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  • jeelpatel 45w

    #cees_rise_chall Thank you for this beautiful challenge ��

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    Firefly in hurricane

    Time is replaced by an evil doppelganger hue
    Oil soaked hands lose all threads,
    Rope on which you walk gives you quakes,
    Bullets dig the chest deeper
    Though loopholes ooze blue poetries
    Of still stand persistent of yourself
    Like tall pine tree in hurricane

    Seas, for your toes fall in moist mud
    To listen pragmatic songs of life shades
    In those salt sheets of billows, now
    Leave you dry and dead at the shore
    Piercing your back with floods
    But you wade an ocean like that
    Ocean stork of new genesis

    Town of heart of hearts, ramparted with
    Muddle of jagged pieces of heartbreaks
    By your own cold hands to
    Feel like safe soldier in barrack
    But gravity of bold stroke make
    All safe boundaries collapsed
    Though you do rise above the horizon
    With that rutilant sun

    //You have kept vigil over unhackneyed wounds
    Above your broad bones and below the
    Papery skin, you’ve coaxed pain not to
    Scream out on cracked walls and scratch
    Silent sleep, with flock of winds you’ve chased
    Fugitive peace and within the folds of
    Hurricane you’ve risen like a firefly in dark forest//


  • lovinme_aditi 45w

    See how I rise from the ashes
    And ruin your well gained fame
    See how I lace your blood
    With toxicating venom
    And make you suffer
    Just the way I did
    See how I demolish your kingdom
    And make you wander
    Like a lonely kid
    See how I convert your radiating aura
    Into the ashes of darkness
    See how I justice the each and every tear
    Leaked from the debris of my heart
    How all your devious was plans
    Are thrown into a hole of failure
    #love #poem #heart #heartbreak #suffer
    #lonely #cees_rise_chall


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    Rise and Shine

    See how I rise from the ashes

  • zoya_charmz 45w

    Thank you for the repost...❤️ @carolyns_challenges



    Beyond the silence of
    the Universe, there lies
    a void of deep innocence.
    I believe although it's
    already vast, it has the
    very profound essence.
    The knowledge I adore,
    is strongly substantial.
    Freedom of expression
    is the key to be liberal.
    The enormous creatures
    are towards a havoc.
    To nurture the nature is
    the only way to stop.

    The untold stories of the
    silenced sleepless nights.
    Very less it could find its own right.
    Unexpressed feelings growing
    beneath the coldness of the Earth.
    There is a lot of unfulfilled needs,
    so it remains with a touch of dearth.
    Endless hope to illuminate
    the dark World with a vision.
    To brighten up the nature
    with a vivid colorful fusion.

    Knocking the doors of the unseen
    truth where the tides rise, the tides fall.
    Galaxies adorned with the myriad of Stars,
    the morning breaks and the Cuckoo calls.
    Wandering in search of the unknown reality.
    Can I catch a glimpse of the pure serenity?
    I rise, I fall; even lost in the void but
    then my life echoed and I realized;
    Life is a gift, there is a peace within it.
    Embrace each and every moment till eternity.
    May the Universe flow in the "Ocean Of Tranquillity".


    @mirakee @writersnetwork @carolyns_challenges
    #pod #themeprompt #riseandshine #challenge #cees_rise_chall

    #silence #universe #void #innocence #believe #hope #essence #knowledge #substantial #liberal #adore #freedom #nurture #nature #untoldstories
    #sleeplessnights #feelings #earth #touch #stars #illuminate #vision #color #fusion #galaxies #vivid #morning #cuckoo #reality #serenity #life #peace #embrace #moment #eternity #ocean #tranquillity

    Image credit goes to myself.


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    I rise, I fall; even lost in the void but
    then my life echoed and I realized;
    Life is a gift, there is a peace within it.
    Embrace each and every moment till eternity.
    May the Universe flow in the"Ocean Of Tranquillity".


  • mr_lucifer 45w

    Words credit : absolutely (goofy) me
    Image credit : pinterest

    @carolyns_challenges @writersnetwork @mirakee



    I (am) was goofy
    She wanted an alpha
    Ripped me apart
    She pretended I don't have a heart
    Pushed me in sorrow pit
    Which I never wanted to commit
    Then you came into my life
    You wasn't a rife
    But the bliss
    You pushed me in the abyss
    Where I never felt sorrow
    You came like a lifebuoy
    Like an angel sent
    To keep an eye on this boy


    lo siento señora Carolyn llego tarde

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    Querido amigo


  • brahmleen_ 45w

    Barbarous days of hidden despondency
    rugged days of broken wet lashes
    highest fall from the cliff of roller coasters
    nor once, neither twice , not thrice
    but incessantly.....
    then, it's a life to be lived
    life to rise and shine


    Life is a journey of thoughts
    where she has fought all odds

    Life is not always about leisure
    rather, it is full of joy and pleasure

    If life doesn't give you pain
    there will be no gain

    Life also gives you memories
    which once were families

    Life has taught me many morals
    which are a bunch of floras

    Sometimes, it's dark
    but, it's a part

    Even in the dark there is an eye
    because light can never die

    In your life, don't be so proud
    be humble like a cloud

    Lift this world with humility
    because it shows your ability

    Be kind to all
    because life lies in all

    Be a super-woman
    and face all the troubles like a super -man

    Never think of giving up
    enlighten yourself with rising up

    Only, if you focus on your dream
    it will give you a beam

    Life is beautiful
    make it shine even more wonderful.


    "Life is worthy either way
    hurdles touched the giggles of my life
    to make me strong and better
    rise like a new zephyr
    shine like a fresh glitter"

    #cees_rise_chall #riseandshine
    #writersnetwork #mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakee @carolyns_challenges
    (first four lines belong to my old post)

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  • fakiya 45w

    #repost #oldpost #cees_rise_chall

    Rise and shine:

    Fabric of heart is too delicate
    Some situations can be ominous
    Thou it's weaves onerously
    I regret to wear the excoriating pain
    I walk through the stormy path
    I listen the sound of my soaring dreams
    I discerns the gentle fabric
    An unspoken monologue of disgrace
    That shatters the life and gave a tussle
    Despite of thy shattered pieces
    Creating lilliputian slits in mine
    Wherefore thou I interwoven the threads of desire
    Rise strauncher after every fall
    Never to extuviate armour
    I fall only to rise!!

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  • bliss__ 45w

    Now or never..

    Thanks to social media and every other media
    Being slim is beauty
    Being fair is beauty
    Being thick is beauty
    Wearing less clothes is beauty
    Wearing more make-up is beauty
    I was always a fluffy kid
    Still am a fluffy woman
    Body shaming is old news for me
    I never really cared about myself
    The way I looked or dressed
    I still don't..
    Walking from my room to the kitchen was the only exercise is did
    I don't know where it came from
    The fact that I want to be fit
    I always kept pushing away that thought
    Finally giving into that thought, I started working out....
    Now this was no hardcore workout, since I was just doing it for the sake of it
    Doing barely 2 or 3 workouts took me 45 min to complete.
    Fast forward to 5 months
    Still doing my lazy workout
    YouTube recommended me videos like "100 day challenge" and stuff
    Well after going over dosens of videos
    I found one that looked doable
    Determination just showered over me
    Got a pen paper, made up a calander and noted down the workouts
    I started with 4 workouts which would take me again 45 min or so
    It's been a month now, I do 9 workouts within 1:15 min
    And it has changed my life for the best
    So far there has been no great weight loss
    But muscle tone is at its finest
    And I try my best to never miss even a single day of workout
    Also still trying to figure out where this determination is coming from...

  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 45w

    #cees_rise_chall #mirakee #writersnetwork
    #life #lesson #success #bts #staygold
    #pod @mirakee @writersnetwork

    5 July 2020 7.20 am

    Rise and Shine : Gold

    Propitious moment t'was, I began my journey
    Mighty sunbeam permeated the atmosphere
    Divine droplets showered my path at intervals
    Destination set on my academy, the day of results

    Afterwards the declaration and the ceremony
    List of allotment was put up in the front desk
    My mind was made up to leave the institution
    A decade of strict rules and suffering took it's toll

    Studies always bothered me, it was really hard
    I never had some time for myself, running with time
    Fun with friends or family functions, I always bailed
    What I never expected was, a sure seat in next class

    As it was fated, I stayed there itself, more suffering awaited
    I remember seeing the quote," Man proposes God disposes"
    The day before my first class ; two more years of struggle
    Then you'll be free for life, continue to conceal your fears

    A new beginning is a blessing, early months were easy
    I prepared for everything in advance, had time for revisions
    What I was to confront was a series of prejudiced dramas
    It affected my peace of mind, I got scared of wanting more

    The golden star I wanted will be snatched by someone else
    I'll not have the strength to fight for it, my mind was weak
    Parents stood beside me, gave me strength and support
    Sleepless nights were a ritual, perplexed mind a habit

    Often I dosed off on the table or slept without a blanket
    So that I can wake up before the alarm and study more
    At inhuman hours I sit and study, nothing else in my life
    Sometimes I scribbled something myself just for a healing

    Throughout the time, I had to face hurdles in the form of
    Results or remarks, my health being a constant concern
    All my hard work went to waste during the finals week
    Preparation plan failed, I gazed at the lamplight in dilemma

    My mind was blank while everyone was reciting lessons
    Last moment of school life, 'turn back, you never had a life'
    I wrote my finals with a broken heart, returned home empty
    Unbeknownst to me, my mission was already a success

    The golden star is mine to hold, celebrations began but
    I cried my heart out, I'll never forget that moment in my life
    I received the trophy in front of my parents, I was proud
    Because I made them proud, because I always stayed gold


    ~* Thank you Carolyn Ma'am for this Challenge. This is something very special to me, I had given up on studies due to the stress and the way things were going, I never was accepted about my goals. I was never a consistent student prior to this, but by some miracle, I could become one of the best and then keep up that. I wanted to show the people who mocked that I'm gold. I never went to fight, even when I received nothing in return for my hard work. I even had to deal with many personal matters at that time. KV, my school is the best. But I thought I'm not the best student to be there. All because of prejudiced opinions. In the end I shut everything out and listened to only my heart. And that was what brought me Victory. This is a shout-out for all those who give up on their dreams because of how the world reacts to you. YOU are your world. Like the song,
    " Even if the whole world is cold to you... Stay Gold " *~

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    Rise and Shine : Gold

    Propitious moment t'was, I began my journey
    Mighty sunbeam permeated the atmosphere
    Divine droplets showered my path at intervals
    Destination set on my academy, the day of results


  • tejaswini_3 45w

    Self Love

    In those dullsvillle noons,
    I do remember still—
    The cerise Mirabilis opened;
    And the doors were closed,
    of my small room,

    The mirror watching me;
    A skinny dark colleen with,
    Tousled black flicks,
    Who was ever morose,

    For derisions were hurled—
    You ain't pretty; just bones,
    Girl, grow some flesh!
    Be more beauteous,
    Not just studious;
    Books won't help, but only
    Alluring looks shall!

    And I was drifting slowly,
    In the world of criticism,
    My self-esteem evanesced,
    Wilted were buds of hope,
    And left were just thorns,

    A pseudo love for cosmetics,
    I had developed—
    Maroon mascaras, lilac lipglosses,
    Dazzling tops, exquisite denims,
    To look prepossessing!

    And at last these were over,
    Empty pouches of macquillages,
    Lying on my escritoire;
    And for the first time,
    I fancied my own delicacy;
    A young smart lady, so plain,
    Black beady eyes, ruby lips,
    Plush cheeks; without makeup,
    And I fell in love- with myself,

    That bright day, I knew,
    Beauty rests in thoughts,
    Not in your eyes,
    I learned to respect my ownself,
    For my unique personality,

    //And that's how I shone, without rising as the mighty Sun,
    But as that flickering lamp, who had the will,
    to flare in hearts, of many more unseen beauties//

  • kinzak 45w

    After staggering and stumbling many times
    At last I reached to the station
    Where that was waiting for me
    Engulfed with many questions
    Staring at me in hopes
    Her last breath was going to be out
    Before I shout
    No don't go
    Don't leave me
    She said with pang of layers
    No it's too late now
    Did wait for you for years
    Didn't see your sight anywhere
    And now you are here when my life is falling down after getting dried like leaves in autumn
    Except your memories my body was hollow
    I dived in the sea of emotions many times
    But came out dry, hopeless with empty hands
    My instincts were telling me that you will come
    But my body wanted to leave my soul
    Never feel upset
    Whenever you want to see me
    Look up in the sky
    My dwell would be in any bright star
    I would wave you with grinned face
    Would shower you with beauty of rays
    I would come in your sleep like a beautiful dream
    Never curse yourself that you are late
    But up in the sky we will meet again have faith
    With thousands of kisses and millions of wishes
    I'm leaving you to meet you up again the paradise forever
    #cees_rise_chall #mirakee #mirakeeworld #mirakeewriters #mirakeean #readwriteunite #pod #stories #writersnetwork #words

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    After staggering and stumbling many times


  • sunnyjade 45w

    Darkness overwhelming the scenes of dreams
    Obstacles twirling high above
    Pain, a secret too big too hide
    Drifting through the muddled water of memories
    Hidden beneath the scars of time
    Emotions too deep to predict the present

    A pen in hand and a sketch in mind
    Oh, what secret too big to conceal
    Echo of my faults seem to grow

    Shell of time pressing down on me
    Regrets too big to let go
    Betrayals words fail to explain
    Hope snuffed out before it glow

    Wait, can this pages of smiles be mine
    Can the warmth envelope me
    For this soul is tired

    Will the ever after be a reality or a tale of the fables
    Will my wishes light up my way
    For years have made me yearned for love
    And my heart giving up before a start
    The door to my entrance gradually shutting out it's light

    In the bleakness of giving up, came a bang
    A whisper of strength, an armour of protection
    A tug to awaken the dying embers
    Listen to the whispers of nature and reach out

    I rose from the shackles of hatred and the warmth of lies
    Gone is the remorse of losing for I have overcome my fears
    Done is the regrets of memories that once pulled me down
    All the ordeals finally one with the raindrops, flowing down with the pull of nature

    Rise and shine for the light to cast it's rays


  • the_plash_writes 45w

    I Will Rise

    Bring me some fire
    When am drowning dark
    Show me the light
    The eternal spark
    With every flame
    I will rise
    I will leave dark
    Be more wise 

    Hold my hands
    When am falling down
    Tie me with a rope
    Of sacred vows
    Pull me up
    I will rise
    I will climb
    Be more devised 

    Tell me the truth
    When am all lies
    Teach me verities
    A good advice
    With every lesson
    I will rise
    I will learn
    Myths demise

    Please forgive
    When am wrong
    Punish if it takes
    Till am right
    Guide me the way
    To your halls
    A world so pure
    Heaven, they call
    With each step
    I will rise 
    I will walk
    Leave this abyss


  • bethinkful 45w

    Apparently if you help an emperor moth
    Out of its cocoon, it emerges underdeveloped
    And passes away

    Reliance on an external savior does little
    For the life that is trying to progress,
    Trying to live life above
    The ground

    Rather, the cocoon knows what hardship awaits
    Deep, deep inside itself; knows what it takes
    For wings to be capable
    Of flight

    So...rise (yes, I said rise), but not from death
    Rise instead from root to crown, from self
    To oneness, from being risen by
    Someone else

    To flying from
    Your own
    Divine power

    © bethinkful
    Image ©Josephine Cardin/IG @cardinphotography

    #rise #riseandshine #divinewithin #yinenergy
    #rootchakra #crownchakra #weareone #collectiveconsciousness #cocreators
    @writersnetwork @writerstolli @mirakee #pod

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    RISE (and shine)


  • twinkling_girl 45w

    Clutching the veils of dark shadows
    Prey to pause
    And pay the AGONY

    She inhales the breeze
    Of rust and snow

    To limit the verses
    Over BlANK pages
    Of dust and dew

    The smell of rain
    And titling of drops
    Exuberant to meadows
    And oceans in DARK

    Delusional belief
    Dense to reep
    And measure too deep

    Rise and Fall
    Under the sky
    Embers the path of
    Zeal and zest

    She contended to herself
    And sank in DEPTH
    Beaning a figment of
    Fire and fierce



    l #ceesrepost @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    If only she could say ,her voice is sealed
    If only she could see, an amber eyes holding vision blue
    Depicting the season of
    Spring and autumn
    Frail of falls

  • pen_to_paper 45w

    I am my own hero

    I filled the river with tears
    I filled the river with tears over the years
    with lighting eyes and thunderous heart
    I filled the river with tears
    fiercer and fiercer the flow would flow
    only a flow
    I would know
    and when it rains
    it pours
    it goes on and on
    for hours and hours and hours
    it goes on for years
    till one day
    my teardrops dried up like a flowless river
    left deep cracks in my cheeks
    and muddy inprints in my heart forever
    for each tear I shed
    pieces of my broken face bled
    eye to eye I stared at death in the river bed
    thought I would drown in my sorrow
    thought I would not see the sunrise of tomorrow
    thought I'd die desperately in the dirt
    thought on life
    I'd just give up
    but I pulled myself
    out of deaths watchful eyes
    let lightning lead me
    help me be wise
    calmed the thunder
    and replaced it with silence
    took a while
    but I asked help from patience
    took the mud healed my cracked face
    found myself
    in a better place
    now I no longer fill the river with tears
    I stopped filling the river
    over the years

    Picture credit:pinterest

    #cees_rise_chall #pod #writersnetwork #mirakee

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  • tigress_writes 45w

    The clock strikes 12. The midnight of my life. When the veracity is a moon shining bright and straight at you, against the enshrouding darkness.

    I see mature women, with grins like cheshire cats, out hunting for their preys - A prospective bride for their sons. With an owl's gaze, they can scan your soul. Sorry, I mean, your superficial being. They would love to take you as a candle that would brighten their dark homes. Or maybe, put you up as a decorative star on the veranda of their dull homes.

    My ears pick up a rustling sound, as men mass up to share their strings of collected joys. Yet, they go back to their source of light, their homes, advicing their wives that it would be a shame to do the same. What's more confounding is how the double standards are not even treated with a bolt of curiosity, as the wife submits to it like a music too grim.

    Maybe I won't be able to clear the mists that are clouding the moon, tonight. But just as I have learnt to see the moon, I wish to teach the same to children with brushes in their hand, ready to paint the world. So next time, their paint drips they don't discriminate between blues and pinks and recognise that true beauty, lies within.

    My journey in the fog is unpredictable, but as I clear the mists of 'culture' and "that's how it's always been", I show these kids the light years ahead of full moon nights. That's my personal achievement, as a teacher, to grow little stars that will be strong and iridescent despite the gloomy sky. That's how, I rise.
    ©Tigress_writes ��

    ¶5.7.20|2:00am (GMT+5:30)

    ~Pic from Pinterest

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli @writersbay @carolyns_challenges #pod #midnightc #iridescentc #cees_rise_chall #ceesreposts #July20_musings #clawsof_rawink

    P. S I wrote this really late��so excuse the mistakes��

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  • dieudonnesong 45w


    .If today I soar the skies,
    It's because yesterday I ceased to cry.
    Pain knew me by name
    And I knew him all the same.
    People whispered behind my back:
    "Oh look at him he's too black!"
    There were people with whom I could belong,
    Yet the glares hardly uttered a welcome.
    Some call me a genius today,
    Well, it wasn't always this way.
    I was somewhat mediocre,
    And my grades were often average
    Untill a joyous episode made me acknowledge
    That there's joy in doing better.

    Then I got my mind ruminating,
    A rise-and-shine moment One may say:
    "What does it matter if I'm not good-looking;
    Besides no one's perfect anyway."
    The words of my Maths teacher became for me a cliche:
    "Endeavor to practice everyday"
    And so I did, securing my space,
    Till I became the introvert with a boldface.


  • deepajoshidhawan 45w

    This is not a story but a real incidence narrated
    by one of the patients.
    Female foeticide is a burning issue in India and
    prenatal sex determination of child is a criminal
    The doctors involved in this crime should be
    punished to the maximum but the question is,
    Is it possible without willingness and consent
    of would be parents of those unfortunate,
    unborn girls?

    #cees_rise_chall @carolyns_challenges
    #writersnetwork @writersnetwork
    #mirakee @mirakee

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    He And She

    She had a cute baby girl, her bundle of joy
    He, somehow, had always craved for a boy

    Her life revolved around her child totally
    His mind was full of different plans only

    She conceived once again with God's grace
    And shared good news with a blushing face

    He was happy but started scheming a bit too
    "Let's hope darling , A boy this time it has to"

    "Twins" The doctor smiled with joy profound
    Two tiny dots flashed in utero, on ultrasound

    "Boy or Girl" His immediate question was
    "No, that's illegal" doctor's reaction was

    He searched a place for sex determination
    Twin girls, was all he got as confirmation

    He convinced her to undergo an abortion
    The next morning was the earliest option

    She woke up in the middle of that very night
    Begged him crying "Your decision is not right"

    "Those unborn babies did not let me sleep
    To kill them is pretty inhuman and cheap"

    " I am going to protect them till I am alive
    One thing is sure, they are going to survive"

    " Listen, There is either them or me" he said
    She replied "Go ahead, I am not at all afraid"

    "I should raise them as a single mother rather
    They'll never know how weak was their father"

    "Why do we consider only girls as our liability
    The world should now accept gender equality"

    "I think both of us need a little more space"
    She stepped out wearing smile on her face

  • nikitadwivedi 45w

    Every night has a story

    Just like today I'm stuck in the mesh of emotions. One moment I feel like I am drowning in the pool of melancholy. The other, I find myself swimming in the hope to be saved.
    One moment I feel like a fish, agonizing on barren land out of scarcity of water and silently wishing for death. The other moment I feel like Rapunzel, a caged princess who's wishing for someone to come and break the shackles and free her from perturbed and disheartening ambience and take her to the unseen beautiful world.
    One moment I feel like those lifeless broken pieces of a glass who want to be thrown away.The other, I feel like deteriorated painting hung on the wall waiting for an artist to make it a masterpiece before it's completely demolished.
    One moment I feel like quitting everything and sleep peacefully forever. The other I feel like never giving up and fighting like a lionesses till last breath.
    Irrespective of this dark colour of night and my dark and dubious emotions of one moment I will keep choosing the luminosity of moon and a bit salacious feelings of the other moment.
    I won't give up ever.I will win to see a dazzling girl in future who didn't surrender to the darkness and kept fighting.
    ©nikita Dwivedi

  • justranz 45w

    That day ,I knew I Iost him ,
    Him who's love was now like a thick carapace
    My world was falling ,
    my whole existence seemed appalling
    I was trying to find myself in those empty Eyes
    In a bolted heart I was struggling to find my place
    I opened my arms and hugged myself
    so tight that the older me melted with no trace
    I patted my own back for making this far and told myself you are Survivor !
    So what ? if you are out of Race ...
    For the first time I spoke to my heart
    And realised all this while I eluded
    from my self ..I was miles apart
    I told this tiny,shattered fragment
    Of my sunken soul...gather your pieces
    You are have just stumbled ,
    not yet fallen from grace ...
    That day I found the Love I sought
    I found the person
    for whom I fought
    in my own 'Embrace

    #cees_rise_chall #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    That Day

    That day ,
    I knew I Iost him ,
    Him who's love was now like a thick carapace