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  • shreyah 9w

    Happy birthday "hometown mate" xD (@captain_blant )

    Thank you for being so amiable and supportive.
    I am so glad to have met you :)



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    You and your rippled sky
    follow a rainbow, colours in action;
    How peculiar, I picture you flying.
    Although, I know you in fractions.

    You and a literate Saturday,
    and a faintly blooming interaction;
    Woah, you made me fly
    Although, I knew you in fractions.


  • kin_jo 9w

    Became friends in quickest of time.
    You amazing human...a very Happy Birthday ��


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    Happy Birthday captain

    An Insurgent cadence Pinned against time
    So lithe, so pure ,Voice of inspiration
    Brimming with luminesce, With non judgmental
    And fervour insight
    Singeing sedately throwing a revolutionary fight
    Weaving words With wonderous placidity

    And a fanfare

    Until your reach the sunlight

    An impressive stature and a comforting zone,
    A poet and a kin to all.


  • dusky_dawn 9w

    Happiest birthday satyam. An amazing human and a friend. Glad we crossed paths. You are a gem. God bless you. This one's for you. �� @captain_blant


    I am bit sleepy. Otherwise I'd be wishing you at 12��


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    A concoction

    Of antipoetic ointment
    On the poetic wounds
    Healing the minds
    With Realism & breaking
    Bones of fantasies.

    Of benevolence peeking
    From behind the black glasses,
    & the voice walks on the crusade
    For few miles every day shaping
    The road for advancement.
    With verses putting forth
    Taboos wrapped with raw slaps
    To the societies face.

    Of friendship slipping
    Into one's heart with kind steps
    & settling there for the years to come.
    With honey laced temper & soothing aura,
    You are home to a friendless soul.


  • _astitva_ 9w

    Many many happy returns of the day Satyam bhai ����

    @captain_blant ��

    He is a calming quill scriblling supports in the sentimental storms, a voice to the ones who are silenced, a tree of tenderness giving shadows to scribblers and a beautiful heart carving confidence on the concealed cherryblossoms. It's only few Saturday's since I get to know you a little but it's so much for me that neither my words nor metaphors could voice. It's just a mere try to write for you pardon for not being so good as you weave:

    Kuch chaand kuch taare liye aaiye
    Kuch shafaq kuch nazare liye aaiye
    Ik aftaab se hain wo chamak rhe
    Kuch basant or kuch baharein liye aaiye

    Raatein badastoor si khaamosh hain
    Aawaz unki toofan-e-purjosh hain
    Ik sukoon ik marhami se farishtey ke liye
    Khushiyan is zamane ki liye aaiye

    May God bless you will a healthy and happy year ahead ��

    Thank you for gifting a family to me ��

    Keep inking and keep smiling always ��

    Many chocolates and cakes for you


    I know you have read already the BG words but couldn't made something better ��



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    Happy Birthday Bhai

    Sanguine stylus scribbling spark on skipped sheets of skies

    Aspiration for amalgamation of quavering quills with unheard voice

    Triumphing tickers in twilights of todays and tomorrows

    Yesterdays yearn for his tenderness smudging its sorrows

    An amour of serenity and pureness inking insurgencies

    Masterpoet and the captain of flourishing fragrant fervencies