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  • muskaanbhatt 5w

    Cat vibes

    That moment when in darkness my cats try to catch my shadow on the walls of my room.

  • porcupine 8w

    Two cats from another town

    There are two cats here
    Ask them and they will say
    Roxie has the orange fur
    Butler he has the gray

    Laying in a chair or
    Stretched across the floor
    Relaxing in the huge bed
    Lounging all day until four

    Butler seems to know
    When the camera is close
    Always looking at it
    Like he's ready to pose

    Roxie is more relaxed
    She is timid and quiet
    Not willing to mingle
    But still a swell cat I bet

    I can't say I know these cats
    But I'm sure they are great
    One is open and friendly
    The other shy and sedate

    If I ever get to meet them
    That would definitely be neat
    If I bring temptations for them
    It would be a wonderful treat

    A friend gave me some background about his cats


  • kamrie872 10w

    My clothes are covered in my cat's affection
    I wear like a new fur coat
    Aggressively asking for love
    I have the bites to prove it
    If I am to belong
    It is to my cat

  • kaiotyk 14w

    Things I learned the hard way.

    Cats will sit anywhere you ask them not to. Siblings are a blessing from the Divine, when you may have pissed them off a little. The loudest ‘I love you’s aren’t always the most true. Mornings are best served melancholy. Sometimes the sky just tastes faintly of sadness; accept these times as they are. Those who love you hold your heart with shaky hands. You did not deserve what happened to you. Not a living soul can kick the passion from your breath. Poetry is a language. Cries for help are always the strongest song. Nothing will change unless we do. Not every warm hand that reaches for you is looking for anything more than a piece to take home. You are your own shining achievement for making it to where you are. I already love the me I could be; I’m still bickering with the me I am.

  • porcupine 15w

    A cat I know

    There's this cat I know
    And I can only say this
    He is one of the best
    Felines I've seen grow

    He is so very mellow
    And calm to be with
    Just give him your lap
    And love he will show

    He enjoys a treat or two
    And he is very content
    Then pet him a little
    And his loyalty is true

    He loves time outside
    He's gone most of the day
    And then still all night
    At sunrise he wants inside

    He will sleep so deeply
    Nothing will bother him
    Just until he is hungry
    Then he's a bit needy

    I love this cat to bits
    He's simply the best
    I want him to be happy
    Though he does no tricks

  • porcupine 15w


    So cute when they are young
    Full of energy like the sun
    Much curiosity

    They love chasing some string
    Well pretty much anything
    Often quickly

    Some of them are very docile
    Others can very easily be riled
    But still gritty

    They really love the affection
    When you have a connection
    It's so pretty

    Sleeping most of their time
    To them it is just fine
    Typical kitty

  • sathii 19w


    Dim lights,faded paths
    Lightening of memories
    Waves of emotions
    Ocean of tears
    Glass of happiness, cracked
    When silence started silencing me
    I heard two meows
    At different pitch
    Sunshine of hope, disappearing clouds of demons
    Found a home,with two tiny creature


  • _ra___ 19w

    Don't ever pet any animals..
    Because petting them is easy, buying them food is easy, them being with us is most beautiful thing, but loosing them is most horrible thing ever.

  • nightowl19 30w


    Cats are free spirits
    Not loyal to anyone, they wander
    Wherever they please
    Only coming home for food and warmth


  • kamikazemind 33w

    my Furry little thief.

    From my tiny kitchen window,
    comes inside a peeping amigo,
    jumped into my kitchen floor,
    while iam deep asleep in my snore!

    sniffing up the crumbs around,
    ending up eating terrified cockroaches that surrounds!
    it's also her hiding place from a hound,
    her skin orange, black and very little browned.

    Sometimes later Utensils clatter,
    glass bowls shatter,
    there she was, the calico,
    as she jumped off my tiny kitchen window,
    yawning with my half-asleep eyes,
    I saw that furry little thief leaving her goodbyes.

  • alluring_reflections97 33w

    Nursery rhyme :
    Tiny and me

    Tiny is my kitty's name.
    Her fur is soft and-
    Eyes are small.
    She meows at me,
    And I plays with her.
    She smiles at me,
    And I gives her milk.
    I catches the ball,
    She catches the mouse.
    I dance on hall,
    She roams in house.
    We together wake,
    And together sleep.
    In sunny day
    Or darker night,
    Tiny is my sweetest friend.


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    Tiny and Me

  • nothingleftsoiwrite 35w


    the cat came around the corner, casually crawled to be cozy on the couch,
    curled up cute Cleo paws clawing the comforter, caught me composing poetry
    can't comprehend the companionship a small cuddly critter can contain ❤️


  • sreedevi_ 38w

    What is your spirit animal ?

    What is my spirit animal ,
    Do I sound like an enamel.
    It's essential , you know ,
    They are better than the snow.

    How to understand which is ours?
    For that go out and speak with the nature few hours ,
    Then you seek a part of you ,
    That was unknown like your hue .

    What is life than to discover our deeper selves ?
    We waste it with gossiping and TV shows by ourselves.
    Instead jump out , take a break
    Live life like you are awake ...

    Yeah , my spirit animal is a cat ,
    Always shy , reserved , a spoiled brat
    I am happy even if it's late
    Let me stare at those kittens with a bait ......

    - Sreedevi G

  • luvnotes_challenge_host 38w

    As always, huge thanks and appreciation to all of you amazing souls out there who lend your time, talent, support, and participation to the challenges!! ❤
    There'll be a brief break for a day or two, and then I'll return with a new challenge that's so exciting it's almost guaranteed to knock your socks off... or at least get your pens going! ����✍
    In the meantime, here's an adorable image of my beloved friendly felines to distract you while I'm gone. See you soon! ����‍♀️

    P.S. On behalf of the canines in this household, they would like me to mention that we also have two dogs, and they're rather tired of hearing about the cats all the time. ��������

    *The image of five sweet and sassy Siamese Lynx Point kittens (who are now much older), is credited to myself, as I took the photo. ����

    #cats #catlover #fabulousfelines #animallover #animalsarelove #bekindtoanimals #dogsareawesometoo
    #hugyourcattoday #alwaysloveanimals

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  • wifey_suicide 38w

    Strange Cats

    I live in a castle all alone
    Next to a fish tank with no fish
    Lays my bed
    Just mattress on the floor
    For me just to adore
    Only thing knocking at my door
    Are the strange cats, that can’t stay away

    They tell me stories by my window
    I can’t let them in
    Otherwise they won’t go away
    They’ll just move in
    Without paying rent

    One is clawing at my screen
    Wishing they could come in
    Where it’s warm
    It’s cold
    At least Spring is a week away

    Says the cat,
    “I know you work for your things. You deserve the best. But I am only a cat. I can’t work like you. I have paws. So I can’t even drive. I am homeless, because I can’t do things like you.”
    “But please it’s cold outside, my fur can only keep me warm and it’s suppose to get colder once the sun runs away.”
    “Please I will love you... it’s the only trade I got.”

    “I’m so sorry, but if I bring you.
    I would have to bring rest of your crew.
    It’s unfair for everyone else, if I just take care of you.”

    Poor cat has no luck, little buddy gets upset, so they just disappear as the snow starts to drop.
    I feel bad.
    As the other cats start to sing out of tune.

    “Look, I can’t take care of all of you. I can’t just pick one. Otherwise there is no luck for the rest of you. You’ll hate me, for not picking you. You’ll disappear like how your buddy did, and I love your company, it keeps my home from being silent.”


  • seaweed 44w


    It was a pleasant afternoon in November. Down in the south, the weather is lovely during this time of the year, windy and sunny. Neither warm nor cold. Just perfect. Sunlight crept down through the tree leaves, making pretty patterns on the ground. An afternoon like this demanded a stroll in the neighborhood. Everything was peaceful. I could hear small pieces of conversations from the houses I passed. Some children were playing and shouting. I walked away from the noise.

    I espied a majestic ball of fur, on a wall. The neighbourhood cat was catching her siesta. I was tempted to tch-tch-tch at her. Then decided not to interrupt that divine repose. But she was awoken by a faint rustle in a bush. She opened one eye and peered out. It was an unappetizing beetle scurrying away. Quite insignificant. She went back to her meditation immediately.

    I watched her for some time. She knew I was watching, but was unaffected by it. A few minutes later, across the street, the backdoor of a house opened and a lady stepped out with a pan, probably containing food. The cat sensed her presence and slowly stood up and yawned. She arched her back, stretched and took a graceful leap down the wall and started walking towards the lady in an unhurried way, as if the whole street belonged to her. She passed me gawking at her, least interested. She catwalked to the lady's house, took another graceful leap up the lady's boundary wall. Soon she disappeared beyond it.

    Marvellous beings, so comfortable in their fur. Alert, but not troubled. She is her own person, unaffected by the disarray. Not unaware, but unconcerned with all the melodrama, living in the present. I made sure she was out of sight and resumed walking.


    @anirockz7 #mirakee #creativearena #writingcontest #espy #espying #cat #cats #kitten #ease #easiness #calm #unconcerned #catlover #catlovers #catperson #writersnetwork

    Image: Pinterest. Credits to the rightful owner.

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    remember that
    there is a
    adjusting to the
    space of itself
    with a delightful

    -Charles Bukowski

  • gutzwvw 46w

    Cat Got Your Tongue

    I wonder to which rung.
    If you've ever seen a kitten, surely you've been smitten.
    Should I tell you what's written of felines of old.
    That they ruled with an steel claw and a titanium exoskeleton.

    I know note their progress.
    And where they choose to rest.
    A great part of the feline folk.
    Have decided to revoke the wild.

    Now they play coy with our emotions.
    Making themselves the center of our attention.
    They rather not rise to rule.
    For that would make them the fool.

  • bekkie 53w

    You care

    When in see your eyes,
    I see you care
    When in see the way you look at me,
    I see you care
    When in see you trying to get my attention,
    I see you care
    When you rub your face on mine,
    I see you care
    When you come and lay next to me
    I see you care
    When you cuddle with me
    I see you care
    You may not be human
    you may not be able to talk
    you may be very small,
    But in know you care
    When you see a tear,
    you come straight to me,
    purring in face and neck
    Demanding attention
    you show you're there
    When you hear me cry,
    you look me in the eye
    Making eye contact,
    and telling me,
    'I love you!'
    You may not be human,
    you may not be able to talk.
    You may be very small,
    but in see you're there...

    I can see,
    my little cat,
    I can see, you care

  • kokichan 54w

    Meow messages the heart#cat luv#that sound#fur#eyes❤

  • malacorath 61w

    Teabags Eulogy

    A monster in nickname only,
    With vicious claws, and playful paws,
    Every purr and nuzzle, a treasure,
    A furry friend, family even.

    You will be missed, to the end of days,
    A gift you were, and a balm too,
    Sometimes the reason I even awoke,
    To feed you, and then feed myself.

    Not a morning goes by, that something is amiss,
    Your pleading mewling, and incessant reminders,
    Now a deafening silence,
    An unfillable void.

    I'll miss you, and I'm sorry.

    Love you Teabag.