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  • krishnega 11w

    #personalfavwrites #cees_cw_chall

    I sat to write something for Carolyn’s challenge and this happened.

    -shall be continued

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    I go dark into the night,
    The sky is moonless starlit
    There’s nothing on my mind;
    There’s no one calling my name.

    I go dark into the night,
    The voice is loud and deafening
    There are doubts and fears
    There’s darkness haunting the light.

    I go dark into the night
    The familiar faces smiling bright
    There’s hope holding my hand
    The table is served with gratitude

    I go dark into the night
    There’s rain pouring out the pain
    There are tears flowing into the sea
    The stories are melancholy and true.

    I go dark into the night
    With a youthful heart, running wild
    There’s reckless dancing and love
    The music is very merry and loud.

    I go dark into the night
    Excited and high on adrenaline
    I tap on the jasmine and tuberose
    And kiss all the howling wolves

    I go dark into the night
    Normal and refreshing as
    The aching body falls asleep
    Fulfilling the days work, I rest.

    I go dark into the night
    Of what-ifs and could-have-beens
    Waiting on the monsters ‘neath my bed
    To exorcise my thoughts.

    I go dark into the night
    Appalled by the blurred details of
    The proteins, structures and biology
    Flabbergasted by the complexity of existence.

    I go dark into the night
    With half written poems
    And unspoken truths of love
    Troubled and restless, tossing on the bed.

    I go dark into the night,
    Counting stars and telling tales
    Smiling at the vacant space
    As memories flood my brain.

    I go dark into the night.


  • brahmleen_ 11w

    Standing in the middle of 15
    inch tall glass sat at the
    corner of my heart drinking
    the bowls of some ancient 
    plums leaping on the
    grounds of yesterday 
    they chopped my pen and made
    me quill with torn skin
    of fingers making
    caricatures of bridges 
    I crossed
    they put me on a hot
    cauldron and boiled my inner
    with it's fluttering flesh 
    scattered pieces of clay
    they seep amid my veins
    forming a blurred sculpture
    I see my own shadow
    drenched in woes 
    they made beside there
    a watery sky gasping
    in a new horizon
    oozing plain floras
    eating buds of yellow
    soaking the dews dancing
    during sunsets waiting
    for sun combed beams 


  • passionbookworm 11w

    Up above the hills
    Among the field of daffodils
    A manic echo heard
    Oh, it was the beast, fettered

    Finally caught blue and battered
    Prayers of the ton answered
    The danger now terminated
    'Twas the night of the decade

    Vestures covered with dirt, bloodstained
    The strength from the fight regained
    Gathered, the great unwashed
    To see the beast all squashed

    Excitement mixed with agitation
    Condemning sense of alleviation
    Safety and security now accomplished
    This moment, they celebrated and cherished

    With heads held high, and egos down
    Danced, feasted and laughed the whole town
    The death of the beast still beguiled
    'Twas the end of the untamed and wild
    ' Twas the merry call of the wild

    I'm not sure if it makes sense to you guys. It just came to my mind and I went on with it. Thank you for your challenge ma' am.

    #ego #wod #pod #writersnetwork #mirakee #cees_cw_chall #callofthewild #passionbookworm
    @writersnetwork @mirakee @amateurkikushi

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    The voice thundered, feral and riled
    'Twas the enraged roar of the wild

  • herteddy 11w

    Humans took a mighty leap
    Very high and also deep
    They have longed themselves from nature
    And so can't hear the call of the wild

    Forests, jungles, mountains and trees
    That Connects with every living being
    They're cutting them down with no mercy
    Ending their own life of estasy

    The animals that roared
    Now in cages they mourn
    The birds that soared
    Are now dying with wounds

    Rivers and lakes are getting empty
    Soon there'll be no fishes around
    The creatures that were getting extinct
    Now only there picture's will be found

    What a world we are left with now
    There's really nothing to gaze on
    I wish this would have never happened
    If only we've heard the call of the wild
    #cees_cw_chall #herteddy @_luvnotz_outpost @writersnetwork

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    Call of the wild

  • the_frozenn_heart 11w

    Walking down the street of balladries
    on the lanes of heartbreak,
    a hallucination of my beloved
    kept on enchanting:
    "Does the dreams of our past glories
    bring tears to your eyes?
    Does the clasp of our gallant stories
    draw from your bosom tender sighs?
    Oh! Grieve not for our love to drown
    we have seen camphor and matchsticks too burning down.
    In the wisdom of illusions,
    we've seen their flames rising with ravishing glamour,
    And now,
    the inflection of our hearts will reinstate rousing the fate lines of our amour."

    It wasn't just a moment of epiphany but a call of wild for me.

    My heart rotates 180°
    on the axis of self worth,
    where the last ounce of my strength
    dig up the burried roar of
    this wounded lioness
    living in the veil of teenage girl,
    and a pragmatic voice
    arouse from the thunder
    of my flooded eyes
    to re-establish my obliterating love
    and a prolonged howl
    rise beneath the moon of
    my sanguine soul
    to redefine the beauty
    which was imprisoned by
    the ethics of this society.

    Nothing is impossible as long as you've faith in your own self, you just need to seek the call of wild within you...

    @redolent_smile @love_whispererr @fromwitchpen @zoya_charmz

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    I'm writing so insane things now a days...

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  • a_gentilischi 11w

    Many thanks to @_luvnotz_outpost for another amazing challenge. ❤️
    I had such fun with it. I'd go as far as to say that I went wild with it. ��
    Aaaand, if you're wondering about the uneven number of lines in verses, just add up the first letters of each line. ��

    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi
    PC : Pinterest

    #pod #wild #life #thoughts #fate
    #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    Call of the wild

    Cresting harsh echos, over the dark misty mountains
    Ardent, azure sea waves soothing its torn open cry
    Lilting dance of mango boughs and leaves of plantains
    Lushly composed birdsong, clouds gone in cerulean sky

    Over and over, growing more powerful each time
    Fearsome is the Call of the Wild, yet it's quite sublime

    Thoughts so raw and primal, put on a pedestal to stare
    Hate, greed and cruelty, accompanying despair
    Evolved but ignorant, in the other way we glare

    Wind, water, fire, air all screaming knelt in frenzied prayer
    In a fractured world , where survival is quite rare
    Lying in bed, earphones plugged, botoxed legs flailing air
    Do humans heed the Call of Wild? Do they know it's there?


  • dieudonnesong 11w

    "The call of the wild" credits to Jack London.
    Honouring the challenge of Ma'am Carolyn

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    The Call of the wild

    There's this voice within;
    A voice unique.
    Friends with freedom;
    Fettered by me.

    Through my eyes
    He gazes on,
    To the skies above
    And the soil below.

    "Take me for a spin
    I beg you please;
    To the beauty of nature
    And the laughter of children.

    Over and over
    I hear it say.
    And over and over
    I always say:

    "I'm too busy today...
    I've got no money on me...
    It's all a waste of time...
    I'll be lonely out there..."

    The wild calls to me.
    Can friends with him I be?
    I've got one life to live;
    A life fettered by me.


  • theobsessedwriter 11w

    This is an answer to @cindrellamnli poem 'Call of the Wild'
    So head over to her page and read that to get the context of this one
    Its therefore rightfully inspired by their submission and the creator of this challenge as I was informed later

    Thank you to @_luvnotz_outpost for creating this challenge and for your kind repost as well as kind review.

    #Mirakee #reflections #writersnetwork #poetry #sad #writersbay #writers #cees_cw_chall

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    Scared of the Wild

    What if the wild breaks me?
    Have you not fallen victim to the sorrows of the heart?
    Tell me, how can you choose to be brave when you've seen pain that cuts deeper than a sword
    I want to answer the call, but alas
    I can never forget how the wild fooled me with its gentle caress
    Kissed me so softly
    Held me as I let myself go
    Let myself fly in its hands
    Soaring in the wonder of true love
    Only to be dropped flat on my face
    I still remember the cold hard shock of it in the night
    The pillow is still stained with my tears
    And my poor dear heart has locked its gates
    Cowering in fear as it rightfully should
    Tell me, how can I answer?
    How can I not be afraid?


  • cindrellamnli 11w

    Call of the Wild

    Unshackle your heart, set it free
    Uve tamed it so long, its forgotten to beat!
    Dont chastize your lips if they yearn for a kiss
    Stop worrying about the future, just enjoy the present bliss!
    Let your imaginations go wild and emotions run high,
    When we've all come from the wild, what's there to sigh?
    For sometimes when the wild in you calls,
    Its ok to answer it once in a while!

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  • alkamarottickal 11w

    Hey dear Mirakeans ��This is a modest entry piece for the amazing challenge hosted by Madam Carolyn���� @_luvnotz_outpost. Hope you will all give it a kind read�� @bluepuppy01 @whentherainfalls @tomorrow_is_amazing @writersnetwork #mirakee #cees_cw_chall #innervoice

    That intramural verve which goes unheeded,
    The vigour that sometimes spurs out,
    The holler coming deep from your cavernous pit,
    The marked smiles that adorn your face at times.

    The call from the wild is but a call from within,
    The frenzy and the reverie that haunts your day,
    Now that could be the whistle of a bamboo pole,
    Or the ink that drips down from your pen.

    Could be the zephyr on a laborious mountain top,
    Or the first squiz of a flower you newly reared,
    Or the echoes of your words resonating out,
    The waltz tracing your symphony and throb.

    Your call is your look-in to make a difference,
    The tiara on your self, the sparkle unique
    Decipher your call and heed to the Wild,
    Let down your tresses and make the World cheer.

    Image credited to the rightful owner.

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    Your call is your look-in to make a difference,
    The tiara on your self, the sparkle unique
    Decipher your call and heed to the Wild,
    Let down your tresses and make the World cheer.

  • moon_child01 11w

    I really want to take a break from this busy life and want to response to the 'Call of the Wild'����❤️
    #cees_cw_chall Thanks for this opportunity! The topic is really amazing!! ����❤️❤️
    ( #alliteration )

    If a day like this come to my life, I'll go surely to this wild adventure with @dev_yash @childauthor_345 @lovesmessenger @zoya_charmz @wailingmage962 ❤️❤️❤️(jk)

    I'm a big fan of Bear Grylls and his 'Man vs Wild' ����

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    Call of the Wild

    Adventures adhere altogether with adore;
    Busy bee blissfully is believing to book a break.

    Creature under the comfy clouds capture the conscience;
    Deep inside the depression is dashingly dominated.

    Entertaining the entity of eternity of evolution and existence,
    Feel free from the flashbacks in this faithful firmament.

    Graceful green garment of grass gives glorious glad;
    Hunting Hawk howls from the horizon, happily.

    Implicit insects interfere in the intimate imaginations;
    Joy of the journey is jubilant in the jungle.

    Keeping the keen knowledge is not keyless for the kiddie;
    Leaves leak lullabies in the lost labyrinth, with love.

    Meditation under the mesmerizing Moon, mending the melancholy;
    Nature's nest neutralizes nostalgia with nourishment.

    Obsession of opportunities obliges the owl to be optimistic;
    Pumping poetry from the profound peace of purity.

    Quietness quietly quenches with its quality quip;
    Relaxation and rejuvenation are restored by the ranger.

    Some soothing scenarios can be scary in this symphony of serenity;
    Trees are tender toward a tired traveller.

    Unity of the universe is the umbrella underneath;
    Variation of visions are valour and vast.

    Wood is a wonder for the wanderer, we are;
    Xpectations from this xpedition is xciting and xcellent.

    Youthfully you yourself yell — yes!
    Zest of this zeal and zinnia are in the zephyr.


  • bubbly_bluebells 11w

    We walk through intention
    Call of the wild
    Do you know?
    When we don't have strong intention
    To do something new
    We can't move on in next track
    Call of the wild
    But intention should be of becoming
    Not getting something or someone
    Call of the wild
    Those intentions should be those curiosities
    Sprouts from heart reaching to dreamworld
    Never lived in this world yet
    Call of the wild
    Stop feeling or noticing change
    Where is your consistancy?
    The wild persistance
    For finding what you want
    Till it changes the atmosphere
    From dark to sunshine
    Call of the wild
    Heart is wild so don't deny
    Mind is sensor don't make master
    Once intention blooms
    Keep it cultivating
    Though you start working on other
    Wild intentions
    Its root of existence
    And to exist your roots should go deeper
    Else they will be uprooted
    It will be massive destruction
    Call out our wild heart
    Let it burn till death and beat
    Louder and louder
    Its collection of same intention
    Many times which is transformation
    Looks great success like Einstien
    Call of the wild
    We need concious to live moraly
    Which is treasure box of good intentions
    Within like Gold and it is practiced every breath
    Universe only wants commitment

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    Call of the wild

    What we can't feel does not means that it don't exist.It exist as truth for everyone but we think that not for me but for others cause God is not with us and we don't collect strength to chase it within till we find it and always cherish it after finding.

  • aurora_aks 11w

    The call of wild

    You take shelter underneath me
    Whenever it rains or from heat
    You eat my fruit and veggies
    But how many times you praises?
    You write beautiful poems on pages
    Doesn't they come from my trunks
    That I have since ages

    Yet you say you are human being
    And here comes the call of wild
    You roughly pull me out of my hides
    But you don't know that I want to survive
    I don't give up even after my barks bleed
    You roped, tired and snatch my beguile
    I'm a tree, shouldn't I have right to live my life?

    #cees_cw_chall #pod @mirakee @writersnetwork @_luvnotz_outpost

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    I'm a tree
    Is it a crime
    Due to which
    you're murdering


  • we_elude 11w

    My poignant shade that was bridging the intricate world of fractal was soon crippled by its own unknowingness and egotistical knowing .

    It wasn't a self inflicted emotion of 'poignancy' that gripped me and shut me into the hermit mode
    It was the unfelt emotion mixed with fear and wonder that I hesitated to walk into ..

    Afraid of its transitory nature
    I clamped myself to the 'futile permanence'
    It was a quick fix .....that break my inner little fixes

    Tried to assemble it with rationalization
    That terrified its realness

    Between the assumption of right and wrong
    I unheard the inner feeble voice .......now it is returning to me as the call of the wild ....
    Clearer and louder than ever before

    #cees_cw_chall #callofthewild #innervoice
    #mirakee #writersnetwork @mirkaee @writersnetwork #pod #writers #participation #challenge #firstchallenge @_luvnotz_outpost

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    seeing the unexplainable minuteness and connectivity of nature ............


    (More in caption)

  • sproutedseeds 11w


    We are the music,
    our expression is the lyrics
    when our thoughts play the tunes
    of our emotions depending on the mood
    Some loud in anger
    Some soft in love
    Some rocking with happiness
    Some sober when we feel low.

    The blend of ourself as a whole
    is played with the guidance of
    the inner voice, which brings out
    our character, attitude, through emotions
    at its best.

    Our purpose on this earth
    is fulfilled with these high and low notes
    in the journey of our life.
    Keep rocking with a balanced mind.

  • _create_23 11w

    #mirakee #writernetwork #cees_cw_chall #cees_reposts #prettypic316 @bluepuppy01
    @writersnetwork @mirakee

    Listen to the song "Queen" by Loren Gray and try to read the poetic piece which has now turned into a song on those beats and tunes. This will take time but I think you all will enjoy it.


    Choked my vein and kissed a bye
    Shook my faith and tears you cried
    To light your darkness
    To beg forgiveness from me
    Didn't you know I am strong enough?
    To break the chains of rusted love
    I don't need your ears to listen to me now

    When I caught your hidden lies
    You conveyed your broken smiles
    Neither I asked for your voice, but today
    I'ma show you
    I'ma show you
    To be wild and free
    (Yeah yeah yeah yeah)
    (Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah)
    You better keep your car keys
    Coz I'll walk miles on my heels
    I will be wild and free
    (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
    (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
    Coz I'll walk miles on my heels
    Can I defy your gravity!?
    I will be wild and free
    (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
    (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

    Sewed my lips and traced the sky
    Promised me to reach that high
    You knew my shadows
    Fooled me to follow you
    Didn't you know I am ruthless?
    To never answer your texts
    I love to see pain
    I hate to see you smile

    When I caught your hidden lies
    You made me dream of false aisles
    Neither I asked for your voice, but today
    I'ma show you
    I'ma show you
    To be wild and free
    (Yeah yeah yeah yeah)
    (Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah)
    You better keep your car keys
    Coz I'll walk miles on my heels
    I will be wild and free
    (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
    (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)


    Background picture credits to the original owner via @azureabyss . Visit the page to search inspiration for your next write-up.

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    Wild and free

  • monika1 11w

    Starts with an imaginary thought
    That comes out
    From their deep mind
    And sharpens
    Our inner believe
    That noted down
    Low and high notes
    Of indifferent thoughts
    Act as thoughtful quotes
    Instances of forgotton past
    With glimpses of recent present
    For the re-creation of future aspect
    By optimistic bubble
    Of jotted down the points on paper
    Set up new goal
    Blend of all
    Depicts the story of come on
    In every struggle move on
    As life always go on
    Be the real storyteller
    Justified it's worth from every corner
    At last as a tortoise
    Let your hardwork make noise
    Reach the destined place
    By your hardcore efforts and God's grace.

    Thank you.

    #high #wod @mirakee @writersnetwork
    #odetopoetc @writersbay

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    'Life always go on'

    (Read the caption)


  • pallavi4 11w

    Call of the wild

    In the rhythmic pounding of my heart
    I hear a constant pulsating beat
    Like an owl hooting in the dark
    Like the candid stomping of feet

    It is a primitive gravitational pull
    A force onto its own
    It is nature calling out to merge
    Blood to blood, bone to bone

    A savage cry for freedom
    For being forever vicious, forever free
    For being untamed and feral
    Roaming wild and from the world flee

    When nature calls out to you
    In a ferociously fierce shriek
    The unruly, unbroken spirit should respond
    In a roar resounding by a creek

    Deep in each one of us resides
    An undomesticated spirit inside
    That longs to be one with nature
    Belong to the bravado of a pride

    Give in to the chill of waterfalls
    Surrender to the sun’s warmth
    Luxuriate in the monsoon rains
    Return completely transformed

    Maybe it is a part of our genetic coding
    A part of our basic identity
    The call of the wild will always remain
    A fragment of our entity


    23rd of January, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner - Henry David Thoreau

    #callofthewild #ceesreposts #cees_cw_chall #wild @writersnetwork #writerstolli #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld #readwriteunite #thepoetrycommunity #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @mirakee

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  • yashvibansal 97w

    #different #introverted #pod@mirakee

    For me, the call of the wild is your inner voice. Thus tagging this piece.��

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    If Not Better,At Least Different!

    A busy room,
    Yet darkened,
    With gloom,
    For me,
    For I am not that comfortable,
    With so much company.
    I need time
    To recharge,
    As my inner voice chimes.
    Friends are lovely,
    Have a pleasant hue,
    But Solitude is a friend too.
    It allows me to interact
    With my inner voice,
    So for me,
    It has a calm,a poise.
    I do not hate people,
    And I love talking as much as you do,
    It is just that,
    Solitude is peace too.
    My conscience is a vent,
    If I am not better,
    At least I am different.