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  • servingsofmania 14w

    This confessional piece (whether you call it prose or verse) is for everyone who harbours doubts about their physical flaws. YOU are beautiful.

    A - mirror
    B - is it easy to fall and break

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    the mirror knows
    how you stood in front of it everyday
    all those years ago
    to look for budding breasts
    but instead saw red pimples on your face
    how you wanted to pop them but
    somehow delighted in the red spots
    they made on your cheeks
    so when the boys whistled at you
    they wouldn't know it made you blush
    the mirror knows how
    all those years ago
    when you were naive and innocent
    and thought
    beauty was all about
    your body and face
    you wasted hours measuring yourself
    on a scale of one to ten
    no one told you you were perfect the way you were
    skinny, petite, light or airy
    then they would ridicule
    'shall i buy you food?'
    'do you even eat?'
    'how can your stomach be so flat?'
    it became a game for them everytime you posted a picture
    or went shopping
    'when you get pregnant no one will know coz you will be still skinny'
    and you came back to the mirror and wondered what was wrong with you
    you asked the mirror again is it easy to fall and break
    and you broke it into a thousand pieces
    just like the world broke your brittle confidence
    and then one day
    you came out into the world
    and realised that skinny shaming is as much painful as fat shaming
    and you were hot and sexy and beautiful and desirable and gorgeous and wanted,
    except that the latter always get to be bullies and also get fans
    'Real women have curves'
    'We need meat on those bones'
    lines like these became the slogan
    for women who were big because of their lifestyle choices
    the ones who had weight issues because of illnesses, sympathised with you, sent you notes
    you are beautiful, they said
    so you see
    now when I take a picture of myself,
    after all these years of listening to this
    or take a selfie when I feel like it
    and see my flat stomach
    or my thigh gap
    or my beautiful collar bones,
    I am absolutely satisfied with how I look.
    You should too, whether skinny or not.


  • purvbhoj 96w

    There's nothing left between them
    Friendship has died and they are left in a fuss again
    Filters have took the game away
    Nothing seems to stay
    No memories, No moments,
    No togetherness, No roamings.
    They have lost everything
    In the quest of keeping something
    Don't know still what kept them together
    But it's tough to lose a special bond with a person another
    Life has fukced them so hard!
    She has lost the courage to bombard
    He has succumbed to depression
    And thinks he has an obsession.
    It's a different story of love and friendship
    A story of a silent sea and a broken ship.
    Things have broken beyond repair,
    Everything between them is in despair.
    With time, things have gone from best to worst
    Now the bond is on the verge of rust
    Tears have flowed unstoppably
    Both of them look at each other regretfully
    Fears have developed!
    Fear of hurting each other
    Fear of ruining things all over
    Hurt! Tears! Hurt! Tears!
    This is the sequence of their bond
    Another story is gonna end
    No broken pieces will mend
    She was the girl he deserved
    He was guy she deserved
    But still love stayed friendship died
    Hearts broken, eyes dried,
    They lost each other's sight
    No one could wipe, both cried.
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    Lost Everything!

    It's a different story of love and friendship
    A story of a silent sea and a broken ship.
    With time, things have gone from best to worst
    Now the bond is on the verge of rust

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