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  • jaded_angel_ 14w

    Happy Ending

    My lady, you don't need to wait in this castle anymore for a man that may never come. You don't need a fairytale to have a happy ending.

  • purrrrr 18w

    The castle
    I see.....how you've been digging my treasures to build your own castle.


  • poetselixir 19w

    Love Story in a Castle

    She built high walls around her heart
    with the bricks of pain and fear.
    Fear of suffering that pain again from start,
    She just wanna protect it from wear and tear.

    But I wanna go inside her heart,
    make her realize that not all of us are same.
    I want to show her what's love from start,
    and to protect her heart from every flame.

    Just trying to make a window in the wall,
    someday the walls will turn into a beautiful castle.
    A place where we will live together that's all,
    and together we wrote - "Love Story in a Castle"


  • igautamji 25w

    The Sandcastle

    Tirelessly collecting
    the sandman's sand
    from my sleepy eyes.

    I built a sand castle,
    majestic and grand.
    Overlooking the sea.

    On a dark night
    With no moon in sight
    The sea rose up
    in the cover of darkness

    Its tides reached high

  • princess_diary 28w

    Cursed Kingdom & True Love

    In the willow forest,
    There's castles with curse,
    Where prince like to be alone....

    A young wild spirit girl,
    Who is bold and barve,
    Riding the horse.....

    Moonlight falling on wishing well,
    As the fairies cast their magic spell,
    Braveness and true love be their quest,
    And thus invite you as their guest......

    Night mystery howling to a star,
    Echoes whispering in winds,
    Star guiding the way,
    For time is limited....

    Atlast the castle was seen,
    There's special place to find the prince,
    Where all our memories are kept,
    Where we need not questions why...?

    Strolling our memory lane,
    Recalling times more pleasant,
    As I softly speak your name,
    What a magical wonderful sight,

    Brightest diamonds shine in darkest rooms,
    willing hearts bleed out love for me and you,
    With the first sun rays curse got broken....

    Reality is life for most comes hard,
    And love like water runs both hot and cold,
    Like you I wish that fairy tales came true,
    But grown ups know they very seldom do....!

  • wifey_suicide 46w

    Strange Cats

    I live in a castle all alone
    Next to a fish tank with no fish
    Lays my bed
    Just mattress on the floor
    For me just to adore
    Only thing knocking at my door
    Are the strange cats, that can’t stay away

    They tell me stories by my window
    I can’t let them in
    Otherwise they won’t go away
    They’ll just move in
    Without paying rent

    One is clawing at my screen
    Wishing they could come in
    Where it’s warm
    It’s cold
    At least Spring is a week away

    Says the cat,
    “I know you work for your things. You deserve the best. But I am only a cat. I can’t work like you. I have paws. So I can’t even drive. I am homeless, because I can’t do things like you.”
    “But please it’s cold outside, my fur can only keep me warm and it’s suppose to get colder once the sun runs away.”
    “Please I will love you... it’s the only trade I got.”

    “I’m so sorry, but if I bring you.
    I would have to bring rest of your crew.
    It’s unfair for everyone else, if I just take care of you.”

    Poor cat has no luck, little buddy gets upset, so they just disappear as the snow starts to drop.
    I feel bad.
    As the other cats start to sing out of tune.

    “Look, I can’t take care of all of you. I can’t just pick one. Otherwise there is no luck for the rest of you. You’ll hate me, for not picking you. You’ll disappear like how your buddy did, and I love your company, it keeps my home from being silent.”


  • princess_diary 46w


    Medows near castle hide a path to,
    Mysterious Forest hidden In in cloak of Mist,
    Mountain Resides Within Deep,
    Mentioned In lots of legends,
    Masked trib Protects it as sacred totem,
    Making it imposible to reach,
    Midas's Fortun Lies within.

  • bclark2681 53w


    I'm not the richest man,
    Nor have I the fanciest items,
    Yet my families love makes
    Me feel so rich, like I'm living
    In a prominent castle,
    On an escalated hill,
    With monumental views

  • batulvohra 62w

    For dear future Mr darcy ,

    My poem speaks of words
    That my mouth doesn't dare to utter
    With the mere thought of you
    My heart flutters

    You once spoke
    How poetry is food of love
    While I argued dancing is all above

    But here I'm trying to tell you
    Of how ardently I love you

    Your's Miss Bennet


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    "What made you fall for her?"

    "Her poetries" he replied


  • simoneheinis 62w

    The lone figure approached the castle walls cautiously. The kingdom had recently been sieged, so the air was eerily quiet but for the sound of leaves blowing carelessly by his feet. His sword drawn, he was taking no chances. The man he was after, a pathetic excuse of a human responsible for the death of many, was likely dead himself. But he had to be sure. He didn't want his journey across the The Seas of Origin and the rarely-crossed swamplands of the Dead Plain, only traversed by the extremely brave or the extremely stupid, to be in vain. He scanned his surroundings, his trained eyes angling to pick up any signs of movement. The spring breeze blew gently against the taut muscles of his arms, tense as he gripped his sword, expecting men from the fallen town to jump him at any moment. Despite being where he grew up, the sight of the familiar buildings being burnt remnants of their former selves stirred up no feelings of sorrow or grief. He himself had nothing to do with the siege, but since he was a man of unknown origins around these parts, the townspeople didn't know that. He entered the castle gates met with no resistance. The man he was looking for, going by the name of Urloch, was part of the King's group of courtiers. He weasled his way to the top, garnering credibility and the royal family's favour despite being a man of very little honour. It was him who was responsible for his family's exile, and the eventual slow, bloody death of everybody he knew. As a child, the lone warrior was rescued by a kind man named Alinarr and taken far away, across the Seas of Origin to the town of Ern. He was presumed dead by Urloch and his band of assassins. His whole life, hidden by a shield of anonymity, he was only known as Shasinn, meaning young boy in the Old Tongue. His life had been a series of lucky breaks, and Alinarr would always say it's because he had the favour of Ghorosh, the ancient patriarch of a pre-existing, primordial faith; the faith of the Old Ones. "He's real, even if the world no longer believes, no longer listens, no longer cares. It matters not to a god." Alinarr is a believer of the old ways, and instilled in him the ancient traditions of the Aishro, the warrior's rites. The old ways are no longer followed by modern society, but still deeply respected, especially among the impoverished ranks of the common folk. Shasinn stood still just outside the castle, listening hard for any signs of life. The castle lacked a moat, and the portcullis had been dealt with, most likely by a ram or cannon fire, as there was little left of it. The solid oaken doors beyond the remains of the portcullis were slightly ajar. Shasinn lowered his sword and kicked one of the doors, which swung open heavily, creaking ominously. Urloch was a coward, and was likely in hiding somewhere deep inside the castle. Shasinn knew of an escape route below the castle leading out into the nearby forest, it's standard protocol that in the case of a castle breach, the royal family as well as their personal guard were permitted to use the hidden escape route but no one else, not even the royal advisors. It is possible however, that Urloch could've lost his nerve after the castle was breached, and utilised the underground tunnels to escape himself. This was more than likely the case but Shasinn was not one to leave behind loose ends, and would comb the entire castle in search of Urloch. The reason for the attack on the kingdom was unknown to Shasinn, but there was so far no one he'd seen alive. That doesn't mean that the castle was completely void of the living, however, or that the attackers were long gone. Parts of the town were still on fire, and bodies still warm. Shasinn knew he had to keep his wits about him during his search, the castle being anything but safe. Shasinn was a dangerous man, and looked it, but he knew that if he were jumped by 10 men he'd not stand a chance. He was hoping that the castle would be largely abandoned after the royal family had fled, the attackers making off with any captors, the most likely assailants being a well-armed nomadic tribe with powerful allies. Those that Shasinn knew of had no known allegiance to royal houses and were lawless and violent, adhering to no authority. The allies of such a group would pose more of a threat, likely calm and calculated, an agenda hidden by the actions of the kingless tribe. Shasinn hoped they had gotten what they came for, leaving him alone to his mission. He would carefully search the castle, using his knowledge to its full advantage, only leaving once he was sure it did not contain Urloch. He was also hoping to find possible clues as to his whereabouts if he failed to find him. Shasinn scanned the room, observing the lobby, the tall arching ceiling and the famous twin staircases. The grandeur of the castle's architecture still stood proud against the scattered debris of the furniture. All was still in the room but a small whirlwind of dust, twigs and leaves, playing on the ripped carpet. When he was satisfied no one was in the room with him, Shasinn proceeded to climb the stairs. They were made of granite as black as midnight, and made no sound underneath his weight. He arrived on the landing and looked behind him at the ground floor. He seemed be alone. He took a deep breath as his anxiety began to get to him. He started forward again, planning to begin his search in the advisors quarters. I highly doubt he's here, Shasinn thought to himself. This whole thing might've been a waste of time, as well as possibly putting himself in harm's way. He looked inside the advisors' and servants' quarters, as well as the king's chambers. All he found was a cat, who purred as he approached. Shasinn sheathed his sword, knelt down and stuck out his hand.
    "Here girl," he said softly. "It's alright, the danger has passed now."
    The cat purred louder and rubbed its head against the chair leg, eyeing Shasinn flirtatiously. She advanced towards him, headbutting his hand and he petted her gently.
    "Oh how SWEET! Not as edgy as ya look then, eh?"
    Shasinn spun around and withdrew his sword, sending the cat flying under a nearby bed, yowling in annoyance.
    "Oh oh okay, easy now, easy now!"
    Shasinn grabbed a hold of the man and pinned him against the wall before he even got a decent look at him.
    "Where is the man known as Urloch?" demanded Shasinn.
    "U-uh although I really do like the appearance of your face, it's particularly nice close up by the way heh, but I would rather prefer it if you place me down, yeah? If you please... I am of no threat to you, trust me."
    Shasinn, sensing he was telling the truth, proceeded to put the man down.
    "Thank you, that's a great deal better." He sighed.
    The man was short and rather portly, no younger than 50. He wore a blue tunic and white cotton socks, with pink slippers.
    Looking self-conscious, he nervously explained "I do apologise, I am dressed in my nightwear. We were attacked a little after dawn this morn, all I could do was hide!" He sighed dramatically.
    "Very well. I've put you down, now answer my question please. Where is Urloch?"
    The man regarded him carefully, tapping his face lightly with his fingers.
    "My that accent is positively delicious!" He finally said. "As for your question, I don't know! Off with the rest, I expect. As soon as they chopped down those gates, everyone lost their minds and fled."
    "Is there anyone else in the castle with us?"
    "Well, um..."
    As he trailed off, a creak could be heard from outside the door. Shasinn readied his sword as a deep, menacing growl echoed around the halls and high ceilings.

    #fantasy #story #warrior #knight #art #castle #smheinis

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @sanjay_writes @darkblackcoffee @shadowsideofmira @beensn

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    The Lone Warrior

    Just a little something I started tonight, was going to be a short story but is turning into something else!!! Please enjoy. (Story in caption)
    This piece dedicated to my first followers, thank you guys!

  • mute_my_mind 67w

    Expectations are the sand castles we built
    to destroy it by ourselves


  • himayan_writes 69w

    Bottled Memories

    Sitting lonely in the shadow of his broken heart!
    Whispers random words to himself and calls it an art!
    Lady Luck left him lonely and Love long lost!
    Lust lingered around only for a paid cost!
    Long time ago he'd built a palace in his mind
    Fortified ever since, now it's a castle of a kind!
    And within it's walls he concocted and brewed
    A potion of sorts, so potent and crude!
    Sometimes it was an elixir of life and sometimes poision.
    For the potion he'd brewed from the memory of his loved one!
    The one whom he still loves.
    The one who loved him for fun!


  • aavaniie 70w

    Magic Castle

    Far away, in Magic land,
    There's a castle made of words. 

    Castle has a  golden door,
    Guarded by some magic spell.

    Find the castle and break the spell,
    You will have a sparkling life.

    No dark days and gloomy face,
    Only light and cheesy grins.

    Dig all books and seek the spell,
    Never too late to start learning.

  • thesingingraven 74w


    The prince on the horse
    never reached the spot,
    The lies bought a new thought,
    the new perspective that her life had sought.
    The role of the princess tired her endlessly,
    But she thought of her fears hopelessly.
    The eternal sunshine of his life
    brought him home a wife.
    "Not too soon" she said;
    "Not too late" he said.
    The long journey from one home to another,
    Made her man bothered.
    "Not too far" he said
    "Not too long" she said.
    Like a wild cat she waited,
    waited for the perfect poacher
    whom she could devour.
    The birds sang about her in fear
    and the trees warned the travellers
    with the tale of the witty mad woman,
    who lived in a castle by the sea.


  • keates 78w

    The Palace with a Thousand Doors
    so much of history inside it stores
    A part of so many stories and lores
    Waiting for anyone who wants to explore

    © keates


    Murshidabad, West Bengal is a place famous for it's archeological site and the crown jewel amongst them is the Hazarduari Palace whose name literally translates to "Palace with a Thousand Doors" . Although it has a thousand doors, most of them are fake, just to confuse the people. And outside the gates of the palace, you are greeted by these ever friendly horse carts or tonga . They take you on a tour all through the town to show you the various places around. It's one of the best places to visit in West Bengal.

    #keates #palace #photography #westbengal #kolkata #micropoetry #history #castle #doors #traveltales

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  • keates 82w

    Only in the
    castle of
    my memories
    you exist now

    Behind the famous #hazarduari #palalce in #murshidabad, this run down old #castle still stands, exists.. forgotten by most.. existing in the #memories of few..

    That photo was taken in Murshidabad a few years ago when I visited there a few years ago.

    Follow us for our journey on rebuilding this place
    and for more Snaps & Scribbles.. check our Instagram page

    #ruins #picture #keates #writersnetwork #snapsandscribbles #photography @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld @alto_spade

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  • keates 83w

    In these ruins
    of my castle
    I still lurk
    I'm lost
    searching for
    my heart

    Old places.. especially ruins or remnants of places always continue to attract me
    towards them..

    This photo was taken in #murshidabad when I visited it a few years ago

    Follow us for our journey on our new beginning
    and for more Snaps & Scribbles.. check our Instagram page��

    #ruins #mirakee #pictures #castle #empty #oldplaces #keates #snapsandscribbles #photography @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld @alto_spade

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  • _kanishka_ 83w


    Our castle collapsed right under my nose,
    In the rubble I found the faces of me
    I wish were never shown.
    Instead of rectifying it, I ran away
    To a strange inhabited land and there
    I built a home with sticks and stones.

  • luvnotes_challenge_host 85w


    Recently, the pandemic has offered me the perfect opportunity to binge watch my favorite Netflix series called "Reign." It's a semi-factual portrayal of the life of Queen Mary of Scotland, set in the 16th century. As one would expect, it features all sorts of royals, monarchs, noblemen and women, ladies in waiting, knaves and knights, courtesans, peasants, villains and villagers, friends and foes, the occasional mystic or seer, and even a swashbuckling pirate or two. There's romance, mystery, mayhem, intrigue, luxury, wealth, splendor, poverty and one gripping cliffhanger after another. Now before you go telling me that I'm addicted, I'd like to point out that I'm already well aware of that, thank you! Ahem... Anywhooo, my appreciation for the show led me to an idea for a challenge. Rules to follow.

    In 40 lines or LESS (BUT NOT MORE) write an exciting, entertaining, poetic tale about royals/monarchs (including kings, queens, princes, princesses, and any of those other folks I mentioned above). It doesn't have to be factual, but can be if you prefer. I'll provide a suitable word list below that you're welcome to utilize which is optional, not mandatory. Submissions must be penned in English because it's the only language I'm completely fluent in. No foul language or inappropriate images, and absolutely positively NO plagiarism.

    OPTIONAL WORDS TO USE: Please check definitions for proper use.

    Aristocratic Imperial Imposing
    Dignified Magnificent Impressive
    Illustrious Noble Kingly Stately
    Grandiose Lofty Majestic Queenly
    Highborn Regal Ruling Regnant
    Honorable Sovereign Reigning
    Superior Renowned Worthy
    Resplendent Authoritative Baronial
    Supreme Commanding Eminent Princely ...

    MANDATORY HASHTAG: Please use #cees_royals in your caption area so that I can find your submission.

    DURATION: The challenge will be open for 24 hours from the time it's posted. Once it says "1d" in the upper right hand corner of this post, the challenge has ended. Do not submit beyond that point.

    *Please support your fellow participants by checking out their submissions.

    If you're still with me down here, congratulations! You are one of the participants that I won't be frustrated with! Woot!! ������

    As always, happy writing! ��✍

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #challenge #themeprompt #kings #queens #royals #monarchs #nobility #prince #princess #castle #nobles #peasants #aristocracy #cees_challenges

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  • in_fragments 85w

    "Leaping, sweeping dreamscapes-
    release when we sleep.
    The inner world, a crafted castle;
    a palatial playground!
    With stars hanging from strings
    and clouds orbiting like rings
    before our lambent eyes,
    elysian gardens in the sky
    of royal blue, infinite size,
    glittering waterfalls that vaporize
    before hitting the earth-
    this gift, this furtive felicity
    that feeds
    only us,
    where gravity is superfluous
    and whatever we need
    is manifested from gusts of wind.
    A system- the scenery-
    tandem energies painting it
    with silver linings
    from their particular brushes;
    a cooperation of color
    and thought and skill and sinew-
    each etching their expressions
    and given equal space
    to see morning light,
    to bring
    the leaping dreamscape
    we share
    to life."

    m̷ ̷u̷ ̷l̷ ̷t̷ ̷i̷ ̷p̷ ̷l̷ ̷i̷ ̷c̷ ̷i̷ ̷t̷ ̷y̷ ̷?̷
    #dreams #castle #fairytale #life #sleep #world #dissociation #ptsd #pod #poem #trauma #mentalhealth #selfcare #selflove #mirakee #writerstolli @writersnetwork

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    (Palatial Playground)

    The inner world, a crafted castle;
    a palatial playground!
    With stars hanging from strings
    and clouds orbiting like rings
    before our lambent eyes...