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    He will follow you
    Way so down
    Where others could not go

    If only others could see
    The good, they failed to see
    The effect they failed to feel

    If only they know
    What you had to hold back
    What you really felt

    Life takes people
    On journeys never planned
    Discussions never expected
    Separations never intended

    You had innate issues
    He wished he could fix it for you
    But as Roses grow
    And red violets bloom

    They fade, wither and rot
    So as the love
    He once had for you
    For humans do grow

    What we fear the most
    Will eventually come to test us
    But yours was clear thinking
    Planning way ahead

    Was clearly not of your pros
    But of your cons
    You lived your life
    On irresolutions and bad advices

    Hw wished
    He could fix
    This for you

  • ernestdelapena 125w

    Mirror sway

    The world is falling down around me and all I hear is autumn leaves. A choir of fire is singing with praise, yet somehow the colors all ash my name. Frozen words and stories all tell of her glory with a haunting psalm they excluded me from stories. My body stills feels so abused with a heaven so insanely askewed. I tore my eyes out for all to see, a blinded audience laced in reverie. Tears in flight with a murder of crows, yet no morning tales would carry my soul. Torments of a purgatory to warm my blood, tortured from a smile mistaken for love. A thousand kisses on several lips, never found, the crimson so missed. A silent heartbeat on a stage of lust could never strike a echo of darkened love. Burdened by my own starless night, I carry the weight of all serpentine life. The smile held by aluminum wires, my laugh so forced deathly tired. My heart stills beats like a drummer insane while the tempo of earth slowly fades. Waterfalls fall on my innocent mind with guilty Rapids leaving me blind. I'm the presence of universe glow, the pulsing star of a angel unknown. My pendulum heart in a circumference world, my delicate soul becomes unfurled.

  • puchka 132w

    And when you touched me
    wherever I've not been touched
    felt like being stroked by a paint brush
    anaemic, jaundiced, felt blood rush
    Red, rust, scarlet, colours of love
    blossomed, opened up
    closed chambers of my dead heart
    offering a new lease of life
    A fresh start
    ©Snigdha Agrawal

  • soulsofkia 137w

    wrote this when i lost the one i thought i’ll spend my life longer with.

    feelings of loving him still linger in my system.

    but i know there are ends to it.

    #cees_speak #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeph #love #broken

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    sparks and butterflies filled the air
    as i walk inside a busy room
    i never knew what future was holding
    but i still hoped for it to be real and pure

    laughters consumed us
    as we share our stories and banters
    not knowing the effect of our sanity
    to our lonely hearts and feelings

    our love for each other
    like the ocean current flow
    splashing towards each other
    despite the different forces each release

    pushed its way to us until
    the fall of a sturdy ground

  • soulsofkia 138w

    in times of desperation of love and affection
    we tend do put ourselves in situations that we have no clue of results
    but that’s part of the challenge, right?
    gambling yourself into something that you have no idea what the outcome is
    we lose ourselves on the way
    but never lose our worth as a human being

    we may forget the track to where we’re headed
    and that’s okay
    it’s okay to lose the path
    as long as you know you’re worthy
    of something that you’ve been wanting to achieve
    you’ll know your path as if it’s written on the palm of your hand
    your map to the wonders of the world
    your story as you unfold it to show

    no matter how many times you’ve been stepped on
    your value as a person will never be replaced
    you are your own person
    and not anyone’s description

    #cees_speak #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeph

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    we seek what we lack
    not knowing its outcomes
    carelessness that we put through
    just to have that sensation come true

    words of assurance is what we need
    not the unsure caress of an unknown being
    do we really have to sacrifice our worth
    for someone who sees us as a fleeting hope?


  • puchka 138w

    Rhythms mismatched
    Right from the start
    His was to get over with it
    Hers a slow release
    Love to her meant
    so many more things
    He didn't ever feel
    How could he?
    Caught up in playing
    to the tunes of
    other melodies
    ©Snigdha Agrawal

  • puchka 138w

    As I wage a war of one, my armaments
    cannot fail me now. I'm trying to call
    a truce between my heart and head,
    plagued by unresolved contentions.
    Age has given me some edge.
    Too much have experienced
    to mediate with success.
    Of that I'm pretty certain.
    ©Snigdha Agrawal

  • ernestdelapena 139w

    @shegram @robwjeter @raven63 @dishang8614 @mirakee


    I know this is late but it was the second part of "Mirror Sway"

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    Mirror sway
    The Reflection

    Witnessed by the eyes of my dying, I caught the reflection of pain letting go. The Roman spears of poisoned lust welcomed the hymns of heaven above. A choir of demons now sing with muted voice as the angel passion enforced my choice. I turned away from decaying reason and rooted my path towards a blossoming Eden. I lead the saints on a solemn path and pray for a kingdom to forgive my past. My shadow fading under a rising sun, my prayers answered in a kingdom to come. The flaming speech in my heart, timbered by the rain, the madness of tears and endless fears now die without the pain. In a digital mind I send out my autumn as i catch the falling leaves, I smile towards the future and past as Adam upon this Eve. The beauty of nature in my winter heart craves the solace of spring time dawn , while the oceans of a summer sun collapses all the days of a life gone wrong. Across the feathers of a angel heart, I gathered the cascading rain, illuminated wings that glided over the dark as a psalm chorusesd my name. My zenith love given to me only when my soul was blessedly ripe, the aftermath, no longer cast its shadow onto poetic light.

  • obscuredwords 139w

    Just saw carolyn’s post that the challenge is over, I found the challenge to be very interesting, therefore here’s all about me, not an official entry :)

    Me, the person who writers this blog is very different from the poetry, short writings here, this Obscuredwords is like another personality which is found here, exclusive to Mirakee.
    I am optimistic, and forgiving and believe in moving on.
    Obscuredwords I have found is a sensual creature, it has a darker side, more painful, hurtful and holds onto more than me, the human can take in.
    It says everything to the face, it’s transparent. It’s impulsive whereas I am an overthinker.
    It loves to flirt and charm, I love to be shut in my room, and be a nerd.
    I have deleted so many posts after a day or two, because I wouldn’t have posted them if I hadn’t been impulsive.
    The best part is it’s not weird having this other part, it’s relieving, like enlightening, knowing it’s separate from me and still me.
    I don’t know if this makes sense at all.
    But here’s me, all of me.

    Me + ©obscuredwords

    Love you all 💙

    PS : we both love blue 🦋

    #cees_speak #ceesreposts #dual #different #mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstoli

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    Know about me and Obscuredwords


  • _pluto_ 139w

    SOON , I DIE

    "Drowning in the sky ,
    I couldn't breathe ,
    As if I was a part of the unholy white ,
    But then the clouds caught me ,
    And drained me ,
    Like the raindrops I fell,
    That day ,
    When the thunderstorm struck the city,
    And took away all the weights that
    I carried..."

  • bewitched_of_you 139w

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    #julietscorner #yaminiread #rwd #tiredsoul
    @mirakee @saswatbarry19 @odysseus @love_whispererr

    Image Courtesy: Pinterest

    2:35 p.m. / 09. 12. 19

    It was a wonderful Challenge @lovenotes_from_carolyn Ma'am��
    I hope everyone had really enjoyed it
    and I enjoyed it too��❤️

    Its not my submission as
    the challenge is already over
    but a try to this Challenge. Hope you'll like it��❤️

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  • jeniayn 139w

    Art: etsy

    I am
    The preamble
    To the American Constitution
    That is seizing to exist.
    I am the colors of the flag
    That still fights for equality and justice.

    I am the child of God
    A humbled servant,
    I am the mother to
    the lost, hungry and orphaned,
    With my heart and door always opened.

    I am the shield and scar
    Of those labeled disabled
    With the gift to see
    All the talents God gave the unspoken,
    I am the voice, the advocate,
    the guardian of autism,
    I am the defender, the protector,
    Of those taken advantage of.

    I am the echo of the footsteps
    Of those in sorrow and pain
    I am the reflection of
    their teardrops of rain,
    Because I once walked that path
    And survived on faith...
    And I will walk it again...
    Just to uplift another with grace.

    I am the educated poet
    That still writes with mistakes
    Of grammar and broken English
    Because the university hasn’t effaced
    My past of poverty and homelessness.

    I am the motivation,
    the drive,
    the idealist,
    Focused on the future
    With my moral compass
    With a deep seeded belief
    That each one of us
    can achieve our dreams
    Because I have seen
    The reality of how God uplifted.

    I am nothing
    But dust and ash
    Pride is a feeling I am unfamiliar with.
    I am nobody
    But an orphaned child
    Until God allowed me
    To call Him Father.

    I am the echo of the footsteps
    Of our forefathers
    That still believes
    In equality and justice,
    That prayer, education
    and hard work are morals
    Our country was built on.
    I still believe in family,
    God and faith,
    Even when this world tries to take it away.

    I am Jeniayn
    Mother to the child of hunger
    Friend to the disabled veteran
    Guardian to autism
    Sister to the homeless
    Hope from the struggling
    Prayer for devotion
    Not because I was made special
    Because I was blessed
    by God’s grace
    Through every single struggle.


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  • sksfantasy_girl 139w

    I don't wanna be again like thirteen only a study material.
    I want to be what i should be now with guidance how to manage every responsibility.
    I know i hated many things about me and wished to get rid,for that i apologise but now i know they are just blessings in disguise.
    Now i want to be me fully whatever i am.
    Come back my blessings i want to hug you forever.


  • soulsofkia 139w

    you promised me to hold on
    gave me chances of loving veracious
    gambled until i was left with nothing
    and the treasure of purity i’ve let you win

    how did we go here?
    from lovers to unknowns?
    still wrapped around your words
    like a noose around a neck
    waiting for it to suffocate me
    until i feel nothing at all

    #cees_speak #writersnetwork #mirakeeph #mirakee

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    one, two, three, four
    the clock ticks as i go further
    steps fading from afar
    with your silhouette stood on the ground

    the numbers on my head
    seems to follow your command
    of not moving closer to home
    but farther from what used to be yours

  • thermy 139w

    Most Times

    Most times I'm anxious I tend to feel lonely, sad, restless and furious...
    Lock myself up in a room scream and then cry...

    Most times I need physical warmth,
    but no one's ever there.

    Most times I need someone to reassure me that I'm loved...

    Most times I feel like giving up,
    but then remember why I've been holding on for so long,
    then I raise my head, retrace my steps keep moving and keep my heads high....

    Most times it ain't easy but it's worth it

  • vixthor 139w


    I am me
    Two letters
    Many meanings
    To be me means to be strong when people try pull u down for various reasons
    To be me means to smile in the face of adversity
    To be me means to love with so much tenacity
    To be me means to be the ones that's always there, never sheds a tear
    And finally to be me means to look at urself in the mirror and say
    I AM AWESOME to define my imperfections, my misconception as the stepping stones towards near perfection and I believe this is what it truly means to be strong
    And so with the last of my breath I say to the storm " bring it on"

  • soulsofkia 139w

    it’s been, i don’t know.... two months since I last posted here?😭😭😭 i’ve been experiencing writer’s block and college has been on my head ever since it started so i didn’t got the time to write.

    #cees_speak #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeph

    here’s a simple one, though. hope you guys liked it!

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    my thoughts of assurance
    that healing and serene imagery will prevail
    and compromise my weakened heart

    but why am i still scarring
    despite forcing myself that i will be happy
    until numbness occupy my senses
    yet only pain is here to stay

  • jayant_writes_ 139w

    Warning :- A quite long post. Better skip it.

    Dear world,

    I'm an introvert. People often blame me of not being so open with them. They accuse me of keeping all things to myself, as if it's the most grievous sin of all. Sometimes, I just wonder, Is introversion a sign of weakness or it's in itself the most worthless thing in the world? Because the manner this world, including my near and dear ones have treated me, it all has made me feel very pathetic.

    You know, we introverts are also like normal people, but, the only thing is that we see things with a different perspective altogether. Like, on a beautiful sunny evening, while others will enjoy, we would love to grasp the eternal warmth of sun. While others would like to meet different people and rejoice at parties, we would simply earn to be in company of someone special. While people would be freely expressing their opinions about nasty political affairs, we would be sitting in solitude with a pen and paper, moulding our thoughts into marvellous words on some serious issues.

    So, this now reminds me of some of my personal stories. Being educated in one of the top boarding school of our country for a long period of 7 years, I had to face lot many moments of seclusion and loneliness due to my introversion. That time before inter house declamation in class 6th, when I was replaced by a quite extrovert speaker. That moment, when I was not made class captain, because of being an introvert. That inter house volleyball event, which I was shunted out of due to my introversion, which is completely baseless. There are endless number of examples wherein, I've lost my hold on to very precious things or events just on the pretext of being termed an introvert.

    These all things affected me a lot in a sort of very negative way. There were endless moments, wherein I thought of myself as a worthless person. I was forced to take it as a burden. As a result, I read quite extensively about the cliche introvert vs extrovert debate. Tried to find many ways, as to how to turn myself into an extrovert. There were many sleepless nights, wherein I was subjected to a lot of mental pain and agony. In all those difficult times, despite being so much worried, I used to console myself in one or other way. The only thing is that, it was never easy.

    I always thought of it as a big problem with my personality. This always used to bring me to the question, that, whether being an introvert is the worst thing ever. To all those extrovert folks out there, who pride themselves and show a pity on people like us, I would say very definitely, that, no, introversion is not a disease. It's not the worst thing, even it's not bad at all. On the contrary, it's the most beautiful thing about a person. So what, if we are introverts, we also share the same zeal about living out our life fully, enjoying all the small moments and the right to reach every pinnacle of success like everyone else in this world. You all extroverts have got no right to look down on us, instead you folks should be greatly thankful to us for our kind and generous behavior.

    I would like to say just one thing to all the people out there like me, that being an introvert is not an act of low self esteem or dubious personality. It's not like commiting the biggest blunder. But, rather it's just a personality type. And, being an introvert never makes us all less of a person. Instead, it makes us all unique and powerful in a very different way. Because, many introverts in the world out there, have gone to achieve greatest heights of all. So, folks just be proud and never ever subject yourself to unnecessary guilt like what I wrongfully did. Be proud of being an introvert and make your life more wonderful.

    With love
    From an introvert

    PS - Picture clicked by me

    #love #pod #introverts #ceesreposts #cees_speak #mirakee #writersnetwork

    @sakshirajput @himanshi_sharma @the_story_weed @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    A letter to the world.



  • x_lost_illusion_x 139w

    My Box (repost)

    When i was born, i was put in a box
    Female, cisgender, straight
    My parents didnt know i wouldnt stay in that box
    They would just have to wait
    I grew up like any other little girl
    Loving princesses and playing dolls
    I was so distracted in my box
    I didnt see the cracks in the walls
    For 10 years i grew and grew
    But it was getting harder to breath
    Then one day i woke up and saw
    The constricting walls close around me
    I walked through my days so uncomfortable
    And continued on not knowing
    I said to myself that this is normal
    And just another part of growing
    And for all those years i lived this way
    But it was only a matter of time
    Before i realized the body that i was born in
    Was never actually mine
    Everyone says that God created
    You just so perfectly
    But it seemed to me that this wasn't the case
    And this form is not for me
    Today I stand with my brothers and sisters
    Not holding our feelings inside
    We wave a flag of blue pink and white
    Bursting with transgender pride

  • poetrydelivery 139w

    Señoras________ #cees_speak _________challenge

    **#mirakee #writersnetwork **
    @shashwatmishra_kanahiya @soulwriter
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    Thank you for this challenge , I finally finished chewing the remainder of my pen�� here's my submission full of admitting things.
    It's late but that's only because of time in which I dont believe in. ��

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    Im dying to tell you all this...

    How do I began.
    What end do I put to my finishing first..
    What pen do I hold to cry some more..
    what canvas will i bleed on the most
    What emotional moment written would I've liked returned.

    If you ask the pen we all squeeze it the same.

    Only the lines will know who you blame.
    And all empty spaces are meant to hold what's shameless in place.

    So now i speak about me and what makes me weak and sometimes the weakest. Where I'm good and awesome at and even where in feel im the best.


    If im different like everyone else.
    Then that's the same like everything else.
    So I like to think where the same but feel about things differently.

    I'm weird
    But fear looks like a chicken
    I care to show respect
    Even when time is unpleasant.
    I'll hear you
    and I'll built many questions.
    And you'll even get mad
    cuz I cared enough to Pay attention.
    Everyone says im a nice person
    But that holds a question.
    That's because they need attention.
    I think about what needs help
    or who has to much help.
    Im sad most of the time but smile in between and worry all the time. Im 37 and my mind is always in heaven. I love to put myself in places in dont belong. And you see that I hate to be wrong. Lol I don't think that's wrong.
    I'm Down to earth, and down with the worse.
    I don't complain in front of others. I was even once a father, but not any longer" So it those not matter. I like having fun if everyone is yoning. But I won't be series if everyone is laughing. Ill tell a joke if everybody is crying. And I'll die for a mosquito just cuz he's little. and kill a whole country to feed the hungry.
    And my excuse will be "At least the dead ain't starving. I'll even open a door for girl in the 20th century. I'll Help you with advice when your going thru purity. I'll walk bye the homeless and give what in have for charity.
    Im not poor or rich im wealthy because im worthy...i look at my life and wish in had yours
    But that's only to make yours better..lol..
    I've been in love that there should say enough.
    I drive a car but better at driving others crazy.
    I won't lie i hate bye as much as if I died.
    You can't advice someone who read a book with every single advice you can give anyone.
    And I get shy hard and fast but you can't tell because I'm a better actor.. I'm very close to my family and love them dearly but weird is that in can't keep my own and that hurts daily.
    I love all animals but just starting to like cats.
    Ten years ago that would of been a heart attack.. I never really ever sleep. And always watch my step. But one thing you can see if you met me. And that's that I'm happy to meet you too..