather say I ,
    " Do as I do".

    Writers ain't manufactured,
    Nor an app,
    Can't be downloaded,
    To suit means.

    Individuals in love,
    With words immensely,
    Go litterly berserk,
    Reading worthy words.

    If anyone intends,
    To be worthy,
    An appreciable writer,
    Learn to learn.

    Be open minded,
    An honest human,
    Makes good writers,
    In all conditions.

    Before being appreciated,
    Learn to appreciate,
    Read other's words,
    Learn to learn.

    No short cuts,
    Will lead you,
    To your success,
    Just hold on.

    There's a saying,
    "Rome wasn't built
    in a day"
    So don't haste.

    Follow ethics minutely,
    With utter reverence,
    Surely you'll achieve,
    Your dream goal.

    Know your subject,
    Before you pen,
    'Cause quality matters,
    Rather than quantity.

    Follow rules honestly,
    Superseding the rules,
    To gain success,
    Reduces your value.

    Time teaches all,
    With good experience,
    Comes good knowledge,
    Learn to learn.

    Wherever you maybe,
    Be yourself completely,
    Never be ashamed,
    Of your identity.

    There are many,
    Good souls too,
    In this world,
    Be one too.

    Read and write,
    Read people's sorrows,
    Write their joy,
    Learn to learn.

    Yes, learn to learn !


  • a_novice_speaks 170w


    If you want to reach a mind write from mind, if you want to touch a soul write from heart.

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    Don't try to write, let your heart flow on paper.

  • sabaridevi 170w


    Thanks for this challenge ma'am

    If you want any clarification feel free to ask in the comment box

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    Dear fellow writers

    Write from your heart
    Write whatever you want
    Don't worry if you don't get recognize
    By others...it isn't necessary
    Likes,followers,and reposts all are just numbers.
    Believe your talent
    Keep writing and reading and writing and reading
    And oneday either you will be a writer
    Or the best reader


  • sanita_chettri 170w

    Open yourself up to experiences, both yours and others'. There's your gold mine.

    Be open-minded about everything under the sun. This provides variety to your views which translates into your writing.

    Pen down everything you feel. Catch the wisps of the thoughts that barely knock -- the gentle ones, the quiet ones. Plug in to your back-burner thoughts.

    Forget about perfection and making sense. Jot down every random thought that comes to mind. Sort them out later.

    There's no great writing without good grammar. You may break conventions of grammar but well within what poetic licence would permit. There's a difference between breaking conventions and bad grammar. Brilliant thoughts lose their appeal because of bad grammar.

    Read more, write more, experiment more with different styles/genre of writing.

    Take up writing challenges as they often lead you in a direction you never would have gone. They could lead you to write some of your best works.

    Don't think too much. Sounds like an oxymoron but it's not. What I mean by it is that you should shake off all the thoughts that hinder your writing process. Let go of the negatives.

    Don't be shy about sharing your work.

    Pay attention to the feedback people give. Keep a good judgement about it.

    Read your old works. You'll see the improvement and gain more confidence. Or at least it will provide a feel-good factor.

    Lastly, have fun while you're at it!


  • surreal 170w

    Writer’s block/ blank page syndrome?
    Its just all in the mind.
    If you run out of ideas for your writing
    you dont need to go places and do things
    to get ideas or prompt.
    You just have to close your eyes, imagine,
    and explore is all.

    Try reading and reading and do pre-writings
    it will help alot.


  • kosachaya 170w

    Unsaid, unheard and unfelt
    emotions parched in a
    colourless sheet gives
    different shades.
    Recognises the
    unrecognisable prospects
    and unfortunate experiences.
    Which makes
    everyone writer everyday.

  • ariachez 170w

    Well, I don't know if I'm qualified to give these but since I want to join in Mam Carolyn's #ceesadvicechallenge and share some advice that I follow, so here it is:

    (This is long ��)

    1. This one is old but gold. Write for yourself. You should be your own number one fan. You'll never be satisfied with just others praises, until you make yourself happy with your own work. Only then, you'll not be bothered by the number of likes or reposts in your posts. Those will be just bonus in writing. Seek validation from yourself first.

    2. Here in mirakee, I have a set of writers whom I look up to. I try to get their attention by improving my write ups (but of course without forgetting #1 and without tagging them). A repost from them is as big as POD itself for me. They don't know who they are so those are genuine reposts. ��

    3. I learn faster when I am corrected. I actually have trusted grammar critics here. They message me whenever there is something wrong about my posts. I also have some of my posts checked by them. (hi @ashik_k_a ��) Would you believe, that before (around first 300 posts), I had at least 2-3 mistakes in every post. (I hope I have flawless posts now ������.)

    4. Don't sprinkle your work with nosebleeding words. I actually promote some heavy words be mixed with simple ones but just don't do it in every line, every sentence or every phrase. 'Cause seriously, who wants to read with dictionary beside always. There is also this way of writing where you introduce the meaning of the unusual word within its sentence. And I learned a lot of difficult words this way, while reading good novels and poems. Try that style if you want to enrich the vocabulary of your readers.

    5. Show don't tell.
    Tell: She is sad. ❌
    Show: Warm water trickled down her cheeks, seeking refuge in the edge of her lips.✔️
    Incorporate the sense of taste, smell, hear and touch too.

    6. Make sure to write the idea as soon as it strike you. Or say goodbye from it. Write even words or phrase that you think are worth playing in your next write up.

    7. Catch the reader's attention in the first line. Don't wait for 2nd or 3rd line. Not everyone is as patient as you. However, make sure you sustain the beauty of your work all throughout.

    8. Read. Read. Read. (I'm trying too)

    9. Don't force yourself to write (or even read.) Words call you when they need you and vice versa.

    10. Write even if it's lame.

    11. Quit writing if you are just planning to plagiarize others work. Writing is not for you. Seriously, how can someone take credits from others ideas ��

    12. Ask permission first before tagging anyone.

    13. There is no wrong in copying someone's writing style ( I said style not the words). Everyone learns from their favorite writers. But don't be contented of being just their shadow forever. Create a writing style that screams you ��

    14. Fewer words, better. (for me)

    15. Don't create an army of lazy readers. Don't spoonfeed them everything. Let your words make them think.

    16. Let's start giving credits to owners of background pictures we use. They are also artists, like us, that deserve credit.

    17. Don't follow this list or anyone's list if it doesn't suit you. We have our own ways to do things and it's not bad.

    So hope this could help ��

    (I'll update this post whenever I think of new ones to add)

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    Writing advice

  • ericwk 210w

    This list has been inspired by @_astraydove_
    Thank you for asking, I appreciate your curiosity.

    #WritersBlock (#ceesadvicechallenge)

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    How to Knock Through a Block...

    Various way to clear a path beyond Writer's block.

    Method #1
    { Keep Notes in a Journal }

    • Journal •

    I use a phone app called 'ColorNote'.
    I've used this as my journal; daily for nearly 3 years.
    It's FREE, it's very reliable, auto-save, sequential save, word/phrase search, spell check, copy/paste, recoverable trash, date & time stamp, simple, no lag.

    Find inspiration in anything.
    Every moment matters.
    Capture your senses.
    Seek to simplify.
    Each word.

    Take notes of any crazy phrase comes to mind.
    When you least expect it.
    Write it down.

    Sometimes a mix of a rhyme begins.
    You won't remember it for long.
    Write it down.

    Are you a vivid sleep dreamer? (I am.)
    Often to awake at night? (Deep thoughts.)
    Write it down. (Figure the notes out later.)

    Method #2
    { Take a Nap or even better Take a Hike }

    • Nap •

    Mid-afternoon (between 2pm - 4pm) is the best time of your consciously-awake day to take a power-nap. A power-nap is more than 10 minutes, but no more than 20 minutes. It is a conscious moment to lay down. Not be plugged-in. Silent. Visualize. Expand your own inward awareness. Just to the edge of sleep. Then up. Take notes (journal), let go, no critical thought.

    • Hike •

    Get out. Take a walk. Briskly.
    Even better, if you can, take a hike. Nature.

    I take trail hikes as much as I can.
    Deeper into the forest; further out away, the better.

    Take photos of sensations with your mind's eye.
    Sight, smell, sounds, wind, wonders. Work it out.

    Take photos with your phone, selectively... Slightly.
    You will soon realize that these few photos will become inspirations as a poetic background.

    Method #3
    { Word Stack }

    • Stack •

    My 5 minute word stack...

    For fun, choose any word at the top of your thoughts, set 5 minutes and type out any next rhyming word in order as it comes.
    Let go of your fears, knock it out.
    Write by instinctive impulse.
    A train-of-thought workout.

    I began with the word, 'Oppression'.

    By the way,
    _____-tion words are the easiest.

    ... 5 minutes.

    (spell-check after, does not matter)

    { A Few Tips }

    Do not limit your thoughts, ever. Never.
    The best writing comes out in a spurt.
    Edit slightly after, or let it be and return to it.

    First cause is to capture the moment.
    The sensation of moment.
    Do not hesitate.

    Vary your verse type, various styles.
    It's not at all always about rhymes.
    Words are your tools.

    Inspiration moments will peak & recede.
    Become self-aware of your intuitions.
    Change up your experiences.

    Simple daily exercises.
    Or at least do stretches.
    Be healthy & don't smoke.

    Get sleep.